Alison , Max Ch. 3-4

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“I’m in the kitchen” Alison shouted when she heard Max at the door. Max walked in…and stopped short. There was Alison, in nothing but an apron and oven mitts, closing the oven door.

“You never cease to amaze me” he said as he came up behind her, cupping her naked bottom in his hands. “What if it wasn’t me at the door?”

“I knew it was you, who else would it be?” she responded, turning around and kissing him in a grand gesture, oven mitts and all. “Cookies are almost done.”

“Did you make any for me? You now, the special ones?” Max asked with a pleading smile. His mind wandered to what she told him last time she made cookies.

He eats the cookie.

“Good?” Alison asks, with a smile on her face and that teasing tone in her voice.

“MMM, sweet, just like you!” he answers.

“Sweet like me (she laughs)…more than you realize” she responds in a teasing voice.

“And what, dare I ask, does that mean?” he asks sarcastically, with a look of interest on his face.

“I love to bake for you. You always enjoy what I bring you and-“

He interrupts, “But I shouldn’t eat this stuff at all; high cholesterol, remember?

She smiles and continues. “Anyway, I’m thinking about you as I stand at the counter preparing the dough. Can’t get you off my mind. I take the dough out of the fridge, shape the cookies and place them on the sheet. I press my finger into each one, making a small indent where the filling will go. And I’m getting really horny, making fingerprints in the cookie dough and thinking about you. I know, it sounds really crazy.

“Then I think about making fingerprints elsewhere, and my fingers move down into my pants. And standing there at the counter I finger-fuck myself while I inhale the smell of raw cookie dough, thinking of you the whole time. I’m tracing circles around my clit and shoving my fingers into my hot pussy, feeling the wetness that always accompanies thoughts of you.

“Finally, I come full force, right there against the kitchen counter. (She moans) And then this thought pops into my head. I choose one cookie and put it to the side while I continue my game of fingerprinting. Once I’ve stopped trembling and descend from this dizzying orgasmic high, I dip my fingers into my juices, and coat that one cookie with my own special glaze.”

She looks at him, waiting for a response. He looks at her, but she can’t read the look on his face; disbelief or excitement. Or both.

“So…?” she prompts him for a response.

Smiling, he replies, “There goes my cholesterol”. >>

“Ma-a-x?” He comes back to reality. “I know what you were thinking about, and no, not yet. I was waiting for you to help me with that last batch. They’re on the cookie sheet, ready to go in the oven after this batch – about 12 more minutes.” she said, glancing at the oven timer.

Max looked nişantaşı escort over at the counter and saw a sheet filled with raw cookies. He looked back at Alison and she could tell he was still thinking about the story she once told him. She saw the desire in his eyes; dark brown to begin with, they turned nearly black when he looked at her that way. It almost frightened her how he looked at her at times…almost.

Max took the oven mitts off her hands and placed them on the counter behind her. He reached around, pulling her close to him, and kissed her. His hands roamed her naked back, over the thin string that held the apron in place. Alison trembled at his touch; desire shot through her and her breath caught in her throat. Pushing her bare ass up against the counter, he kissed her jaw, her throat, her bare shoulders. She braced herself against the counter as he fondled her breasts through the apron, slowly and gently, teasing her the entire time. She felt her nipples harden against the rough fabric of the apron.

Alison could feel herself getting wet, and with nothing on to contain it, her excitement dripped down the inside of her thigh. She was incredibly hot and breathing heavily. Max felt her body responding. He turned her around so she faced the counter as he stood behind her. While one hand reached around to her breasts under the apron, he shoved his other hand between her legs and started finger-fucking her. In and out he thrust one, then two fingers. He rubbed her clit while kissing the back of her neck. Helpless to do anything else, Alison leaned back against Max. She could feel how hard he was against her. She reached behind to touch him. She could feel his erection straining against his jeans. “Nothing on underneath?” she asked in a strained voice.

“Nothing” he replied.

“Oh, Max, you know just how to excite me don’t you.” Alison said. He responded by quickening his pace. She moved against him, matching his strokes with her own thrusts. Gentle moans escaped her lips.

“YOU know how to excite ME Alison” Max said. “I love to hear you when you’re excited.” Close to her climax, Alison was moaning louder now, her breathing erratic. Max whispered in her ear, “I want you to come. Come for me, Alison.”

“Oh God, Max, I am coming” Alison screamed as she exploded, her body tensing against his, then relaxing as she felt the last of her release. Max gently touched her as she came down. Alison brought his hand to her mouth, licking and sucking one finger, then the other. “Oh, I almost forgot.” she said, and directed his hand back between her legs. His hand now covered in her juices, she helped him “glaze” the cookies on the sheet on the counter.

The oven timer buzzed. Alison switched the racks and reset the timer for 15 minutes. Then she turned to Max. She took his hand ortaköy escort again, licking and sucking his fingers one by one while she gazed into his eyes. He watched her, his dark eyes fixed on her mouth.

