Alone with Nick

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Nick and I had hooked up a few times in the company of our wives who were also frequent lovers. The four of us were very sexually open-minded. Nick and I had never met on our own for sex, however, because we were usually together as two couples.

One night after having concluded some business in the city, my wife called me. She had been chatting with Nick on-line. Naturally, knowing the two of them, the chat took on a sexual tone. Apparently Nick’s wife was away with one of her other female lovers and Nick was home alone and horny. After some steamy chat with my wife she called me and suggested I visit Nick and help him with his predicament. I was somewhat surprised by her suggestion but I didn’t want to turn down such an arousing opportunity.

I headed up to Nick’s condo. He met me at the door naked. One of the great things about sex with another man is that there’s no need for pretense; we each knew that we wanted sex and we wanted it right away! Nick asked if I wanted anything to drink or wanted to listen to any music. I told him no; I was there for sex and didn’t need to “get in the mood.”

By the time we got to the couch most güvenilir bahis of my clothes were off and my dick was already getting hard. Nick had a good solid erection already; my eyes stayed fixed on it as I took off my socks and shoes. I was already thinking of how good it would taste and feel as it slipped into my eager mouth. That thought stuck with me and got my dick even harder.

Nick joined me on the couch. As soon as he sat down next to me our hands were on each others’ cocks. I gave myself over fully to the firm, wanton stroking of his hand just as I was running my hand over the shaft of his cock. It felt amazingly good to have another man touch my cock. The waves of pleasure and ecstasy started washing over my body.

Not wanting to give in to my impending orgasm too soon I broke away from Nick’s hand and pushed him back on the couch. Nick was only too happy to oblige. He leaned back and spread his legs giving me full access to his cock. I rolled onto my knees and began running my tongue lightly over the head of his cock, teasing him slightly with a bit of a smile on my face. I wrapped my right hand around the base of his cock türkçe bahis and started licking its head. I licked up and down the shaft and then down around the base of his cock, teasing his balls with my free hand.

Although I was out of practice at cock sucking I seemed to be doing an adequate job on Nick. His relaxed moans told me all that I needed to know. After a little while more working over his cock I started to get much more comfortable with it. I started to get back into my old rhythm. I hadn’t sucked cock regularly since college but my recent liaisons with Nick had given me the opportunity to get back into the swing of things.

Just as I was losing myself in the bliss of Nick’s cock he pushed my head away and moved up on the couch so that he was laying down. He motioned for me to join him on the couch and form a 69. I was more than happy to oblige. I joined Nick on the couch with my head aimed squarely at his dick and he began to suck on mine. I got lost in my head as his warm, velvety mouth slid over the head of my dick and down my shaft. I quickly forgot about what I was doing and concentrated only on the glorious sucking taking güvenilir bahis siteleri place on my dick. Nick was in better practice than I was and he showed it, giving me glorious pleasure with his mouth.

It didn’t take long for me to cum; I was so aroused from having gone down on Nick that I burst shortly after he started sucking me. He kept sucking on me as I shot a couple loads in his mouth. His sucking through my orgasm made it mind-blowingly intense. My toes curled and my eyes rolled back in my head while I came.

I was so caught up in my orgasm that I nearly forgot I was sucking Nick’s cock! After a moment of recovery I returned to my task. I wrapped my hand around the base of his dick and began greedily sucking, intent to give Nick the same kind of amazing orgasm as I had just enjoyed. I quickened my pace as I felt his body stiffen and he shot his load in my mouth and all over my face. I’m not a big fan of eating cum so I was happy to pull his cock out of my mouth and let him spurt the remainder on my face.

After a few moments of recovery time Nick got me a towel and we cleaned up. Nick suggested we head into the bedroom and extend our time together by going for some anal action but I was tired and had over an hour’s drive home so I decided to pass on the extended invitation. I would have loved to let Nick fuck me but that would have to wait for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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