Animal Farm

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Subject: Human pets, Lesbian, Domination, Urination, Bondage


Having recently moved from across the Atlantic to America Yelene was alone, friendless and quite poor.

She was studying in America, contrary to popular opinion most Russian women did not come to America to become mail order brides or hookers, Yelene was a well-educated, respected professional in her own country who had crossed over so that her research work could take place in better laboratories and she could make greater progress but much to her chagrin living in America was expensive and her meager stipend from the university barely covered her living costs.

Lonely and lost the blonde woman wandered into the closest book shop she could find when she saw the dark clouds darkening the horizon.

“Welcome.” Came the chirpy voice of the obviously gay worker who sat behind the check-out desk, the bookshop was old and rather charming but it was only then that Yelene noticed exactly what kind of bookshop it was.

It was for erotica, Yelene was no prude but the blatancy of some of the posters made her catch her breath, unconsciously her gloved hands tightened the collar of her cream coat at her throat.

“I’m sorry.” She coughed, her face turning red with embarrassment, “I should leave.”

The clerk just nodded giving her a faint, patronizing smile, the blonde quickly made her way to the exit but was suddenly stopped when a brightly colored poster screaming the words HOME STAY caught her eye.

All the details were given below, an all-women’s homestay run by an older lesbian couple who wanted to create a safe environment for single women coming to work from out of town or foreign students who felt uncomfortable by the amount of violence in the city. The rent was reasonable, far cheaper than what she was paying for her city apartment.

“Excuse me.” She inquired, turning to the clerk, “Is this still valid.” Her relief thickening her accent.

“That poster, the couple had put them up all across bookstores in and around campus.” Replied the young man, “You’d better call the number, it’s just a week old but I think it might have gotten filled up fast.”

“You know the couple?” Yelene inquired cautiously.

“Yeah nice ladies, both in their thirties. One works in the coffee shop right across.”

Assured, Yelene copied down the number and left, hurrying home before the rain began. For once excited about her prospects in America.

She quickly dialed the number into her smartphone and waited for the familiar ringing, it didn’t ring long.

“Hello?” called a husky voice at the other end.

“Hello is this Judith or Mira? I’m calling to enquire about whether you have place for another boarder?”

“And who is this?” questioned the husky voice.

“Yelene Vygotsky, I’m here from Russia studying in the university in the department of Neuroscience.”

Judith and Mira both turned out to be stunning women in their early thirties, Judith was a pale red head, as slender as a leaf with wide soulful green eyes and a sweet inviting smile and Mira was her tall Amazonian partner from South America, with olive skin and wild curly hair and flashing dark eyes the both of them made a captivating couple and soon enough Yelene was invited to move into their house.

“It’s canlı bahis strange.” Yelene said to Mira one morning at breakfast after almost a week in their house, “I don’t see any of your other boarders.” she wasn’t overly concerned, her own busy schedule hardly gave her any time to relax.

“Don’t worry, dear.” Said Mira with a strange smile on her face, “You’ll meet them all soon enough. But tell us about you first, any family in Russia?”

“None.” Smiled Yelene a little sadly, “I came to America for a fresh start.”

Unknown to the blonde Russian, Mira had just exchanged a smile of pure wickedness with her partner.

“Come now, dear.” Said Judy, “This is what the farm is perfect for, relaxation! Why don’t you go out near the pool, it’s hot and the area is totally isolated, catch some rays!”

The Russian girl agreed enthusiastically and headed to her room to change into her swim suit.She desperately craved some time alone after her hectic week.

“Slip the sedatives into some ice tea you take out to her Judy.” Said Mira in a hushed tone.

“Have you decided what kind she’s going to be?”

“Have you seen her lovely tits, they are quite large aren’t they. She’d make an excellent cow.” Mira grinned.

“Guess we’ll start her on a course of drugs that’ll make her lactate, I can’t wait to milk her.” Judith replied with an excited smile.

Yelene felt groggy and uneven and naked…

Very naked and she felt like she had just chewed up some sawdust, she tried to move her arms and legs but found that someone had bound them. Her surroundings slowly came back, she was in some kind of pen, she’d have called it a cage but it wasn’t tall enough and it hadn’t a top, a pen the kind in which you keep children or animals… she was on the farm!

A few muffled curses in Russian, she found she wasn’t gagged thankfully; “Judy, Mira…?!” the moment she tried to go forward but was jerked back … a collar around her neck.

“Shut up.” Came a disdainful voice from the darkness, “Cows aren’t allowed to talk, besides that horrendous accent of yours is hurting my ears.”

“What…?” Yelene stuttered, “Why…?”

“Because you’re just part of the farm now, honey.” Judith said appearing from the shadows, a cruel smile on her face, “and we needed another cow.”

“You can’t do this!” cried out the blonde woman, “It is illegal, I may not be a citizen of this country but this is certainly not how you treat me!”

“Honey we don’t care if you came from vaginas we came from, every girly that came by went to the farm, there are close to ten animals now… they used to be girls but they are animals now.” The redhead smiled, “Now you’d better shut up and go back to sleep or Mira’s gonna come out with her whip.”

Judith stepped over the pen’s walls and came towards Yelene with a syringe of something and a ball gag.

Before Yelene could do anything the stuff in the syringe was putting her to sleep and the last thing she felt were Judith’s gentle hands caressing her breasts.

The barn had ten little animals, all collected carefully, housed. Two bitches, two cats, two filthy pigs, two sturdy ponies and lastly two cows.

