Against the Wall Ch. 02

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While it wasn’t my intention to have this long a break between chapters, setting up the cliffhanger in the back of the cab was planned. Suffice it to say, the action picks up considerably in this chapter.

As always, I owe many thanks to my friend and editor, stevieraygovan. He helps me take the germ of a story and make it the passionate tale you have before you. It’s becoming quite funny how many times he’ll say, “This needs to be changed,” and we’ll come up with the same substitute words.

© 2011 annanova, all rights reserved

When last we visited our intrepid redhead, she was preparing to make the cab ride back to the hotel one that Brad would never forget.

Having fished Brad’s stiffening cock from his pants, Anna was eagerly bending down, ready to honor her side of their bet from the first period of the game. She had wagered that his team wouldn’t score in the first, and they had. Of course, the score had evened in the second, so he’d have to repay her in their suite, but she was looking forward to giving the blowjob she had promised him earlier.

“Wait! What are you doing?” The panicked voice seemed to be coming from the front seat. “You can’t do that here!”

She looked up, her hand still wrapped around the base of her sexy lover’s cock. “What?” She was truly confused. “I’m not going to make a mess, and people eat in cabs all the time.”

“No! You can’t do that,” insisted the driver. “You can’t do sex in my car!”

“Fine, I won’t. Pull over somewhere quiet, and you won’t have to worry about your back seat.” Anna wasn’t too excited about this change in her plans, but she was willing to be flexible.

“Umm, what are you doing?” Brad’s whisper was tinged with nervous energy.

She smiled, a lust-filled gleam in her warm green eyes. “I’m paying my debt to you, baby.”

“Here?” he stammered. “Now?”

The driver brought the cab to a stop in front of a darkened shop, calling out all the while, “I told you, no doing sex in my car!”

Opening the door, she turned to look directly at the driver. “Relax, there will be no sex in your car. Wait here because we’ll want a ride to our hotel once we’re done.” She stepped out of the cab and extended a hand to her tall, blond lover. “Are you ready?”

“You know you don’t have to do this, right?” he asked, joining her on the curb.

“I know, but I want to,” she smiled invitingly, pressing against him and directing their bodies to the recessed entry of the nearby shop. Once he was standing with his back to the wall, she purred, “I don’t want to waste another minute when we could be enjoying each other instead.”

She leaned in, hungrily kissing him while opening the fly of his jeans. Slipping her fingertips under the hem of his shirt, she flattened her hands and ran them up his torso, nibbling her way along his jaw and neck to his collarbones. He took hold of her hips, pulling them to his and spreading his fingers to cover her ass.

“I’m getting cold, baby,” he teased. “What do you plan to do about that?”

“Funny,” she teased back, “you don’t look like you’re getting cold.”

Slowly bending her knees, she had begun a sinuous path down his body when he remembered something she’d said while tormenting him at the game.

“Wait.” His voice was a low growl. “I want to be able to see you.” He pulled her to her feet, then reached down; taking hold of the bottom of her shirt, he jerked it up over her head to hook it around the back of her neck. With her full breasts exposed to his appreciative eyes, he grinned wryly. “Okay, now you can start.”

Part of her was surprised by the suddenness of his action; part of her was thrilled he was exposing her in such a manner. He’d always been… reserved? While he had no problem enjoying the sight of her body when they were at home, he was less certain about her semi-sheer blouses in public. She had no idea why he had unexpectedly decided to show her off there, knowing the taxi was just behind them, but she wasn’t about to question it either.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pressed her mouth to his in a vague whisper. Slowly moving her hands to his chest, she gave him a series of tender, wet kisses as she made her way down his body. His quivering sigh when she flicked her thumbnail over his right nipple excited her.

It was his turn to be amused when he heard a sudden, “Ouch!”

“What is it, babe?”

From her knees, she glanced up. “Tonight of all nights, you don’t wear jeans with a button-fly?” she pretended to grump while gently caressing the underside of her breasts. “Damn zipper.”

The beginnings of a smile melted into an expression of near shock when she closed in on him, kissing just below his navel and surrounding his rigid length with her soft, warm breasts. He choked out her name and relaxed against the wall, jerking his hips to her at the same time.

