Alexandra Flatly Ch. 02

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Chapter Two. I meat my breast friends Mother.

“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking!”

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All characters are 18 or over.

Three weeks later I was still wondering. I wasn’t complaining, mind you! Getting blow jobs, tit fucks, hand jobs and wanking myself off onto the largest, firmest tits in school kept me happy. Alexandra loved it all. She would stare into my eyes as I blew load after load on her tits, into her mouth or wherever she pointed my dick. And all the while she kept up a running commentary of praise for the size of my cock and how much cum I was able to produce.

Dating Alexandra was doing wonders for my confidence and status at school. A number of girls, including Bridgette, the busty cheerleader, made suggestions that I might enjoy spending time with them. But since none of them had ever given me a chance before and, lets face it, all of them were competing for a distant second to Alexandra in any category you could name, I turned them all down.

And I found out that Alexandra was being approached daily by all the usual BMOC’s and she was turning THEM down, flat! In fact, rumor had it that she had cut Mark Fuller off at the knees when he approached her saying he wasn’t a third of the man I was! And he was the star wide receiver!

Then she dropped the hammer on me.

She had just finished giving me a totally hot blow job in the Science Lab Storeroom. As she continued to milk the remains from my slightly softening wang she spoke up.

“Tommy, my Mother wants to meet you.” I thought I could hear the tolling from the Clock of Doom in the distance. “She insists on meeting every boy I date and you and I have gone out every weekend since we moved to town, so I can’t put it off any further.”

She looked into my eyes as her hands continued on autopilot, one caressing my ball sack as the other languidly stroked up and down my shaft. “It’s important that she likes you. If she doesn’t, she won’t let me see you anymore!” Her head dipped down to allow her lips to lightly caress the tip of my now completely revived cock. “And I don’t want to have to give up sucking on your immensity! And having you blow all over my tits. I do think they are growing, too!” she giggled as she gazed at me. “You don’t want to have to stop, do you?” she asked as she began to increase her speed.

She slipped my massively erect prick between her boobs and began to stroke them up and down my shaft. Tit fucking was one of my favorite things, particularly when she kept licking and sucking the head of my dick as she joggled her tits up and down.

“No, I don’t want to have to stop seeing you,” I moaned as I grew nearer and nearer to coming for the fourth time that day.

“Well, all you have to do is be nice to her. Don’t get into an argument, I’m sure she’ll like you, almost as much as I do,” She stopped speaking as I began to ejaculate. She laughed and giggled as she let my dick slip from between her tits and I began to cum all over her face and chest.

So that Friday night I met Mrs. Flatly. I don’t know what I expected but it wasn’t the small, modestly dressed lady that shook my hand firmly as Alexandra introduced us. Mrs. Flatly was at least 8 inches shorter than her daughter although some of that was caused by Alexandra’s ever present stilettos.

“Alexandra has told me so many nice things about you,” she announced, causing Alexandra to mutter “Mommm!” Mrs Flatly drew her oversized housecoat closer to herself It seemed as if she might have some tits under there, but I couldn’t really tell. She did look awfully young to have a teenage child.

“Well, she has, and I’m delighted to finally meet you, Tommy. Now I have to get ready for my date. You kids have a nice time tonight, remember to be back by 10:30, you have to get a good nights rest before you visit your cousins for the weekend young lady. “

As was the usual case we did not missed an opportunity all night long. As we had sat in Wendy’s Alexandra had unbuttoned the middle of her sweater and as I had fondled her boobs she gave me a one handed wank job under the table. We reduced the number of available napkins to soak up my usual load of cum. In the movie theater she declared the movie to be “sucky”, ducked down out of sight and devoted the rest of the movie to slowly, excruciatingly building me to the brink, letting me calm down and then repeating the process until I absolutely blew up during the closing credits. In the car later I helped her massage some of the over spill into her tits which totally spilled out of her sweater while she used both hands to make me cum yet again. She just loved to see me blow a big wad, saying that even the last one was as much or more than any of her previous boyfriends had ever managed.

When we got back (on time) I walked Alexandra to the front door which opened just as we approached. Mrs. Flatly stood in the door. She looked upset and Alexandra immediately asked her what was wrong.

“Oh, casino siteleri my date turned out to be a real bummer. Insurance salesmen can’t carry a conversation. Oh, well. Maybe next time.” Mrs Flatly said. She sounded disappointed. “Come on in. I’m glad you’re back on time.”

