An Interesting Weekend

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Don, Dyra and Duke, a very interesting weekend.

I had gone to the Big Box Store to pick up some groceries but decided I needed to piss before I began shopping so I went down the hall to the Men’s Room. Just as I stepped up to the latrine the black guy next to me stepped back and was shaking his dick. I don’t know why but I glanced down and my eyes became glued to what I saw. About 4 inches of soft dick swinging around as he shoke it and I figured he must have 5 more inches in his hand. I glanced up and the guy gave me a big smile as he tucked his cock into his pants and left. I finished and left the bathroom but as I walked back out to the main area this same gentlemen nodded hello and asked if I’d like to have a cup of coffee. I thought for about 5 seconds and said, “That would be good.”

We got a couple cups and took seats at the corner table so we could chat. The dude told me he was Don and I replied I was Ben. Then he blew me away when he asked, “Did you like what you saw, you looked long enough?” He had a big smile on his face as he waited for an answer. I finally stammered out, “Yeah, I did.”

He then asked me, “Are you gay?”

“No,” I replied, “I’m very bi.”

“So you like to play around with guys, when did that start?”

So I went into the story about the first cock I sucked when in college and thru an affair I had with a friend and then some of few guys I had been with since I lost my wife. He seemed very interested in my sex life, past and present. Then he blew me away with this question,

“Do you have a bucket list?”

I looked at him in surprise and sort of slyly replied, “Yes, I do!”

”Do you want to tell me what’s in it?

I thought a minute and then for obvious reasons I said, “No, I don’t mind. The first three things were to suck the dick of a Hispanic, an Oriental and a Black dude, no disrespect intended.”

“None taken,” he replied.

“I’ve accomplished the first two but not the third. I also would like to clean up a freshly fucked pussy and because I ran across a bestiality website and am curious about it, I’d like to suck a dog’s dick.”

Don got the biggest smile on his face and then looked me straight in the eye and asked,

“Are you serious about this, and if you are do you have tonight open?”

“Yes to both questions,” I replied.

“Let’s go check out my RV,” Don said as he got up.

I drank the last bit of my coffee and joined him. On the way out Don was very silent which caused me a bit of concern. I really didn’t know what I was getting into. But he had a big smile as he opened the door and invited me in. Setting on the couch was a nice looking, not beautiful but nice looking black gal, probably mid to late 30’s, nice face and from what I could see a nice figure. Lying at her feet was a black dog of unknown breed a little larger then a Lab. Don introduced me to Dyra and Duke and then sat down in a large recliner, offering me a chair across from him and Dyra. Don told her that I had indicated some interest in his cock when we were in the men’s room so we had coffee and I had told him a little of my life history. He looked directly to Dyra and explained that he thought they should help me with my bucket list.

“And what is on this bucket list?” Dyra asked.

“He wants to suck a black dick, lick a freshly fucked pussy and suck a dog’s cock,” Don replied.

Dyra looked at me with a smile and asked, “And you would want this freshly fucked pussy to have been fucked by and man or a dog?”

I returned her smile and replied, “Either or both.”

They both chuckled and then it was quiet for a bit. I didn’t know what to do next but thought maybe I better think things out before going forward.

“I think I better go bring my car over here before it gets dark,” I said as I got up from my chair.

“Good idea,” Don said, “but hurry back.”

“Be right back,” I said as I headed out the door. My car was about a block away so I had time to think as I walked. I wondered about what I was about to do but on the other hand I knew damn good and well I was going to do it so why even think about it. I had the free time and no one to answer to and what I was about to do would be a bunch of fun. I parked next to Don’s tow vehicle and headed toward the RV. When I opened the door and got in I was in for a big surprise. Dyra was nude, setting between the legs of a nude Don holding his big, hard cock in her hand. She looked up and said,

“Just thought I’d get it ready for you.”

Let me tell you about Dyra. She had large natural breasts probably D cup with very little sag. While she was short, maybe 5’5” or so and somewhat size large she had very little tummy fat. A very attractive lady. All I can say about Don is that he was well built with about a 10 inch cock.

