An Amazing Discovery Ch. 16

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We both drove into town, as we parked outside the motel I turned to Clare and said “Clare we are going to have to be very careful how we handle this. You know mom was only just coming round to our relationship as it was. And there we go throwing the fact we were having anal sex into her face.”

“Not to mention Stacy.” Clare added.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You brought up Stacy yesterday during the argument.” Clare replied, “Did I? I don’t remember, that makes this even more difficult; she’s going to have loads of questions for us.” I answered.

“Clare, I think we need to put our cards on the table with Mom, tell her everything. Stacey, Lisa & Phoebe and our own plans for a family.” I said, as we sat outside the motel.

Clare looked a little stunned. “You want me to tell my mother that not only do I let my brother fuck me up the arse, but that I am a lesbian as well?” Clare shrieked.

“No fucking way mister, that tune don’t play. Let’s see how she handles yesterday first.” Clare was of course right; we had no way of knowing how our Mom had taken things yesterday.

“Oh well, no time like the present; come on let’s get this over with.” I said.

Clare and I got out of the car, as we were walking over to my Mom’s room my mobile rang; it was Adrian he had finished the ring.

“Hi Adrian, oh you have, that was quick. Could you FedEx that to me?” I asked, my friend agreed he would send it that day. I thanked him and ended the conversation.

Clare gave me a strange look, but I decided to ignore her. I knocked on the motel room door.

Mom answered the door; she actually looked very refreshed, not at all tired.

“Oh Hi you two, come on in.” She said with a smile. This is looking promising I thought to myself. Clare started, “Mom, we had to come and see you, Jane told us about what happened. I’m so sorry you heard all that was going on, I was making a point to Jane, I’m sorry I didn’t think about how it would effect you.”

“Thank you for coming, the both of you. But I need you to listen very carefully to what I’m going to say, you may be a little surprised, but I don’t want any interruptions.” Mom had that “Don’t even think about it.” Look on her face, so Clare and I sat down and listened.

“Right first things first, I did not come here last night because of anything that you two said or did. I have come to terms with your relationship, you are both adults and what consenting adults get up to is there business.” Clare could not help butting in.

“But Jane told us you heard my rather vocal description and left.” Clare was looking slightly confused, but suddenly things were becoming much clearer to me.

Mom continued “Clare, I asked for no interruptions, what I’m about to tell you is not easy for me, as you will see. I left because Jane and I had an argument about her actions yesterday and what it meant. You already know that I’m going to be living with Jane after you two move into your house, but you may not realise the manner in which we will be living together.” Mom had started to blush; she took a sip of water from the glass next to her and continued.

“When we were growing up Jane and I were very, very close. Before I met your father or any other boys for that matter Jane and I used to, well let’s just say we took care of each other when the need arose.” She continued further.

“Since your father died and we moved back here, Jane has really helped me out; she has rekindled feelings and thoughts that I feared were long gone. If you have not realised it from what I’ve told you; Jane and I are once again lovers.” My Mom’s statement had confirmed my suspicions, but hearing her actually tell us still shocked me a little.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe all the grief you gave me and Dave when you first found out about us. You’ve been at it for years, how could you be so hypocritical?” Clare was fuming; this was not good, Clare has a habit of blurting things out when she is angry.

“Clare, darling I just wanted to be sure that it was what you both really wanted. I have already said that I’m happy with the two of you being a couple in every sense.” Mom replied.

“Surely you could see that Jane was just messing with me yesterday, I’m sure she meant no harm in what she did.” I said. My mother reply struck me as a little strange.

“Dave, we are not hear to discuss my love life. We need to set some ground rules.” Mom said.

“For your information, I have decided to stay here at the motel until you two move into the house, incidentally you can collect the keys from the realtor anytime you like. Jane and I will sort things out once we are alone, and I am sure you two are keen to get the house sorted. I would prefer it if you kept the fact that you know about Jane and I to your self’s, Jane does not know that I was going to tell you.” I could tell from her tone that my Mom meant it.

“Ok Mom, we won’t say anything, Dave thinks there are some things that we should tell you as well.” Clare said looking in my direction for casino oyna support.

“Yeah Mom, we think we owe it to you to be honest about our relationship.” I added.