“Eager, aren’t we?” she crooned, teasing him just a little. “You want to be in my mouth, don’t you?”

He felt her tongue kartal escort tracing concentric circles on his tip and sighed, “Your mouth is like heaven.”

“Thank you.”

She peeked up to see him leaning his head against the bricks and knew he was anxious for her to continue. Still on her knees, she kissed his tip, causing him to groan again. They hadn’t been together long, only six months, but it was enough that he was able to recognize her patterns and know that she was waiting for him to look at her.

He opened his eyes, tilting his head enough to take in the view; a smiling Anna, on her knees before him, her beautiful green eyes glowing mischievously while she lapped at his tip.

‘What a spectacular image.’

Her words in the cab suddenly returned to him, and he chuckled. “Baby, still think you can do it in less than fifteen minutes?”

One corner of her mouth quirked upward. “Is that a challenge?”

“No. I’d never dream of challenging a woman who has my cock in her mouth.”

“Since we’re not in the cab, I kind of thought I’d take my time.”

While that was worth considering, he pointed out that the driver had merely pulled over for them, and the meter was still running. Her response was to smile and press his cock toward his belly, licking the underside from root to tip, making him shudder.

Seeing the shiver run through his body, her smile grew. Knowing what he was anticipating, she instead pressed her mouth to his balls, humming happily before licking the thick bisecting vein.

“Oh… fuck,” he muttered, nearly jumping out of his shoes.

It absolutely thrilled her to know she had surprised and pleased him. She simply loved sucking his cock. She especially enjoyed exploring new ways to savor it; new methods of treating her lover to an exquisite torture. Ready to move things along, she took hold of his cock at the base and brought it to her lips where she sweetly kissed the tip once more.

With his thick cock extended proudly, she took her time exploring the ridge around the head and thoroughly licking the shaft, getting it nice and wet. The sensations from her tongue moved Brad to reach out, brushing a stray lock of hair from her face so he could better see her. His tenderness made her smile. Peeking up, she offered him an explicit demonstration of her lips painting circles on his cockhead, spreading pre-cum as if it were her favorite lipstick.

Her actions clouded his thoughts to the point he forgot about the waiting cab. With the seductive sound of the blues spilling from a nearby club enveloping them in a warm, erotic haze, they were no longer in the middle of a strange city. No, in his mind they’d been carried away to their own private Shangri-La.

Still watching him, she could see that he existed completely in the moment, living only for the pleasure they were sharing. Anna had one slender hand wrapped around the base of his shaft, holding him steady, while the other was slowly and steadily caressing the back of his left thigh. Wanting to increase their mutual enjoyment, she slowly parted her lips, taking in just his head. “Mmm,” she sighed, her mouth full.

From somewhere beyond his mental reckoning, he watched her sweet lips encircle the end of his aching cock. Beginning to tremble, he tried to relax enough that he could remain standing without rushing the sexy redhead’s actions. Entranced by the warmth of her mouth, he could feel the tip of her tongue lapping at his flowing pre-cum.

Her hands were already working their particular magic on his body. While her right hand moved up the back of his leg and toyed with the crease at the top of his thigh, her left started a slow, easy twisting motion at the base of his thick cock. At the same time, she was busy running her tongue all over his cockhead, caressing the ridges and teasing the sensitive patch under his tip.

Pulling back, she released him just long enough to whisper, “You taste so good, Brad.”

He gasped as she took him back into her mouth. Leaning against the wall, he started moving his hips in time until her hand that had been caressing the junction of his ass and thigh crept up to skritch the bottom of that cheek.

“Anna….” He was breathing deeply, trying to be still for her. “Anna, I’m close.”

In response, she grinned around his thickness before sliding along his length to his body. The long, graceful fingers she had wrapped around the base of his cock ceased their twisting motion and began slowly stroking that last bit she could just never fit. Even so, she had to fight her gag reflex when he reached the back of her mouth.

“That’s amazing, baby” he groaned. He could feel his pending eruption building.

Whether he had warned her or not, she knew he was getting close. She thought of how much she loved this part; feeling him twitch and swell, knowing he was trying to hold out for another minute or two. Wanting to help him over the edge, she brought her right kurtköy escort hand around to cup and tease his heavy balls. At the same time, she moaned around his cock, taking him into her mouth as deeply as she could; once, twice, glancing up to see his head fall back to the wall.

