Anal At Last Ch. 01

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So here I am. Single again after an acrimonious divorce where my wife got more than her fair share of the money. But I’ve got custody of our boy, so fuck her; she’s welcome to the cash.

I had bummed around for a few months, getting used to being by myself again, discovering new little routines and pleasures as I rebuilt a life for myself, and recently began going out again. I’d not dated anyone since the divorce went through – trying to deal with the stress of that, being a single dad, keeping my own business afloat, etc, left precious little time for dating.

But tonight broke the routine. I’d arranged for a daughter of a neighbour to look after Daniel, my boy. Samantha was young, eighteen, just starting university, pretty, but very quiet. I think living with just her dad (her mum had died some years before in a car crash) had left her a bit submissive, but that meant she was solid and reliable when it came to babysitting. So I left her in charge of Daniel, as she’d done a few times before, and set off to meet the boys in town.


And that was where I met Angela. She was hot, if a little older than most people would consider for a sexy woman. But you know how it is, some women have just got it. I mean, take a look at Honor Blackman. She must be 70 and still sexy.

But Angela was a hot 40, I reckoned, maybe a little younger. Slim, good firm tits, perhaps a little smaller than I liked, and a tight ass. The sort of ass I’d like to fuck, even though I’d never had anal sex (My ex-wife was a little bit too tight-assed for that, if you know what I mean!). She was wearing an all-in-one skirt-blouse thing – just a tight black number with a zip down the front. All I could think about was unzipping it.

She had a cracking laugh and an evil sense of humour, and we got on like a house on fire. As the evening went on, we started touching each other. First the arms, then my hand on the small of the back as we walked to the bar, then her hand on the back of my neck as she leant into my ear so I could hear her over the music, then our hands on each others thighs as we chatted on a sofa in the bar. I could see other guys looking jealously, and mentioned it to her. That was when she said we should give them something to be jealous about, and she leant across, thrusting her ass in their direction, and bahis firmaları kissed me passionately, her tongue in my mouth.. Then she laughed and pulled back, and I thought that might be the end of that.

We got a taxi back to my place, and obviously we started kissing. Soft, open mouthed ones at first, her breath coming faster as they went on. Then I pushed my tongue into her mouth, and she pushed hers right back in as her hand slid down to rub my cock through my jeans.

I lifted my hand from her waist up to her tits. Like I said, small but firm, and she moaned into my mouth. Unfortunately, we had to stop there as the taxi drew up at her place. She asked me if she was invited in for a coffee, then corrected herself:

“What am I – a shy thirteen year old?” she asked, laughing at herself. “I want you Andy. Let’s go in and you can give me a good fucking.”

Of course, I agreed.


We did the nice thing and chatted to Samantha for a bit, asking how the baby sitting had gone, but I think she got the hint and left fairly quickly. Angela and I just looked at each other, and I could feel the sexual tension between us.

We got as far as the sofa. We sat next to each other, frenching madly. Her hand was rubbing my cock as I started to undo that zip. Oh, man, her cleavage was great – must have been a wonder bra or something. “God bless Dr Goddard,” I muttered, as I started to kiss the bulge of her breasts. She moaned, and moved to straddle me, pulling my face into her breasts. I kept on kissing and nibbling, as I pulled her zip down further. When she’d straddled me, the bottom of the outfit had ridden up, leaving her panty-clad mound free to rub against my now hard cock.

“I love button flies,” she said. “They feel a lot better to run against.” I ran by hands down her back, grabbing her ass and pulling her into me as she ground up and down against me. She tried to undo the rest of the zip, but couldn’t manage due to the rucking of her outfit, so she stood up in front of me, sliding the zip open the rest of the way, seductively writhing whilst she did so.

Her outfit fell off, leaving her clad only in black panties, black knickers, and black high heels. My eyes ran up and down her body. Small tits thrust up by the bra, tight abs (she’d said earlier she works out a lot and had kaçak iddaa no kids), nice curve to her hips (but a bit more meat would have been better), and a good mound showing under her knickers. I could see a wet patch where she was leaking juice already, and I pulled her back down onto me. She straddled me again, and we kissed some more as I ran by hands over her naked back, and down inside her knickers to stroke her bum.