“And where does Stacey fit in with you two.” She asked. Wow straight to the point, Clare looked at me; she obviously did not know what to say, so it was left to me.

“Well you know; she is Clare’s oldest friend, and of late she has become one of my friends as well.” I said rather weakly.

Mom cut in “Come on, if you’re gonna tell me the truth, hadn’t you better tell me that Clare and Stacey are lovers, and have been for years. You didn’t think you could hide that from me did you Clare. The state of your bed clothes and under wear when you had a sleep over gave that game away years ago.”

Clare was bright red, god knows why after all it was the truth, but true to form, Clare could not help herself.

“Yes ok, you know that Stacey and I are lovers, but you didn’t know that Dave fucks her as well did you.” Clare spat.

“Until yesterday, not for sure no, but your response gave that away when Dave mentioned her name. I hope the two of you take care with Stacey; she’s a lovely girl and does not deserve to be hurt by either of you.” My Mom replied, keeping her cool very well considering the tone that Clare was taking.

“Look Mom, we both Love Stacey, we have spent the last few days making sure she is safe and comfortable. She is going to be living in the Penthouse at Spectrum House. Her little sister Lisa has just had a baby and Stacey is going to take care of the baby whilst Lisa goes back to college.” I said. Clare was giving me such an evil look, I had no idea why.

“Oh my god, you’ve got a teenager pregnant, how stupid can you be.” My Mom shouted at me.

“NO he hasn’t, what a horrible thing to say, you should know that Dave refused to fuck her when he got the chance.” Clare shrieked, almost immediately realising what she had said was quite a bombshell. I did not know what to do or say.

I then proceeded to tell our Mom the whole story of the Penthouse and how Stacey and Lisa had ended up living there. I also told her about the low rent and the fact I was paying for both Stacey and Lisa, so they were being well taken care of. I then showed her a picture of Phoebe sleeping in Lisa’s arms. That certainly did the trick, Mom was relieved.

I asked if Mom would come back to Jane’s, I did not like the idea of her being alone in the motel, or for that matter Clare and I having to keep the secret from Jane.

Mom refused saying that she needed time for herself; she had not been alone since dad died and she needed some time to take everything that was happening in.

Clare and I said our goodbyes, after setting a dinner appointment for that evening. Mom said she would make the reservations for all four of us.

When we were back in the car, I asked Clare why she had been so hostile towards our Mother. She was very quiet and a little upset.

“You said you love her.” Clare finally said in a very low voice.

“What, who?” I was not keeping up with her thought process.

“Stacey, you told me before that you didn’t love her, you just fancied her, but you just told Mom that you Love both of us.” Clare was almost in tears.

“Oh Clare, not this again, I love YOU, I want to be with YOU, I want YOUR children. How many times are we going to go through this? Stacey is a beautiful woman, and I have come to love her over the last few months. However, and this is the thing; it’s a different kind of love. If you tell me I can never see her again, so be it, I would miss her like crazy with or without the sex.” I gave Clare a hug and held her tight; she was sobbing her heart out.

“I’m sorry Dave, I don’t know why I feel like this, this time last year I’d have been over the moon if you and Stacey had become a couple. I think I’m just jealous of anyone else you love, I want you all to me.” Clare was snuggled up next to me in the car.

We drove across town to the realtor’s office to collect the keys to our house. We still had not really thanked Mom for buying us the house; it would have been a lot harder for me to take care of Stacey, Lisa & Phoebe if she had not.

“When are you viewing the new garage Dave?” Clare asked, as we drove to the house.

“Not sure, just waiting for a call from Cooper Rees. ” I replied as we pulled into the drive.

The house was bigger than I recalled, sitting as it was just off the beach. It was surrounded by a huge veranda, which probably doubled the ground space. Plenty of room for parties.

As we climbed the steps to the front door, I took Clare in my arms and swept her off her feet. “Right Mrs Phillips, we better do this properly.” I said as Clare shrieked with surprise.

“Put me down you fool, before you drop me.” She screamed.

“I’d carry you right around the world if I had to, you don’t get rid of me that easy young lady.” I replied.

