Alone With My Perversions

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My brother seemed to be the hottest thing at school. He always had a date, and every girl I knew wanted to get to know him. The first time I caught him with a girl, I was pissed. I threw her out and threatened to tell mom. The second time, I was too embarrassed to do anything. The third, fourth, fifth times, I just couldn’t continue to care. Occasionally, he would come home and go straight to his room, drunk. I only knew about his exploits because I’d hear him talking to his friends on the phone the next morning after mom had gone to work. I had never been drunk, but not because of some strong moral standard or creepy hang up. It was just that I hadn’t sought out or been given the chance.

One night, however, he came home with a new girl and the two of them went straight to his room, reeking of alcohol as they passed me. Mom had gone away for the weekend for a convention and he knew that I wouldn’t say anything.

I was watching TV while I listened to the banging and creaking from his bedroom upstairs for about half an hour. I started thinking about sex, though I had to block out ideas of my brother and whatever creepy chick was upstairs with him. Soon, my pants were unzipped and I was playing with my clit.

I was twirling it, but only occasionally and not very enthusiastically as I contemplated the trip to my bedroom and the silicon dildo hidden in my sock drawer when I heard the girl leave. She started up her car, but then walked back into the house. I quickly pulled my shirt over my crotch just before she came down into the room where I was watching TV and put a bag on the bookshelf near the stairs, telling me to make sure my brother got it, and walked out. Curious, I zipped up my pants and walked over to inspect the contents of the bag. There was a bottle of strawberry wine in it, unopened.

I was a bit surprised to find myself wanting so badly to know what it was like to get drunk. After thinking it over a little while, I figured that my brother wouldn’t miss it if I sneaked the empty bottle into his room after I drank it, so I did. It tasted like hell, but I drank about a quarter of it. The sensation wasn’t what I expected, but was definitely pleasant. So, pleasantly drunk, I decided to go to bed with my dildo to keep me company, but was lucid enough to remember that I needed to put the remainder of the bottle in my brother’s room.

I walked upstairs and quietly slid the door to his room open. I peeked in and saw him lying naked on top of his covers with his cock and balls facing toward me, illuminated by the light from the hallway. I tried not to look as I slid in and dropped the bottle at the foot of his bed. As I was leaving, watching to make sure he didn’t see me, I noticed a glistening at the tip of his dick. Though it disturbed me deeply, I couldn’t look away. I felt my pussy twitch and a warmth filled my crotch as I imagined that girl bouncing up and down on top of him.

I stared longer than I should have and was able to discern head, shaft, balls, and wiry pubic hair. Mixed in amongst it all was a glistening liquid that seemed to slowly flow from the slit at the end of his dick. The picture of a well-lubricated woman sliding up and down my brother’s shaft and him shooting a load into her permeated my mind.

In my clouded, casino siteleri miscreant thought processes, I failed to see his vacuum cleaner on the floor and tripped over it, falling onto the edge of his bed, quite forcefully knocking one of his legs to the floor, then catching myself on the bedpost. He didn’t even sigh.

But now his dick had flipped up onto his pubic hair and I could see that it seemed to be growing. This made the slit in the head of his cock more visible, as well as the thick white substance that I could only guess to be semen flowing slowly from it. My pussy was now drenched. I watched the globulous white fluid dribble slowly from his cock until it seemed to be empty.

I wondered if I might just be able to touch the naked extremity that so blatantly exposed itself to me. I reached out the clumsy index finger of my left hand and rubbed it against the large, purple head. He didn’t move. I moved my finger slowly down to his shaft. Not even a flinch. I slid my finger into the slippery fluid that was everywhere and then spread it around the underside of the head.

This time, the head became slightly larger with my touch and so did the shaft, stretching the wrinkled skin tighter. The sight of his cock growing rigid with my careful touch made my pussy throb and tingle. Unfortunately, the sudden realization of what I was doing to my brother sliced through the intoxicated fog in my brain, and my pussy was just as suddenly frigid again.

However, my physical reaction gave me a renewed confidence in the fact that I was just exploring out of curiosity so I continued, encircling his shaft with two fingers and my thumb. A gentle squeeze was met immediately with a surging expansion of his cock. I wanted to feel his shaft sliding under my grip, so I slid my hand slowly up, up to the base of the head, then found that his cock reacted almost violently as my hand passed up over the ridge of the head. In one fluid motion I pulled my fist up over the tip and then back down to the base.

The fog of lust controlling my brain must have found it’s way back in because my judgement lapsed and my right hand felt the need to be on my pussy, massaging my clit. I started working on the zipper and snap of my jeans. By the time I could get my hand into my panties, my pussy was fully soaked again and my two-fingered attempt at probing my cunt was well under way. My pants fell down around my ankles as I attempted to rest my ass against the bedpost. I was stroking my clit in rhythm with the up and down motion of my fist on my brother’s shaft while he lie motionless, asleep.

Soon, I was fully masturbating and jerking my brother off in unison. As I was nearing orgasm, the deep and utter sense of guilt returned and overwhelmed me. I was molesting my brother. All of the horrible things I had heard about incest suddenly came to the forefront of my thoughts about what I was doing. I was sexually molesting my brother. I *had* sexually molested my brother and there was no going back. I would never be redeemed. I stopped. I withdrew my fist. I stood back. What was I doing? Just then he moved. He pushed himself up on his arms and slid his other leg around off of the bed. He turned and looked at me. “Sarah?” he queried. “What are you doing?” My name’s not Sarah. canlı casino “Are you leaving? Please stay…I need you. Just one more, baby.” He moved over on the bed and sat up staring at me.

