Ageless Sex , Eternal Love Ch. 04

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Four years later, Susan meets Tommy in a bar and invites him home for sex.

Continued from Chapter 3:

Susan returned her humps with his. Humping him harder, she humped him faster until she ready to have her second orgasm.

“Oh, Jimmy. Oh, Jimmy. My God, Jimmy. Don’t stop. Fuck me, Jimmy. Fuck me. I’m cumming. I’m cumming,” she said collapsing again on the bed.

Instead of staying there while inside of her, Jimmy rolled off of her to rest on his back. He pulled the condom off and deposited in the basket on the floor beside the night table. After resting for a minute, Susan took his cock in hand and fondled the head of his prick before stroking his prick. Then, sliding her sexy, shapely body down half the length of him, she took his cock in her mouth.

Stroking him while sucking him, she wanted him to cum. She wanted him to cum in her mouth. She needed to taste his cum. She wanted to swallow his cum. Then, later, after he left, when alone with her vibrator and dildo and assuredly was horny again, she’d think of sucking Jimmy. She’d think of making love to him. She’d think of fucking him. Then, she’d think of him cumming in her mouth and her swallowing his cum.

Sucking him deeper while stroking him faster, Jimmy exploded a huge volume of cum in her mouth. An unexpected amount, she nearly gagged. Swallowing him, she licked him clean but as soon as she removed her mouth from his cock, he exploded another volume of cum all over her face. With cum dripping from her hair, her eyes, her nose, and her chin, he gave her a real cum bath. She wipe him from her before moving up to him to kiss him.

“That was a lot of cum Jimmy. Were you saving that for me? You gave me quite the cum bath,” she said laughing while wiping her face with her sheet.

* * * * *

Was having sex with her co-worker who was her subordinate worth her sexual orgasms? Was her sexual orgasms worth taking a hit to her reputation? Was her sexual orgasms worth losing her job? Was having sex with a much younger man worth being called a cougar?

A reason for everything that oftentimes may not be disclosed until later in life, had Susan not had sex with Jimmy, she never would have been fired from her job and met her asshole boyfriend Tommy. Had she not experienced the sack of shit that Tommy was, she never would have known what a great man and a good lover 68-year-old Walter was when she met him. Right place and the right time, had she met Walter before she had sex with Jimmy, she’d have no reason to have sex with Jimmy. Right place and the right time, had she met Walter before she met Tommy, she wouldn’t have looked twice at him.

Chapter 4:

Four years later, now forty-three-years-old, Susan had a new, albeit a lower paying job with less responsibility. Instead of working as a Corporate Controller, she worked as a lowly writer. Yet, even though she was earning much less money doing something that she loved to do, writing for a living, she was more satisfied with her work. Now with her not having to supervise anyone and with whatever she does coming directly from her mind, she was happier and most times, working from home. Moreover, most days she was able to make her own hours.

Yet, today, unable to make her own schedule and lounge around the house, she had to be in work for a meeting, her presentation of ideas for their advertising/marketing campaign. Already late for work but not yet late for her presentation, normally conscientious about her job and always on time, even though her presentation was due, she didn’t care if she was late for work today. Today, after a long, dry spell of involuntary abstinence, she was finally having some sexy, sexual fun. She was finally getting laid. With it having been a quite a while since she got laid, a sexually exciting surprise and an unexpected pleasure, she was still in bed with her boyfriend, Tom, who arrived early this morning.

He surprised her by stopping by as she was getting ready for work. After not hearing from him for a few weeks, he surprised her by showing up out of the blue at her front door. Just out of the shower and getting dressed, she only had time enough to put on her bra and panty, her blouse, and a short skirt before there was a knock at her door. Hoping it was him and suspecting it was him, no one knocked at her door but for her girlfriend, Jennifer, but not at this early hour of the morning.

Answering her door barefoot, she was glad that she had already fixed her hair and had time enough to put on her makeup. A shocking sight to behold, no man has ever seen her without her makeup. Not that she’s ugly without wearing makeup, showing all the lines, wrinkles, and marks of living 43-years, she’s just not as pretty without her face.

Being that Tommy had never seen her without makeup, she didn’t want to ruin his illusion when it’s been a while since she had seen him. She didn’t want to give him a more realistic memory of her when the old memory worked just fine. When she knew he was here for sex, a booty call, for him to still sexually want her, she needed pendik escort to always look her best.

