An Afternoon With Grandma

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Hi there, my name is Suzy and I have a story to tell. My real name is Susan, but everyone just calls me Suzy for short. My story takes place when I was 18 and visiting my Grandma. Grandma lived only a few blocks away from where me and my parents lived. My parents decided to find Grandma a place close to where we lived since she was getting older and couldn’t take care of herself the way that she used to and needed someone close by to sort of keep an eye on her and make sure she was all right. I know that Grandma didn’t like the fact that she was becoming more and more frail as time went on and felt like she was being a burden on us. But I sure didn’t mind her living so close to us. I loved my Grandma very much and I know that she loved me too.

However, during one afternoon visit, I learned just how far that “love” went.

I would drop by Grandma’s apartment nearly every afternoon on my way home from school to chat and to see how she was doing. On this particular afternoon, I noticed Grandma wasn’t acting like her usual chipper self. I gazed down and saw the half-empty bottle of whiskey sitting on top of the coffee table in front of her. Grandma gazed back up at me when she finally noticed me standing in the room with her and said to me in a slurred voice, “Oh, hi, Suzy. How was school today?”

“It was just fine, Grandma,” I replied in a low voice.

“Oh, that’s good, dear.” She paused for a moment then she said to me, “Why don’t you come over here and give your Grandma a kiss?”

I paused briefly myself. I wasn’t sure how to react to Grandma’s obvious drunken behavior. But, figuring that one little kiss for Grandma wouldn’t hurt, I slowly walked over to her and lowered my head to give her a small kiss like I always did every time I came over. However, when I lowered my head to kiss her this time, she immediately grabbed me and tried to shove her tongue down my throat. I tried to push her away, but Grandma apparently wasn’t as frail as she led everyone to believe. She gripped me in a bear hug and refused to let go. She eventually did manage to push her tongue past my lips and into my mouth. At first I felt like I was going to gag not only from the alcoholic stench on her breath but the fact that this was my very own Grandma who was trying to tongue-kiss me, her very own granddaughter! But, the more she forced herself on me, the more I was beginning to enjoy it until I wrapped my arms around her and retured her kiss. Before I knew it, Grandma had her hand between my legs up under my mini-skirt and was massaging my pussy through my panties. I squealed out and my body jerked as Grandma kept feeling me up. Up till casino oyna then, I’d never had anyone, especially in my own family, touch me like that before. The truth of the matter was, I was still a virgin (but I knew I wouldn’t be for long!).

Grandma took her hand away from my special place and told me to get undressed. Being the obedient granddaughter that I was, I did what Grandma told me to do and took off my clothes. I was about to take off my knee socks, but Grandma told me not to.

“Why not, Grandma?” I asked her.

“Because it makes you look more like a little girl,” she told me.

I smiled at Grandma and left my knee socks on just like she wanted. I was standing before Grandma as she got up from the sofa and took off the light blue dress she was wearing. I was a little surprised to discover that she wasn’t wearing anything under her dress, like she had planned to seduce me all afternoon, which, judging from her actions thus far, she probably did. She probably got a little tipsy before I came over for courage. I don’t know why my own Grandma would want to try to seduce me, to make love to me, unless she was trying to somehow make herself feel young again. Whatever the reason, I was now about to make love to my own beloved Grandma . . . and I was going to do absolutely nothing to stop it.

Grandma’s body was fat and flabby, but she still looked beautiful to me. Grandma got down on her knees in front of me and laid her hands on my thighs. She stuck her entire face between my legs and slowly ran the tip of her tongue over my virgin pussy lips. I jumped up a little as my body shivered and shook from the new sensations I was feeling. She shoved her tongue even further up my cunt until I felt her tongue wiggling around inside of me. She pushed her tongue in and out of my snatch while she gripped my thighs with her hands. I grabbed Grandma by her bluish-gray hair with one hand and grabbed one of my breasts with my other hand. I threw my head back, closed my eyes and moaned loudly as these incredible waves of lust and pleasure swept over my body.

The new sensations I was experiencing were so intense that I found myself practically shoving my cunt into Grandma’s face so she could get her tongue deeper into me. Grandma took her tongue out of me after several minutes of her tongue-fucking my pussy as she wrapped her wrinkled lips around my hardened clit. She began sucking hard and fast on the erect nub, and that’s what finally caused me to have the very first orgasm of my young, inexperienced life.

“Oh, Grandma!” I moaned out as I was pulling on her hair.