As she led us into the living room Mrs. Flatly looked totally different than she had earlier in the evening. She really cleaned up well! Her short blonde hair stood out from her head and the light shining thru it made it look like she had a halo! It was a really cute look for her. Her pert nose and large hazel eyes were paired with lips that were to die for! The cupids bow of her upper lip was matched by a plump lower lip and her slight over bite meant that her lips were always slightly parted. Yummy! I saw where Alexandra’s looks came from.

Standing next to her daughter her head now came to just above Alexandra’s shoulder. I saw that she was wearing a pair of stiletto heels that were even taller than the ones Alexandra wore. Despite their help she was still several inches shorter than Alexandra

She had fabulous legs, thin but well formed. And they were on display I noticed as I followed her toward the living room. From the back her pert ass was tightly caressed while the tighter than tight skirt stopped far enough above her knees that I wondered how she could sit down.

What had been hidden earlier in the evening under a house coat was one smoking hot body! Not just the aforementioned show girl legs, but the sleeveless blouse she wore was unbuttoned low enough to showcase a magnificent cleavage while it was tight enough at the waist to emphasize how slender she was. The difference between her bust and waist was amazing! And her rib cage was very slender I saw.

Mrs. Flatly lost no time in reminding Alexandra that she had to get up early and should get upstairs at once. “Please wait Tommy, I want to talk to you before you leave,” she said.

Alexandra gave me a quick cuddle and a peck taking the opportunity to whisper in my ear, “Remember, it’s important that she likes you. Don’t screw up, stud!” Then she was up the stairs in a flash.

“Come, Tommy.” Mrs. Flatly grabbed my arm and led me into the living room. Her bosom mashed against my arm. It felt wonderfully soft and full.

“Please sit down”, Mrs Flatly said as she took a moment to close and lock the front door as I moved to the sofa.

There was something different, really different, in the way Mrs. Flatly was looking at me as she approached the sofa where I waited. As she moved toward me I could see her bosom jiggling, her exposed breast tops undulating and quivering with each step. She stopped momentarily in front of me before she sat down and I took the opportunity to try to memorize the view. Her face was only partially visible past the flare of her bosom.

With a slight sigh she settled next to me. One leg tucked under her, her thigh pressed against my leg while her arm went across the back of the sofa behind me. Her breast again pressed against my upper arm.

“I’m so glad we are going to have this chance to talk, Tommy. I like to know everything about the boys that Alexandra dates. I don’t think, as a single parent that I can be too careful, do you?”

“Um, no, of course not.” I stumbled. “What did you want to know?” I asked.

“Well, Alexandra has told me so much about you, I guess I’d like to find out if it’s all true, hmmm?”

“Like what?” I wanted to know.

“Well, I can see that you are just as cute as she told me,” she said as she touched the tip of my nose with her finger. her boob was smooshed even harder against me as she moved to tap my nose. “And I can see that you have very strong muscles,” she reached across me to squeeze my bicep, this pressed both her tits into my chest. Her face was just inches away from mine as she worked her hand suggestively up and down my arm. “Very strong muscles,” she murmured.

Her hand returned to my face as she settled even closer to my side. Her finger toyed with the hair behind my ear. I could feel myself blushing, I was in over my head! What was going on here?

“But I wonder,” she cooed, as her finger traced along my jaw line. “I wonder,” she breathed into my ear. Her finger ran slowly along the edge of my bottom lip. “I wonder if you are as good.” I felt her lips trace across my cheek, “As good a kisser as she says?” Her breath gusted against my mouth and then she pressed her plump lips tightly against mine.

I froze. All I could hear running thru my head was Alexandra’s voice saying, “Don’t screw up!”

Her lips were soft and insistent. Slowly I responded to her and her tongue slipped between my slightly parted lips and dueled with mine. She was softly moaning and pressing against me as we kissed. When she finally pulled away I had been as thoroughly kissed as possible. I thought I had held my own. Maybe.

“Oh, yes, you are a good kisser!” she whispered. Her forehead was resting against mine, her hazel eyes only inches from mine. When had she slipped onto my lap? She canlı casino was straddling me, her breasts pressed against my chest, her buttocks rocking on my thighs gently as she gazed into my eyes.

