Annie and Brendan, Next Steps

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Annie looked across the table at Brendan, “you did, didn’t you?”

Brendan lowered his head a bit and looked up at her through half open eyes, he briefly looked left and then locked eyes with her again, “yes”

Annie rocked back and laughed from her whole core, ” I knew it!!! You do!”

Annie and Brendan were sitting at a two-top in The Wildfire, Minneapolis’ most recent addition to the Farm-To-Table craze. She leaned forward over her spaghetti squash with marinara and morels and kissed him

“It’s confirmed, you are totally bi-curios”

Brendan sat up straighter than before, “I guess I am. I planned it out” he smiled back at Annie and exhaled. “So where do we go from here?”

Brendan had a plan in mind for some time. The night before he put it into motion. After Annie had sucked his cock and then jerked him off while rubbing his cocked into her nipple, he had exploded cum all over her breast. Before he finished spurting, he moved his cock up into Annie’s mouth and finished there as well. In the rapturous moments after coming he would usually throw back the covers and wildly lick her pussy, but this time he went in for a kiss instead.

Annie was surprised when suddenly his face was in front of hers and his mouth was moving in. He had just cum on her lips, in her mouth, what if he tasted his own cum? But Brendan had moved up to kiss her with that in mind. He pressed his lips on hers and felt the slick goo of his man-seed on her lips. He inserted his tongue into her mouth and tasted the salty aftermath of his cum having coated her tongue. She pressed forward to meet his kiss and almost questioned whether he had meant to do it, but even though in a sober moment she would have thought it strange, in this moment it was just, Hot.

Brendan continued with his plan, moving his head down her body as he normally would and started kissing his way down her neck towards her steaming sex. But his time he took another detour first to her left nipple, this one hadn’t taken the full blast of his cum shot, but it still had his seamen streaking the pink tipped areola. Brendan moved to suck on her stiff nipple and in doing so tasted a bit more of his cum. This still didn’t seem so unusual to Annie since it wasn’t her right breast, the one with the serious amount of cum on it. Her right breast was glazed with cum, so much so that that it was now starting to run down the underside of her 32 B beasts towards her taut abdomen and her rocking abs.

But suddenly his head moved and his mouth was above her right cum-soaked breast and moving in to taste her nipple. He opened wide and feeling her sauce covered breast coat his lips, closed in on her nipple, drawing all the cum he could fit in his mouth off her stiff nipple. He sucked the cum onto his tongue while simultaneously flicking here nipple and full-on tasted his own cum in the most direct and intentional manner he had ever done before. Annie’s eyes were wide open, staring down at her husband sucking his creamy cum of her granite nipple. She was so turned on that she felt an orgasm already building in her stomach. Brendan lingered over her breast for another few seconds, using his tongue to find additional ejaculate for him to inhale with his mouth. And then he had moved on towards her pussy

Annie looked up at the ceiling and thought, “that was on purpose, he wanted to taste himself and he wasn’t hiding it”

For a second she was a bit jealous. Although she never said these words out loud, she considered herself a cum-slut, she loved cum, the smell of it, the taste of it, the way it would hit her hot and fluid and then cool to something more viscous. She loved the way it made her feel, naughty, sometimes slutty, always desired and triumphant that he came – for her! And more and more recently, she wanted him in her mouth, on her breasts, anywhere where she could see him shoot his cum and then be able to get to it with her mouth. And what, now she had a rival for his seed? But Fuuuuuucckkk that was hot. Her husband shared her fascination with the pearly cream, she thought, maybe HE was the cumslut?

Her mind snapped back into the present as his tongue slid into her swollen hole. The last part of Brendan’s plan was in play. His mouth full of his own cum, he pushed it from his mouth into her snatch, darting his tongue inside of her and transferring his load up her wet tunnel. He had so much cum on his face that some of it was on his upper lip and partially blocking his nose. He loved the feeling of that, the sloppiness, and the thrill of tasting himself inside of her.

Annie threw her head back and luxuriated in the feeling of his mouth on her pussy. She was so wet, why was she so wet? Yes she was soaking from being turned on by Brendan and his nipple/cum play, but this was really wet…”ohhh” she thought, he’s spread his cum all over my box…so fucking sexy!

