Alice Bean and The Prince

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“More wine!” The king pounded his heavy cup on the banquet table like a spoiled child. “And be quick about it!”

A serving girl filled the royal goblet and then dropped a shy curtsy at her lord and master. Before she could take her leave, his Royal Highness plunged a meaty paw into her cleavage and tore the girl’s thin blouse down the middle.

“Your Majesty!” the girl screamed as her breasts spilled from the rent garment.

“Hah! I knew it,” shouted the king. “Wondrous teats. Didn’t I say this wench was hiding something from us? Hah!”

The room erupted with cheers and applause, as indeed it must whenever the monarch chooses to make a sally.

“Oh, don’t make such a face, girl,” the king said. “You have pleased us. And if you’re good, someday you may have the honor of suckling my sons.”

The maidservant burst into tears and fled the great hall to the accompaniment of more cheering and clapping from the sovereign’s drunken guests.

The king’s younger brother, Prince Harry, smiled broadly. Not at his brother’s crude joke of course (the prince abhorred such boorish behavior) but a sighting of firm young dumplings always brought a smile to young Harry’s lips.

“What say you, brother?” The king threw a strong arm around the prince’s shoulders. “Would she not make a fine wet-nurse for future kings?”

“She would indeed, Sire. An excellent choice.” Prince Harry leaned to his brother and lowered his voice to a murmur. “I say…Richard?”

“Yes, Harry?”

“There are two pairs of feet – peasant feet, if I’m any judge – at the bottom of that lumpy curtain on yon wall.”

“Ah, you always had a sharp eye about you, little brother.”

“I take it then they are not the feet of spies?”

“Spies? Ho!” The king slapped the prince’s back with royal good humor. “Not spies, Harry…a surprise. But you must be patient.”

“I await your pleasure, my liege.”

Behind the “lumpy” curtain, Alice Bean squeezed the hand of her twin brother Alex. “Did you see what he did to that poor girl?” she hissed. “He’s a beast!”

“Shhh, Alice. Do you want them to hear you?”

Alice shrugged and turned her eye back to the tiny tear that served as her window on the festivities. The great hall was filled with knights, noblemen, clergy and sycophants, a most raucous and rowdy crowd. Laughing and shouting, they swilled the king’s wine and gorged themselves on his victuals. Scraps of goose, boar, quail and mutton littered the long tables and clung to greasy beards. The royal hounds scavenged the hall waiting for a tossed bone, a dropped piece of gristle. More meat passed the slathering lips of the dogs than Alice had seen in all her eighteen years. Her stomach growled in rebellion and Alex shushed her again.

Finally the revelers seemed to have had their fill. Loud belches echoed throughout the cavernous hall and even a bit of rhythmic snoring. Alice watched as a young man seated at the king’s right hand, stood to address the room. He was handsome, with noble features and long, brown hair that fell softly to his broad shoulders. Unlike most of the other celebrants, he was clean shaven and tidy. He waved his hand for silence and as it was immediately granted, Alice knew he must be Prince Harry.

“Our lord and liege, King Richard has asked me to deliver a short announcement.” The prince’s voice sounded like a clarion and every ear turned to hear.

“His Majesty regrets an early end to tonight’s festivities. The Queen is taken ill and as her health is of the utmost importance to His Royal Highness and to our sovereign nation, our Lordship must bid you all a good morrow so that he may watch over our Queen. King Richard is confidant his subjects will join him in prayer for the restoration of Her Majesty’s good health. God save the king!”

A strident chorus of “God save the King” rippled the curtain and reverberated in the high rafters. The knights and noblemen and clergy and sycophants filed past the king’s table. They bowed and swore their allegiance and vowed to prostrate themselves in prayer on the Queen’s behalf.

When the last of the king’s guests departed, King Richard called to his steward. “Fetch them at once.”

The steward swept aside the torn curtain, dragged Alice and Alex out into the great hall and pushed them to their knees before the monarch and his brother. “Leave us,” the king instructed the steward. “Arise and face your betters,” he commanded the young couple.

“Twins!” Prince Harry exclaimed. “How delightful.”

“Do you like them, Harry? Perhaps you’d prefer blondes?”

“Oh no, your Majesty,” said the prince. “They’re perfect. Look how her dark eyes shine like obsidian. And the hair…so thick and lovely.”

“She seems quite eager, too,” said the king, pointing out the nipples that jutted against Alice’s shapeless dress.

“It’s cold in here, Sire,” Alice snapped, crossing her arms over her ample bosom.

“Such spirit,” said the prince. “Wherever did you get them?”

“The Archbishop gave them to me,” the king answered. kadıköy escort “Said he found them wandering the roads. All but starving, the poor things.”

