And They Lived Happily Ever After

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I wrote this story with the help of magichands13 member. He and I are engaged, but are currently in a long distance relationship. We wrote this together. Neither of us has submitted a story before, so we would love to hear your feedback.


We were enjoying a nice evening at home, a lazy Sunday night that we could both just sit back and enjoy. We had all the chores done and ready for the next week to begin the next day and had just finished eating dinner on the couch enjoying each other’s company. Since we had nowhere special to be, we decided to put in a movie and curl up on the couch after eating a delicious meal. My loving fiancé asks me to pick out a movie. I decide to watch a cute little kids movie because I am not sure I want to watch an action film. Because he loves me so much, he smiles and says “sure hun.” He sets everything up, returns to the couch and asks if I am ready. I snuggled down onto his chest and after getting comfortable with his arm around me, I said “yes.” This is when the fun begins…

It doesn’t take long for him to get bored, because after all, it’s a lovely dovey, feel good Disney movie and what man actually enjoys watching those?? Seemingly randomly, he gives me tender kisses on the forehead and the ear. He lightly starts to trace the outline of my body with his fingers. “Ahhhh this is so nice” I think to myself. I lay there soaking up the affection he is showing me and continue to watch the movie that I know he is bored with. Some of the light touches make me shiver and shift ever so slightly, but I attempt to ignore the sensations as I am determined to watch the entire movie. That’s when he starts to gently play with my neck. He begins to trail down to rub my upper chest tracing little circles and things going ever slowly lower and lower, working his way to my perfect breasts.

As he traces the various shapes and lines, I again shift, but with a little more effort this time, to let him know that I am aware of what he is doing, while trying to take a little bit of the edge off of his wandering fingers. That’s when he tickles my little giggle button (my belly button) and makes me jump a little bit out of surprise. This causes me to reposition lower into his lap to be comfortable again. Next, he starts running his fingers all down my side and hip, sometimes just brushing my boob. I realize now that lying in his lap will not help save me from his roaming fingers. As his fingers roam, I continue to wiggle and shift, trying desperately to earn a minute or two of time that would allow me to gather myself and build up resistance to his lingering, barely there touch. I shoot him a glance that asks “what do you think you are doing?” and he (as innocently as possible) replies, “What?” He laughs to himself and uses a firmer touch. This type of contact makes me relax lulling me into what I know is a false sense of security. I loosen up my muscles anyways. I know that he is not going to behave and let me finish my movie…

Secretly, he is getting ready to start playing with my tits. He begins softly caressing them and lightly pinching and tweaking my sensitive nipples. He loves how I feel and to watch me squirm, so I try not to give him the satisfaction. Sadly, it proves very difficult. I snuggle into him and reach for his hand to try and keep him from teasing me, in all reality; I enjoy his touches and eventually let him go so that he can continue. I am hoping that letting casino oyna go will cause him to think that I believe I am safe, at least for a little while. Since he knows I like my breast played with, he keeps one hand near them to rub and squeeze my mounds. Between the gentle touch to my breasts, his dirty thoughts and the soft keening moans I am trying to stifle his cock starts to swell. He knows I can tell; after all, it is right by my face. He really wants me to play with it and kiss it, but I won’t because I am “watching” the movie. His other hand trails south to play with the sexy ass he loves so much.

I MUST “refuse” to play with his stiffening cock… I am making a stand and trying to watch the movie we decided to watch, but really all I want to do is reach through his boxers and pull his growing dick out so I can lustfully suck on the desire fighting against his normally loose boxers. My body is dripping with desire and his bulge is so near my face that it’s very hard to resist. Every so often I glance up at him from the corner of my eye to check that he is actually watching the movie and he does his best to appear to be doing so. I don’t want to give in, but I know that I am losing this battle. Just then, he begins to draw on my upper thigh with his fingers, grazing over my ass and around to the front to my delicate, sensitive flesh where my thigh meets my lower abdomen. I can’t help but flinch every time he comes near it. I decide to buy some time by rubbing his thighs and maybe distract him from me by returning some gentle touches of my own along with some light “accidental” brushes against the tented fabric that causes his sex rod to push harder against the material that is restraining it. I know he loves the tender caresses. They don’t buy any time though, as I knew it wouldn’t, but I continue to do it anyways. The touches just make his need for me grow and he starts taking his shape tracing a little farther to include running his fingers up and down my sexy butt crack to lightly brush the very back of my hot box and tickle my tight little rosebud. Sometimes he stops to make little circles around it. Ooooh!! I jump, clench and squeak every time!!

I try as hard as I can but my moans are escaping a little more each time his roaming fingers expand their explorations. It is all I can do to keep my eyes facing front instead of turning to look into his deep, craving gaze. I want to see him. I want to play with him as much as he is playing with me, but I try to hold out just a bit longer, after all, its one of my favorite Disney movies. Occasionally, I allow a finger or two to sneak into the slit of his boxers to touch the silky smooth skin of his straining dick. Feeling it only vamps up my desire and makes it harder and harder to lay still.

By now, I know he has quit watching the movie because he can’t stop watching the erotic display he is creating in his lap. The way I am writhing, my heavy breathing and the moans that keep getting louder are too much of a distraction for him to even think about some silly movie. He slips his hand down the back of my panties and starts rubbing my swelling pussy lips feeling the hot moistness of my need and desire. He slowly slips a finger in, but not too deep. Just barely inside and swirls it around slowly and slides it and out along the entire length of my pussy. His other hand brushes across my lips because he knows that I will suck them in to keep from giving canlı casino in and sucking his cock. When he gets them all wet, he slips them back down to circle my hard nipples and knows that when he pinches them, they will slip from his grasp and send new sensations through me while he’s also fingering me. Mmmmmmm… Looking straight ahead at the television I let my eyelids close and a huge smile spread across my face b/c the sensations he is giving me are far too much to ignore. I suck the fingers he places on my lips greedily knowing that I won’t be able to hold out much longer. I am craving a taste of him in my warm mouth, practically begging for him to push his fingers deeper into my now sopping wet sex.