Brendan savored her sweet hole, now full of tastes and heat. He recognized Annie’s own brand of sex in his nose, on his taste buds, but something else too, His own cum, fluid, bingöl escort a bit tart, but alive. The mixing of these two animal scents inside of her, on his tongue, was a wild new world and without him realizing it, he was fully hard again, even though he had just cum.

He sucked on each of her pussy lips independently, Annie loved this. He licked her from the bottom of her hole up toward her clit, taking every ripple and fold of her into his mouth, Annie really loved this. He teased her by getting so close to her clit that she could imagine he was already on it, but he’d stop short and start over again. He repeated this tease for ten, twelve, thirteen licks until Annie could barely take it and then he finally went the whole distance and drew his lips around her swollen clit and sucked her in. As soon as he had captured her clit, he confidently slid two fingers into her and curled them up towards her g- spot, imagining he was stroking her clit from the inside.

It took lees than minute of Brendan rolling her nub on his tongue before Annie, hands clenching the sheets, toes tightly curled, began bucking her hips. Brendan knew “keep up this pace, don’t speed up, hold on tight, she’s gonna move, keep contact until…”

Annie froze with her ass up off the sheets, she hung there almost in mid air as her orgasm tore through her. She was cumming so hard, she couldn’t let it go, but she needed release, so she screamed, a high pitched yell that even surprised her. But she couldn’t stop, it wouldn’t stop, her orgasm persisted and she yelled again, this time more prolonged whine, but building in volume and excitement. Her vaginal walls were clenching and releasing Brendan’s fingers as she came. He could feel how hard she was coming and he knew she was lifting-off, to orgasmic heights

Annie exhaled as long as she could and as the last wave of her climax crashed over her, she fell back on the bed and breathed air back into her lungs and life back into her being. “Wow, what the fuck…that was…ummmmm, yummmmm” Annie cooed and being over-sensitized between her legs, rolled onto her side and laughed the laugh of a person who couldn’t care about anything ever again, even if she tried, it just wouldn’t connect until her synapsis returned from their holiday and her brain reorganized her senses, whenever that might be. She was cum-drunk and she loved it.

The next morning they stumbled through their morning routine, getting ready for work: Shower, dressing, he makes the coffee, she makes the toast, he leaves first, kiss her on the way out. But the kiss lingered and noses now touching, Annie leaned in and whispered, “You were a bad boy last night”

“Was I?”

“I think you were, and I liked it” Annie pouted her lips and went to kiss him, but nipped his bottom lip with here teeth instead.

“Oww” he jumped a little bit, but knowing it was a sexy, affectionate, compliment she was paying him, leaned back in and kissed her deeply. ” Buy me dinner tonight?”

“That’s a date” Annie cooed. Meet me at Wildfire’s at seven.

All morning at the office Brendan, drifted from task to task without a real drive to do anything in particular. He would quietly laugh to himself as he remembered flashes from the night before. She had cum so hard, way more than usual. She knew he had his cum in his mouth, but did she know it was on purpose? Who cares, she knew it either way and she came so hard. She came so hard because she knew he had done that, and that was all he needed. She had accepted it, she didn’t claim to be grossed out, she didn’t move him away, she didn’t do anything to stop or discourage him. And then she lifted off, literally lifted off, with the biggest orgasm she’d had since the night they had the ultimate nipple fuck and she forced her nipple into his cock head, the night that changed their sex-life. Forever.

Brendan wanted to keep pushing into that new world and he silently knew that something that had been in the back of his mind for years, since he was in college, was suddenly forcing its way back into his waking thoughts. He was curious about what it would be like to suck a man’s cock. In the past he would force it out of his mind because he was certain he wasn’t gay. For instance he had no interest in kissing a guy. He had no interest in really doing anything tender with a guy. However, when it came to the heat of sex, he reasoned that pleasure is pleasure and if he got off because a guy was making him cum or if he were making someone else cum, well, that was something else. That was animal magnitude, that was nature, no, that was natural.

This was also just a fantasy. The ability to fantasize didn’t mean it was ever going to be real; except that things had changed. Annie and he had crossed over to not just experimenting with their intimacy, but to communicating about it, to sharing their thoughts and it had invigorated their sex-life to a new prolonged phase of sexuality that were both reveling in.

