After the Match

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Alan Murdoch held the cup above his head, a radiant smile of pride on his face, while his team mates clustered round him and the fans roared and chanted their admiration at the team’s latest success. Granted, it was just a five-a-side match underneath the roof of the Melborough Sports Arena but, as every soccer player and fan in the land will tell you, five-a-sides are just as important as full league and championship matches out on the hallowed turf of the pitch.

Alan had recently been honoured with the captainship of Melborough United and it was he who had scored three of the four winning goals in the five-a-side, seeing off the opposition from Dundore Rovers in almost one fail swoop. The losing team had already made their exit, trooping dejectedly back to their own changing room while their supporters had left to the nearest pub to drown their sorrows and discuss the whys and wherefores of how it had all gone wrong.

It had gone wrong, of course, simply because Melborough United were superior in every way and it was not for nothing that they had won the English Premiership two years in a row. Their ball skills and their passing were second to none and Alan had sent his first goal crashing into the back of the net within the first three minutes of the game starting. Gary Nightingale got the second four minutes later and then Alan added two more with Dundore getting the ball in the back of the net for a consolation goal seconds before the final whistle went.

Gary and his team mates, David Mapperley, Ian Rollinson and goal-keeper John Richards were now making their way back to the dressing room with the shouts and screams from the supporters ringing in their ears as the adoring fans followed in the wake of the Dundore supporters but not to drown their sorrows. Quite the reverse since almost before they were out of the arena’s doors, Melborough’s fans were dancing and cheering as they celebrated another fantastic win.

Alan and the Manager of Melborough United, Sir Tom Chappell, stayed behind to speak to a couple of reporters for the t.v. sports programme on which edited highlights of the match would be shown that evening. Sir Tom went on and on as he always did and Alan was starting to get impatient, anxious to join his team mates in the dressing room and celebrate their success as only they could.

Mercifully, the reporter interrupted, cutting off Sir Tom in full flow, and turned back to speak to the camera. Now that they were out of shot, Alan and Sir Tom moved away.

“Enjoy the celebrations, son,” said Sir Tom, shaking Alan by the hand, “sorry I can’t join you but the wife and I are off out tonight.”

“That’s OK,” said Alan, glad to get his hand back from Sir Tom’s vice-like grip and even more glad to see the back of him. He hated the way the Manager called all his players “son”; as far as Alan was concerned there were only two people entitled to call him that and that was his own mother and father who had been sitting in the stands watching the match and, as always, both overcome with pride in their offspring’s sporting prowess and revelling in the success of his chosen career. They had been over the moon, to coin a well-worn footballing cliché, when Alan became captain of Melborough United and also picked to play for England.

Alan’s parents would have left for home now, a large detached house in the English countryside their son had bought for them with some of the fortune he was still making from football, but Alan would meet them there for dinner later that evening and discuss the match with his father while his mother fussed over him. Now, however, he had more pressing matters on his mind as he watched Sir Tom disappear through a side door, held open for him by his chauffeur, before quickly making his way to the changing room …


After scoring three goals and helping Melborough United to lift the Five-a-Side Championship Cup, Alan was looking forward to being well and truly rewarded by his team mates. Already his prick was stiffening inside his shorts at the prospect of the celebrations that were to take place and he was immensely grateful that Sir Tom had slung his hook now and not come in to give them another of his interminable pep talks, which would only have delayed the action of a quite different kind to what had taken place in the arena. “Great game, Alan,” said Gary as Alan entered the room, his eyes going straight to the appreciable bulge in Alan’s shorts, “you played a fucking blinder.”

“I fucking well did, didn’t I?” replied Alan, laughing and putting the cup he had just been holding above his head on a shelf, “saw those morons from Dundore off well and good, eh?”

“Yeah,” said Ian. “Mind you,” he added, after appearing to think for a few moments which for him was quite an achievement, “that Joe Barrett’s got quite an arse on him in those tight shorts, don’t you think? It ought to be a Grade 1 Listed Structure.”

Everyone giggled at that.

“Not as nice as Alan’s arse, though,” said John, when the laughs güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri had subsided, “I could hardly keep my eyes off it all through the match. Looking at all those lovely footballing arses in their shorts is why I play the game.”

