Anniversary Present Ch. 01

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It was a normal fall morning for most people. Men kissing their wives goodbye. Moms dropping off kids to daycare. Traffic jams and long lines at the corner coffee shop. Except for Jade. Today, Jade only had to concentrate on one thing. To most, it would have been an easy challenge set by a mischievous partner. For most it would be a matter of willpower; but Jade had been fighting her primal, simple instinct for 29 days. 29 long days filled with the cruelest torment she could have imagined. She remembered each day as vividly as the last and thinking of everything she had been through made her clit ache. Day 1 had started off like any other day, much like today; but around 330, during her weekly meeting with her superior, she received an unusual message.

“Come over at 11, no underwear.”

It wasn’t like Sienna to booty call her in the middle of the day, but maybe she was trying to spice things up.

Jade attempted to go about her day as if the thought of Sienna’s body under hers wasn’t gnawing at the back of her head. The minutes ticked by at half the speed and the closer it got to 11, the closer she güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri became to losing her composure.

She almost ran 3 red lights trying to rush to Sienna’s house but thankfully the cops didnt seem to be patroling around there. She didn’t have time to fix her hair so she pulled her thick curls into a ponytail. A peacoat was thrown over a tight T-shirt and black jeans that hugged her hourglass figure. Blue chucks finished off her outfit and as Sienna requested, no underwear. The walk from the car to the door seemed to take forever and before she could even knock, Jade was greeted by one of the most exquisite sites she had seen.

Sienna was clad in only black boy shorts and a sports bra that barely seemed to hold her breasts. Her olive skin seemed to glow and the bottom of her ass hung out of the shorts just enough to not be an accident. Straight dark brown hair fell just above her cleavage and too coincidentally, Sienna had worn her feather necklace Jade had gifted her on their 6 month anniversary. That night Jade had told Sienna the one thing that turned her body to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri jelly. In hindsight, Jade should have known something was up. Sienna only wears that necklace when she’s in a teasing mood; but she was preoccupied with the sight before her to put the pieces together.

“Hi babe,” Sienna said with a smile.

“Hey gorgeous,” Jade replied.

They hugged and Sienna’s nails lingered on Jade’s back a bit too long.

“Hey, d-don’t babe. You know what that does to me,” she stammered.

“Do I,” Sienna replied, all too knowing.

Trying to change the subject to regain her composure,

“How was your day, baby,” Jade asked.

“Good, I spent all day working on a surprise for you.”

“Oh,” Jade asked, both shocked and excited.

“Yup, seeing as today is our 11 months”

Oh shit, she thought.

“Before you get scared, we aren’t celebrating but I am giving you an early anniversary present.”

“And what’s that?”

“A chance to have the one thing you’ve been fantasizing about since we met.”

Jade’s stomach güvenilir bahis şirketleri dropped to the floor and she was sure Sienna could hear her heart pounding. Before she could bust with excitement she realized,

“A chance? What do you mean, a chance? That’s not much of a present babe.”

“I knew you would say that but my present will the next 30 days.”

“30 days? What do you mean.”

“Well, I’ve set up a challenge for you. If you can complete it. I’ll give you one night. One night to do EVERYTHING you want to do to me.”

Jade almost yelled, “Yes I accept,” anything she could do to get that taut body under her fingers, she would do.

“Don’t be so sure baby,” Sienna placed her hands on Jade’s hips too lightly for her comfort and lightly scratched her way up the sides of her already quivering body.

“Fuck babe you can’t do that” she whimpered.

“I haven’t even started yet babe,” Sienna laughed.

“Started what?”

“Teasing you.”

“Wait what about the challenge,” she asked.

“That is the challenge.”

“What?” Before Jade could even imagine what her girlfriend meant, Sienna breathed into her ear

“For 30 days, I get to tease you all I want.”

“That’s it ba-“

“And you can’t come.”

Sienna punctuated her sentence by running her nails up Jade’s alabster stomach and watched her girlfriend quiver.

Oh fuck, Jade thought.

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