“And what will you do with them, dear brother?”

“The usual, I suppose. Her for you and him for me.”

“Oh, Dicky, you spoil me so!”

The steward returned to trundle Alex off in one direction while a burly woman with a whiskery mole dragged Alice in another. The girl was given ten minutes to eat, strip, wash and cloak her young body with an elegant dressing gown before being pushed into Prince Harry’s bedchamber. Awestruck, she peered about a room larger than the finest house in her small village. Ornate tapestries adorned the walls and the prince’s quarters were ablaze with the flickering light of torches and candles.

“Oh my,” said Alice.

“Indeed,” said the prince. “Come near, my beauty.”

Alice crossed to the gigantic bed where the prince in his nightshirt sat dangling his bare feet. “My lord,” she said humbly.

“I’m told you’re called Alice.”

“Yes, my lord.”

“You tremble, child. Do you fear me?”

“No, my lord,” said Alice. “I fear for my brother.”

“Your brother is in good hands, Alice.”

“My brother is with the king”

“I see.”

“Alex…my twin is gentle and sweet.”

“And the king is not?” Harry leapt to his feet. “Speak freely, child. No harm will come to you.”

Despite the prince’s benign smile, Alice hesitated. “His Majesty,” she said, “is…well, he’s…I mean he’s…”



“A brute?”

“Please sir…”

“A swinish boor?”

“I didn’t say that,” Alice said quickly.

“My brother the king is all those things and worse besides,” admitted Prince Harry.

“And so I fear for my brother’s safety.”

“You needn’t, Alice. You mustn’t.” The prince ran his fingers through his long hair and pursed his lips. “The king has…how shall I say?…another side. A softer side, if you will.”

Alice was dubious and said so. “I don’t believe it.”

“But it’s true. I’ll wager at this very moment, his Royal Highness is bathing in warm rosewater in preparation for meeting your twin.”

“The king bathes?”

“In rosewater. Then he sleeps with his hounds to cover the smell.” Prince Harry took Alice’s hand between his. “After his bath, our sovereign will dress in a beautiful silk gown, put on his favorite wig and tiara and paint his eyes the most lurid colors you may imagine. He will festoon his beard with ribbons and force the royal feet into the daintiest of beaded slippers.”

“My goodness,” said Alice. “Why does he do all that?”

“It makes him feel pretty I suppose.”

“But what of Alex?”

“Ah, yes. Alex.” The prince drew Alice to his bed and bade her sit beside him. “When young Alex enters the king’s bedchamber, our monarch will make quite a fuss. He will mince and preen and lavish your good brother with all manner of praise and flattery. Then the king…my good brother…will lift his gown, bend over, spread his hairy cheeks and command your twin to pierce the royal bung.”

“With his…”

“Of course.”

“Oh, my!”

“Oh, yes. The king will grunt and squeal while your brother impales the royal arse over and over.”

“Over and over?”

“For as long as the boy can last. Our sovereign is indefatigable. If the king is pleased, he will reward young Alex with a small purse of gold coin.”

“Alex would like that,” said Alice. “We’ve never seen money before.”

“Just so.”

“But what does the queen think of all this?”

“I doubt my good sister-in-law thinks at all,” said the prince. “She is a perfect goose and quite content to mind her own business. She reads books,” he said with disgust. “Can you imagine? No, if it weren’t for the necessity of an heir, I doubt my brother would have ever married.”

“But there is no heir yet.”

“No, and there probably won’t be unless his Majesty can devise a some way to plant his seed in that dreadful furrow with a ten foot pole.”

“I see,” said Alice. “I suppose Alex will be all right then.”

Prince Harry stroked the girl’s lustrous, dark hair. “You’re close, Alice? Your twin and you?”

“Oh, yes my lord.”

“Have you…er, known your brother, my dear?”

“Oh, no my lord. Not this one.”

“You come from a large family, then?”

“Alex and I have seven older brothers,” Alice admitted.

“And they all found you quite irresistible, I’ll wager.”

“Both of us. That’s why we had to run away.”

“Ah, yes,” said the prince. “A sticky business to be sure…jousting en famille.”

“Oh, my lord,” said Alice with a bright smile. “You speak French!”

“Just a few words, ” said Prince Harry modestly. “It’s a ghastly language. But there are a few French customs worthy of our observance.”

“Perhaps someday I’ll learn these things.”

“You shall learn them this very night, dear Alice. And I will be your tutor.”

“Oh, my lordship, how can I ever thank…”

“Kiss kartal escort me, Alice.” The prince took her sweet face in his hands and tilted her head back to receive the royal lips. Alice closed her eyes as Harry’s mouth pressed hungrily to hers. His was a wet kiss, unlike any other Alice had ever felt. The prince’s tongue darted and danced about her lips seeking entrance and Alice Bean – always a clever girl – opened her mouth to exploration.