I gazed down at Grandma who still had her face buried canlı casino between my legs with my come dripping down both sides of her face and rolling down her wrinkled neck. She finally took her face away from my flaming pussy and sat back down on the sofa. She spread her flabby legs widely apart, and I knew without her having to say anything what my Grandma wanted me to do to her next. I got on my knees before her just like she did with me and stuck my face between her fat, flabby thighs. There was a strange, unique aroma emanating from Grandma’s pussy that enveloped my nose the same way her cooking always does. However, it probably goes without saying that this smell was a whole lot different than any type of food I had ever smelled before! It was dank and musky and had kind of sweetness to it. I, it also probably goes without saying, had never gone down on another woman before, but I just followed Grandma’s lead as I bent my head down further and slowly licked her wettened outer lips with my tongue.

This caused Grandma to shiver and shake slightly similar to the way I did when she first licked me down there. I grinned knowing that I was giving my Grandma such pleasure then I stuck my tongue all the way inside Grandma’s box just like she did with me. Grandma moaned out as she shut her eyes and leaned her head back into the sofa as I kept tongue-fucking her mound with my tongue. She reached down with both hands and spread her pussy lips farther apart so I could get my tongue deeper inside of her. I slid my tongue in and out of Grandma’s snatch–again, just like she did with me–until she came and came hard right in my mouth and face. I shut my eyelids tight as Grandma’s hot, clear come splashed my face in torrential waves. When she was finished, I slowly opened my eyes and looked up at her as she was looking down at me. Both of our faces were dripping with each other’s woman jizz. We both smiled at each other, both of us knowing that we had just shared something that many Grandmas and granddaughters don’t get to share. I at first believed it was over and was about to get up and get dressed so I could go home. But then Grandma said something to me that shocked the living hell out of me:

“Fist me.”

I raised up, not taking my eyes off her, and exclaimed in total disbelief, “What?”

“Fist me,” she repeated without hesitation.

I didn’t budge for the next couple of minutes as I was still reeling in shock from what my Grandma had just asked me to do. Finally Grandma reached over and grabbed my hand. She placed it over her vagina and waited for me to do the rest. Without hardly even realizing what I was doing, I straightened kaçak casino out my fingers and started plunging them into Grandma’s twat. Grandma closed her eyes again as she gritted her teeth and started whimpering as if she were in pain. I thought maybe I was hurting her and was about to take my fingers out of her, but then she grabbed me by the wrist and shoved my hand deeper into her cunt. Grandma’s vagina expanded as both she and I pushed my hand deeper and deeper into her gash past the first and second knuckles. I was about to stop there, but Grandma guided my hand even deeper into her quim until my thumb had slipped inside her snatch. We pushed my hand all the way to my wrist. That’s where Grandma made me stop. With my hand now buried all the way in my Grandma’s cunny, I asked her, “What do I do now, Grandma?”

“Now, my child,” she started to say in a gasping voice, “now you fuck your Grandma.”

And that’s exactly what I did. I virtually pounded my Grandma’s pussy with my fist, fucking her with my fist the way a man would fuck a woman with his dick. The inner walls of Grandma’s pussy felt soft, warm and moist around my hand. Grandma’s body was thrashing around like a fish out of water as she was moaning and wailing out as if she were either feeling great pain or great pleasure or both. I briefly contemplated stopping what I was doing to my Grandma, but I knew she wouldn’t want me to stop, so I continued fisting her. All of a sudden Grandma quickly sat up and I thought she was finally going to make me stop. Instead, however, she reached down with one hand and started probing my asshole with her fingers.

Suddenly, as she was resting her head on my shoulder, she forced her fingers all the way into my tight, virgin shithole. She even managed to get half of her thumb into my stretched anus as well. While I kept fisting her cunt, Grandma was half-fisting my asshole. We fisted one another fastly and furiously until we both ended up having another huge orgasm. I can’t speak for Grandma, but I know my orgasm was way more intense than the one I had earlier when my Grandma was eating me out! Once we had started to calm down a bit, Grandma slid her fingers out of my burning asshole and I slid my hand out of her throbbing twat. She leaned back into the sofa again as I lowered my head down and buried my face in her whitish-gray bush. I slurped up the come that had seeped into her pussy hair then I lifted my head as Grandma and I gave each other another full, passionate kiss before I finally got up, got dressed and went home. Again, it probably goes without saying I never told anyone about that afternoon with Grandma–especially not my parents!–as it was our little secret. I will, however, say one thing about that special afternoon I spent with Grandma:

Afternoons with Grandma were definitely never the same again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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