Anal Sex Made Her Popular

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My name is Monica Taverns. I’m a student at Mandrake College in Chicago, Illinois. It’s a four-year, private, previously all-female institution of higher education. These days, it’s a place that’s going through lots of changes. I moved to Illinois from Boston for my education. Mandrake College is home away from home. It’s also the setting of most of my adventures. A lot of my fellow students are upset about some of the changes happening on campus. They would rather keep Mandrake College an all-female club. I think it’s about time Mandrake College faced the winds of change. Having men on campus will enhance the quality of education, not weaken it.

Last year, the Mandrake College board of administrators decided to allow male students to enroll at the school. Many among the faculty and student body had an uproar. Honestly, I don’t know what the fuss is about. I guess having men around makes the feminists feel nervous. They don’t want men to invade their bastion of female privilege. Give me a break. The only reason I enrolled at Mandrake College is because they offered me an athletic scholarship. I would have preferred to attend Boston College or Northeastern University but they weren’t knocking on my door. Division One Colleges and Universities rarely pay attention to small-town high school sports stars.

Even though I attend a rich white school, I haven’t forgotten where I came from. I’m from the hood, down in Dorchester, Massachusetts. I played Basketball for Dorchester High School. As a six-foot-one, heavyset black female with some quick motion and great skills, I got some notice. Mandrake College was a school with a Division Two Intercollegiate Athletics program. They offered some pretty cool scholarships. Originally, they had Women’s Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Bowling, Gymnastics, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Swimming, Rugby, Golf, Water Polo, Volleyball and Rifle. With the arrival of the male students on campus, they were forced to diversify their Athletics Department. By adding men’s varsity sports. Mandrake College now offers Men’s Intercollegiate Baseball, Tennis, Bowing, Gymnastics, Basketball, Cross Country, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Pistol, Swimming, Football, Golf, Water Polo, Volleyball and Rifle.

Man, I got to tell you, the first time I saw the football players practice on the brand new Football Field, I was elated. I’ve always had a thing for sexy black studs in Football gear, ever since high school. What can I say? I am one of those females who follow college and professional football religiously. I used to play football with the guys in my hood when I was younger. That was before I discovered my love of basketball. Anyhow, I was glad to see some diversity on campus. All of the athletes I knew last year were white and female. I’m one of three black females on the Women’s Basketball team. This year, we had some new male athletes, many of whom were black males. Lots of young black men on the football, basketball and cross country teams. That’s what’s up.

Yeah, I liked seeing so many young men on campus. The only thing that bugged me was the fact that so many of the young black male students were going out with white chicks. I’m not jealous. It’s just that I’m the biggest supporter of black male college student-athletes. If they knew how covertly prejudiced their so-called white girlfriends were, they’d have a fit. In the women’s locker rooms, the skinny white chicks are always canlı bahis going on and on about black males and their penis size. What the Hell? Females are always saying they don’t like to be considered sexual objects, yet they turn around and do it to men. Bunch of stinking hypocrites. I hated the whole lot of them. That’s why, for most of my life, my friends have been men. Men don’t judge you, or play mind games. They’re easier to get along with, and simpler. I’m down with the brothers. So why were they ignoring me?

I’m not the kind of woman who’s easily missed. I stand six foot one inch tall, broad-shouldered and heavyset. I’ve been big my whole life. I was a big girl and now, I’m a big woman. Tall and thick, with large breasts, wide hips and a big ass. What the guys from the hood call a bubble butt or ghetto booty. That’s me. I miss the guys from the hood. They like big women and they know how to make a sistah feel good. Man, I remember the good loving I got from those fine-looking brothas in the hood. These tall, muscular, jet-black, long-haired studs with the physiques Olympic athletes would envy. The Street Ball stars, the Ebony pimps and the Ghetto thugs. I don’t mean to stereotype black men. It’s just that there’s an aura of mystery, power and raw sensuality around so many of them. Whether the black man in question is a Businessman, an Accountant, a Lawyer, a Judge, a Teacher or a Pastor. They’re something els.e The sexiest and most masculine men who ever lived. Gosh, I sure miss home. College life was not what I thought it would be. The sexy black studs are ignoring the sisters who stand by them through thick and thin and choosing to be with white broads instead. Kill me now why don’t you?