“Yeah,” said Ian again, ever laconic, “Alan knows it as well.”

“Knows what?” asked Alan.

“That you’ve got a great arse,” said John.

“Sure fucking has,” said David, his hand straying to his crotch. He began to fondle his prick through his shorts.

Away from the fans in the sanctity of the changing room, they were now free to do what they had been looking forward to even before the game. Playing football was a brilliant way to earn a living and gave all of them a sensational rush of adrenalin with so many people watching and treating them as heroes but even those thrills paled into insignificance compared to an after match orgy and which none of the fans would possibly imagine, not in a million years.

“I’m pleased you like my arse so much, lads,” said Alan, turning his back on his team mates to treat them to an unrestricted view of his shorts-clad posterior. The material of the white shorts stretched taut around his ample buttocks, enhancing their succulent curves and the long cleft of his arse crack. His blue and white striped team shirt was tucked into his shorts and somehow seemed to give added emphasis to the protrusion of his bum.

Gary, Ian and David moved into position alongside Alan while John stood back to admire the arses of all four of his team mates. He was a dedicated arse worshipper and had a passion for athletic sportsmen like his team mates in tight shorts, something he had been addicted to ever since schooldays when he had first noticed how beautifully erotic some of his class mates’ arses looked in sports shorts during P.E. and games lessons.

Right now, John just couldn’t take his eyes off the four tightly-clad soccer bums of Alan, Gary, David and Ian being showcased to scintillating effect in front of him. There was nothing more erotic to John’s eyes than guys in football kit and his team mates were all too aware that the goal-keeper was clocking their bums. They were all dressed in the same team strip of blue and white striped shirt and white shorts, reiterating a long held view by gay and female fans of the sport that football was a very sexy game.

Sexy in lots of other ways, too. The Melborough United Five-a-Side team of hot sweaty footballers were about to embark on a gay sex group orgy that would rock the homophobic world of football to the core if ever the media should find out and it was this sense of perceived danger which gave the proceedings an added thrill. Alan smiled as he thought of what the fans would think if they could see them now …


Alan was still musing on these thoughts when he felt Gary’s hand stroking his arse through his shorts. Alan leaned forward slightly and then bent over completely so that his buns stood out firm and inviting. With David and Ian watching and John still at the far side of the room, Gary knelt down and buried his face in Alan’s bum for several moments, then he drew back, stuck out his tongue and began to lick the back of Alan’s shorts.

“Oh yeah, Gary,” said Alan, “that feels great. Lick my tight footballing arse through my shorts.”

Gary didn’t need any encouragement, he licked Alan’s buns and along the crack with all the professional enthusiasm he displayed on the pitch, leaving little stains of his saliva on Alan’s white shorts. David and Ian were on the point of taking out their aroused pricks from their shorts as they watched while John moved in from his position against the wall to get a closer look.

Five minutes after starting munching on Alan’s arse, Gary had to come up for air and Alan seized the opportunity to stand and turn to face his team mates, making no attempt to hide the bulge that was now obscenely tenting out the front of his shorts and noticing that the others all had similar bulges in their shorts. Ian, John and David had joined Gary in fondling their own packages and Alan smiled again as he spoke. “I think its time for my reward now, lads,” he said, reaching a hand up the right leg of his shorts and taking out his aroused prick. “Which one of you wants to be first to congratulate me for scoring all those goals?” Since Gary had been the one to set things up by licking Alan’s arse, he didn’t wait for the others to signify their assent and quickly dropped to his knees to worship at the altar of the captain’s prick. Alan was as horny as fuck, standing there displaying his hard-on to his team mates with no inhibitions while Ian, David and John played with their own hard-ons through their shorts as they waited with eager anticipation for the celebrations to get under way.

Gary allowed his eyes to take in the full beauty of Alan’s prick and balls for a moment or two, cupping the sweaty cum-filled nutsacs in his right hand while taking hold of the cock in his other. “That is a fucking güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri beautiful prick,” he said, admiringly, as if seeing it in its erect state for the very first time.

“Yeah, great balls, too,” said David.

Alan placed his hands on Gary’s head, running his hands through the striker’s neat dark hair, and pulled him closer to him. “Suck it,” he said. “Don’t keep me waiting.”