“Ummm, that was nice,” she murmured, “lets do it again!” This time her lips were more insistent, she pressed herself against me even harder, moving her body, I felt her bosom flex against my chest. It turned out that first kiss was just a prelim, a warm up! As she broke the second kiss her body rose enough that my chin rested with in her cleavage. It was a nice place to be. I could feel her breasts pressing gently against my chin and cheeks.

“Oh, that is nice, yes.” She continued to slowly flex her body in all directions as I regained my breath. Deciding that I shouldn’t be just an on looker, I pressed my self tighter into the “V” between her boobs and lightly kissed and licked while rocking my head back and forth. It was something that Alexandra liked me to do and so did Mrs. Flatly as it turned out. Her boobs rocked, rising and falling with her deep breaths and flexing gently against my face.

I have no idea how she managed it, I never felt her move but suddenly my prick was out of my pants and reaching straight up between us! She moaned appreciatively as she pressed her pussy against the bottom of my prick and moved up and down a couple of inches.

“Oh, you’re cock is thick!” she was still looking into my eyes. Her crotch kept moving, up and down, up and down, rubbing against me. I wasn’t fully hard yet but I was getting there quickly! I felt her legs squeeze me tighter as she kept up the movement.

“Oh, Alexandra told me that you were well hung,” she stated as we kept looking into each others eyes. “I thought she was exaggerating. But I was wrong, you feel enormous! So thick!” Her hands were resting on my shoulders as she said this, her pussy rising and falling against the thick tube along the bottom of my shaft. She was rubbing the final three inches my dick. I could feel her pussy juice leaking down onto my balls. I was pretty sure she wasn’t wearing panties. Had she taken them off at some point or had she been naked under her skirt the whole time?

I grabbed hold of her butt as she leaned in again for another tongue duel. When she pulled back she began to unbutton her blouse. She leaned away from me as she did so.

“Look at me, Tommy, look at me,” she directed. I watched, enthralled as she quickly rid herself of her blouse. Alexandra never wore a bra. But I was willing to bet that if she did, she would not wear this one. It looked to be too big for Alexandra. Mrs. Flatly filled it to over flowing.

Still leaning back a bit Mrs. Flatly shimmied her shoulders and we both watched as her breast danced and leapt, fighting the confinement of her bra cups.

“You like, honey?” she asked with a teasing smile.

“Oh, yeah, I like, Mrs. Flatly” I replied. “I like big tits, a lot!”

“I’m glad, Tommy. I’ve got some pretty big titties for you. But then so does Alexandra, as I’m sure you’ve found out! It’s genetic. She laughed gently. Her boobs were still quivering and shaking.

I kept staring at her chest. Her bra cups covered her entire chest from her lower rib cage to just below her arm pits. Her arms were even skinnier than her legs, I could probably circle her bicep with my thumb and second finger. Each of her lower ribs were visible. Mrs. Flatly had no body fat that I could see. The contrast between her slender form and her over stuffed bra was amazing.

“Would you like to take off my bra, Tommy? Please?”

Would I like to keep breathing? What a stupid question! I reached behind her, still nuzzling her cleavage. She was stroking my hair, encouraging me to keep on doing what I was doing.

Now, I’ll admit that I don’t know a lot about bras. Alexandra never wore one and I’d never had any luck before I met Alexandra But I did think I knew that the bigger the bra the more hooks or snaps or whatever there would be. Wrong! Or at least wrong in this case. Mrs. Flatly’s humongous bra had two delicate hooks. They parted with no trouble at all. I’d handled it like a pro! On my first time!

And as she teasingly allowed the straps to slide down her arms I detected no massive shift. I had expected that her tits would collapse, or slide down her chest to rest on her belly. No such thing happened! Mrs. Flatly was still watching me as she slowly, slowly, pulled her bra up and off her breasts. They quivered gently as I watched. They parted slightly from one another, now unrestrained. They were amazing! They reached outward, beyond the outer edges of her arms. They hung proudly on her slender rib cage. They more closely resembled over-filled water balloons than the massive missiles that graced Alexandra. Vast beyond my wildest imagination I wondered how I had not noticed how huge they were while still covered by her blouse? Her nipples in contrast were really tiny. No bigger than a pea they each capped a breast that was larger than my head. A lot larger!

“Oh, Tommy, I like that look in your kaçak casino eyes! You really like my big titties, don’t you?”

Again, Mrs. Flatly shimmied her shoulders. That slight movement caused ripples and quivers to shake her breasts from side to side. I was absolutely unable to speak. But Mrs. Flatly seemed to understand.