Taking whatever she could get, especially now that she was older and no longer a twenty-something child or thirty-something-year-old MILF, Susan understood that it wasn’t easy for him to get away from his wife and two kids. She never thought she’d be involved with a married man, it just happened that way. Besides, he lied to her by telling her that he was in the middle of getting a divorce, when he wasn’t. He lied to her when he told her he was separated from his wife and no longer living at home, when he wasn’t. Even when he told her that he was getting a divorce and was separated from his wife, she didn’t believe him. She wanted to believe him and used him telling her that he was getting a divorce and was separated from his wife as her excuse to have and to continue to have sex with him.

Yet, his lying about his relationship with his wife didn’t stop her from getting in bed with him. She was horny. She was sexually frustrated. She wanted him to give her sex. She needed to get laid. With him already there, he was hers for the taking if she wanted him. Besides, when they first met, she figured their sexual time together would be nothing more than a one night stand.

As if they were teenagers hiding their sexy, secret affair from their parents, they snuck around behind the scenes with lots of phone calls in between to plan their sexual rendezvous. It’s never been easy for her to see him. Only, this morning, he surprised her. Instead of her calling him, this morning, he magically appeared at her front door ready for sex. With her always being so horny and so sexually frustrated lately after enduring such a sexual dry spell, this morning, she was ready for sex too.

Before she even met him and before she even had sex with him, something to allay her guilt and to assure herself that she wasn’t responsible for breaking up his marriage, he told her he was separated from his wife. Separated her ass. He told her that he was getting a divorce. Divorce her ass. As did all the men in her life, he lied to her.

Now more than a year later and with him still sticking to his same, sad story about being separated and getting a divorce from his wife, she suspected that he was lying to her about being separated and/or getting a divorce. If he was separated from his wife, why didn’t he invite her to his apartment? Never did he invite her to his place. If he was getting a divorce, why didn’t he take her anywhere, to dinner and/or to the movies? Always he came to her place.

With her pushing the issue and calling him on his bluff, he finally told her that he was staying with his wife because of the kids. Kids her ass. With him out late at night drinking and picking up new women to fuck, he never sees his kids. She wondered if he even had children. She wondered if he was even married.

Now no longer taking him at his word and not believing anything he said, she suspected that he had been lying to her all along about everything. Even more hurtful than him lying to her, she suspected that she wasn’t the only women he was seeing. She suspected that he had other woman on the side that he was having sex with, lying to, and stringing them along too. She suspected that he didn’t love her, even though he told her that he did love her but not in so many words.

He told her that he loved her with his gentle touches and his passionate kisses. He told her he loved her by the way he gave her orgasms. Only, now that she knew the truth about him lying, what she thought was love was nothing more than sex. Readying herself for the adjustment of living without him in her life, she knew, one day soon, she’d catch him with another woman. She knew, one day soon, she’d find out the truth about him. She knew, one day soon, that she’d be alone with her bad self again.

Yet, if he was sincere about getting a divorce, he would have gotten a divorce by now. Moreover, the reason why he always had trouble finding the time to see her, she suspected that she wasn’t the only one he was seeing behind his wife’s back, if he even had a wife. With him a good looking man, she knew there were others, a lot of others. Only, unable to go there, especially when she was so horny and so happy to see him again, she removed those thoughts of him cheating on her from her mind. Willing to stick her head in the sand and/or up in the clouds, she didn’t want to know what he did when he wasn’t with her.

Yet, when she was lonely and horny, when he wasn’t there to comfort her and sexually satisfy her, all of those dark thoughts of him having sex with other women filled her with sadness, depression, anger, and sorrow. Suspecting that he was cheating on his wife with her, if he even had a wife, she suspected that he was just using her for sex. With him just another man who didn’t want to commit, little did he know that she was using him for sex too. He was just another man who wanted something for nothing in return for free suadiye escort sex. Fortunately for him, with her always so horny and sexually frustrated, not expecting anything in return from him, sex was all she that wanted from him too.

