An Office Catfight

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When the position of Office Manager became vacant there were two applicants internally. Fiona, was in her forties, was dumpy, had red hair, dressed conservatively at work and was friends with pretty much everyone. Julie, was in her early twenties, had a body to die for (great ass , fantastic breasts), had beautiful shoulder length brown hair, wore tiny skirts and plunging tops, and was the type of girl that all the men loved but all the girls hated in the office.

In her interview Fiona, wearing a neat business suit, outlined to the Managing Director how she would lift morale in the office, introduce new ideas, work harder and generally improve the place. In her interview Julie, wearing a skirt which looked like a belt and a blouse that had the top 3 buttons undone, got on her knees and sucked the Managing Directors cock. It was a winning strategy.

So Julie got the promotion and the power that came with it. Everyone knew the lengths she had gone to to get the job, after all she had left the interview smirking and with a couple of suspicious stains on her clothing but Julie wasn’t bothered. If anyone said anything she made sure they had some extra work the next week. Mostly it was the other women in the office that suffered.

Fiona was frustrated and angry as hell, especially as when they were at the same level she and Julie had been pretty catty about each other. Now this young tart, who had whored her way the top was bossing her around and she couldn’t stand it. Julie was determined to make Fiona’s life a hell so she gave her loads of extra work, made her stay late and always talked her down. Eventually Fiona had had enough and handed in her resignation. Julie made her last four weeks with the company terrible but Fiona was proud and didn’t want to give Julie the satisfaction of letting her grind her down.

It was Fiona’s last day and she had arranged a leaving party but Julie, being a bitch to the end, kept giving her things to do and flat out told the older woman that if she left before she said then she would give her a terrible reference and having not worked anywhere else for 15 years Fiona was relying on a reference to get a new job. So by four thirty there was only Julie, Fiona and Moira (a close friend of Fiona’s) left and Julie knew the other two were desperate to get away to the party.

“Moira, you can go now. Me and Fiona will finish off “, announced Julie.

“But Fi…”, answered Moira, before being cut off by her boss.

“You can stay to 8 o’clock if you want or go now”, snapped the young bitch.

Fiona moved over to Moira and whispered “It’s güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri OK Moira, you go I’ll be fine.”


Moira left, and the two rivals were alone in the office. Julie smiled as she watched Moira cross the car park, she stepped in front of Fiona’s desk and stared hard at her until she met her stare.

“Do you want to know why I got the job and you didn’t Fiona?”

It was a rhetorical question as she continued without prompting.

“Because you’re old and ugly, nobody wants a troll like you working for them. Whereas I am young and beautiful and…”, she never finished as Fiona having had enough erupted from behind her desk and slapped Julie viciously across her cheek sending her sprawling across the office floor.

As a way to goad her rival further, Julie had worn the same outfit as the day of the interview and now as she sprawled on the ground her tanned thighs showed all the way up to her black panties. Julie looked up with a look of sheer hatred on her face and rushed her older foe before Fiona could fully get out from behind her desk, Julie plunged her sharp nails into Fiona’s hair, grabbed a tight hold and started to shake her head back and forth, eventually forcing the elder woman onto her back on the ground and straddling her torso. Julie banged Fiona’s head against the floor a couple of times then let go of her foe’s hair to tear at the front of Fiona’s blouse. All the buttons flew off and the blouse sprang apart to reveal a red bra probably a couple of sizes too small for Fiona’s larger frame. Julie looked down at her opponent and laughed at her.

This enraged Fiona who wildly lashed out and bucked her body to shake Julie free. It didn’t work but in her efforts Fiona managed to wriggle close to her desk and get hold of the air freshener she kept under her desk. She grasped the aerosol can in her right hand and in one fluid motion brought it up and sprayed it right into Julie eyes.

Temporarily blinded Julie didn’t see the follow up punch Fiona’s other hand delivered and she slumped off Fiona winded as well as desperately trying to rub her eyes. Fiona hauled herself to her feet and there was a look of evil in her eyes as she stood, dishevelled over her younger tormentor.

Fiona shrugged off her torn blouse and rolled it up in her hands then stood astride over the fallen back of her boss and wrapped it around her throat and started to choke her out. Julie thrashed wildly when she realised what was happening but as Fiona knelt down with her knee in Julie’s back there was little she could do but succumb. Once she güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri had subdued her foe Fiona roughly grabbed Julie’s hair and pulled her unsteadily to her feet and from behind ripped Julie’s expensive shirt off her , leaving her in a black, lacy bra. Fiona had an idea to humiliate Julie and forced her to bend over one of the office desks. In rapid fashion Fiona yanked off Julie’s skirt and with it came a tiny G-string so that Julie’s gorgeous, firm body, clad in only a skimpy bra, was bent over a wooden desk. Fiona then proceeded to spank her young opponent.

