After the Prom with Daddy

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Tiffany should have been excited about her upcoming senior prom, but instead she was very nervous. She had casually dated her prom date Tim for the last six months, and he was always very respectful to her. He knew that she was not ready for sex, and during their relationship they only kissed. But like most 18 year old teenage guys, he was hoping he could convince Tiffany to have sex with him after the prom.

But that probably wasn’t going to happen because Tiffany’s mother Lisa had sex on prom night and got pregnant with Tiffany, and she decided to go through with the pregnancy. Tiffany really liked Tim though but wasn’t sure if she could control her emotions if things went too far. She had irregular periods and was put on birth control pills to regulate them, so she didn’t have a risk of pregnancy, but didn’t want to be a cliché of a girl having her first sexual experience on prom night.

Tiffany’s father Henry was also worried about her, even though she was a very responsible and a mature eighteen year old girl. He didn’t know she was now on birth control pills, so he was worried she could get pregnant on prom night. Henry’s wife Madelaine had run away with Fred, one of her former high school sweethearts, a year before, after re-connecting with him at their high school re-union. Unfortunately, they got drunk one night and got into a fatal car accident. Fred was always the bad boy in high school, and like many women, Madelaine was attracted to bad boys.

Henry was the typical good guy in high school, very dependable and was friends with Madelaine before they got together. Henry was a shy virgin when he met her. He was an adequate lover and a dependable husband and made a good salary as a middle manager in a large corporation. But there was a lack of passion in their relationship. Henry just wasn’t a passionate guy and Madelaine accepted that, but when she re-connected with Fred, she felt a strong passion with him like they had in high school. Unfortunately, Fred also had a passion for drugs and alcohol, which took them down a dark road that ended up with their car wrapped around a telephone pole.

Tiffany and Henry were both traumatized by the loss of Madelaine, even though she had abandoned both of them, but they comforted each other and became closer, and Henry tried to be both father and mother to her. Henry had become very lonely and had started casually dating through online dating sites, which made Tiffany very jealous. She also became insecure that her father would abandon her like her mother did if he fell in love with a woman.

Henry was also a little insecure that Tiffany would eventually fall in love with someone and abandon him, so they both had abandonment issues, which sometimes strained their relationship. Henry was worried about prom night but had met Tim several times and thought he was a nice guy, just like him.

On prom night Tim came to the door to pick up Tiffany. He had borrowed his father’s top of the line Mercedes, so he didn’t need a limo. Tim was also a little nervous, knowing that Tiffany’s father was overprotective of her. He rang the doorbell and took a deep breath.

“Hi Tim, it’s great to see you,” Henry chirped as he held out his large hand to shake Tim’s hand firmly. “Are you looking forward to the big night tonight?”

“Yes, Mr. Willis, I am honored that Tiffany is allowing me to take her to the prom.”

Henry wasn’t sure if Tim was being sincere with him but gave him the benefit of the doubt. So, as he shook Tim’s hand, he suddenly replied a little menacingly, “I expect Tiffany to come home in the same condition as she left here. A virgin. Are we clear on that?”

“I understand Mr. Willis, you don’t have to worry about that.”

Tiffany came down the stairs, a vision of beauty, in a pink flowing formal ankle length prom dress, with lots of pink chiffon and an embroidered off the shoulder bodice, her long slightly curled hair flowing over her shoulders. Tim stood there in his tuxedo, smiling that his girlfriend was going to be the prettiest girl at the prom.

Henry took the usual prom photos and was beaming with pride that his daughter had blossomed into such a beautiful yet still wholesome young woman. He also appreciated that she was helping him around the house with cooking, cleaning, laundry and making meals, just like his late wife did. But Tiffany was no substitute for having a warm and loving wife sleeping next to you every night. He was hoping to find a nice woman to marry, since he was the nice guy, not someone who would just use a woman for sex.

Henry gave his daughter a big hug and tried not to worry about her possibly having sex with Tim and potentially getting pregnant. But he remembered a comedian on television making a joke about girls on prom night, that the fathers are always delusional that their daughter would just dance and have fun, but in reality that beautiful dress would be up over her head by the end of the night while her prom date pounded her in the back seat of his car.

