After School Ch. 02

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Crystal McLaren stood anxiously in the cramped backroom office of the local adult book shop. She could never quite work out why they were called book shops, since they she didn’t see many books in the store. Instead it was mostly filled with adult DVDs, toys, outfits and miscellaneous products.

Crystal was eighteen years old and a student in her final year at Madison Ashley High School. She was of average height for a girl but very slender and surprisingly busty for her figure. More than anything, Crystal was noticed for being a natural stunning redhead. She had fair, freckled skin, light grey eyes and delicate pale pink lips. Her silky, wavy copper hair tumbled down just past her shoulders and although she had her hair up in a ponytail in Luke’s car on the ride over here, she had now let it down to try and make a good impression for the meeting she was about to have.

The slender young redhead was still in most of her school uniform. She had taken off her white blouse earlier and stuffed it into her bag, leaving her down to a snug black tank top and strappy bra showing off tight cleavage and a narrow waist. Her blue tartan school skirt was hiked up and worn shorter like a mini skirt, while thigh high black stockings revealed some rather knockout creamy thigh.

Crystal hadn’t expected to find herself in an adult store, asking for a job. But it had fallen to her to pay the rent and a minimum wage job at any local store wasn’t going to cut it, especially when she still had her final year of school to finish. Even if she dropped out of school, she would have to work two jobs to even come close to making ends meet.

At her school she had fallen in with the Blowjob Brigade, a group of eighteen year old girls that would sell blowjobs to boys, and then spend the cash on pot or alcohol. It was a good way to make a little money for minimal effort, but it was hardly the kind of serious regular income Crystal needed to cover her rent, living expenses and her eventual aim of getting the hell out of her home town.

Desperate for a solution, Crystal turned to her friend Megan, a brash and street savvy nineteen year old from Crystal’s apartment complex. Megan had dropped out of community college but always seemed to have money. Turned out Megan was a hooker, and she was already saving up money to get out of this dreary little town.

Megan directed Crystal to the adult store and its owner and manager, Tony.

Which was how Crystal found herself waiting nervously in Tony’s messy little office in the back of the adult store. She needed a job that would make her some decent cash quickly, and Tony apparently was hiring.

Tony walked back into the room and closed the door behind him, his eyes roaming over Crystal as he squeezed past her to sit down on a creaky office chair behind his desk.

“So, Crystal, is it?” asked Tony, offering her a seat on the ugly stained couch facing the desk. “I hear you need a job?”

Crystal wrinkled her nose in disgust at the couch, but sat down anyway. Her short tartan school skirt rode up her creamy white thighs and alarmingly left them bare and making direct contact with the gross couch cushions.

“Yeah, that’s right,” said Crystal. “I heard you’re hiring.”

“I’ve been pretty desperate to get a new girl after Megan left,” nodded Tony as he leaned forward to get a good look at Crystal. “Pretty big shoes to fill. Everyone loved Megan. Hated to lose her, truly. So the question is, do you have what it takes to replace her?”

“I’ll do my best,” said Crystal, eager to please.

“Now, just to be clear, you know what this position… involves, right?” asked Tony as he scratched at the stubble on his chin.

“Yeah, Megan filled me in,” said Crystal.

“Tell me,” said Tony. “I need to make sure you understand.”

“I’ll be a gloryhole girl. I will work shifts after school where I man one of the booths in the back of the store where customers can go to watch porn. Customers will enter the booths next to mine and…”

“Go on,” said Tony, leering at the young redhead.

“They will stick their cocks through the holes in the walls between the booths,” said Crystal, with more confidence now. “It’s then my job to suck them off and make them cum.”

“Good girl, that’s exactly right. Pretty simple.” smiled Tony. “You’ll get paid $50 for each client, plus any tips they give you. I’ll also pay you $50 a night just for showing up and manning the booth. Once word gets out a girl is working the booths again, it’ll be really good for business.”

Crystal was already doing sums in her head thinking how much money she could make each evening just for sucking cock. She should be able to make rent and have plenty left over for bills, groceries and even savings. All she needed was to do a good job and get a steady supply of customers.

“Just make sure you get the guys off fast and keep things moving,” said Tony, still explaining. “The last thing we want is people getting impatient as they bostancı escort queue. When you’re in the booth, feel free to strip down, it can get pretty messy in there.”

Despite her experience sucking dick, Crystal hadn’t gone completely naked in front of any guys and wasn’t comfortable getting nude, even for a job like this.

“I’d rather keep my clothes on actually,” said Crystal, hoping this wasn’t going to jeopardize the job.

“That’s fine, whatever you’re comfortable with,” said Tony after a short pause. “You may want to bring a change of casual clothes in future, something you can afford to get messy in.”

Crystal figured she would be taking all the loads in her mouth anyway, so she ignored the suggestion.

“So when can I start?” asked Crystal, eager to get to work.

“Whoa, slow down there. You don’t have the job yet. You need to prove you have what it takes to do this job,” said Tony, narrowing his flinty eyes before continuing. “Now, that means two essential things. Number one, the ability to suck cock. Any slut can put a dick in their mouth, but you need to be able to give proper head. It needs to be relatively fast and it needs to be good. Fast blowjobs means more blowjobs which means more money. Good blowjobs mean the clients enjoy themselves and want to come back again and again. That means more money. It also builds your reputation, and attracts more clients over time. That also means more money.”