With her knowing his type, he wanted all of the sexual fun without any of the responsibility of living with her, caring for her, and supporting her emotionally, physically, and financially. With her wanting to build a life together with him before, she was glad that he hadn’t committed to her now. With so many men preferring just to play the field while hoping someone better will come along, for whatever the reason, he was just another man who was unable to commit to just her.

Saving all of that discussion for later, putting all of her suspicions out of her thoughts, in the way she was so hot for sex right now, she didn’t care. Feeling no deep emotional connection of love for him as she once did, with him just a hard cock to her right now, she needed sex. She needed to get laid. She needed to feel a big, hard prick in her hand, in her mouth, and in her pussy. She needed him to give her an orgasm. She needed to cum.

With her so horny, she didn’t care if he had three wives and a dozen kids. As long as he didn’t give her a sexually transmitted disease, she didn’t care if he was married, wasn’t married, divorce, separated, and/or cheating on her too. Explaining why he rarely had the time to see her, as long as she didn’t know the truth about him, she really didn’t care if he was lying to her while cheating on her with a dozen other women. It really didn’t matter. What mattered more to her now was that he was here to give her an orgasm. He was here to get laid and for her to suck him after she fucked him.

* * * * *

What she more cared about was that he looked like Brad Pitt but without hair. She always liked Brad Pitt, an understatement. She loved Brad Pitt. For as long as she could remember, from the first time she saw him in Thelma and Louise, she was in love with Brad Pitt as an actor and as a man. Brad Pitt was her dream man, her sexual fantasy man, and the one man she’d do anything to have sex with even just once. Hating Jennifer Aniston when she married Brad Pitt, she hated Angelina Jolie even more when she stole him away from Jennifer Aniston and recently married him.

With her having seen all of his movies more than once, she had such a huge, celebrity crush on him. When Tommy wore a hat, his customary baseball cap, he looked how Brad Pitt looked when he played Billy Beane in Moneyball. Still, it was difficult to imagine him with hair, as it was difficult to imagined Brad Pitt without hair. His uncanny resemblance to him looking like Brad Pitt was how she was attracted to him in a bar in the first place.

A man approached her and even from a distance he looked familiar as if she had met him before or had seen him somewhere before. He was taller than her, thank God. With her 5’9″ tall without heels and even taller with heels, most men were shorter than her. Tommy was at least 6′ tall.

“Hi,” he said turning to her and giving her a big smile that made him look even more like Brad Pitt. “I’m Tom,” he said looking down at her nearly empty glass. “May I buy you a drink?”

When he talked to her was when she recognized him as Brad Pitt in the flesh. She had to look hard at him to find the smallest detail in his face to assure herself that he wasn’t Brad Pitt. As if he was an imposter or an impersonator impersonating him, he even had the same voice and the same mannerisms as he did. Weird, so very weird.

Thinking that she was seeing things, hearing things, and/or imagining things, she did a double take when she saw how much he resembled her movie star idol. With her envisioning this stranger as looking like her favorite movie star, maybe she was so horny and so sexually frustrated that she was losing her mind while thinking that Brad Pitt just offered to buy her a drink. Trying not to stare, she took a closer look at him.

‘Wow! He does look a lot like Brad Pitt,’ she thought to herself.

He could be Brad Pitt’s brother. Maybe he was Brad Pitt’s younger brother. Actually, he could be Brad Pitt’s bald identical, twin brother. If Brad Pitt had cancer, God forbid, and lost his hair due to chemotherapy, he’d look like Tom. Now, she wondered if, in the way that Brad Pitt was bald in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, she questioned if he was bald in real life and wore a hairpiece. A lot of famous movie stars wore hair pieces, Charlie Sheen, Burt Reynolds, Ben Affleck, Jude Law, John Travolta, Daniel Craig, Billy Bob Thornton, Kevin Costner, and Sean Connery. Maybe instead of him being Tom, he really is Brad Pitt in disguise without his hairpiece.

‘Wow! Wouldn’t that be something? Nah, that’s just hopeful thinking on her part,’ she thought

“No,” she said taking the last sip of her drink. “Thank you. I have a one drink limit,” she said holding up her drink. “I’m driving,” she said suddenly tuzla escort remembering that drunken night four, long years ago when Jimmy volunteered to drive her home.

She wondered what ever happened to him. She wondered if he was still working at the same place, her old company. She wondered if he was seeing anyone. She wondered if he ever had sex with his mother.