Henry tried to get this horrible vision out of his mind and just whispered in her ear so Tim could not hear it, “Tiffany, have a good tonight but please make good decisions.”

She softly replied, “Daddy you know I will, you can trust me.” He smiled at them both as they walked out the door. He was still going to sit in the living room in his pajamas and wait up for Tiffany to come home. Henry had vetoed Tiffany and Tim going to an overnight party at the shore with other prom couples, which was a tradition in their town.

Tiffany and Tim had a great time at the prom. They danced and laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. Of course, Tim had snuck some liquor out of his house, and they got a little drunk. After the prom, Tiffany thought Tim would just take her home, but he suggested that they drive out to an overlook by the lake, where they had spent many make out sessions in his car. She agreed, although she was worried about him drinking and driving.

Several hours later Tiffany walked up the driveway and tried to quietly come in the house, but her father turned on the light in the living where he was sitting on the couch waiting for her, and he was not happy that she was way past her curfew. She reeked of liquor, her makeup was all smeared and the bottom of her dress was filthy with dirt. There was also a hickey prominently displayed on her neck.

“Tiffany, why are you home so late and why do you smell like liquor and look the way you do!” Henry bellowed at her.

“Daddy, it’s not what you think, Tim wanted to have sex with me, and I didn’t want to!”

“Tiffany, do you really expect me to believe you?”

“Yes, Daddy, it’s the truth!”

Henry was angry and was having flashbacks to his school’s prom night 19 years before. He told her to sit on the couch next to him. “Tiffany, I was worried about the prom, but it looks like you behaved just like your mother did at our prom.”

“What do you mean Daddy?”

“Well, we never told you the real story of our high school senior prom. You see, I was dating your mom for several months, but she was also dating Fred too.”

“You mean her high school classmate she ran away with? I thought she dated him before you?”

“No, she was dating both of us at the same time, and a few other guys too. She was a bit wild in high school and I was a virgin. I invited her to the prom, and she accepted. Then right before the prom she told me that she had decided to go the prom with Fred instead. She said I was nice but kind of boring, and Fred was exciting and had a very dominant personality and she liked that. I was heartbroken and didn’t even go the prom.”

“That’s terrible Daddy. But I don’t understand? I thought you impregnated Mom on prom night and decided to get married?”

“No Tiffany, it was actually Fred who got Mom pregnant. She didn’t want to have sex that night because she knew she was ovulating, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer and forced her.”

Tiffany looked at her father with a dumbstruck look. “Do you mean I’m actually not your daughter?”

“Tiffany, after Mom got pregnant, Fred didn’t want anything to do with her. She didn’t want to get an abortion and I still loved her, so I married her, and I raised you as if you were my biological daughter. We didn’t want to upset you by letting you know who your real father was, so we agreed canlı bahis to not tell you until you were eighteen. But I couldn’t bring myself to tell you last month when you turned eighteen.”

“So did Mom stop contact with Fred?”

“No, she left me again for him for a couple of weeks when you were young, because she still felt drawn to his bad boy charms, but he mistreated her, and she came back again.”

“So, she abandoned me again a second time?”

“Yes. But I want to know what happened tonight. Did you have sex and possibly get pregnant by Tim? He seemed like a nice guy but looks can be deceiving. Fred seemed like a nice guy to Mom several times, and his third deception of her proved to be fatal when they hit that telephone pole.”

“Daddy, I can’t get pregnant. I am on birth control pills.”

“Why did you go on them? So, you can go around with a lot of guys like your mother did?”

“No Daddy, I went on them because I was having irregular periods and it regulates them. I didn’t tell you because you might get the wrong idea.”

“Well how do you explain the hickey on your neck?”

“Daddy, Tim and I had kissed before. He wanted to park by the lake after the prom and I thought we would just make out like usual. But he got very aggressive me and kissed me hard. He gave me the hickey and I was very upset, because I knew you would see it. He told me he did it so everyone at school would know that I belonged to him.”

