Andy , Becky Ch. 2

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Cassandra was thirty-seven years old, blue-eyed, tall, and slim. She was currently a teacher’s aid at a high school, but really wasn’t happy doing what she was doing. What she really wanted to be doing was totally foreign to her current lifestyle: she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. But she just couldn’t find the right man. The men she would meet at the bars were one of three types: married men who just wanted a little action on the side, younger single men who wanted action with an older woman, or men who were great for the first few dates, then either needed their mother or were trying to “find themselves.”

Then she ran into Andy. She knew Andy from earlier times. She was friends with his dead wife. The last time she saw him was at her funeral, and she could tell he had taken it hard. So she was very surprised to see him now. She was in a bar frequented by the more affluent of the city’s crowd when she saw a familiar figure. She walked over to say hello, and from that point on she could hardly remember a thing. She and Andy had “clicked.” They had talked long into the night, telling each other what had been happening in their lives.

He was up here on business, meeting with old clients and possibly getting new ones. He was out to dinner with an old friend, who politely excused himself when she walked over. He told her of his daughter and brand new son. And he also told her his marriage was for convenience, so that his wife wouldn’t lose her job. I know how that is, she told him. Before she knew it the bar was closing. He insisted on walking her to her car. When they arrived at her automobile they made small talk. She could tell he was a little anxious, so she asked him what was wrong. He then said he had been waiting for the right time to ask her if he could see her again, and to her surprise she said yes. Andy told her he would call before the next time he was coming to town.

When she got home, all she could think about was him. Her emotions were in an uproar. On one hand she wanted to date him, and possibly become lovers. On the other, she lived by the rule that you don’t become involved with married men. When he called her almost a month later, it was her turn to be anxious. He asked her what was wrong and she told him about her concerns with his marital status. It was for convenience, he told her. I married her because I made her pregnant, and I made it clear to her that I was going to see other people regardless. She wanted to believe him and she agreed to dinner. So it was with some reservation that they went out for the evening. But the date was just as magical as their meeting a month ago. So magical, in fact, that they went back to his hotel suite and made love.

They saw each other every time he came into town. They would go out to dinner, go to the park, and sometimes just sit around her apartment. She would cook him a large Sunday breakfast, and for whatever reason this made him horny and they hopped into bed. And he would take her shopping: evening dresses for going to dinner, summer dresses for the park and other shopping excursions, and lingerie for the more private evenings. The commonalties for all the clothing bought were they had to be tight (she had the body, he told her, so why not show it off), it had to be black (she knew he liked that color for some reason), and it had to be a dress (he liked dresses on women, he said). She didn’t mind. She thought she looked good in them, and he was casino oyna buying, after all. And she liked to dress up for Andy.

One Friday afternoon, as she was getting dressed to go out, she had a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach. Not a pain, just a feeling. She shook it off and proceeded to get ready for the evening. It was already a warm day, so she was going to wear a tight black summer dress and black sandals. Andy had bought her a lacy bra that didn’t have shoulder straps. As the dress was off the shoulder, this would be a great time to use it. It also created a good deal of cleavage, and she knew that men’s eyes (not just Andy’s) would be drawn there. And unknown to Andy she had bought a black g-string. She knew he liked that type of thing, and she wanted to surprise him. Her dark tan set the dress off even more, as did her long legs, equally tanned.

She shimmied into the dress, then looked at herself in the mirror. Wow, she told herself. Just enough cleavage (she wasn’t over-endowed with boobs, but she thought, and was told, that she had a nice set), and when she looked at her butt in the mirror, the outline of her g-string was somewhat visible. This dress is tight, she thought. I’ll have to keep pulling the hem down. Now if only I can do something about the crow’s feet around my eyes…

When Andy rang her doorbell, he breathed in hard when he got a full look at her. God, you’re beautiful! he said. His eyes were instantly drawn to her chest. You like? she asked. He nodded his head. Good, she said, then walked to the car. She could feel his eyes on her as she strolled down the walk.

Dinner was at a nice restaurant (not classy, she wasn’t dressed for that), then they went to a dance club. She continuously danced very close (even provocatively) to him, usually with her arms around his neck. She would sometimes press her flat belly against his midsection and his manhood would make the appropriate response. She could feel the hard-on through his pants and would continue to rub against him. And she would get the same weird feeling in her belly. Far from being disturbing, it excited her more. God, I want him in bed, she thought.

Andy finally had enough of her dancing and grabbed her hand. We’re going to bed, he whispered to her. It’s about time, she said. I’ve been telling you all night. They drove to her apartment and went inside. Before the door was finally closed she was in his arms and was kissing him passionately. She again rubbed her belly against his and almost instantly he grew an erection. Her hand went to his zipper and she pulled the metal tab down. His penis immediately emerged through the hole. She grabbed it and squeezed lightly. Easy, he said. You don’t want me to come right here.

Breaking the kiss, she gently pulled him towards the bed. As he found the fastener to the back of her dress and began to undo it, her hands went to the buttons of his shirt and she began to open them. When she was halfway done with her part, Andy unfastened the last of the closures and Cassie’s dress fell to the floor. God, you’re beautiful, Andy said. He cupped both breasts in his palms and felt her erect nipples. He began gently massaging them through the fabric of her bra.

The sensation felt so good that Cassandra almost ripped the last two buttons. But finally she unhooked the last one and she pushed the shirt off his shoulders. She then put one arm around his neck and pulled him to her, crushing her canlı casino breasts against his chest. They began to kiss again. With her free hand, she undid his belt buckle and trouser button. She then began shoving his pants and briefs down around his hips. When she couldn’t push any further, she locked her free hand around his neck as well.