“Stripe down and join us,” casino oyna Don said.

I hesitated for a minute because I don’t have the greatest body in the world but Dyra said, “Don’t be shy.”

I realized I had probably the biggest boner I have had for years, just looking at the nude figures in the room and thinking about what I was going to get to do next. So I striped and stood there for a brief moment. Just before I started to get started with Don’s cock, Dyra crawled over to me and took my cock in her mouth. She sucked it for just a little and said,

“Why don’t you add this to your bucket list, getting sucked by a black woman and cumming in her mouth?”

“It’s added,” I relied as I lowered down between Don’s legs. On my knees I began the blow job on my first black cock. I started with his balls, pressing his cock against his stomach with one hand and caressing them with the other. Then I licked all around on his ball sack and up and down the crack on both sides. I tried to take them both in my mouth at the same time but they wouldn’t fit so I sucked one at a time. I worked on his balls for a bit and then licked up thru the hairy area to the base of his pole. Keeping it pressed to his stomach my tongue flicked up the shaft to the head and worked on the sensitive area around it. Then I lifted it up, opened my mouth and took as much of it as I could down my throat. I must have been doing something right because Don started moaning and pushing his cock up like sort of fucking my mouth. This continued for a bit and then I licked back down the shaft and worked on his balls some more. Don grabbed my head and moved it up so he could push his cock back down my throat. He held my head tightly as he fucked his cock with my mouth. I had to go along with what he was doing because I couldn’t get out of his grip. But did I mind? NO. The feeling of that hard piece of meat in my throat was unbelievable.

I was probably 20 minutes into this blowjob when Don got tense and I could feel his climax cumming. And I was right; my mouth was suddenly filled with cum. I had never had such a load before. It was so much that I couldn’t swallow fast enough and a little leaked out and down my chin. Dyra laughed as she crawled over to us and licked my face clean. Then she grabbed my head and pushed her tongue into my mouth searching for more cum. Dyra searched my mouth until she was convinced I had swallowed it all and let me go. She smiled as she said, “Bucket List 1, done.”

Dyra sat back on the floor against the sofa and beckoned Duke to join her. He got up and moved over to her, licking her face as she rubbed and patted him. I couldn’t see what her left hand was doing; only that it was rubbing in his stomach area. Soon Dyra said quietly to Duke, “Up, Up,” and Duke put his front paws up on the sofa and was directly over Dyra. Then I saw his really big doggy cock. Bigger than most men’s, angry red veins all over it and blunt end with just a little tip sticking out. Instantly it was in Dyra’s mouth and he was fucking with all his energy. Her hand held his cock just in front of a big knot, the size of a baseball and then he stopped with it all the way in her mouth. In a few minutes she released his cock and he got down. She wiggled her finger inviting me to join her. When I did she kissed me and let doggy cum drizzle from her mouth to mine. I found it to be quite salty but rather tasty. After I swallowed the load Dyra said, “That doesn’t count toward the bucket list, just thought you might like to try a mouthful.”

I glanced about the room and saw Don slowly massaging his now growing cock, Duke was licking his very soft cock and Dyra was playing with my very hard cock. At her suggestion we moved to the floor in 69 position with me on the bottom. Her cunt tasted mmmm good even though she hadn’t been fucked yet. I sort of thought that might be her plan now and I was right. After a few minutes of my cock in her mouth and my tongue in her pussy she patted her ass and Duke joined us. I had a ring side seat so to speak getting a very close up view as he lunged his cock at her pussy time and time again trying to find the hole. Then after it touched a few times he moved closer and his cock grew bigger and he buried it in one move. I could see the huge knot banging her cunt lips as he hammered in and out. Then he stopped and pushed hard and installed it in her pussy entrance. She let out a yelp and they both were still, except for her mouth moving up and down on my hard tool.