“What happened after that? Why is your makeup smeared and there’s dirt on your gown? It also looks like there is a cum stain on the crotch area of your gown. How do you explain that?”

“Daddy, after the hickey he pulled down the front of my dress so he could see my breasts. I tried to struggle to hold my dress up, but he was too strong. He started squeezing my breasts hard and pinching on my nipples and told me he would hurt me if I didn’t have sex with him. That’s why my makeup got smeared because I started crying.

“Tiffany, your story is getting more and more ridiculous. Prove to me that he pinched your breasts and nipples.”

“How am I going to do that?”

“Take down the front of your dress and let me see your breasts.”

“But Daddy, that wouldn’t be right.”

“Do it, or I won’t believe you and you’ll be grounded for the whole summer.”

Tiffany reluctantly lowered the top of her dress and Henry was shocked at how beautiful her breasts were, perfectly shaped with small perky nipples. Tiffany looked just like his late wife, including her breasts. He started getting flashbacks about having sex with Madelaine, but quickly put the thought out of his mind. This was his daughter Tiffany, not his late wife.

“See Daddy, you can see the bruise marks on my breasts.”

“How do I know that wasn’t from you having rough sex with Tim?”

“It wasn’t Daddy, I swear.”

“There’s only one way to prove that.”

“What Daddy?”

Henry reached out and cupped one of Tiffany’s breasts and she pulled away suddenly from the pain. He reached for her nipple and gently pulled it and again she winced a little. He became entranced though and started gently massaging her breasts and nipples.

“Daddy, what are you doing!” Tiffany shouted.

“I want to see if you like having a man feel you up. I want to see if you are wild like your mother was.”

“Daddy, I’m not like that, I swear!” But Tiffany started feeling wet between her legs. She never had someone lovingly caress her breasts and nipples like her daddy was doing. She loved her daddy so much and wondered sometimes if he thought she was pretty. She was puzzled what he was thinking as he rubbed her breasts, and she started to softly moan a little.

“I was just trying to soothe your breasts and nipples if he really did get rough with you, but also testing to see if maybe you were a willing participant, and I can see by your moans that you probably liked it.”

“I didn’t Daddy, I swear!”

“Tiffany let’s not argue about it. What allegedly happened next?”

“Tim pulled out his cock while he was squeezing my breast and pinching my nipple told me that he would put it up my ass if I didn’t at least give him a hand job.”

“So, what did you do?”

“I was afraid, so I started stroking his dick.”

“How did you know how to do that?”

“My friends and I saw it in a porn movie.”

“Oh, really? So now you admit to watching porn movies?”

“I was just curious Daddy. It doesn’t mean I want to have sex.”

“Then what happened Tiffany?”

“Tim decided he wanted a blowjob and pulled my head down to his cock. He threatened again to ass fuck me hard, so I opened my mouth. He put it in and kept pulling my head up and down on his dick. I thought I was going to pass out because I was gagging on it. I got my head free as he started coming and his cum landed on my dress.”

“Wow, this story is getting more and more ridiculous. So, after that you fucked him, right?”

“No Daddy, he reached under my dress and tried to pry my legs apart, but I managed to push him off me and jumped out of the car. I ran through the woods and down the road and got home. That is why my dress got dirty.”

“Did he follow you?”

“No, he called me and told me I was teasing him, and he was going to find my best friend Lily and fuck her instead. Do you believe me now Daddy?”

“I’m not sure Tiffany. Pull up your dress, I want to see something to prove your story.”

“But Daddy, that wouldn’t be right. Please don’t make me do that.”

“Why would it be wrong? I’ll only see your panties. I’ve seen you in your swimsuit plenty of times.”

Tiffany slowly and reluctantly pulled up the bottom of her dress and her daddy was shocked to see she had no panties on. She quickly covered her sex with her hands. He did notice that she did have some small bruises on the inside of her thighs.

“So, how do you explain having no panties on?”

“He ripped them off me before I escaped, I swear!”

“Were the bruises from the rough sex you had with him?”

“Daddy, I told you that we didn’t have sex!”