“You should have had this done to you a long time ago you little bitch”, Fiona’s spanks held real venom and Julie squealed with each strike.

The one good thing for Julie was that her eyes had cleared enough that she could see again. But she could do little about her predicament as the heavier woman leaned down on her keeping her in place. After about 30 strikes Fiona relented and stood back to enjoy the view of Julie’s bright red arse. This was Julie’s chance and she stamped down with her stiletto heels onto Fiona’s sandal clad foot. Fiona screamed and reeled away. Julie acting quickly grabbed up a rubbish bin and jammed it onto Fiona’s head then smashed a stapler hard into the side of the bin sending Fiona crashing to the ground.

Julie, enraged at being stripped by Fiona, tore her opponents trousers off then ripped her big knickers off as Fiona rolled around trying to get the bin off her head. Before she did that though Julie swung her foot and kicked Fiona in the crotch, eliciting an scream from Fiona who pulled her hands down to protect her damaged sex.

Julie had lost control completely now and wanted to finish her enemy off. As Fiona’s red hair came clear of the bin, the plastic bin liner bag came clear as well. Julie jumped on Fiona’s back pinning her down, grabbed the bag and pulled it tight around Fiona’s head winding the handles hard behind Fiona’s neck. Fiona realising her situation panicked and blindly tried to reach up and loosen the grip that was suffocating her. Fiona was fading when in her struggles her nails pierced the bag and gave her some much needed oxygen. Julie was in such a furious rage that she didn’t notice.

Fiona gathered in some deep breaths then rolled over fast, wrenching the bag from Julie’s grasp and in one motion Fiona shot up a hard fist right into Julie’s shaven pussy. It was a direct hit and Julie fell to her knees moaning and whimpering. Fiona despite her state forced herself up and as Julie knelt before her she drove her knee into her güvenilir bahis şirketleri opponents chin, sending the younger woman sprawling into the floor, barely conscious.

Fiona pulled off Julie’s bra and managed to tightly tie Julie’s wrists behind her back with it then sat down for a minute to regain her wind. Julie came to and struggled onto her knees but failed to see Fiona swing her bare foot back and kick a field goal between her bosses legs. Julie would have collapsed but Fiona got a tight hold of Julie’s hair and kept her upright then delivered a volley of slaps and punches to Julie’s beautiful breasts.

At that point the door banged and in walked Moira. She had come back to get Fiona to her party however she could and was taken aback at the sight that greeted her. Fiona let Julie slump onto the ground crying and strode over to her friend and explained what had gone down. As Moira congratulated her friend, Fiona had an idea and, giving Moira the keys to her car asked her to get the video camera that she had brought to film her leaving party.

Minutes later Julie struggled to her knees again to be faced by both of the older women. Tears were streaming down her face from her treatment and she wanted away. Fiona reached down with a tissue and dried her face and said to her.

“Right you little tart, I’ll keep this simple so even a little bimbo like you can understand. When I say action you are going to look into the camera and beg me to let you kiss my ass, then I’m going to get down on all fours and you will crawl over and kiss my arsehole then you’re going to clean it with that spiteful tongue of yours.”

“N-No, you can’t. I…”

Fiona slapped Julie on the cheek and said, “If you don’t we’ll beat you until you do, or maybe I’ll try what you tried to do to me”, and with that she plucked up another plastic bin bag and goaded her beaten foe with it.

And with that Julie’s last shred of resolve crumbled and she did what she was told. She was untied and she begged to kiss the ass of this woman she hated then got down and licked her flabby ass out, all the while one of her underlings in the office videotaped everything.

Fiona got dressed and went to leave the office with Moira reminding her to keep the tape and use it anytime she needed Julie’s agreement on anything. As they got to the office door Fiona turned as if she had forgotten something , she strode back to her desk took out a pair of scissors walked over to where Julie slumped in the corner of the office, held up her head and proceeded to give her fringe an ugly chop. Then she bundled all Julie’s scattered clothing into a bin bag and took it with them as she and Moira left. Dumping it in the bin in the car park.

As Fiona and Moira got into their cars they saw the old Mexican man that cleaned the office arrive and waved to him, laughing at the different sort of “trash” he would find tonight.

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