So Brendan, instead of forcing the fantasy away, decided bingöl escort bayan to embrace it. On a business trip the week after his decision to stop denying the idea of experiencing another man, he experimented on himself in the hotel room. After jerking off to a hot MMF three-way on Pornhub, he reached his hand down to his stomach where his ejaculate lay pooled on his stomach and dipped his finger in. He returned the finger to his month and tasted his own cum.

Now, secretly, when he was with Annie, he would sneak tastes of his pre-cum, or after having cum for her, slyly drew his finger into her sweet cream pie and brought it to his mouth. It started to become one of his favorite perks of being wth Annie, his reward.

For her part, Annie had noticed a bit of a change in Brendan. He was freer with her in bed. He was more animalistic, more random, like sex was taking him to another, wilder place. She liked it, he was more masculine this way and she liked feeling ravished. For her part she was finding more and more pleasure from surprising him. She had always loved playing with his ass, but now she couldn’t keep her hands off of his asshole. Was it because he reacted so immediately to her fingers forcing their way up his ass? Or was it because she like doing it to him, that drew that reaction from him? At any rate it was all very good.

On her personal journey of awakening she was thinking about more. Not more sex, although that would be great, not more positions, although even there they were expanding what they did. More. More, as in more participants and more attention on her. Somehow she wanted to find a way to feel worshipped and to end up covered in cum. Yes, a fantasy, but one so powerful that even the orgasms she’d find masturbating to it would leave her shivering with desire afterwards. On those days, she’d shove Brendan onto the couch when he walked in the door and would instantly cover his face with her pussy, forcing her cunt into his mouth and rocking back and forth until his tongue found her clit and she found release.


Brendan usually picked the porn they would watch together on vacation and almost always he picked the threesome scenes that featured two girls and a guy. Typical guy stuff. Certainly Brendan enjoyed it, but one night after watching a beautiful brunette lick the asshole of a stunning blonde as she sucked the heroes cock, Annie mentioned “I love how she sucks cock, but why isn’t it ever two guys and a girl?”

Brendan looked at her as if he hadn’t heard her speak before, “is that what you’d like?”

Annie smiled, “in porn it might be, but I’m not saying in real life”

Brendan hit pause on the video and immediately switched over to a high production value scene on X-Art of two studs and a sweet blonde. “That’s called spit roasting” Brendan pointed out as Annie stroked her pussy staring at the screen. Years of personal porn use had prepared him to provide insight to his infatuated lover as she stared at James Dean sliding his cock into the heroine, as some other nameless porn god fed his cock to her open mouth.

“So hot” Annie whispered. As the video progressed and they all changed positons, she commented that it was so cool to see her as the center of attention and their cocks were there to satisfy what she wanted.

The final scene was a sensual double penetration. James was on his back, fucking up into her pussy, while man number 2 was kneeling over her, stuffing her sweet ass with his hard cock. As the men found their rhythm their balls would occasionally touch. Later their very cocks would slide against each others as the pace had picked up and their orgasms neared. Annie focussed on the woman, she looked amazing, filled, and fulfilled, she wanted to be her.

In the final shot both men erupted into her as cum from her gaping asshole slid down her perinium onto James’ Cock. His cum similarly leaking out of her pussy, mixing with the other guys and then then onto her stomach and the sheets.

Annie’s hand had been furiously working her clit and as the men in the scene unloaded, so did she, moaning deeply as her wide eyes drank in the vision of a woman receiivng the ultimate gift of two cream pies. In Annie’s mind the cum was really for her. Yes porn, yes a fantasy, but in that moment Annie had a new prize in mind for herself and Brendan could help give it to her.

Brendan on the other hand had his own reaction to the film. Holy Shit, that was hot, he thought. Those two dudes were fucking and sucking her beautifully, roughly, sweetly, purely, and in doing so they they were also in contact with each other and it was totally normal…and totally hot. Brendan knew what he wanted too, and it made perfect sense to him. He wanted a three-way.

Annie wanted a three-way

In their minds they both wanted a three-way, with another man, but it would take some time for them to admit it to each other and a even a bit longer to follow through and do it.

“Well, what if there was something escort bingöl in it for both us?” Annie answered as she lightly traced the top of her wine glass with he index finger, looking across the restaurant to make sure no one was listening in on their conversation.