He knows that I am about to cave, so he leans in to give me a kiss and tells me that he loves me. As he does so, he glides another finger into my sex and pushes them both deeper! I moan loudly and pout a little, both because he is winning at this game and because the delicate sensations are suddenly absent. I wondered why, so I glanced back to catch a glimpse of him licking my nectar from his fingers. He mischievously smiles at me as he slips his hand back to where it was, stopping to massage my puckered little asshole before sliding them back in my dripping sex and pumping them slowly. Then he begins picking up the pace and demanding my attention. He is preventing me from holding out any longer… This is too much for me.

Screw it I say to myself, I’ve seen this movie before and this all feels so good… I want another kiss and I turn to face him and sit up a little to receive another taste of his delicious lips. I twist my tongue in his mouth, sucking his lower lip letting him know that I am ALL in at this point. While enjoying our deep kiss, I reach down and free his cock from his confining boxers! I wrap my hand around it and start to stroke his entire length from base to tip over and over again. I find a small drip of pre-cum and decide to finally get what I want. Licking and sucking him intensifies his excitement, while adding to my own pleasure because I love sucking his cock.

“MMMMMMM… Yes! Finally!” He thinks. This is what he’s been wanting. He leans his head back and enjoys the feel of my mouth all over his raging hard cock and the added sensation of my tits gently brushing the insides of his thighs excite him even more. All the while, he is fingering me with fast deep strokes only stopping occasionally to smack my pussy and rub my clit! “ohhhhh yeah! This is much better!” I think to myself. I am taking him in my mouth as deep as I can while he works his magic on my pussy!! I moan as he continues to play with my sex box. I jump a little when he smacks it and rubs my swollen, sensitive clit.

I slide one hand up his inner thigh to his balls to play with them and cradle them while I continue to work him in and out of my desirous mouth. “Oh Fuck!”He lets slip, letting me know that my mouth feels amazing. He loves the way I look with his cock buried in my mouth. His large size makes it hard for me to take him all the way down my throat right away, so he continually pushes past my comfort zone. He pulls my hair back so he can enjoy the show better and it allows him to hold me down a little longer to help stretch my throat. It’s hard for me to focus at times with him jackhammering my soaking wet sex with his two middle fingers; his little finger just sliding into my tight little nether kaçak casino hole that has become slick with all the juice pouring out of my honey pot.

I am moaning loudly because the intensity has almost driven me to an orgasm. I know that if I don’t change something soon I am going to cum before feeling him buried in my cunt. Shifting from the couch to the floor in front of him allows me better access to his swollen sac and his throbbing cock while giving me a break. I slow my pace a bit and let my hands take over while I move down to suck each ball with my mouth, gently tugging each one in turn. I glance up to see that he is enjoying the attention I have finally given him and he is!

All he can do from this position is enjoy the view and the sensations I am sending through his tool, which is close to bursting. He leans forward so he can play with my tits pinching them and rolling them knowing it makes me hotter. Alternating my hands and my mouth I take my time giving him the best blow job I can. I want him just as worked up as I am. I slip a hand down to rub my swollen clit because I know he loves watching me touch myself. Once I am certain he is as close as I am, I stop sucking him only to work kisses up his abdomen, chest and neck to his sweet, tender lips. As I move up his body I shift up onto the couch hovering over him, being careful not to let my pussy come in contact with his tall, proud cock.

He knows the waiting drives me crazy too, so he just keeps kissing me. He reaches down to my quivering, swollen lips to spread them open. Suddenly, he pushes me down onto his sturdy shaft and shoves up with his hips to slam his entire length into me. I gasp in painful ecstasy. He pauses for a moment to let me catch my breath. He clamps his mouth around my right tit and sucks it into his mouth as he starts pumping into me with strong, hard, deliberate strokes. Holding me down on his pole, he picks me up and turns to place me on the couch underneath of him. He can finally taste my sexy pussy.

I lay there on the couch soaking in the attention from his strong, fast tongue. “Ohhhhh, Hell yeah! Ohhhh baby that’s what I like!” I exclaimed. I grab a wad of blanket in each hand as the intensity increases bringing me closer and closer. He reaches up and presses on my nub setting me off, squirting my juices all over his face as he tries to lap it up as best he can. Quickly, he turns me so my head is hanging off the edge of the couch and he presses himself to my lips wanting in. I take him in my mouth while I am still feeling lightheaded from the massive orgasm he just gave me and I start to suck. He starts to pump in and out of my mouth once more. I reach for his hips to gain better rhythm. In this position, I am finally able to take him all the way down my throat and we go as fast as we can. Before long, I feel his cock swelling. I suck a little harder to encourage him to cum in my mouth and all over me. He pulls out just long enough for me to get a breath and hear me beg for him to cum for me. “Here it comes,” he says and lets out a throaty groan. I open my mouth just in time to catch the first huge wad in my mouth but it’s too much and as I try to swallow it down, the second and third blasts streak across my chin and splash on my tits. I get my tongue out just in time to catch the fourth and final load. Taking the tip of his cock into my mouth I swirl my tongue around his sensitive head to clean the remaining cum off. I look like a hot mess as we smile at each other and say that we love each other. After relaxing for a few minutes, he carries me to the bathroom so that we can shower and get ready to curl up for the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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