The prince’s tongue – like Alice Bean – was quick and clever and the peasant girl delighted in newly discovered feelings. The slobbering kisses of her older brothers had repulsed her, but Prince Harry’s mouth caused warm tingling sensations to ignite in her belly.

When they finally broke, Alice was smiling, pleased with her progress as a student. “Is that how the French kiss, my lord?”

“In a fashion, yes,” said the prince. “But I do believe I’ve made substantial improvements on the process.”

“It was wonderful, my lord.”

“Thank you. Alice?”

“Yes, my lord?”

“Would you be so kind…I mean just for tonight, of course…would you call me Harry?”

“Your wish is my command…Harry.”

“Splendid! Now you must show me all your treasures.”

Harry sprang from the bed and pulled Alice to her feet. The princely fingers worked much like the princely tongue and in a thrice the buttons of Alice’s gown was open and the garment was sliding from her shoulders. Eager to please him, the girl tugged at the fabric and wiggled her hips until the gown lay in a soft puddle at her feet. Harry drew a quick breath at the sight of Alice’s naked flesh.

“Exquisite!” he exclaimed. “Turn for me, Alice. Let my eyes feast on your beauty.”

Obligingly she turned away from him and showed the graceful lines of her shoulders and narrow back, the firm plumpness of her heart shaped behind. The prince doffed his monogrammed nightshirt and squeezed her ripe buttocks. “Your derriere is a wonder to behold, dear Alice.”

“More French, Harry?”

“Why yes I believe it is.” He reached around and held her close. His hands sought out her perfect breasts. She felt his royal erection press between her thighs. “Oh Alice,” he murmured in her ear. “No gentle woman has such noble flesh as yours.”

Alice flushed with pride. “Not even the Duchess of York?”

“The Duchess of York is a cow,” said Harry. “But a randy cow at that. Did you know she keeps a score of stable boys to tend half as many horses?”

“Her horses must be well fed.”

“More likely the nags go hungry while that maw betwixt Yorkie’s legs is filled. But enough of her.” Harry spun Alice to face him and gave her a quick kiss. “We must continue our lessons. Onto the bed, my love.”

Alice clambered up and stretched out on a mattress longer and wider than the best room in her father’s cottage. “Oh Harry,” she squealed. “It’s so soft!”

“It should be. It’s stuffed with the down of a thousand swans.”

“At home we slept on bags of acorns.”

“Life can be cruel, Alice. But not tonight.” He crawled between her legs and bent to her sweet lips once again.

Harry kissed her deeply, rekindling the sparks in her belly. His lips sought out her ear lobes and throat, bestowing nibbles and licks on her tender skin. Again Alice closed her eyes. A soft “Mnnn” announced her pleasure.

Harry kneaded the full mounds of her breasts and tweaked her pretty, pink nipples until they stood alert like tiny sentries. His tongue circled first one and then the other. Alice arched her back and offered up her charms for more ardent attention. Harry sucked hungrily and she moaned with pleasure.

The prince slid down her awakened body leaving a trail of kisses between her warmed breasts and down her soft belly. His lips traced her tender triangle and teased at her inner thighs. He inhaled deeply and sighed.

“Oh, Alice”, he said. “Your scent has enthralled me like a snare. Fresh as the dew yet fecund as good earth. This demands a more thorough examination. You must let me worship at the altar of your womanhood. In the French way, of course.”

Alice had no idea what the good prince was talking about but she was wet with desire and anxious to be a good pupil. “I give you leave, kind sir, to worship as you will.”


Once again Prince Harry bounded to the floor. He grasped the girl by her slender ankles and dragged her to the foot of the bed. He coaxed her knees to bend and planted her tiny feet at the edge of the mattress. Harry knelt and pushed apart her silky young thighs to reveal the dark thatch of her mons.

“Alice, my sweet,” he crooned. “Your garden is hidden behind the thickest of forests. Is it impenetrable, I wonder?”

Alice giggled and spread her legs wide.

“No, by Jupiter,” shouted Harry. “A wink of pink shows the way!” His thumbs delved into her moist curls. “Your lips are soft as a babe’s, my Alice. They pout in anticipation. A kiss, then.” He bent eagerly to her sweet pussy.

Alice trembled kurtköy escort at his touch and marveled at her own body. The heat in her belly had coursed down to the place that brought a prince to his knees. She felt his hot breath caress her as he spoke.