As i watched, transfixed, she placed one hand under her breast and lifted. Her hand almost disappeared from sight! Her boob lifted, flattening slightly on the underside, as she continued to hoist her magnificence into the air. Pursing her lips she blew gently on the nipple, causing it to clench up even tighter. Her pink tongue darted out to caress and lick the erect nipple before, with a moan, she latched onto it strongly and began to suck! She was groaning deep in her throat while she worked. Her eyes flickered shut from time to time as a particularly strong feeling shot thru her but she was avidly watching my reaction.

And I noticed, she was still grinding her pussy against my cock which had at some point reached full strength.

“Here, Darling, you do it! I can’t wait to feel your lips on my titties!” Her voice was drenched with passion, resonant with longing.?

Following her lead I leaned forward the few inches that were between us and began to gently nurse at the massive, soft yet firm breast that she was not herself attending to. Together we sucked and licked, Mrs. Flatly used her free hand to push her tit harder into my mouth. At some point we switched nipples. Her eyes never left off watching me. Her mouth when it was not attached to her titties was open in a moue of pleasure and lust!

After several minutes I drew back, just flat licking her nipple, and I used both hands to force the balloons of flesh closer together so I could suck on both nipples at the same time. Mrs. Flatly threw her head back as I did so, while pulling my head closer to her with both hands! It took some effort but I was able to take both nipples into my mouth and I sucked and lapped them at the same time while Mrs. Flatly shook and quivered, her pelvis hunching faster and harder against me. With a small cry Mrs. Flatly stiffened and then began to quiver.

Slowly she came to rest, slumped forward, resting her head on my shoulders. I had lost my oral grip on her nipples but I kept tweaking them and cupping her overly large mounds while she regained her breath.

“Ohhhh, Darling, that almost never happens! I came just from you playing with my titties. God! That was so good!” She smiled at me and then kissed me strongly again.

“That WAS fun,’ I declared. “Your breasts are amazing! I thought Alexandra had big tits. I mean, she does have big tits but yours are even bigger!” I bestowed a kiss on each out thrust nipple as I said this which caused Mrs. Flatly to quiver with delight.

“I know, Honey. She would wear a 36-F if she wore a bra at all. I have to buy custom made 32-Triple L cup bras. My rib cage is smaller than Alexandra’s. But my actual breasts are larger than hers! Much larger.” She swung the items under discussion back and forth in front of my face. Her eyes glowed with pride as she spoke. “I only wear a bra so I’m not too obvious when I go out. I get plenty of attention anyway!”

“I just bet you do,” I replied.

“And I bet you get a lot of attention, too, Honey,” she continued. Her hands were back in front of her one above the other as she stroked my cock.

She slid backwards off my legs and settled on her knees in front of me. Her eyes were glued to my crotch.

“My God! What a huge dick! I can’t get my hands around it and it’s so fucking long! What an amazing cock!” Using both hands she tilted it toward her mouth and delivered a light butterfly kiss to the underside of my cock head. Her eyes crossed as she moved slowly down, kissing the underside of my shaft until she reached the ball sack.

Moving back to my cock head she kissed the tip, allowing her lips to part just enough so that I could feel her teeth nip gently at the soft flesh there.

“God, I can’t believe this!” she said glancing into my eyes before returning all her attention to my dick. “I wonder…” her voice trailed off as she raised up higher. Pursing her lips again she licked the very top where a small drip of pre-cum trembled then she swanned her neck and opened her mouth, taking in as much of my cock head as she could.

Moaning, her mouth took in the cock head and an inch or two of shaft before she had to back off “Damn, that is one huge dick! Alexandra told me you were immense and I though she was exaggerating! If anything I under estimated just how big you could be!”

Scrambling to her feet she sat on the sofa next to me, kicking off her skirt as she did so.

“Come here, Baby,” she panted, “I need you to eat my pussy before I try to take that monster!”

“Uh, you want me to…” my voice trailed off as I looked at her.

“Tommy, you can’t expect to just cram that tree trunk you call a dick into a woman, not even one as excited as I am.” Her hands were busy at the pussy, pulling on the lips while a finger from the other hand delved into the soaking wet crevasse. While she worked her upper arms caused her boobs to rock and roll atop her chest. Even the slightest movement made her tits quiver and shake in response.

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