“Tiffany, there is only one way to prove that. Now put your hands down at your sides or I’m going to get my belt and give your backside a good beating.”

Tiffany slowly lowered her hands and Henry reached his fingers into her small teenage vagina, as Tiffany’s face quickly registered shock of what he was doing.

“Daddy, why are you touching my pussy?”

“I want to feel if your hymen is still intact.” He started feeling around and soon felt that her barrier was still in place. Then he looked at her with her legs open and her beautiful face staring at him and he felt like he was with his late wife again. He got lost in his thoughts and started fingering Tiffany and circling her clitoris softly with the tip of his thumb, just like his wife used to love.

Tiffany started feeling that familiar tingling she got when she played with herself under the covers in bed at night. “Daddy why are you doing that? You’re going to make me come,” she protested in a ragged voice.

Henry stopped fingering her pussy. “Tiffany, I apologize, you were telling the truth. You are still a virgin. But it doesn’t change the fact that you are going to fall in love with a boy someday and you’ll leave me, just like your mother did.”

“Daddy, that’s not true. I’ll always be there for you, even if some day I don’t live with you anymore. I’m afraid too that you’re going to find another woman to marry and leave me like Mom did.”

“Tiffany, I would never do that. But I do have a strong sex drive and need to have sex a lot. I’ve just about worn out my hand over the last year. I need to find a steady girlfriend.”

Tiffany started sobbing softly, thinking about her daddy fucking some bimbo slut, while the thoughts in Henry’s mind became confused, thinking about Tiffany would eventually leave him. But then he came to a conclusion that made sense to him. He pulled down his pajama bottoms, letting his aching member escape and stand straight up. Tiffany looked at him in shock and at his cock in fear.

“Daddy, what are you doing!”

“Tiffany, I can’t bear the thought of some punk kid being with my girl. Fred stole your mother from me, and no one is going to steal you from me.”

Fred quickly pushed Tiffany down on the couch, pulled bahis siteleri up her dress to her neck and pried apart her legs before she could react. “Daddy, no! I’m your daughter, not your girlfriend.” But he wouldn’t listen and started rubbing his cock up and down her virgin slit.

“Tiffany, you aren’t my biological daughter and I’m only 37, so we can make our own family. You’re never going to leave me because you’re never going to have sex with anyone else but me! You have taken over everything else your mom would do around the house, except making love with me, and we need to change that.”

Tiffany looked up at her daddy in shock and saw a look of passion in his eyes she never saw before. He was looking at her like she was the only woman in the world he ever wanted, but also that he would take her by force if he needed to. “Daddy, I can’t believe you’re acting this way, this isn’t like you!”

“The way I am acting is the way your mom wanted me to be. Not some wimpy guy who gave into everything I thought she wanted, but what she really wanted, for me to be wild, uninhibited and dominant.”

Tiffany understood what he was saying, and she became excited that her daddy was being so forceful but looking at her so adoringly at the same time.

He held her arms above her head and slowly started entering her previously untouched passage. “This might hurt a little Tiffany, but you’ll feel better soon.”

She couldn’t believe it was prom night and it was her daddy deflowering her instead of some boy in the back seat of a car. She was scared but was so turned on she thought she would faint from her desire for her daddy.

“Ow Daddy, it hurts a little,” Tiffany grimaced as he bottomed out into his daughter. Henry started stroking into Tiffany and she soon started feeling pleasure. He rocked in and out gently, but he was being very dominant with her and she knew that he would not take no for an answer if she asked him to stop. He kissed her mouth gently as he made love to his daughter.

“You like that Tiffany?” Henry smiled at her as he continued to give his daughter a prom night she would never forget. He hoisted her legs over his broad shoulders and Tiffany looked up at him and couldn’t believe she was on her back on her living couch with her dress up to her shoulders, her legs wide open, and she looking at her pink prom shoes on top of her daddy’s shoulders as he pumped into her.

As his orgasm started building, Tiffany could feel hers building too. As he got close, Henry shouted, “Tiffany, I’m going to come!” He started spurting his cum into his daughter’s cunt as it throbbed around his cock as she smiled. He knew she was on birth control pills, so he felt relieved that they didn’t have to worry about her getting pregnant.