“A delicate flower.” Kiss. “Sweet petals.” Lick. “Ripe.” Nibble. “Succulent!” His tongue speared within her steaming folds, searching, tasting. Alice drew a sharp breath and raised her hips to him. Harry explored her delicious cleft from top to bottom.

“And what’s this?” he whispered. “A tiny bud. Look how swollen. It longs to burst into bloom.”

Indeed, as Harry stroked her tiny bundle with his finger, Alice felt certain she would blossom or perhaps burst into flame.

“Have a care, my prince. I fear if you touch me there again I will bloom with fire and thunder like the mouth of the king’s cannon!”

“Let us throw caution to the wind then,” said Harry. “Let us hear the cannon’s roar!”

He teased her tingling nub with his tongue while she writhed beneath him. Forming his lips around the dainty delight, Harry nibbled and sucked. Alice ground her pelvis into his face and gasped as waves of passion broke over her, flooded her, lifted her.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned.

The prince stood and gazed down at the sated girl. He was a good teacher and an attentive lover, but he was vain as a peacock and took this moment to congratulate himself on a job well done. He watched her full breasts rise and fall with her breath. A tiny pulse at her throat betrayed the pounding of her heart and her pale skin shone with perspiration.

“Good show, Harry old boy,” the prince said aloud.

Alice opened her eyes and smiled up at him. “My lord,” she cooed. “My sweet Harry.”

“Are you pleased, Alice?”

“I am in ecstasy, my prince. How can I ever repay you?”

“You’ve a generous nature, sweet Alice,” he said. “And a clever mind. Can you think of nothing?”

Harry backed away from the bed and struck a hands-on-hips pose. Alice sat up to see his princely member in it’s most celebratory condition, swelled with royal blood, long and thick and at the ready.

“Oh my,” she whispered.

“Oh, Alice?”

“Oh, Harry!”

She scampered from the bed and knelt before him. Gripping Prince Harry’s cockstaff lightly in her hand, she stroked the foreskin back to reveal a royally purple crown.

“Well, Alice,” said Harry. “How do you find it?”

“It’s a wondrous thing, Harry. It…it’s…majestic.”

Alice kissed the tip of Harry’s wondrous thing, then looked up with an apologetic smile. “Remember, I’m a novice to things French, dear Harry.”

“But you’re naturally continental. Proceed.”

Alice licked the rim of the prince’s velvety helmet and cupped his balls in her soft palm. She explored the length and breadth of his shaft with her tongue and lips and found both the dimensions and the taste agreeable. She stroked him with gentle movements as she closed her lips around the royal organ. Harry moaned softly and encouraged her further by laying a hand on the back of her head and leaning into her ministrations. Nervous but willing, Alice opened wide and drew him deep into her mouth.

As Alice found her stride and sucked happily on the royal joy prong, the prince smiled to himself and idly wondered where the poor peasants would be without the royal family to look after them. Then, satisfied he had taught her well, and Alice Bean would now be able to make her own way in the world, good Prince Harry took her by the arms and raised Alice to her feet.

“Have I pleased you, Harry?” Alice’s lips were swollen, wet and shiny.

“Almost, my love.”

“Then let us finish the lesson, my lord.” Alice swung around and bent before him. She seized the soft edge of the downy mattress in her clenched fists and spread her feet apart on the floor. “I am yours, Harry…fill me with your pikestaff!”

“I am your servant, sweet Alice.”

Harry drew the tip of his manhood up and down the cleft of her buttocks and through the length of her burning, wet crevice until she whimpered, “Please my Lord. Don’t torment me so.” With a majestic thrust, Prince Harry entered her delicious folds and plunged his dagger to the hilt in her womanly sheath.

“Uhrrruhhh,” said the prince. Ensconced in Alice Bean’s tight fissure, the prince took hold of her shapely hips and thrust away with powerful stokes, the royal scrotum slapping merrily on Alice’s open lips. She rocked back against him in perfect rhythm, her breasts swaying like pink pendulums over the bed. With each drive of the royal rigidity Harry uttered a short but happy, “Uh!”

“Uh, uh, uh…Alice my pet?…uh…”

“Yes, Harry, darling?”

“Aren’t you uh, uh enjoying this?…uh…”

“Oh yes my prince. I’ve never felt anything so wonderful as your royal hardness.”

Harry stopped in mid thrust. “But you’re silent as a tomb, my dear.”

“Oh. I suppose I’m used to having a hand clapped over my mouth at such times.”

“Quite so, quite so. Silly of me to forget.” Harry leaned down and planted a wet kiss in the small of her back. “But you’re not bent over a crate of cabbages now, my dove. Express yourself freely.”

With that, Harry resumed his thrusting and Alice, at liberty to voice her joy at last, cried out in happy, “Oh’s” with every lunge.

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