I was feeling desperately lonely. Yes, females get lonely too and get sexually starved as well. Many women claim they don’t need sex. Take it from me, they’re lying. Why else do you think the Sex Toy Industry makes more money than both Men’s and Women’s Professional Sports every year? Tons of sexually starved women take matters into their own hands, in more ways than one. Well, I’m going through the mother of all dry spells. The batteries in my vibrator are all burned out. There’s no other way to say it, so I’m just gonna come out with it. I need a man. Yes, I need a man. I desperately need a man. I want a big strong man to come over, sweep me off my feet, throw me on the bed and fuck my brains out. I want him to throw me on all fours, grab my hair, smack my big ass and fuck me silly. If he can do all that, over and over again, I will sing his praises till the rest of my days. Word up.

My black knight in shining armor came in the form of a six-foot-three, 250-pound, All-American Black stud muffin. Jayson Slade. Quarterback of the all-new Varsity Football team of Mandrake College. My prayers were answered. We met at a post-game party. My roommate Cecilia, a skinny blonde chick, has a crush on just about every black man she meets and dragged me to the party. There I was, wearing a black tank top and an uncomfortable, too-tight short red skirt. I’ve never been that comfortable at parties. I usually end up in a corner by myself, listening to music and not talking to anybody. That’s when he approached me. The tall, gorgeous Black college football stud. He introduced himself to me with a bright smile and a handshake. I smiled and shook his hand. He asked me why I wasn’t having a good time. We began talking.

I didn’t bahis siteleri really pay attention to what Jayson was saying. I was admiring his handsome face and fine, athletic body. Damn, he was fine! A genuine chocolate stud. The African-American Masculine Fantasy Symbol. What lots of women and gay men dream about. I was uncharacteristically bold that night, flirting with him and all that. He seemed to like it. We danced in the living room, among the other black football studs and their lily-white girlfriends. I was having such a good time with Jayson that I didn’t care. As we danced, I grind my ass against his groin. He seemed to like it, for I felt something poking me. I smiled. Good to know I still had it. When he whispered into my ear if I wanted to continue this somewhere else, I nodded. Hand in hand, we left the house party and headed to Jayson’s dorm.

It was so unreal. I didn’t usually do things like that. But keep in mind that I was going through the mother of all dry spells and chicks got needs too. Jayson and I began kissing and feeling each other up even before we reached his dorm. When we got there, all hell broke loose. I kissed Jayson, then began undressing him. He laughed, and said that I was really aggressive. I laughed too, and soon had him stark naked. I gasped when I saw his body. The man looked more than good. He looked fine. He looked amazing. He looked angelic, but wicked too. And his dick, oh my gosh. Jayson smiled and held his dick in hand. I tentatively reached for it. It was so long and thick, and also uncut. I didn’t mind. I like dick. Natural or otherwise. Jayson kissed me, then told me to give his cock some love.

I didn’t need to be told twice. It had been so long since I tasted dick. I slowly took his cock into my mouth. He was so long and thick that I couldn’t get all of it but I tried my best. Jayson smiled as I attempted to work most of his dick into my mouth. He caressed my head, and murmured words of encouragement to me. I sucked the sexy black stud’s cock and licked his balls. Jayson moaned in pleasure. I flicked my tongue over his dick head and watched him sigh and nod. I continued, and gently stroked his balls while sucking him. Oh, yeah, I still knew how to work it. Jasyon was trying to hold back but I could tell that he was dangerously close to blasting his cum. I knew what would take him over the edge. Without warning, I shoved my finger into his ass. That caught him by surprise. his eyes widened, and I flicked my tongue over his dick head once more. That did it. The black stud came, and like a flood, loads of cum rushed out of his cock. I gulped it all down. Then, I licked my lips and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. I looked up at him. Was my lover satisfied? He had a glazed, happy expression in his eyes. I took that as a yes.