As his cock slowly deflated and their bodies relaxed, he kissed her on the forehead and softly whispered, “I love you princess. I hope you had a great prom night.”

“The best Daddy. I’m all sweaty though. I’m going to go take a bath Daddy.”

“Let me join you,” Henry said as he smiled at his no longer virgin daughter. Tiffany took off her prom dress and slipped into the jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom. Henry lovingly washed every inch of her body and shampooed her long hair. She washed him and took extra time washing and stroking his cock and balls.

She looked at her daddy and said, “was I good? It was my first time, and I didn’t know what I was doing.”

“You were wonderful Tiffany. You are going to get a lot more practice and get even better. Now stand up Tiffany.”

“Why Daddy?”

“You’ll see.”

Tiffany stood up and he had her part her thin teenage legs slightly. He got on his knees and leaned in and started lapping at her fresh clean cunt. She started moaning in ecstasy. He circled her clit slowly with his tongue and reached back and inserted a finger gently into her anus.

“Oh Daddy, I’m going to come again. Please stop.”

He stopped licking her and looked up at her and replied, “I’m never going to stop. We belong to each other now and no one else.”

Henry started flicking his tongue up and down Tiffany’s clit and her legs started shaking as a powerful orgasm ripped through her body. He looked up at her again and said, “my turn now.”

He stood up in the tub and Tiffany got down on her knees. Now she wasn’t being forced to suck a cock, like Tim made her do. She wanted to please her daddy, replacing her deceased mother with a woman that her daddy would never want to leave. But her daddy also had that look on his face that he would make her suck his cock if that is what it took to convince his daughter to suck him dry.

She started pulling on Henry’s penis, smiling as it grew hard. He started groaning with pleasure, so happy that this prom night was replacing the horrible prom night from 19 years before, when Madelaine abandoned him for Fred, and he stayed in his bedroom all night depressed and lonely. Tiffany enveloped Henry’s rigid member with her young teenage mouth and started sucking his dick hard. She wanted to feel her daddy’s cum in her throat and Henry knew he wouldn’t last long.

She decided to do what her daddy did to her and stuck one of her fingers in his ass. He couldn’t hold back any longer and exploded into her mouth with his sticky cum. Tiffany had never tasted cum before and actually loved the taste of it as it slid down her throat. She didn’t even spill a drop.

As his shrinking cock exited her mouth, Tiffany looked up shyly at her daddy and said, “did I do good Daddy? Was I as good as Mommy was?”

“Tiffany, you were the best. But don’t try to compete with her. You are so much better than her. You are loyal and accept me that I am a nice guy, not a bad boy.”

“Daddy, you just took your daughter’s virginity and told her that she was going to be your sex slave for life. That’s pretty bad ass.”

“Well, you do have a point. But you only have to have sex with me if you want to.”

“Daddy, stop being the nice guy again. I know how much you love me and how wonderful a person you are, but I love when you look at me like I have no choice but do want you want in bed. I’m exhausted though. I’m going to put on my pajamas and go to my bed.”

He looked at Tiffany with lust in his eyes. “No, you’re not. You’re moving into my bedroom and you’re going to sleep naked every night, so I can have easy access to that gorgeous body of yours. You’re going to fuck and suck every day until you walk bowlegged and have a sore jaw.”

Tiffany smiled at her new forceful daddy and replied, “I want every night from now on to feel like the post-prom celebration we just had. I love the new daddy you’ve become.”

Henry and Tiffany went to bed and spooned as they both slept with smiles on their faces. In the middle of the night though Henry woke up and saw that the covers had come off them and Tiffany was lying on her stomach, with her small tight eighteen year old ass staring him right in the face. He smirked slightly and reached into the nightstand for some lube.

Tiffany thought she was dreaming as she felt something liquid and warm working its way into her butthole as she slept. But then she woke and realized her daddy was on top of her and spreading her butt cheeks apart.

