Amber: The Best Workout

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Her blonde hair was wet and stringy with sweat, and her chest was heaving. She used going to the gym as an outlet when wasn’t in a sexual relationship, and being a horny, single 26 y/o female, she went to the gym about five times a week. Amber was outgoing, had a stunning body, and had a unique beauty, but she never seemed to find a nice guy. Sure, she’d had the casual fuck every now and then, but she wanted more.

Just after finishing her 3-hour workout, she was heading to the change rooms, when she saw him. The object of many of her sexual fantasies and dreams for the last 2 months. He was the sexiest man she’d ever laid eyes on, and had been lusting after him; he drove her crazy. She’d strategically place herself behind him when his used the jogging machine, watching his tight arse and thighs.

She approached the machine he was working at today, sweat was pouring down his chocolate coloured chest; she just wanted to lick him. He looked over my way and flashed his pearly whites. She felt bolder at this encouragement, and walked right up to the gym apparatus, swaying her curvaceous hips sexily as she did.

“Hi, my name’s Amber, what’s yours?”

“Hi Amber, I’m Carson” His accent was smooth, like he came from Southern United States, and he was breathing heavily. His deep voice made her tremble with excitement.

“Nice to meet you Carson.” She flashed his a seductive, licking her lips to make her attraction obvious. “Do you come here often?” She knew rightly well that he was here practically every day, and she ataköy escort started to wonder if she’d emphasised the word “come” too much…

“Yeah, I like to keep fit.” He replied, picking up on her obvious arousal. “I like to finish with a spa, to ease all my aches and pains.” He winked at her, and reached down to pick up his towel, giving her a good view of his taut, athletic arse. “Feel like joining me?”

“Sure!” She thought he might’ve taken some work to ‘seduce’ but he seemed to be as enthusiastic as she. “I have to change into my swimsuit, so I’ll meet you there in 5?”

“Ok, don’t keep me waiting though” he walked past her, brushing her arm as he did so, glancing back over his shoulder to give her another smile. Her knees nearly gave way. He was so damn sexy. She rushed to her locker and pulled out her string bikini, thankful that she always kept it in there for ’emergencies’, and her towel. Walking quickly to the change rooms, she got changed as quickly as she could, returning to her locked to put away her sweaty gym clothes. The crotch of her bikini was already damp with anticipation. She rushed to the spa room, slowing down just before the door, trying to seem cool, calm and collected.

When she opened the door the dense smell of chlorine overwhelmed her, and the thick condensation made it difficult to see at first, but gradually the fog parted and could see him sitting in the spa, smiling sexily.

“Come on in,” He said patting the bench next to him, “Room for ataşehir escort one more.”

She gracefully slipped into the water, the muggy warmth relaxing her instantly. She swam over to his side, and before she could even sit down, he pulled her onto his lap. She could tell he wasn’t wearing anything, and his semi-hard cock grazed ever so slightly over she pussy. She gasped in surprise, but recovered quickly when he leaned forward and kissed her passionately, his tongue pushing past her moist lips, gliding over hers. Their hands began roaming all over each others bodies, her fingers finding his nipples, and she squeezed them into erection. She reached under the water and began masturbating his cock. He stifled a groan into her mouth and cupped her left breast, massaging the soft C cup flesh over her bikini. She turned off the jets, the heat was already getting too hot, and she finally got to see his dick. He had the biggest cock she’d ever seen. At least 8 inches long and 5 inches in circumference. He was also the first circumcised guy she’d ever seen. He was enormous! She continued to stroke his rock hard cock, and then stopped. Looking up at him, she said:

“I wanna fuck you now.” She reached up, stroking his cheek, and kissed him hard. He undid her bikini top and pulled it off her, kissing her neck as he did so. Then she climbed off him and pulled off her bikini pants. He pulled her back up onto him, placing her hips right over his cock, so the head was pressed against her love avcılar escort hole. She slowly pressed down, her wet pussy engulfing his huge manhood. She had never felt so full in her life; he was stretching her cunt walls like they’d never been stretched before. She moaned loudly, feeling his cock-head hitting her cervix. Cupping his face gently, she pulled him towards her breasts, and he eagerly slipped her engorged nipple into his warm mouth. He swirled his tongue around her nipple and she ground her hips harder into his cock. She was moaning loudly now, getting close to climax, her swollen clit rocking against his pubic bone, and she could sense he was getting close too. She rubbed her hands over his taut, sweaty shoulders, massaging the flesh with her supple fingers. His hands were interlacing through her long locks, tugging lightly at the strands. She pulled his mouth off her breast and kissing him passionately, moving her body faster up his cock. He hungrily kissed back; his orgasm was now imminent.

“Fuck, I’m going to come!” He exclaimed, panting audibly.

“Cum in me.” She gasped, struggling to speak through her rising arousal.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m on the pill.”

He groaned and came deep into her womb. She came too, feeling his cock throbbing in her cunt. She screamed his name, her back arching, trying to fit more of his enormous length into her, her pussy spasmed around his stiff cock.

She relaxed in his arms when her orgasm passed, his arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her close. She slowly pulled herself off him, and replaced her bikini. Just as she adjusted the last strap, 3 kids came into the spa to muck about. Carson and Amber gave each other a knowing smile and stood up to leave.

“With a workout like that, I think I might come to the gym more often.” She said, smiling in his direction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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