She was panting hard, and reached down to my flies to undo the jeans. She struggled a bit, and then stood up again, laughing. She pulled me up, reached down to undo my flies again now that she had room. She then undid my belt, and pushed my jeans down a bit. Then she slowly knelt down in front of me, looking me right in the eye as she did so, pushing my jeans down further. As they pooled around my ankle, she kissed my hard cock through my boxers, and I stepped out of my jeans as she pulled my jeans off me altogether. Then she reached into my boxers, trying to pull my cock out. She had problems (as guys know, pulling a hard cock out of a fly is difficult at the best of times, and I’m pretty well hung), so she stood up, pressing herself against me.

She reached down into the top of my boxers, and I felt her hand grab my cock. Oh, god that felt good to have a woman’s hand round me again. She slowly wanked me with one hand, whilst working my boxers down with the other. After a few moments, she laughed again and muttered something about things never going smoothly the first time. Then she let go of me, and used both hands to lever my boxers down. To do so, she slid down slowly in front of me, again, staring me in the eye. As my cock was finally free of my boxers, she looked at it, and raised her eyebrows slightly, licking her lips. Then as she continued working my boxers down, she took it in her mouth. Oh sweet Jesus, I just about came right then. I’d forgotten what a good blowjob felt like, as my ex had never really been into it.

Angela’s hot tongue swirled around my cock head, as she sucked me deep into her mouth. I lightly held the back of her head as she sucked me, enjoying the feel of her mouth. But I knew if she kept this up I wouldn’t last long, so I pulled her off, and sat back on the sofa.

She looked down at my hard cock poking up into the air, and sat right on top of me, still in bra, panties, kaçak bahis and high heels. She worked her panties to one side, and just pushed right down on top of me. Her hot, tight cunt was fucking gorgeous, and I groaned as I grabbed her waist to pull her down even further. I could feel her tunnel stretch as I worked deeper inside her, and she groaned into my ear: “God you’re big, that feels fucking amazing.”

We fucked hard and fast, exactly what I wanted after a long dry spell. Slow, sensuous sex could come later. She bounced on top of me, helped by my hands round her waist. I undid her bra, letting her breasts loose. I clamped my mouth round one nipple, sucking it in deep and nibbling with my teeth. She groaned and pushed her breast into me, stopping the bouncing and starting to just grind backwards and forwards. I slid my hands down her, around her cheeks and under her knickers, kneading her ass and spreading the cheeks as she writhed.

I could feel my orgasm approaching, and so apparently could she. She started bouncing again, bringing her hands up to play with her own breasts. She started panting, moaning, and I could feel her cunt tightening and loosening as her own orgasm got nearer. I was still playing with her ass, and I let one hand slip between her cheeks, edging nearer to her asshole.

“Oh, god,” she moaned, which I took to be a good signal, and moved my hand more firmly to her rosebud. I touched it gently, not wanting to spoil things in case I’d misinterpreted things. She didn’t respond, other than to keep on moaning. She was getting close now, and so was I, thinking that maybe I’d hit the jackpot and finally found someone who liked anal sex. Just the thought of it was enough to put me right on the edge of coming, and I could feel my cock harden as I attempted to hold it off. She grunted, and shouted that she was coming. That set me off, and I pressed my finger against her asshole as I came inside her, and she clenched her cunt around me as her orgasm hit her, her body frozen as her muscles tensed. Good god she was tight, I even noticed it through my orgasm.

We slowly came down, panting, muscles relaxing, and I let my arms slide down to my side as she collapsed on top of me. When she got her breath back, she spoke:

“No-one’s ever done that to be before.” She paused, and I wondered what was coming next. Did she hate the thought that I’d touched her ass? Obviously she hadn’t had anal before, if that was the first time her asshole had been touched.

“And you’d better do it next time, or we’re never having sex again.”

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