“When he pulls out in a few minutes there will be a cascade of his cum leaving my pussy,” she whispered. “Have your mouth open as wide as you can.” About four or five minutes I watched as the knot sealed her pussy and very little liquid escaped, that that did was cleaned up by my tongue. Then she warned me that he was about to pull out so I placed my wide open slot oyna mouth just below his cock with my chin pressed against her clit and his balls pressed against my forehead. And the torrent hit, filling my mouth with doggy sperm and I swallowed. Dyra squeezed her pussy, doggy cum filled my mouth and I swallowed again. Squeeze and swallow went on for three or four times. Dyra tried to get up but couldn’t because I had such a hold on her hips but I let go and she move up and sat on the couch.

With her legs behind her shoulders the ladies pink pussy was available for me to do what I wanted. I noticed she was wet from her knees up so I began by licking the inside of her thighs up to her pussy. Then I devoured it, licking all around the outside of her pussy lips and then pushing my tongue in to capture any doggy cum still inside. I did my cleanup for 8 or 10 minutes during which she climaxed twice adding more juice to the mixture. I was still licking and sucking her pussy when she patted my head and told me she had to rest.

Don told me that Duke would be ready and I could have him anyway I wanted. If I went over to him and started patting his stomach he would roll over on his back and allow me to play that way or I could call him to me and I could suck him while he was standing by me or I could stay the way I was, leaned back against the couch and he would fuck my mouth like he had Dyra’s a little bit ago. I decided what the hell, why not try all three.

Duke was laying on his side as I crawled over to him. He got the message as I started rubbing his tummy and rolled over on his back. I hadn’t touched his cock yet but already the red tip was coming out of its sheath. I moved my mouth down and took it between my lips, licking it with my tongue. I rapidly grew into the massive piece of meat I had seen earlier. As it grew Don told me to push the sheath back over the knot which I did. I noticed there was a collection of something behind the knob, probably his or Dyra’s cum starting to dry. It tasted very strong but I licked him clean. I sucked him for some time with him on his back and then my back started to give out so I moved over and leaned against the sofa. Duke knew the drill because he got up and followed me over, hard cock still hanging out of the sheath.

I pulled his butt around so it was facing me and pulled his cock out between his legs like I had seen Dyra do. I started licking the head and around the little tip that stuck out which caused a definite reaction. I thought it was sort of like playing with a woman’s clit. Then I took more and more of his tool in my mouth and down my throat. Duke was panting loudly and breathing hard which told me he was about to cum and wanted him fucking my mouth when he did. I patted the seat of the sofa and said “Up Duke,” and he jumped up placing his front feet on the sofa. His hard cock was right in front of my face. His natural reaction was to start fucking like he had Dyra so I moved my mouth so his cock could find its mark. I clamped my lips down on his cock and enjoyed a fantastic but very brief fucking. His load was immense and I swallowed every drop. When he was thru with me he returned to his blanket.

Things were quiet for a few minutes, just Duke and me trying to come down from our high. While I was getting my mouth fucked I was also getting my cock sucked but Dyra stopped and let me rest. “You still have one more item in your bucket list we need to take care of, licking my freshly fucked cunt after Don is thru with me. When you are rested you need to work on him a little and get him ready.”

Don had been stroking his cock while he watched all that had gone on over the last hour or so but it wasn’t as hard as it could be. I waited a few minutes and then crawled over and settled in between his legs. He scooted forward in his chair and put his arms behind his head. “It’s all yours,” he said with a big smile. I took his tool in both hands and began stroking him. As I did so I looked at him and said, “I think I want to add another item to my bucket list. I want you to fuck my mouth the way Duke did.”

“That can be arranged,” Don replied, “Do you want it before or after I fuck Dyra?”

“Tell you what,” I said, “Let’s do it before and then go get some lunch. That will give us all a chance to rest and regroup. Then we can come back for the grand finale.”