Gary didn’t waste any more time, he opened his mouth and stuck out his pink wet tongue and licked the head of Alan’s cock of some of the pre-cum which had formed, then he swallowed the entire length of the hard fuck pole, gagging as the head hit the back of his throat. Everyone applauded as Gary started to give Alan the first of his congratulatory blowjobs.

“Shit!” exclaimed Alan, as Gary’s hungry mouth enveloped his prick and he began sucking with gusto, “that feels so fucking good.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Alan saw his team mates reach inside their shorts and take out their equally hard erections. There was not much to choose between them in terms of size, they were all the proud possessors of at least eight inches of uncut man meat and they peeled back their foreskins and masturbated as they watched and admired Gary’s cock sucking technique.

“I’ve got an idea,” said David, suddenly, “may sound a bit radical, but why don’t we all get undressed?”

“Good idea, lads,” said Alan, drawing back as Gary reluctantly relinquished the captain’s cock from his mouth, “as captain of Melborough United, I order you to get your kits off.”

The five horny footballers were out of their team kits quicker than the speed of sound, removing their shirts, shorts, socks and boots and throwing them carelessly onto the dressing room floor. Comfortable in their shared full frontal nudity, David, Ian, John and Gary stood with their hard throbbing cocks in their hands as they clustered around the now also naked Alan.

“Time for you to get another reward for scoring those great goals, captain,” said David, dropping to his knees in front of Alan before Gary had a chance to resume sucking. “Here’s reward number two.”

David took over sucking Alan’s cock from Gary with the same expertise and Gary, slightly put out at having been temporarily superseded but man enough not to say so, moved next to Ian and John who were wanking for all they were worth. Gary retracted his own foreskin, pulling it back as far as nature allowed, and began wanking, too, while Alan’s grunts grew louder as David increased the pace of the sucking.

Another five minutes flipped by, seemingly like five seconds as time always does when people are enjoying themselves, and Alan withdrew his cock from David’s mouth and signalled to Ian and John that it was time for their turn.

“Over here, lads,” said Alan, “you ain’t gonna be left out.”

The defender and goal-keeper smiled as they knelt down in front of Alan and Ian took the throbbing membrane into his mouth while John went down simultaneously on Alan’s balls. Alan’s eyes rolled in his head, thrilled that he had such wonderful horny team mates. Their enthusiasm for hot sleazy sex matched their enthusiasm for football every step of the way.

“That is so fucking hot,” said Gary, stroking David’s bare arse as he watched Alan’s prick and balls disappear from view, the captain’s entire genitalia completely swallowed up in the respective mouths of Ian and John.

Alan felt like he had been transported to a different planet as he enjoyed Ian and John’s expert administrations, his hands ruffling the hair on their heads as he gazed down at them. Across the room, David turned and bent over across the physio table, an invitation to Gary for his arse to be licked.

“Spread your cheeks, David,” said Alan from his vantage point above Ian and John, “open up that hole for Gary’s tongue.”

David prised his cheeks apart and winked his hole at his team mates, the little lines that formed either side of his tight sweaty orifice twitching with anticipation. Gary didn’t waste a second as he sent his hungry tongue deep into David’s arsehole. The Melborough United F.C. Five-a-Side celebrations were well and truly under way …


The changing room echoed to the sounds of the five naked footballers having the time of their lives as Alan dropped to his knees to take his rewards a stage further. Ian, Gary, John and David moved to stand next to each other, forming a semi-circle around Alan, who was surrounded by four hard pricks pulsating in their owners’ hands.

“Wow!” exclaimed Alan, “look at all those fabulous pricks. You lads certainly know how to congratulate and reward the goal scorer.”

“Don’t forget I scored one, too,” said Gary, moving forward and holding his eight inches of footballing cock directly in front of Alan’s face, an inch from his eyes. “And David, Ian and John all played their part, too.”

“Yeah,” said David, “apart from the fact that John let one in right at the last minute.”

“Sorry güvenilir bahis şirketleri about that,” mumbled John, feeling himself blush.

“Too late to worry about it now,” said Ian.

“That’s right,” said Gary, “we all make mistakes. Right now, though, I think we all deserve a reward too from this slut of a captain. What d’you say, lads?”