“Daddy, what are you doing!” Tiffany shouted.

“I’m taking your ass like a bad boy would do.”

“Daddy, I know you want to be dominant with me, but I’m scared it’s going to hurt!”

“Don’t worry Tiffany, I will never hurt you, but you’ll never be saying no to me either, or you’ll go over my knee to be spanked, or I’ll use my belt on that beautiful little ass of yours, until you spread those cheeks and beg me to fuck you up the ass.”

Tiffany became so turned on by the way her daddy was talking to her that she reached back and spread her cheeks submissively and Henry slowly entered her ass. She was his now whenever he wanted her. He stroked in and out of her virgin ass and she didn’t care about any potential pain, she just wanted her daddy to feel pleasure. As her ass slowly opened up it started to feel wonderful, like every time daddy took her pussy as his property earlier that night. After he came, he rubbed her pussy until she had the strongest orgasm yet.

Henry became turned on by his new personality. He loved the look on Tiffany’s face when she would wake up with him bahis şirketleri on top of her, ready to enter her as she was still sleepy and not ready for their love making session, but soon became lost in passion as he drilled in and out of her, like a male animal mating with a female in heat.

She nervously anticipated when he was going to initiate sex and what he was going to make her do. They could be lying on the couch watching TV and he would turn to her and just whisper to her “suck” and she would dutifully bend down and suck his cock until he came and she would show him his cum in her mouth before she swallowed it, like a good escort would do. He might join her in the shower and suddenly get down on his knees and suck on her cunt until she exploded with joy.

That fall Tiffany started college to get a finance degree and got really good grades, but sometimes would daydream in class about what her daddy might make her do when she got home. She still had those insecurities though that he might abandon her someday like her mom did.

One night when she was making dinner and had put the plates out on the table for them, she realized that her daddy hadn’t approached her for sex for a few days and she got scared that he didn’t want her anymore. Henry was actually just busy at work and didn’t realize that he hadn’t fucked Tiffany for a few days.

She was standing at the stove with her back to him and started sobbing softly. “Tiffany, what’s the matter, is there something wrong at school?”

“No Daddy, it’s just that you haven’t made me have sex for three days now. Don’t you want me anymore? Are you going to leave me like Mommy did?” She was now bawling her eyes out.

“Tiffany, that isn’t true. I was just busy the last few days. I’ll show you just how much I still want you.” He turned her around and marched her to the table. She was wearing running shorts and a thin tank top. He pushed the plates off the table in a swift motion.

“Hey Daddy, I spent a lot of time making a new dish for you! Now it’s on the floor.”

“That’s okay, we’ll go out to eat after I’m done proving to you that I am always going to want to be with you.” He pushed her over the edge of the table and quickly pulled her running shorts down to her ankles. He reached up and grabbed her top and ripped it at the back, so it was hanging off her bouncing small breasts. He lowered his shorts and rammed into her now soaking pussy.

“Don’t you ever doubt how much I want you and love you Tiffany! “he shouted as he pounded her teenage cunt and mauled her breasts with his hand, as he soon flooded her womb with his sperm. You’re mine forever! Are we clear on that?”

She turned around and smiled at him. “Crystal clear Daddy. I was naughty to doubt you. I think you should spank me tonight and fuck me hard up the ass,” she smirked.

“Tiffany, I’ll decide when and how I will take you.”

She looked at him shyly. “I know, I’m sorry.”

Over the course of the year, Tiffany became more like a lover than a daughter, because she didn’t need guidance and was a good girl in every way, she just sometimes needed help with her homework, but got good grades.

One day she asked him, “Daddy why didn’t you and Mommy have any of your own children together after I was born?”

“Mom had some medical issues that made it unsafe to have anymore children. For some reason she didn’t want to adopt, and I agreed.”

“I understand.”

On the anniversary of Tiffany’s prom, Henry jokingly asked her to put on her prom dress to see if it still fit. He had it dry cleaned from the dirt and cum that got on it from her struggle with Tim, so Tiffany could store it, so she could remember how Henry had taken her virginity that night and made her his lover.