One more time and suddenly a strangled cry of, “Anna!” split the air.

She pulled back slightly so he could send a thick rope of cum to the back of her throat while his body shook. Her eyes were glowing happily; continuing to stroke his cock, she swallowed everything she could. She pressed a knuckle to the spot just behind his balls, and he kept shooting until he was shuddering with the effort.

Feeling weakened, his knees buckled, but she pressed her hands to his thighs in an effort to pass some of her strength back to him. Never releasing him, she let her tongue play around his softening cock until he couldn’t stand not having her in his arms anymore. He took her hands, bringing her to her feet and into a heated embrace.

One hand wound itself into her long, red hair as he hungrily kissed her, roaming her mouth with his tongue. Through his haze he could feel the hard tips of her breasts crushed against his chest. Tugging lightly on her hair and drawing her head back, he wandered down her throat, nibbling and gently biting his way to her temptingly flushed nipples.

He teased her before removing his hand from her hair to wrap that arm around her waist. That gave him the leverage to lean her back enough to slip his other hand into the slight gap in her jeans; popping the button open, he thrust two fingers into her surprisingly wet pussy.

She gasped at his insistence, writhing on his hand and thrilling at the quick approach of an orgasm. The exhibitionism of sucking Brad off on the sidewalk had apparently excited her more than she had originally thought possible. Unfortunately for her, he was in a teasing mood because when she started to moan, he withdrew his fingers and placed them in his mouth.

“What are you doing? Why did you stop?”

Smiling around his fingers, he finished licking her juices before saying, “I guess I’m not quite as brave as you are.” He took her hand and started walking toward the still-waiting cab. “Or, you can go with the idea that I just don’t feel like sharing you with anyone.”

He opened the door for her, and she realized what he meant when she noticed their driver watching her with a rather dazed expression, a thin layer of sweat having formed on his forehead. Brad climbed in beside her, giving the man a reminder of their hotel.

Once they were again en route, she relaxed into her lover’s arms while he nuzzled below her ear. It wasn’t until he reached to cup her breast that she noticed her shirt was still hooked behind her neck. “Are you having fun, babe?” she whispered.

“Yes, I am,” he breathed. “It was a good game, don’t you think?”

A seductively soft laugh rose from deep in her chest. “Yeah, it was better than I thought it would be.” She twisted her head to nip at his chin before adding, “This game seems pretty fun, too.”

He let his hand roam a quiet circle around the sides of her breast before brushing his thumb over her erect nipple. “I won’t lie; I’m having fun with this game as well.” His slow, deep drawl filled the cab, delighting her senses.

“Mmm, I like that,” she purred quietly.

Still teasing her nipple, he looked up to catch the driver’s eyes in the rearview mirror. He’d guessed the man was still sneaking peaks and figured that if he’d been the one preparing to go down on Anna earlier, instead of the other way around, there wouldn’t have been any fuss about no sex in the cab. Shaking his head in amusement, he tilted his head forward and nibbled at her ear before whispering, “I know you do.”

Her hand found its way to his thigh and started gently kneading it. Closing her eyes and letting herself submit to the sensations his ear-nibbles were creating, she asked, “Have you decided what your penalty is for losing the second period bet?”

“What penalty? My team won, silly.”

“Yes, they did, but at the end of the first period we talked about another bet should the home team tie things up.” The back of her head was resting against his shoulder. “It was too close to the buzzer, so we picked that one up in the second, and the score was tied before the end of the period.” Awkwardly slipping her hand into his pocket, she gently squeezed him and added, “Therefore, you lost the second period.”

His answering chuckle reverberated in her chest, causing her pussy to clench. “Very well, I’ll have to come up with something before we get to the room.”

“Sir, we’re at your hotel.” The driver’s hushed voice briefly intruded on their shared reverie.

The parking lot lights were startling in their impact on the lovers. After a quiet ride, they’d nearly forgotten where they were and weren’t fully prepared to be pulling in before the maltepe escort entry.

Brad took his time paying the fare, thanking the driver for waiting out their earlier detour. When his smile changed from friendly to bashful, he knew the man had been carefully watching Anna. Of course, it was hardly surprising; he certainly would’ve been watching if he wasn’t already with the gorgeous redhead.