“I’m not sure what that means? Do you mean you want to watch me with a guy? That feels kind of, I don’t know, impersonal” Brendan tried to remain outwardly calm, while inside his mid was spinning. She’s ok with me being with someone else, that’s a start, but he didn’t necessarily want to just be with another guy while Annie sat by and watched.

“I’m kind of nervous bringing this up because I don’t want you to think my intentions are anything other than sharing and experiencing things with you” Annie quietly, but firmly said to Brendan.

“Hey, we’ve come so far since our early days, I think we can trust each other enough to share our ultimate fantasy, as long as we’re honest about the whole thing. So, what, what are you proposing?” Brendan offered and asked.

“Look, tell me why you did what you did last night, openly and honestly, as you say and I’ll tell you what I’m proposing and why I’m proposing it” Annie really did want to know what he had been up to, but she also knew that given the answer she thought she would get from Brendan, it might provide her the opportunity to live out her own fantasy.

“Why I did what I did” Brendan offered. Annie nodded, “well, because I like it”

Annie nodded again and asked “How did you even know it was something you’d like?”

“I started to experiment a little when I was alone and one time I tasted it and it kind of turned me on, so I did it again and slowly but surely I started to sneak little tastes of it from your pussy after I came”

“Go on” Annie said, “Is there something more to it?”

“Yes, there is, but I never really wanted to tell you because I didn’t want you to think anything other than you are my world, you are my desire, you.are my sexual fulfillment. Still, going back a long way, I’ve always kind of wondered what it would be like to, you know, suck cock myself”

“Annie’s eyed opened wider and she was silent for a moment, then she laughed again and leaned forward. “Come on tell me why? There has to be more”

“Look, I’ve always found sex to be transcendent. When we fuck my mind goes to a completely different plane and in those moments it’s like my brain shuts off and my cock takes over. When it’s us and the sex is wet and slippery and hard and sweet or what ever it is in that moment, I want to devour you, but I also find it hot thinking what if someone else where here to devour you with me, or devour me…or me devour them. It’s then that I remember that since I was in college I’ve always been intrigued by, yet kind-of repressed the idea of me sucking a guys cock. So, when it kind resurfaced after you and I opened up our sexual world into this playground we’ve created, that I started to think about it again and that’s when I tasted my my own cum the first time. It was like I was testing what it would feel like to have a load in my mouth”

Annie clapped her hands and grinning from ear to ear laughed again and reached across the table to hug and ultimately kiss Brendan on the lips, “Oh honey, I get it, Don’t worry., I don’t think you’re gay and I certainly don’t feel threatened. In fact between all the ass-play we engage in and then last night your little cum eating adventure, I had suspected that you were interested in trying the other side. And as long as we communicate about it and talk it through there’s no reason why we can’t try and make it happen for you”

Brendan blinked a few times, almost disbelieving what he was hearing. Was this happening? Was his wife saying she was ok with him sucking some guys cock. Well, yes, that’s what she was saying. As this fact registered in Brendan’s mind, he started blushing and then burst out laughing as well.

“Your’e amazing” he said to Annie, but you said there’s something in out for both of us and if I told you my story, you’d tell me what you mean.

Annie straightened up. Now the spotlight was on her and she had to stay true to what she had said. A moment of fear crossed her mind when she thought about what might happen if Brendan had a negative reaction to her desire.

Annie shook off the doubt and pressed herself to continue.

“Well since you’ve shared your fantasy I guess it’s time I shared mine. Since our sex life has opened up and we’ve been trying our so much new stuff and a few kinks, it made me start thinking more about what drives me to the other place. When I keep myself focussed on that question it keeps returning to the same place…You know when you shower me in cum or when you finish in my mouth, or when my pussy floods because you’ve cum so big inside of me?”

Brendan liked where this was going, “oh yeah, I know how you love the moment when I come and how you seem to physically change when I do”

“Exactly” Annie said, “When you cum for me, cum on me, cum in me, it’s like a celebration of me, at least that’s how I take it. And it is like this gift that I get from you for fucking you so good, or for being so naughty by sticking my tongue up your ass, or whatever, but its like a sweet, sexy present to me and I love that feeling”

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