The others chorused their agreement as Gary once again retracted his foreskin and pointed his prick in the direction of Alan’s mouth. Alan loved being called a slut and was only too eager to taste all his team mates’ pricks one after the other.

“Suck it,” said Gary, “take that big footballing cock in your sweet little mouth.”

A large amount of pre-cum was seeping from Gary’s piss slit and Alan leaned forward and took it onto his tongue, savouring the salty taste by licking the head of Gary’s cock for a few moments as a prelude to a full blowjob. Gary was anxious for Alan to get on with it and grabbed his head and pulled the captain up close so that his balls squelched against Alan’s chin.

“Suck it, I said,” said Gary. “Yeah,” said David, “we wanna watch the captain suck that nice big striker cock.”

“Say please,” said Ian and they all laughed.

“Please,” said Gary, mimicking a child-like voice and they all laughed again.

Alan didn’t say a word as he finally treated Gary to his reward for scoring a goal, he simply opened his mouth as wide as possible – which was necessary for a cock the size of Gary’s – and slid the long shaft right to the back of his throat. David, Ian and John began masturbating as they watched as Alan gagged on Gary’s stiff pole, delivering his team mate a great blowjob while the others waited their turns to similarly congratulate the horny young captain of Melborough United.

“Oh, shit!” exclaimed Gary, “you are such a fucking great cock sucker, captain.”

“Yeah and we want our cocks sucked, too,” said David, succinctly.

Alan continued to prove how great a cock sucker he was by servicing Gary’s thick rod for five minutes or so, licking Gary’s pendulous balls in the process before going back to his cock, then he went slowly along the line sucking David, Ian and John in turn. The fans would have fits if they knew that their outwardly macho heroes were, in fact, a bunch of gay men mad about hot sleazy group sex …


Twenty minutes later, having satisfied his team mates with his cock sucking skills, Alan was hauled to his feet by Gary who pointed him in the direction of the physio’s table. “Get up there on your hands and knees,” Gary said, “and stick your arse in the air.”

Alan did as he was bid, it made a change to be on the receiving end of being ordered what to do since, as captain, it was normally he who did the ordering. He positioned himself in the requisite position on the table, knowing full well what was about to happen.

Meanwhile, David had dropped to his knees in front of John and Ian and was treating Gary to a long slow blowjob. John and Ian had their arms around each other’s shoulders and as David transferred his attention to John’s prick, John and Ian leaned in together and kissed on the lips, sending their tongues into each other’s mouths. “Wow!” said Gary, looking round, “look at John and Ian snogging.”

Alan glanced over his shoulder from his position on the table and again, for some odd reason, found himself thinking of the fans. They were all used to seeing their heroes running round the pitch in tight bum enhancing shorts but had no idea what they got up to once those shorts were discarded and they were back behind closed doors in the changing room. And, as John and Ian continued snogging, Alan also thought of all those football fans who didn’t bat an eyelid when the players kissed and cuddled after scoring a goal but wouldn’t view too favourably seeing them kiss and cuddle in the far more affectionate way that two of Melborough United’s finest were now doing.

Gary turned his attention back to Alan and knelt down on the floor by the table. Alan didn’t need to be told what to do, he immediately reached round with his hands and clasped his buns, spreading them wide as he prised them apart and exposing his dark footballing arsehole. Gary tugged on his cock for a few moments as his eyes took in the beauty of Alan’s sweaty fuck pit, then he stuck out his tongue and ran it over each of Alan’s cheeks before sending it deep into his hole.

The others turned to watch as Gary rimmed Alan’s denuded arsehole, flicking his tongue up and down the long crack between Alan’s succulent buns and diving deep into his anus. Gary loved licking arse as much as John loved just looking at them and Alan gasped as Gary’s hot wet tongue probed the depths of his backside while David, Ian and John gathered round and resumed masturbating as they watched.

John was particularly excited, in fact almost paralytic with joy since he not only thrilled to the visual delights of the male arse but loved watching them being licked, too, and many of his porno DVDs which he had locked in his cupboard at home were ones especially dedicated to the art of male arse rimming.

“Hey, Gary,” said David who was itching to see the team captain get fucked, “rimming our captain looks really nice but don’t you think he deserves a bigger reward for helping us lift the cup?”

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