Once inside we looked around, we had only been here once and that was quite a brief visit. It canlı casino dawned on me that we had quite a large task on our hands to furnish this place, it was easily four or five times the size of the Penthouse.

“I think we better get someone in to decorate and furnish the place, don’t you?” I said.

“No way mister, we are going to do this together, or rather Clare Phillips Interior Design is going to tell you what to do and put what were.” She said with a grin.

She continued “If your going to off working at another garage, I need something to do with my time than just lay about the place. So why not give it a go, you said I had a talent for this kind of thing.”

“It’s OK by me; if you’re sure it’s what you want to do.” I responded. Clare just smiled and walked into the next room.

We both looked around the house on our own, each having different thoughts about what we could do with each room. After about fifteen minutes, I went looking for Clare; she was in the nursery off the main bedroom suite.

“There is no way you are turning this room into a guy’s room, this has always been and will always be a nursery. And we are going to start filling it as soon as we can.” Clare said.

“You’ll get no argument from me Clare; you know that, in fact why don’t we start right now.” I said with a grin on my face.

“Typical man, one track mind. Get over here and fuck me.” Clare laughed.

This was never going to be a slow love making session, there was no bed or any other furniture in the whole house, so the carpet it was.

I took Clare in my arms and we started kissing, a slow smooching kiss was followed by kisses that are more urgent, Clare pushed me down on the floor, this was going to be different, Clare had never taken the lead before.

Clare pulled off my T Shirt and her top; she then started rubbing herself up and down my body, all the time planting little kisses here and there. Any time I tried to kiss her back she just moved away, in the end she was pinning me down quite firmly.

“Just lie back and enjoy – behave yourself.” Clare said as she got up to remove her shorts, the dirty minx wasn’t wearing any panties and I could already see that her pussy was red and her lips were puffed up and moist. Without ceremony she grabbed at the hems of my jeans and yanked them off me to find I wasn’t wearing any boxers either, guess were both dirty minx’s.

With that Clare straddled me, and proceeded to kiss and fondle my nipples, whilst doing this she was rubbing her pussy along the length of my prick, letting her juices lube us up nicely, but never enough to allow me to penetrate her.

Clare was driving me wild, I wanted to grab her and let my dick slip up her cunt, but she was really enjoying herself. After about five minutes of this I though I’d better do something to speed up the proceedings as I was liable to cum without even entering Clare, and that would defeat the object.

I slowly took both Clare’s nipples between finger and thumb and started pulling them and twisting them like I know she loves, her nipples grew even more the more I played with them and after a couple of minutes Clare was starting to pant. She rubbed herself against me harder and faster, until she slid just enough for me to enter her warm core.

As soon as my dick was in Clare she started to pound herself up and down on my shaft, I could feel her juices running down my shaft and balls, Clare started to groan and slowed her pace a little, grinding her pussy against my pubic bone, trying to get my dick deeper and deeper inside her.

I knew that Clare was Close, so I started to rub her anus with my middle finger, to my surprise it slipped right in, with hardly any resistance what so ever, I slipped another finger up as well and countered Clare’s moves. In what seamed like seconds Clare collapsed on top of me a jerking orgasmic wreck, I could feel her heart beat against my chest, it felt like it was beating a million times a minute.

Within seconds I climaxed as well, pumping my cum deep into Clare’s womb.

We both lay there for a few minutes I was still inside Clare, even though I had started to go limp. Clare caught me by surprise when she jumped off me though; especially when she precede to hand stand against the opposite wall.

“Clare, what the fuck are you doing?” I asked somewhat confused.

“I Stopped taking the pill Dave, this could be the one and I don’t want to waste any of your cum.” Clare said as her face was going redder with the blood rushing to her head.

“Clare, it takes days for the pill to work its way out of your system, your wasting your time.” I said.

“Show’s what you know; I stopped taking the pill nearly two weeks ago.” Clare replied.

I was very stunned; I could not believe Clare would do that without telling me. But I knew it was what she wanted, hell, it was what I wanted as well.

It turned out later that Clare had stopped taking the pill the day we first discussed having our own children.

“Clare, we haven’t had kaçak casino the check ups yet, how do we now it’s safe.” I was concerned that the tests might throw up some complication.

