Alternate Reality: Male Visits Gyno

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Alternate Reality: Inappropriate Andrologist Visit

(This story is set in an alternate reality in which men make up only 35% of the population, and are typically smaller and more submissive than women. As such, this world has “matriarchal” overtones and not the reverse.)

I was putting off my annual visit to my andrologist. No guy like this, but I sometimes felt like, when checking my prostate and testicles, and when making sure my penis was in general working health, my andrologist sometimes crossed the line. She always seemed a bit too judgmental about my personal life, and sometimes said borderline things — one time she complimented me on my penis size and said that it must be feel very nice for my girlfriend. I also sometimes felt like she was trying to touch me in a way that was inappropriate.

My partner, Erica, who is at 29 is 7 years older than me and more mature, kept pushing me to get it done. We are planning to get engaged soon, and it’s important to her that I keep in good fitness and health.

So, I booked the appointment with Dr. Marjorie. I had an enema the morning of since I knew she would be checking inside of my ass, and also trimmed up my pubic hair a little bit.

I got into the office, and was shortly ushered into the waiting room and told to undress and put on a gown, which I did. Dr. Marjorie arrived and after a few routine questions, had me sit up on the table and put my feet into the stirrups, keeping my legs open and my penis exposed.

She slid her chair close, and began to ask a few more pointed questions. She asked me whether I was having regular intercourse. I said yes. She dobbed some gel onto her gloved hand. She said that she hoped I didn’t have too many partners, because we remembered my issue from a few years ago. At this she shot me a look. A few years ago I developed a urinary tract infection during my “promiscuous” phase, when I slept with a few different girls in the period of about a month and a half. I canlı bahis blushed and said that, no, I had been with the same woman for 9 months now, my fiancee. “Okay, I’m going to check your prostate now. Deep breath and relax.” She slid her fingers inside of my asshole, and felt around. I squirmed at the intrusion.

After this, she threw her gloves into the wastebin, and continued to probe at me with her bare fingers. She felt around my testicles, squeezing each one, and rolling them around in my scrotum.

“When was the last time you masturbated?”

I blushed. “Last night? About 11:00pm?”

“How often do you masturbate?”

“About once every two or three days.”

“Okay. Although that’s within the normal range, you may consider increasing that to once per day if you can. It’s very good for your prostate. Do you use condoms during intercourse with your fiancee?”

“No, I’m on the pill.”

“Okay, so you ejaculate inside of her?”


She finished up with my testicles.

“Everything here is perfectly normal,” she said.

Finally, she began to feel at my flaccid shaft. I am about 7″ when hard, and uncircumcised. She pinched the head of my flaccid penis slightly, and I could tell she was looking at it closely.

She said, “I wish you would consider circumcision. There are numerous health benefits. Might be something to consider before you get married.” I blushed and said nothing. I really didn’t like it when she talked about my penis in that way.

She said, “I’m going to pull back the foreskin now to check your glans and inner foreskin.” She rolled it back with, and felt around the tip, and under it — I shivered from the sensitivity.

“Everything looks fairly clean. No abnormalities.”

Now, she said, “I’m going to induce an erection, and then we’re going to check your functionality.” She squirted some warm lotion into her hand.

Every guy usually feels uncomfortable at this part. She told me to close my eyes bahis siteleri and relax, and to picture something sexual in nature for a few moments, as the special creme tingled and took effect.

To be honest, this part wasn’t always as difficult for me as some men found it. I did find Dr. Marjorie physically attractive. She was about 40 years old and had larger, saggy breasts. She was blonde-haired with a stern face, and I sometimes wondered what it would feel like if she were to make love to me.

She stroked me up and down, at a nice rhythm, and eventually my penis became fully erect, jutting out with the shaft becoming plumper until it reached the head of my penis. She cooed, “there were go” as she kept up a slow rhythmic stroking.

She said, “I’m going to put on a holder. This will just keep your foreskin retracted so I can check you.” She attached a small plastic clamp to my foreskin that kept my glans fully exposed. Then, she held the base with one hand, and probed around the tip with another, and then she slid her finger around just under the tip. I’m very sensitive there and it felt really good. She kept moving her finger around and around.

She opened the urethra and touched inside, pulling her finger back to look at the pre-cum. “Okay, good.”

She kept stroking my penis, a little firmer and faster now.

“Are you experiencing any erectile dysfunction in the bedroom? Any premature ejaculation?”

“No…” I trembled. I felt myself approaching orgasm and struggled to stay composed. Her stroking was not “neutral” as it was supposed to be… she was speeding up, it seemed, actually trying to make me cum.

“I’m going to take off the clamp now.” She pulled it off, and the foreskin pulled over my head. She put her finger inside of the foreskin while she was stroking, and moved it around the rim. It felt incredible.

I was flush.

She said, “most women do prefer a bare penis. It’s easier on the eyes and makes oral sex a lot more appealing. bahis şirketleri And no bacteria under the foreskin. Ask your fiancee about circumcision and we can see about getting you a referral. It would be a big improvement for her during intercourse.” I didn’t see why she had to bring this up now, while she was squeezing and stroking my erection.

I said nothing, trying to stave off the inevitable, but she kept up with her hand.

“Oh, oh… are you going to have an orgasm? That happens sometimes. It’s perfectly normal.” She sped up. With her other hand, she reached for a Kleenex, and then brought it back over the head of my penis. “Just ejaculate into the tissue, OK?”

In that moment, I wanted nothing more for Dr. Marjorie to lift up her skirt, pull off her panties, climb on top of me and fuck me like the slut I was. I wondered if her vagina was wet, what it looked and tasted like. I wanted her to force feed me her large breasts. Force me to cum inside of her and fall in love with her. I wanted her to kiss me with tongue, I wanted to be her boyfriend.

I let out a whine, and semen erupted from my penis, filling up the cupped center of the tissue. The texture felt rough on the sensitive head of my penis. Dr. Marjorie was milking me strongly with her hand. I expected I would be sore later.

“Oh,” she said “that’s okay. Just relax.” Immediately after I came, the entirety of my white pearly load held in a small indentation of tissue in the palm of her hand, she pulled the tissue away and threw it in the waste bin.

“Looks like you’re a very healthy boy.” She smirked. “No problems today.”

I felt completely humiliated.

Usually after sex, my girlfriend holds and kisses me. I felt cheap, just lying by myself on the cold table.

“Okay, we’ll see you next time. I’ll ask the receptionist to give you some pamphlets on circumcision. I’m going to recommend it for you. Ask your fiancee what she thinks, OK?”

I got dressed and left the office, holding some pamphlets I didn’t want. I considered lodging a complaint but didn’t know what to say. Surely, if I hadn’t enjoyed it, hadn’t invited it, I wouldn’t have had an orgasm, right? I wondered what I would tell my fiancee.

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