She thought he was serious and came down the stairs to the living room like she did the year before, looking even more beautiful than she did on prom night. Henry was sitting on the couch in shock that this beautiful woman was his lover now. She walked over to him and sat down and looked at him coyly.

“Daddy, it’s our one year anniversary from when you made me a woman and I took over Mommy’s place in your bed. You are always in charge in bed and I am the good girl while you are the bad boy. Tonight, can I be the bad girl, and you be the nice guy in bed that you used to be with Mom?”

He looked at Tiffany with a puzzled look and replied, “sure, what did you have in mind?” She took out a blindfold she was hiding under her dress and smiled at him. He smiled at her as she tied it around his eyes. She pulled down the shorts he was wearing and got on her knees and sucked his cock until it stood straight up. She then pulled up her prom dress and was not wearing any panties. She straddled his lap and slowly lowered her tight teenage pussy onto his pulsing member.

“Oh, Tiffany that feels so good. What a nice surprise,” he moaned. Tiffany started raising and lowering herself on Henry and soon picked up speed until she was a blur of motion as they both started breathing heavily.

Tiffany stopped for a minute before he could come, and Henry couldn’t figure out why. She leaned over and whispered into his ear, “Daddy, I have another surprise for you.”

“What is it?”

“I stopped taking my birth control pills.”

“Why would you do that?”

“Because I want to marry you and make a baby with you.”

“But Tiffany, how are we going to avoid people knowing about us in our little town? Everyone thinks you are my biological daughter. Even if they didn’t, they would think it was perverted.”

“Daddy, you don’t have any living relatives and you could get a job transfer and move away.”

“Tiffany, are you sure about this?”

“Yes. Unless you think you will ever want to leave me.”

“I would never do that. You’re mine forever.”

“Well you’re mine forever too. Tonight, I am going to own that cock. You are going to do what I want for once.”

Tiffany started bouncing up and down on Henry’s cock until he couldn’t take it anymore and ejaculated his swimmers into his soon to be wife’s fertile womb, where one of them found its target. They moved to a large state where no one knew them and got married. They had a beautiful girl that they named Madelaine, after Tiffany’s mom.

One night they were sitting on the couch, when Henry looked at Tiffany with a devilish grin. “Tiffany, do you know what tonight is?”


“It’s the anniversary of prom night.”

“Okay, so what do you want to do tonight to celebrate?”

“Go put your prom dress on.”


“Because Madelaine needs a little sister or brother.”

“Daddy, I didn’t know you wanted to have more than one child?”

“We never talked about it, but I’d like to.”

“How many do you want?”

He smiled at his wife and slyly replied, “I’m not sure, but if you keep moaning ‘Daddy, Daddy please fuck your little girl’s cunt harder’ every time we make love, we may need to add an addition onto the house for all the babies we’ll make.” He looked at her and laughed out loud.

“Tiffany, our relationship over the last two years has really changed.”

“What do you mean by that Daddy?”

“You were my daughter, but now that you know you’re not my daughter, you’re now my wife and the mother of my child.”

“Well, you’ve changed too. You were a nice guy, but now you’re a bad boy, but you are still a great daddy to me. Maybe I should just tell people you’re my sugar daddy instead of my daddy, so people don’t look at us weird,” Tiffany laughed.

“Being your sugar daddy is going to be very expensive for me.”

“You can just pay me by making me have sex with you every night.”

“You have really become a bad girl Tiffany.”

Tiffany stood up from the couch and took off all her clothes. She unbuckled Henry’s belt and pulled it out of his belt loops and handed it to him. He looked at her totally perplexed.

“We don’t need the prom dress anymore.”

“Why not?”

Tiffany laid across Henry’s lap and looked up at him seductively. “Because I agree I am a bad girl now and I want you to finally give me that belt spanking you’ve been threatening me about for the last two years,” she giggled.

As little Madelaine slept soundly in her bedroom far away from the living room, the living room echoed with the sound of a belt striking flesh over and over, followed by the sounds of “harder Daddy, harder Daddy!” Madelaine slept unaware that she would have a little brother in nine months.

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