His eyes seemed disturbed by the light shining from behind me. I didn’t move. He stood up and walked to his door, reaching out and flipping off the hallway light and closed the door behind him. “My prudish sister is still awake” he said when he heard the TV downstairs. He stepped toward me, pushing me down onto the bed in the total darkness, closing the door behind us.

My fate was sealed. He’d discover it wasn’t Sarah in his bedroom, realize it was I molesting him, go crazy and I’d be marked as a sex offender for life. I was frozen. He climbed onto the bed and touched me, feeling my breasts through my shirt then slid his hand down to my crotch, finding my wide-open pussy. His touch sent a shock wave through me.

“Damn, girl, you were in a hurry weren’t you? I don’t even remember fucking! Well, let’s get these off you.” I dared not fight his advances for fear it would spark a two way conversation. He pulled my legs onto the bed and removed my shoes and pants, then moved up to my shirt, pulling it over my head and shoulders. I was now naked in my little brother’s bed while he rubbed his rock-hard cock on my thigh and sucked on my nipples.

His hand was on my pussy shortly thereafter and he moaned with a slurred and drunken, yet seductive giggle, “do you think you can handle another orgasm?” With that, he moved down and I felt his tongue clumsily land on my clit as he spread my labia with his fingers. Another shockwave forced its way through my body. It was the first time I’d been touched there in a sexual way by anything but my own fingertips or something made of cheap, vibrating plastic. I could feel his cock grinding on my leg as it was clamped tightly by his stroking fist between us. I wanted so badly to excuse myself but couldn’t say a word for fear of his finding me out.

In my drunken haze, his mouth started to feel good. My pussy began to warm and pulse again. I couldn’t find any other way out so reluctantly and to my own surprise, began to go with it. Soon my pussy was tingling and he was tonguing it deeply. Thrust after thrust my orgasm built around my little brother’s well-trained mouth and my gyrating hips seemed to have a mind of their own. I could feel myself about to burst and another flick of his tongue to my clit would have sent me over when suddenly he stopped. “Ooooh, I know you were liking that but I need to be in you when you come…” he slurred as he slid his body back up to my side and climbed on top of me. He planted his mouth on mine and probed with his tongue as he spread my trembling legs with his knees, reached down with his hand, and guided his cock into my hot wet pussy.

“Oh Sarah…” he moaned as I felt his swollen glans parting my lips and he slid his shaft into me. He slowly pushed it deeper and deeper until finally, his hands went around to my butt cheeks which gave him leverage for grinding my clit with the base of my cock. He moved his hips in a circular motion and I could feel his cock against my cervix flipping side to side over the head. I knew this would soon be bringing me to orgasm, but he beat me to it.

He kaçak casino was thrusting and moaning in time with the pulsations of my pelvic muscles. “Oh god…I’m coming…come with me baby” he whispered hotly into my ear. This sent me over the edge and I felt his cock exploding inside of me as he continued to grind. Moments later, my orgasm wracked my body and I stifled my screams of ecstasy. “Let it out, baby. Push it home…” he whispered to me. I grunted and wheezed as he coated the inside of my pussy with his seed. He kissed my neck as he ground his pelvis slowly in time with my subtle thrusts, working out the final drops of semen from his cock. “I love you,” he whispered in a drunken slur.

The orgasmic sensations ebbed and I could feel his cock slowly getting soft inside of me. A sense of guilt and shame covered me as I lay there with my own brother lying heavily on top of and inside of me, listening to him breathe into my ear. He whispered a few sentences about what he and Sarah had done today, a few more about when our mother was going to be back and how much fucking they could get in before then. I pretended to be asleep and he slowly stopped speaking. A few minutes went by and he was snoring. I knew I could push him off of me and sneak out safely now. I gently put my arms and right leg around him and slowly, little by little, used all the strength in my body to roll him onto his back. When I was done, I was on top, straddling him with my arms still stretched around his back, and his cock was still inside of me.

I slowly began to move up to withdraw it, but all the movement had brought some rigidity back to his cock and I discovered that I would have to slide much further up his body to get it all the way out of me. As I mulled over the best solution to this unique problem, I could feel it growing and twitching inside of me. The sensation was accompanied by dirty thoughts, and incestuous lust was filling me again. Lying on top of him, my breasts pinned against his chest, I gently pushed my pelvis all the way against his. Arching my back again and pushing up with my knees, I let it slide out far enough that when I pushed it back in, I could feel my lips parting to accept it. All the way in until I felt my cervix give way to his knob, then all the way back out again.

My pumping became rhythmic, but this time he was out cold. Trying to not wake him again, I moved only my hips, grinding my clit against the bump at the base of his cock and soon found myself approaching another orgasm. As the feeling flooded my pelvis and my pussy swelled, I let out a loud groan and began to bounce on his cock, grinding my clit each time his tip collided with my cervix. To my complete surprise, I suddenly felt him shiver and twitch as he emptied another load of incestuous semen into me. But I couldn’t stop pumping and my pussy twitched as my clit exploded, sending electric shocks pulsing through every muscle in my pelvis.

With the end this second, even more incredible orgasm and my surprise about his orgasm, the guilt returned, but not so much this time. I even felt a slight thrill at having gotten away with it. I pulled his softening cock out of my sopping pussy, climbed off of him, grabbed my clothes, and ran down the hallway to my bedroom.

Lying in my bed, I stuffed my panties between my legs to soak up the semen now oozing from my slit. I curled up in a ball under my sheets and squeezed my eyes closed tight and begged fate that I not get caught before falling into a deep, satisfying sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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