“I will call the clinic and make appointments for the two of us as soon as possible; I know we will be fine.” Clare said.

As I was getting dressed, my phone rang. “Dave, this is Jed Langers from Cooper Reese. Frank Keel asked me to call you to arrange a viewing of the garage we found. Would later today be convenient?”

“Sure Jed, shall we say about three o’clock?” I replied.

“Three sounds good to me; do you know where it is?” Jed asked.

“Not exactly Frank said it’s about five minutes from here.” I responded.

“Yes it sure is, just up the highway from the town, you can’t miss it on the left. See you at three.” Jed hung up the phone.

“Who was that?” Clare asked.

“It was Jed Langers from Cooper Reese, just making the arrangements to view the garage.” I said.

“Can we grab some lunch before we go, I’m starving.” Clare asked.

“Sure, lets go, I want to take a good look around before Jed Langers gets there.” I said.

We drove back into town and had lunch in one of the many cafes. As we ate, we talked about how much our lives had changed over the last twelve months. What with my fathers accident, my accident and Clare’s miscarriage it had been quite an eventful year. I for one was happy to be living in a new town, looking forward to our new lives together.

Whilst we were having lunch my phone rang again, Clare was not impressed and shot me a glance saying I should have turned it off.

“Hey Dave, this here is Red Baker, I hear tell ya going to look over a garage sometime. I was wondering if you’d mind me tagging along for the ride, I feel like I owe it to your old man.” Red boomed down the phone.

“I’m sorry Red, I’ve already made the appointment for three o’clock this afternoon, if I’d known you wanted to come I’d have made a different appointment I’d quite like your views on the place too.” I said, rather annoyed with myself for not asking Red in the first place.

“No problem son, I’m already in town.” Red said, sounding rather closer.

I looked over my shoulder to see Red bounding in through the door. I was gob smacked I had no idea that he was coming over.

“Gee Clare; you look prettier every time these sore eyes see ya. Come here and give Uncle Red a hug.” He boomed.

“Red, what the hell are you doing here?” I asked, realising that sounded quite rude I added “Not that I’m not happy to see you, but how on earth did you know about the garage.”

“Frank Keel gave me a call, I asked him to keep an eye on things, I’ve been hearing rumours that Cooper Reese might be in trouble and I didn’t want to see you losing out because of it.” Red replied.

“I spoke with your Mom yesterday, and asked if she minded me coming out here. She thought it was a great idea, so here I am. So where exactly is this place son.”

“Its about a fifteen minute drive from here, if your ready we’ll get going I want a good look around before Jed Langers gets there.” I responded.

Clare said that she would stay in town, as she had some things to do. I was a little surprised as I thought she wanted to see the garage. She kissed me goodbye and said she could see it later.

Red said nothing about Clare’s kiss and me; apparently, our mother must have filled him in on that front.

Red and I made our way to the garage, as we pulled up outside I was quite shocked to see the state that the place was in, it looked like it had last been working during the sixties, everything was broken or worn, paint was peeling from the walls, the workshop doors were literally hanging on by a thread.

“Oh my god Red, look at the state of this place, how on earth do they expect this place to become a working garage again.” I said somewhat disappointed.

“Let’s have a look see around the whole place son, you should never judge a book by its cover.” Was Reds typically positive response.

We spent the next hour looking around the place, it was certainly huge. The workshop alone would accommodate about nine ramps with room for more cars to be parked up. The lot on the front would hold about 150 cars and there was room out back as well. “Dave, this is one huge lot of land, what’s the deal with Cooper Reese, are they expecting any money from you for this place.” Red asked.

“No, the deal was they would fine me somewhere to setup again, I didn’t think it would be like this, it’s huge and needs far too much work for me to deal with. The problem is if I refuse this Cooper Reese don’t have to find anywhere else.” I said, I was feeling really down, I had been looking forward to starting work again.

“That’s what I heard son, they are hoping you decline this place so they can knock it down and build some new homes on it. But let me tell you this, there is no way your turning this place down do you hear me?” Red said.

“But I can’t take this place on alone; I’ll never be able to deal with knocking it down and building a new place whilst trying to build a business. It’s ok for you Red you’ve done all this sort of thing before.” I said; ready to get back in the car and leave.

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