An Estonian Boy and His Family Ch. 02

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Next morning I woke up and went to check on my mom and see if she would get angry with me over what I did or she would continue doing what she does every day. For my luck she did not freak out when seeing me, she just greeted me and continued fixing her bed.

“Hey mom had a good night sleep?” I asked while having an evil grin on my face.

“You know, I have not had sleep like this in FOR EVER, doctor said that these pills would be effective, but this is something else,” she answered with happy face on, “and why are you grinning, is something wrong with me?”

“Oh no no mom, you look great, greater than usually, if I were not your son I would scream sexy at you!” I complimented her and added, “By the way mom, I gave you 2 pills instead of 1, I read on the internet that it won’t hurt you, only will make your sleep better enjoyable.”

“I hope you are right, anyways, I hope its okay with you if I ask you to make me that sleeping water everyday, you know I might forget, I am old woman after all.” she said jokingly.

“Oh come on mom, you might be getting old by your age, but you look young.”

I started to leave her room when she said,

“Hey Mihkel, you know, today is so sunny, want to go to the beach? I would go with my girlfriends but they are busy, so I thought that you are my last solution.”

“Really? Last solution? Just kidding, I would love to hang out with you on the beach.” As I was saying that I imagined her in bikinis, next to me, oh man, I instantly felt my penis rising, I had to get away from her.

“Hey mom, I will go to my room, get ready for our trip to the beach, okay?”

“Sure, go on take your time, we will be going in 2 hours, so be ready by that time.”

I went upstairs to my room, locked my door, opened a porn site and searched for “Mom in bikinis” videos, I found one and instantly removed my pants and started stroking my penis, imagined my mom in bikinis, her big round tits, sweating, her bikinis getting wet with her sweat and I can see her nipples, sweat dripping down pussy and as it drips, it tickles her pussy, which makes her a little horny, sweat makes her bikinis stick to her ass, her round casino oyna beautiful ass, man how I want to fuck her. As I was thinking of her I heard a knock on the door…

“Honey, are you ready? I changed my mind I want to go now! “

Oh shit, I have to finish this before I go with her, if I do not, I might get a boner in beach just by seeing her.

“No no, I thought we had time so I did not start packing yet, I will start now, be down in a bit.”

“Do you need help? Might help you pack faster.” she said loudly behind the door.

“Oh no no, I can pack my things alone, thanks anyways.”

I continued jacking off, but this time I did not think of my mom, I just watched the video and came fast.

On the way to the beach we did not really talk, I just watched our surroundings as she drove and thought of what should I do to her tonight when she is in deep sleep again, then, again, a great idea hit me, this was either a great idea or a dumb idea which would get me grounded.

Basically, if I were to take naked photos of my mom tonight, even naughty ones, like make it look like she is masturbating, and then later blackmail her through email, I could like make her have sex with me, I will not reveal my identity, I will make it look like I am a stranger who wants to punish her because of those pictures and if she will not do what I say to her, then, I will threaten to put these pictures on the internet, which I will not do if she refuse, its obvious, she is my mom, if pictures of her were on the internet, I would be a laughing stock.

Anyways, I need a fake email, I need register and only log into it in a different location with a internet thats not related to me, it seems like our library’s wifi, I should use my phone, so no one would suspect me. ..

Yes this idea is perfect, now only thing I need is to take pictures tonight and make my plan work, haha, I hope it will work.

We finally reached beach, my mom looked happy, well she will not be after I blackmail her, damn I hate to do that but I have to if I want to fuck her while she is not sleeping, would make it more lively.

While we were at the beach I mostly was daydreaming, canlı casino because if I had looked at my mom in her cute, super revealing bikinis, I bet I would instantly get boner right there.

When we returned back home, I went to shower, it was late already, mom was going to go sleeping soon and my sister had not returned from her friends place yet, everything was set up perfectly for my plan. I saw my mom making her bed ready for sleep, then I remembered that I had forgotten to make her the drink, I instantly went to make one.

When I returned I saw mom already in bed waiting.

“I thought you would never show up, ” she said semi-angrily, drank the water, but then she lightened up a bit, ” thank you, son, good dreams to you.”

“Yeah, you too mom.”

As I was about to leave she asked me: “Hey, one more thing, can you open the balcony door? It is kind of hot today.”

Oh crap, I need that balcony door open or else I would be the first suspect, now she will think that someone came through the balcony and took pictures of her.

“Yeah, sure mom, no sweat.”

Great, everything is in place now.

I went to my room and waited for an hour, before going back to her room.

“Ok, here goes nothing.”

I removed her sheet, saw her sleeping with her naked tits and only underwear, I guess it was really that hot today.

Damn she looks sexy, I can not believe, if my plan works, I will get to fuck her whenever I want.

I spread her legs and removed her panties, damn, how I would wanted to ram her right there, but I restrained my hornyness and took some great photos of her, I turned her around and stuck her ass up, spread her asscheeks, had her face visible and took picture, now for something spicy, I took her hand and stuck two of her fingers up her ass, I opened her mouth so it would look like she is having a moment where she is enjoying herself, this way it looks real, I took the picture.

“wow, these are great pictures, she cant deny my demands if I send her these.”

Now that my pictures were taken, I wanted to have some fun.

I thought about sticking my penis up her pussy, only a little bit, so I would kaçak casino atleast know what it feels to be inside a pussy.

“Here goes nothing, gah, oh shit, this is soo good,” I said as I inserted my dick into her, “damn mom, I wish you were my personal whore, but I have to wait a little bit, oh I can not wait.”

I thrusted my penis in and out of her few times, until I felt that I was getting closer to cumming, so I took my penis to her mouth and started to slowly facefuck her, slowly enough that she would not wake up. It felt so great to have her mouth wrapped around my penis, that I came in no time. Her mouth was full of my white cream, she surprisingly swallowed it again, damn she has slutty reflexes.

I cleared her up and put everything back like they were before I ravaged mom.

Next day I woke up earlier to go to the library, when I got there I saw that the librarian was kind of sleepy, I guess did not have enough sleep tonight, anyways, better for me, maibe wont remember me visiting.

I went to the back of the library, quickly made a new Email and composed a new message for mom:

“Hello Karoliina, I am someone who was in your house yesterday, I will not tell you how, you will have to find it out yourself, the reason I broke into your house was to take some pictures of you, some naughty naughty pictures that you would not want to be available for every person to watch on the internet, I have linked my favourite photos to this message, you can admire your slutty body yourself. But back to the business, I am basically giving you an ultimatum, refuse to fulfill my demands and you will be the next viral whore on the internet.

What I want is you to have sex with your husband, film it and send it to me, but since your husband is not home, then you have your second option, your young, 18 year old son, fuck him like the slut you are, do it passionately by the way, film it and send it to me.

That is my demand, fail to fulfill my needs in 24 hours and your life will crumble.

Yours faithfully,

Your new owner.”

“Oh shit, I am the greatest blackmailer in the world, if this succeds I can make her do anything for me. ” I thought to myself

I clicked SEND and the message was sent.

To be continued…


I hope this time I did better than my first chapter, please leave me your feedback.

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