Andy then used his left hand to move to the middle of her back and with a deft motion unfastened the hook to her bra. He then pulled the bra from between them. His hands went back to her breasts and he began stimulating her nipples even more. Mmmm…she moaned. You’re making me wet. Andy stopped what he was doing, put his hands on her waist, then pushed the satin lace over her rounded hips and let the panties fall to the floor.

Andy pulled her to him and began kissing her. While he did this he slowly pushed her towards the bed. When she reached the mattress he gently pushed her and she sat upon the comforter. Andy moved his kisses to her neck, then her breasts, all the while still pushing her. When she was finally laying on the mattress, her legs dangling over the side, he began sucking on her erect nipples. Oh…oh…Andy, she moaned. First one, then the other nipple received his attention. When each was very stimulated and a dark brown color, he began kissing the valley between her breast and began working downward. She spread her legs as he neared her pubis.

Andy began licking between her legs. Cassie felt his hot tongue on the area recently shaven, then she almost screamed in pleasure as Andy used two of his fingers to spread her lips. A sharp intake of breath let Andy know he was pleasing her. Cassie propped herself on her elbows and looked down at the man between her legs. Andy was also looking back at her. As she watched, Andy showed her his thumb and forefinger. He then slowly reached down to her now-exposed clitoris and began gently squeezing. Cassandra collapsed upon the bed. Oh…Andy…I think…I’m going to… Andy put his mouth on her button as the orgasm engulfed her. He began sucking in time with the waves of pleasure as they crashed over her naked body. She began screaming out his name, over and over, until the climax began passing. He took his lips from her clit and began massaging the sensitive area slower and slower.

Andy then put his hands on her hips and pulled her to him. Then he put his arms behind her shoulders, he picked her up, using his hips for leverage. Instinctively she wrapped her legs around his waist. She felt his throbbing manhood between them, but she couldn’t guide him into her. She put her arms underneath his armpits and placed her hands on the back of his shoulders. She pulled, trying to get more leverage, but instead she felt her legs slipping. She instinctively pulled herself to his chest as she slid down…right onto his erection. Andy groaned as her moist flesh enveloped his staff. Oh, baby, she cried when she took all of his now-lubricated penis into her vagina.

She reveled in the sensation. She knew she was tight, but her wetness prevented any unpleasant friction. Andy then walked on trembling legs over to the windowsill and rested her butt on the ledge. The surface was wide enough to sit on sideways, and she would sit there during the day and watch the neighborhood kids play ball in an adjacent lot. Tonight the ledge was being used for other purposes.

The ledge was just the right height for Andy to get the proper leverage for his thrusts, kaçak casino which he began to do. Oh…oh, Andy, she moaned as his erection penetrated her tight passageway. He began kissing her, then arching his back so he could suck her rock-hard nipples, then kiss her again, all the while thrusting away.

Cassandra’s mind was a jumble of passion and incoherent thoughts. Every time Andy thrust in it was like a charge going through her belly and up her spine. And Andy sucking on her nipples sort of completed the charge. The heat passing between her breasts and vagina was almost white hot. It was…Oh, God, I’m coming again! She moaned.

Andy groaned as her tightness squeezed on his penetrater. He continued pumping, placing his hands on the ledge behind her buttocks. She grabbed him around the shoulders and kissed him fiercely, her breathing in time with the waves of the orgasm. Her nipples remained hard as Andy’s thrusting body made his chest hair caress her areolas, making them keep their dark color.

As the orgasm passed, Andy picked her up by placing his palms under each butt and lifting. He carried her over to the bed and placed her head gently on the pillow. Through the process they became disengaged. He looked into her eyes as he re-entered. She immediately squeezed them shut as a moan escaped her lips. Andy them began pumping again, this time leveraging himself so his manhood rubbed her clit on every motion. As she sensed the waves as they began to wash over her, Andy’s staff felt like it was getting fatter in her narrow channel. She knew he was about to come.

Andy let out a moan as he penetrated as deep as he could. His penis lurched and his hot outpouring coursed into her. The funny feeling in her belly was ignited into an inferno as her orgasming vagina gripped him tightly. Oh, God, Andy! she screamed. It felt like she was literally pulling the seed from his shaft and sucking it into her womb.

As she lay beneath him, writhing in pleasure, jumbled images began running through her head: Andy and her in a department store, looking at baby clothes; her and a friend trying on maternity outfits; looking at herself in a mirror- she had one of her hands on her distended eight-month belly; she in a hospital room with Andy, surrounded by medical people- she was in a sitting position, her face displaying the pain she felt as she was giving birth.

All of these images passed through her mind in a split second. Oh, Andy, she whispered through the waves, I think…ooohhhh, uuhhhmmmm…I think we’re making…a baby! That would be wonderful, he said. Just what I needed to hear, she thought as the fire in her belly…no, her womb began to subside and she slowly climbed down from her orgasm.

They lay there for a while, holding each other, before Cassandra brought up the subject of a baby. She asked what would he do if she were pregnant and he told her the first decision would be up to her. She knew what he meant and she told him there would be no abortion. And he told her he would do whatever she wanted, short of marriage. He already had a wife, he said. Then he told her the details of the marriage, including the pre-nup. That made her feel better, and she slept, dreaming of the baby she was sure was in her belly.

* * * * *

Two months later, when she started feeling nauseous, she bought a home pregnancy test. When the results came back positive, she went to her doctor to get a confirmation. Sure enough, she was pregnant. She called Andrew as soon as she got home and he was very happy. He said he would make the trip to her apartment the next day, and they could talk about what they wanted to do next.

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