Jayson looked happy. Why wouldn’t he be? I had just rocked his world. He had me lie down on the bed, and spread my legs. Uh-oh, was he going to do what I thought he was going to do? When he brought his face close to my groin, I knew the answer. A resounding yes. Jayson gently spread my pussy lips, and breathed in the smell of me. Lucky for both of us, I kept my pussy smelling clean. Hey, never know when I might have some visitors, know what I mean? He began to probe me with his tongue and surprisingly nimble fingers.

I gently rubbed his head, urging him to go on. The man definitely had skills. His fingers slid in and out of my pussy, bahis şirketleri and his tongue flicked over my clit, driving me wild. Man, this guy was good. Definitely a graduate of the International School of Advanced Pussy Licking Studies. He could have been its valedictorian. He continued to work me up until I felt it. What is…it? That tingle from deep inside. That slow buildup which generally signals an earth-shattering orgasm. Like a flood, it came pouring out of me in a big gush. I screamed as an amazing orgasm rocked my body. And for the first time in my life, my pussy squirted. Yes, it squirted hot girly cum. It was that fucking good.

I lay on the bed, trying to catch my breath. Jayson lay next to me, smiling. I looked at him, amazed. I was more than amazed, actually. I was shocked. Stunned. Dazed. Astonished. Completely overtaken by the sexual abilities of this Ebony stud. He grinned, and told me that I hadn’t felt anything yet. I smiled, wanting to take him up on his offer. He asked me if I was sexually adventurous. What do you think I said? What we tried next isn’t something I’m usually into, but that night was so wild, I would have tried anything at this point. Hey, you only live once, know what I mean? And so it was that I got talked into trying anal sex.

I got on my hands and knees, butt sticking up. Jayson got me ready. First, he grabbed a bottle of lube from his nightstand and poured some of the contents in his hands. He rubbed it on his cock and against my asshole. I gasped. It felt cold. Then, he told me he was ready. I nodded. I was ready too. If one can be ready for such a thing. He presses his cock against my backdoor, and pushes. I feel a slight pain as Jayson’s cock pops inside of me. I gritted my teeth, determined not to scream. Jayson placed his hands on my hips and pushed his cock deeper inside me. Damn, it hurt. I’ve never had anything up my ass before. He took his sweet time, going in slowly. Only an inch or two at a time. Even with the lube, his cock felt huge and my ass was a tight fit. Jayson pulled his dick out and I winced. He added more lube, and pushed it back inside.

Slowly, he worked more of his cock inside me. I think I bottomed out at six inches. I’m not sure. I didn’t have a measuring tape. I was too busy hurting. Jayson must have gotten tired of taking it slow because he began thrusting his cock deep inside me. Hard and fast. I don’t know how those chicks in porn movies do it. Take a gigantic cock up the butt and still smile for the camera. I was bawling my eyes out. No lie. That stuff hurt like a motherfucker. Slowly, though, I felt a change. The pain slowly receded, replaced by an odd, curious feeling. I felt good. It actually felt good to have a cock in my ass. So, I relaxed and enjoyed. Jayson noticed this too, and patted my plump ass. I smiled, and backed my ass up, driving his cock deeper inside of me. I felt wonderfully filled up. A few moments later, Jayson erupted inside me. That one took me by surprise, both with its extent and sheer intensity. Jayson’s hot cum flooded my bowels, like a hot torrent, and I screamed in sheer pleasure mixed with pain. I had never felt anything as intense in my entire life.

Afterwards, I lay in Jayson’s arms. Once more, I was stunned and dazed and every other word for shock. He asked me if I enjoyed my first anal experience. Of course I did. I never knew it could be that much fun. Or that intense. He smiled and kissed me. I kissed him back, and we went to sleep. Tonight was the first of many new passionate nights for the both of us. I had found a great lover, ended the mother of all dry spells and now, I was making up for lost time. And then some.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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