The two bitches were messy looking women, one was African American with long dreadlocks, a student with a smooth bahis siteleri swimmers body and a hairy bush between her thighs and under her armpits. Her soulful eyes showed her absolute delight to be where she was, she was used to it now and she loved her mistresses. She had fought at first but then the pleasure of being where she was, was too great.

The other was a south east Asian woman, Indian or Pakistani with waist length dark hair and wide eyes, she looked like a princess and her body type matched her counterparts, they were chained close to each other but not so close that they could touch each other. A frustrating situation all around.

Like all the women except the new cow, the girl with long dark hair just called Molly, after Mistress Judy’s first dog was very happy with her position in life, her body belonged as a dog’s to her mistresses and like the animal she was, she was forever loyal.

The two cats were the best looking of all and the Mistress Mira’s favorite, as she liked delicate pretty things. They were named Anastasia and Sophine, they used to be known by other names when they were human but as animals, they only had the names given to them by the Mistresses. And unlike the other slaves these two’s bodies were totally hairless, from their pussies to their underarms.

Anastasia was dark haired with pale white skin and deep penetrating blue eyes, she looked like a china kitten and Sophine was from Asia, a slim, sleek kitten with dark bitter chocolate eyes and luscious pink lips.

The pigs were special, they had to be sourced in a different manner, for the pigs Judy and Mira needed special slaves, slaves that enjoyed a certain kind of behavior and then had scoured the internet to find these perfect girls.

Ingrid and Melli were the renamed lesbian partners from Dallas, Texas who had been disowned from their rich families when a very scandalous article about their extracurricular activities had come to light. They were dirty girls who liked to play in the filth of others, they were filthy crusted in shit and reeking of piss, they slept blissfully unconcerned by the stink.

The ponies were the butch and tall Buttercup and Strider, both were muscular and had long hair; they were twins who Mira had brought from a Reservation with her.

And lastly the soon to be renamed Yelene’s roommate, the redheaded Bess, who’s body had been treated with the same medications Judith had prepared for Yelene, the special medication that gave Bess’s body the symptoms of being pregnant only amplified, her body had softened and her belly was a little curved, her hips were wider and her vagina softer. Her breasts had to be milked at least twice a day without fail.

None of them were allowed to talk, none of them wanted to talk… after all now they were just animals.

The next morning all the other animal’s watched curiously as the new cow was renamed and her medication started.

“The first thing you need to understand now is that you are no longer Yelene, you are Sara and you are no longer human. The rights, the laws and the customs that you have learnt of humans no longer apply to you because you are an animal.” Said Mira cruelly, the other animal’s found no fault in what she was saying, they were after all animals but the new one struggled, she struggled even when bahis şirketleri Judy gave her, her first round of medication.

“Soon you will be like Bess.” Said Mira to Sara, “Look at how Judy will milk our cow.”

Yelene didn’t want to but Mira’s husky voice made her turn and for the first time she studied what she was going to be wearing, there were knee pads to protect them from the floor since they were on their knees, a collar and chain was bound around the neck and attached to the back of the barn wall, too large and strong to break or slip out of. And Bess’s asshole had a dildo with a tail attached to it stuffed in.

Judith bent down and caressed Bess’s breasts and the redhead perked up, mewling through her ball gag, trying to get closer to Judith. Her hanging breasts jiggling, their red and purple nipples inflamed.

“I know pet, its milking time.” Cooed Judith, carefully massaging Bess’s breasts before latching on and sucking gently, almost like a child.

“Look Sara, darling. You’ll be our second little cow.” Mira giggled.

Sara… no Yelene tried to express her outrage but was silenced by a gag that had probably been stuffed into her mouth the night before, all around her the other animals stirring restlessly, the pigs were naked, the dogs tailed dildos swished and their muzzled mouths drooled, the cats looked at her lazily and the horses were pawing the ground in their harnesses.

Mira stepped into the dog’s enclosure, “Come now Molly, Suzy, come greet Mistress properly.” The dogs yipped though their muzzles as Mira unlocked their chains and their muzzles. Both Molly and Suzy ran to their Mistress greeting her with licks to her feet and her hands, getting petted.

“Now Sara.” Called Mira, “We’ll give you a proper welcome; all our animals love a new playmate.”

Yelene was struggling harder now, she didn’t understand what welcome meant exactly.

“Don’t worry.” Said Judith wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, “You’ll want to say after this, sweet Sara.”

With all the animals out of their cages and on their fours, Mira led Yelene by her chain to the large center of the Barn and her chain attached to some hooks in the ground.

The bitches looked at her hungrily, the bitches and the ponies wore strapons while the cats and pigs just licked their lips.

“Slowly. None of you will move.” Said Mira, “Before you fuck her like the animals you are you will do it my way.”

“Sophine my kitten, show this little cow how your wonderful tongue works.” Commanded Judith, the Asian cat eagerly approached and bent low, sniffing the musk of their new playmate and her tiny tongue came out and took a tentative taste, liking what she tasted her tongue dug deeper, licking in a wide flat line across the pink puffy lips of the tall blonde in front of her.

Sara… Yelene, moaned through her ball gag, drool slithering out as the Asian kitten’s lips sucked on her pussy lips and her tongue played with her clit.

“Bess darling, suck her lovely breasts.”

Sara’s breasts felt a sudden suction, a wet warm mouth engulfed her nipple and tongue fucked it, she roughly fondled her other nipple while she tickled her on the underside of her breasts. The kitten all the while pumped her finger in and out of the now wet and soft pussy, sliding almost four fingers into her love hole.

“Sweetie,” whispered Judy to the pleasure dazed Sara, “You’re going to be our wonderful animal.



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