I turned and looked at Kyra and got her nod of approval. “OK.” Don said, “How do you want it?”
Dyra had gone into the other room and the sofa was available. I got up and laid down on it with my head hanging over the side. Don got the message and lowered himself to the floor and put the tip of his cock on my lips. I hesitated just a few seconds before I opened my mouth and he started pushing his cock deep down my throat. I had no plan to take his entire cock, to deep throat him but canlı casino siteleri that’s how it came down. He was very gentle about it but in a few minutes I was. There are no words to explain the feeling that took over. Having that huge cock going in and out of my mouth and throat was at the least unbelievable. I was comfortable as was Don so the fucking continued. I caressed his balls as he fucked, my only regret that I couldn’t suck them at the same time. Then his pace quickened and his moans became louder, I knew his climax was imminent. I only wished I had told him I want his cum in my mouth not down my throat but he must have read my mind because when he started shooting he pulled out so just the head was between my lips. I grabbed his ass to keep him from pulling out so I could enjoy every last drop of his cum. I held his cock as I sucked out every last drop and then released him.

Don relaxed in his chair while I did the same on the sofa. Dyra came in and said she was hungry so we decided to go across the parking lot to the little café and grab a bite. I really wasn’t sure I would be able to swallow food but went along with the plan. We were seated in a booth with Don and Dyra on one side and me on the other. We ordered and chatted until our food got there. I took a bite of my salad, chewed and then said with my mouth full, “I don’t know if I can swallow this down.”

Don had just taken a bite and spit it out all over the table as he and Dyra broke out laughing. I didn’t see what was so funny and neither did the waitress when she came to clean the table up. She said in a very serious manner, “What is so funny that food was spit all over the table?”

Don and Dyra couldn’t stop laughing. When the waitress made another comment Dyra looked at her and said, “Ben here just go thru deep throating my husband’s 10 inch cock, and then he said he didn’t know if he could swallow his salad. That’s what’s so funny.”

The waitress was probably late 50’s and sort of acted like she was pretty interested in an 11 inch hunk of black meat but that’s all that was said about that. We finished our lunch and started back to the RV. I noticed a car pull up and wondered who that was. Don said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you two that I changed the last item in the Bucket List a little bit. Instead of having only a freshly fucked pussy to clean up you are also going to have a freshly fucked ass hole. Warren and I are going to DP Dyra and then you can take over.”

I think Dyra was as surprised as I was but also as eager. If anything she walked faster as we headed for the RV. Warren greeted us and we headed inside. It was obvious that Dyra knew Warren and had probably been DP’d before. She suggested that I help Warren get ready as she undressed and started helping Don get ready. I dropped to my knees in front of Warrant not knowing if he was into a guy giving him head or not. But he didn’t resist as I undid his belt, lowered his pants and undershorts and took his cock in my hand. He had taken off his shirt so stood in front of me completely nude.

Warren’s cock proved to be almost a match for Don’s only slightly smaller but equal length. He got hard very fast in my mouth but only let me suck him for a few minutes. Dyra was already astride Don’s big cock and Warrant wanted her asshole. I watched with amazement as he rubbed the head of his dick on her rosebud and then pushed it in. There was no indication of pain from Dyra, only a look of complete pleasure on her face. I had a hard on the likes of which I hadn’t had for a long time. I stripped out of my cloths and moved to her side and rubbed her face with my cock. She turned to face me and took me deep into her mouth.
I have no idea how long the three of us fucked this woman’s holes, all I know it that first Warren started hammering faster and then stopped with his cock buried in her ass and then Don did the same. Just as I got down to take my position Warren pulled out. I could see his cum starting to drizzle out of her rosebud so I bent in and licked it up rather than let it drool to the floor. I took hold of Warren’s cock to keep him there until I could clean him up. Then Don’s cock slipped out of her cunt and cum was trickling out of there. I did the same, licking it up and then sucking him dry. Dyra started squeezing her asshole forcing the cum out. I placed my lips around her hole and pushed my tongue in. It seemed to increase the flow and I licked and sucked until I was sure I had it all. Then I turned my attention to her cunt and did the same thing. Warren had collapsed on the sofa and I joined him there. I still had a tremdous boner and he started stroking it for me. I thought he might go down but before he could Dyra was between my legs. It had been I long time since I had dumped a load in someone’s mouth but it happened quickly.

Dyra looked at her three men and their limp dicks and then crawled over to Duke. She knew he would take care of her.

I hope you enjoyed this story. Please send me messages at

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