“Your turn baby” she whispered. Reaching down, she unbuttoned his jeans. Never taking her eyes off his, Alison lowered his jeans to his ankles. She held his beautiful cock in her right hand, and caressed his balls with her left. His eyes closed and a small moan escaped his lips. She squatted in front of him, and took him in her mouth. She held him with one hand while sucking and licking him, and with the other she touched herself. She matched the movements of her mouth on him with fingering herself. She licked him up and down his shaft, then sucked on the head, all the while touching herself, getting closer to another orgasm.

Alison looked up to see Max leaning back against the counter now

looking down at her. “That is so good” he said in barely a whisper. She knew he must be getting close, as was she. She kept at it, licking and sucking, touching his balls, squeezing them. He was so hard in her mouth. She tasted his pre-cum and quickened her own pace, wanting to keep up with him. “I’m gonna come” Max said. Alison voraciously sucked his head, rubbing him with one hand and her clit with the other. And then they both came. She had never come while she had a guy coming in her mouth. She somehow managed to swallow all of it before falling back on her bare ass.

Max melted down to the floor with her. He leaned over her, kissing her, rolling her to the floor so he was on top of her. And the timer buzzed.


Chapter 4

While the cookies cooled, Alison took Max’s hand and led him upstairs to her bedroom. She turned on some music and lit some candles. Max stood in the doorway watching. She looked up at him, beckoning with her finger.

As he neared her, he could smell her. She smelled like sex and cookies, and it aroused him once again. He walked over to her standing by the bed. In a matter of moments the rest of his clothes – and her apron – were on the floor. Max put his hands on Alison’s shoulders, gently sitting her down on the edge of the bed. He kneeled in front of her, running his hands up and down her arms, her legs, her belly and breasts. He pulled her toward him and took an erect nipple in his mouth while rolling the other in his fingers. She moaned, gasping for breath as she ran her hands through his hair, pulling him toward her. He put her legs over his shoulders, running his hands over her thighs, down to her ankles, and back up.

Max placed soft gentle kisses on her thighs. She could feel his breath between her legs as his mouth touched her everywhere but where she needed it. She moaned with anticipation as he brought his mouth to her already glistening lips. pendik escort He poked his tongue out, barely touching her with the tip. She lifted up to meet his mouth, but he pulled back. “Stop teasing me” she said. Max just laughed.

Max parted her lips with his fingers. Putting his mouth to her, he licked and sucked, his tongue darting in and out of her. He put one finger inside her, moving it in and out while he ate her out. Then another finger, and another. Her moans grew and she began bucking her hips to meet every thrust of his fingers. “It’s not enough. I want you inside me.” He just shook his head and continued licking and sucking on her clit while he finger-fucked her. When he felt her rhythm change and she tensed up, he knew she was about to come. She did, while he was still licking her and most of his hand was inside her. She fell back on the bed with a huge sigh.

He climbed up next to her. Alison rolled over to meet him and began stroking his body lightly with her fingertips. “That was incredible, Max” she said as she grabbed his lower lip with her teeth, partly nipping, partly sucking on it. He groaned, pulling her on top of him as he rolled onto his back. Alison straddled his thighs. She laid kisses all over his chest before she took one erect nipple in her mouth, rolling it gently on her tongue, licking and sucking it with fervor. Then the other. He felt his cock growing harder and thought he might die from this slow, sweet torture. She felt it too, rubbing up against her stomach as she leaned forward on him. “I think you’re enjoying this” she teased. He responded with a growl from deep in his throat.

Alison sat up and lifting herself up slightly, moved forward onto him, sliding herself down onto his cock. She felt every inch of him as he glided into her dripping wet pussy. As she began to move up and down on his hard shaft, Max rubbed her clit. She threw her head back while moaning her pleasure. Their breathing turned into ragged gasps as they both neared climax.

And then Max stopped and said “Not this way”. As he pulled out of her and positioned her forward a little more and eased his very slick cock into her ass. She took him effortlessly, a combination of how wet his cock was and how excited she was about having him insider her this way for the first time. Her body engulfed him once again as she rode him hard. He continued playing with her pussy, finger-fucking her and rubbing her clit. Moans and groans, heavy breathing, it all continued for a few more minutes.

“Oh, God, I’m gonna come again Max” Alison managed to say as she cried out. Max was so intoxicated by her movements and her pleasure that he couldn’t hold back any longer and grabbing her hips with his hands, he forced out a few last thrusts that brought about his own climax.

By now, Alison was pretty much spent. Falling forward on Max she buried her face in his neck, her arms stretched out above his head. Max stroked her hair and planted gentle kisses on her shoulder. She rolled off of him, curled up in the crook of his arm and smiled up at him. “That was delicious” she said. “You smell like cookies, Alison” he said, returning her smile.

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