“With you nearly done with your drink, I’ll have to talk fast,” he said with a sexy laugh.

She gave him a smile while spellbound by him. Even if he wasn’t Brad Pitt in disguise, with him looking so much like him, she could easily pretend that he was Brad Pitt, especially with them naked and in bed together. Already starry eyed, she wanted to believe that he was Brad Pitt. She imagined calling him Brad before kissing him. She imagined being on her knees and looking up at him before blowing him while pretending that he really was Brad Pitt.

“I just stopped in to unwind before going home alone to my tiny, studio apartment alone,” she said making sure that he heard her say that she was going home alone. “I needed to decompress before heating up some mac and cheese,” she said with a sad, little laugh. “I’ve had one Hell of a day at work. I just couldn’t bear to go home alone,” she said again hoping he’d get the hint. “Actually, the whole week was pretty bad,” she said raising her glass to take another unconscious sip of her drink from her empty glass.

For her to forget that she had already finished her drink, Susan was obviously nervous that her look-a-like Brad Pitt was talking to her. She was always nervous talking to men and even more so because he look so very much like Brad Pitt. She imagined making love to him while imagining that she was making love to the real Brad Pitt. She imagined him telling her that he really was Brad Pitt and was stepping out on Angelina for a night of wild sex. She imagined him telling her that he no longer loved Angelina but now loved her.

* * * * *

Yet, after what happened with her ex-husband and Jimmy, along with a multitude of other men along her way and before them, she had a love/hate relationship with men. Turning mean and nasty in a second, she knew what men were capable of doing. She never had a good relationship with men. Always starting out well, it always ended badly. Always, whether it was for sex, money and/or for sex and money, men were always there to take sexually advantage of her, use her, and abuse her.

If anything, after being emotionally and physically abused by her ex-husband, and sexually abused by her four, drunken brothers when they gangbanged raped her, she feared men. Continuing the cycle of sexual abuse from when she was younger, her piano teacher sexually abused her for years. Because she was blonde, pretty, and had big, blue eyes, even her uncle forced her to give him oral sex. Her favorite cousin beat her, tortured, and raped her before trying to drown her for fear that she’d tell what he did to her.

“Don’t tell,” he continued saying to her while pushing her head under dirty and freezing pond water on an extremely cold day in February. “Don’t tell.” So traumatized and never so cold as she was that day, she didn’t speak for years after that incident.

Rather than just talk to her, most men just stared at her, leered at her, and ogled her. Rather than just talk to her as if she was a person who happened to be a beautiful and sexy woman, most men treated her as if she was fresh meat. Rather than just talk to her, most men saw her as being unapproachable and someone to put up on a pedestal in the way they do with models, celebrities, strippers, porn stars, Playboy centerfolds, and football cheerleaders. Yet, for the most part, most men looked at her as if she was just someone to suck them before they fucked her. Besides, most men didn’t want a dialogue, they just wanted sex.

A reason that escaped her, perhaps for the fear of being rejected, the good looking guys were seemingly always reluctant to approach her. It was always the oddballs, the screwballs, the drunks, the crazies, the weirdoes, and the men who looked more like Danny DeVito than Brad Pitt who took the time to talk to her. If only they’d talk to her, just talk to her, albeit without ogling her exposed long line of cleavage and big tits, maybe she’d find someone normal to date.

Seemingly, it’s always the ordinary looking men, instead of the hunks, who possess the self-confidence to approach and talk to a beautiful woman. In the way that Billy Joel ended up with Christie Brinkley, Rick Ocasek of the Cars married supermodel Paulina Porizkova, and/or Rod Stewart married so very many beautiful women, women aren’t enamored with outside appearances in the way that men ignore what’s on the inside of a woman for what’s on the outside. Granted some women marry for money and to have a better life but, as far as women are concerned when it comes to men, looks aren’t everything.

So very many obese or not as attractive women would make a much better wife, lover, and mother than a skinny, dimwitted, pretty bitch of a blonde with big tits. Only, men don’t take the time to talk to women. Men would much rather have arm candy than an equal partner and a woman who had a brain in her head. Men would much rather have their fantasy woman than to have a realistic partner in life who’d make a much better wife, lover, mother, and best friend.

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