Before opening the door, he looked into her green eyes, seeing her excitement and desire blend with something he thought might be curiosity. He leaned in to kiss her, cupping the back of her neck in one large hand. Finally, he released the latch on the car door, reaching back to help her from the car once he’d exited.

Her smile was so bright, so gleeful, he was momentarily confused. Then he realized why he’d seen that curious expression on her face in the car; he’d left her shirt up.

“Is this part of your penalty?” she asked, the light tone making it clear she was teasing him. Sliding toward the door, her smile remained. When she saw the awe on his face, she bit her lower lip, touched by his eyes.

He gently pulled the shirt over her head, reluctantly covering her full breasts. “No, having you walk through the lobby more or less shirtless wouldn’t be easy for me since every other man in there would be staring at you. But I’m not clear where it’s a huge loss, since you’d still be with me.”

“They’d all be jealous of you, Brad,” she smiled, getting out of the cab. Rising to her toes, she kissed the corner of his mouth, flicking the tip of her tongue over the edge of his bottom lip. “Yes, they’d be jealous, and I’d be happy to let you show off.”

She heard the car door close and felt a breeze on the backs of her legs. The rest of it was lost on her because suddenly his arms tightened around her waist, pulling her slender body to him and taking her mouth in a deep, nearly desperate kiss.

Not waiting, she thrust her tongue into his mouth, beginning a slick, heated dance. He moaned, sliding a hand down her back, clutching her jean-clad ass. That action ratcheted up her desire; she pressed her hips to his, rubbing firmly against his renewed bulge.

“Damn,” he whispered, “I’m glad we didn’t walk back here after… well–“

“I think we should go inside now, don’t you?” She nuzzled his chin, wondering what he might be planning once they were back in their suite.

“Excellent idea,” he grinned. Taking her hand, he turned them around and headed for the door.

The lobby was more populated than it might otherwise have been on a Thursday night. Between the sports fans in the lounge, area diners and a CD release party at a nearby blues club, there were probably a couple dozen people milling about, either coming or going. Several of them turned to watch, even whispering to friends, as the sexy redhead in the unbuttoned jeans walked to the elevators holding the hand of the tall blond man with the obvious erection.

The lovers never noticed. Even the ride to their floor was spent entirely focused on each other. Once he’d hit their button and the doors closed, he reached over to cup her face with both hands. Running the pad of his thumb over her lower lip, he gazed into her eyes, losing himself in their depths. His thumb reflexively pressed down on the center of her lip, then he leaned in to claim her mouth with a soft kiss.

It was the quiet throat-clearing of another guest that announced they’d arrived at their floor. He wasn’t sure how she did it, but Anna strolled past the couple in the hall without a hint of embarrassment; she merely flashed a coy smile that had the other woman blushing three shades of red.

Following her rolling hips to their suite, Brad completed the plan he’d been considering since the hockey game briefly tied in the second period. He knew exactly how he was going to make good on his side of the bet, confident that she would be more than pleased.

She looked over her shoulder just before reaching their door. Leaning against the wall, she sexily cocked one leg while calling back to him in a husky voice. “You know, if you want to put this off until tomorrow, I’d understand. Work gets in the way sometimes.”

“It isn’t that late,” he replied, wondering what she was up to. “It’s only just after eleven o’clock, and we got enough done today that we won’t have to scramble tomorrow.” He slipped the card key into the slot and waited for the click. “Besides, I already know what I want to do.”

The low growl of his voice and his strong arm around her waist pulling her to him was enough to make her tingle everywhere. They quickly entered the room, barely taking the time to set out the “Do Not Disturb” sign and lock the door.

Kissing him, she wriggled two fingers between his shirt buttons in the middle of his chest. With a little pressure from her thumb, she was able to pop the lower one open, which allowed her to play with the chest hair she found there. She tugged at a few strands, causing him to growl again.

“You know what that does to me, don’t you?”

She rolled her hips forward, grinding against him. “Yes, I think I have a pretty good idea,” she teased. His hands made their way to cup her ass; holding her to him, they kissed again before she whispered, “Babe, would you mind if I took a few minutes to get ready?”

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