“Now, the second essential thing is related to the first. It’s to keep me happy. Doing a good job and making me money keeps me happy. Taking care of my cock also keeps me happy. You do both of those, and you’ll do very well here. Got it?”

Crystal nodded her head vigorously. She would do whatever it took to get and keep this job.

“Ok, I’ll open up the store soon and show you to the booths. All that’s left to do is to get your demonstration out of the way.”

“My demonstration?” asked Crystal.

“I need to know you can suck cock as well as is needed for this job. So get over here and get to work.”

Tony pushed his chair out away from the desk and leaned back.

Crystal nervously stood up and made her way over to Tony. He ogled her supple young body as she got close to him.

Tony didn’t waste time. His large grubby hands reached up to grab Crystal’s juicy tits, snug in the tight fitting black tank top. Tony groped and squeezed the generous round boobs eagerly.

“Oh yeah, those are some fucking nice puppies!” growled Tony as he enjoyed Crystal’s bountiful chest and cleavage. “I can’t believe how firm and perky they are.”

Crystal stood there awkwardly as she let the older man feel her up. She had never let a guy this old have access to her body before. But given she was about to be doing a lot of that in her new role, she wasn’t going to complain. Tony wasn’t doing much to excite her sexually, but she was clearly having just that effect on him as she spied the growing bulge in his trousers.

“Down on your knees, Crystal, right here,” said Tony as he made room for her, swivelling his chair away from the desk, and pointing to the space between his legs.

Crystal quickly lowered herself to kneel on the carpeted floor in front of Tony.

Tony was already unzipping his trousers as Crystal got to her knees and soon had his cock out in the open, standing proudly erect and pointing up towards the ceiling. It wasn’t especially long or big, perhaps only five inches and not that thick, but it was impressively stiff. The moment Crystal wrapped her small hand around the shaft she could feel the heat radiating from the penis and the hardness beneath the turgid skin.

Crystal had barely begun to start wanking the erection when she felt Tony’s firm hand reaching around to grip the back of her head, fingers snaking through her long red hair. He certainly wasn’t wasting time, thought Crystal, right as Tony pushed her head down into his lap. She parted her soft pink lips to engulf and embrace the throbbing pink head of the cock into her young mouth.

“Bmmfh!” moaned Crystal as her mouth was filled with the erect penis of an older man. There was a strong, sweaty taste to it that wasn’t very pleasant to the redheaded teenager.

“Oh yeah! That feels great!” exclaimed Tony in earnest delight as soft warmth and wetness spread over his aching member. “Now show me what you can do, girl.”

Crystal’s blowjob began immediately. Her studded tongue worked the cock head repeatedly with sensuous lashing movements on the sensitive underside. Her lips slid easily and smoothly up and down the rigid erection as her head bobbed at a steady, but urgent pace.

She knew she had to impress Tony for this job. There would be no messing about. She was going to blow him thoroughly and get him off quickly. No matter how stale and musty he tasted or smelled.

Her hand worked in synchronized rhythm with her sucking mouth, wanking the lower half büyükçekmece escort of the shaft in a repeating corkscrew motion.

All the while, Tony’s firm hand never left her head, guiding and urging her to suck faster and harder as he groaned his approval

Tony’s free hand had now snuck down to grope her tits again. Soon he had slid his hand under her tank top and bra to cop a feel of her breasts and nipples directly. The sensation was pleasant, but distracting for Crystal. She had a job to do, there was no time for fun and games.

“Goddamn, really nice tits you have there,” moaned Tony. He made a mental note that he would have to try and fuck those breasts sometime if Crystal stuck around.

Crystal picked up the pace of her blowjob, slurping and moaning loudly as she gobbled Tony’s cock faster and more desperately.

Tony seemed to respond eagerly to this. He still had his hand on her head but was only along for the ride now, no longer pushing her down as she worked.

“Ahh yeah, oh fuck yeah, you little schoolgirl slut! Suck my fat cock, fuck, just like that…” mumbled Tony as he enjoyed Crystal’s talented mouth and lips sliding along his throbbing shaft.

Tony’s breathing was growing faster and heavier. He looked at his watch. Only three minutes in and he was already feeling his balls rise, responding to the relentless pleasure of the young redhead kneeling before him and pleasuring his rod with her bobbing head and pumping hand.

It was a deliciously noisy blowjob, thought Tony appreciatively as he stroked Crystal’s silky bright orange hair. That always made for better results in the gloryhole booths where a guy could hear the blowjob they were getting even if they couldn’t see it.

“Bllmfhh hmmnlfhh mmnlfhhh unnfhh!” slurped Crystal as she bobbed her head diligently in Tony’s lap.

The eighteen year old redhead was picking up the pace of the blowjob, the sucking and stroking getting faster in response to Tony’s moans of pleasure. Crystal drenched the cock in her spit as she slid her pretty pink lips over the trembling erection over and over again.

Tony thought momentarily how amazing it would be to fuck this slender young girl. He certainly planned to in the future. For now though he would restrain himself and let her finish the blowjob so she could get to work. If this went well, Tony thought, he could be enjoying her mouth and her pussy on a fairly regular basis. Maybe he could even get some anal if he was lucky.

Tony was really feeling his orgasm build now. It wouldn’t be long until Crystal’s hard work would pay off with a hot and sticky result. He checked his watch again. Four minutes. Fuck, the girl was good, thought Tony.

Tony was sweating now, huffing heavily as he tried to decide if he wanted to keep groping Crystal or do something else with his hands as his climax approached. Eventually he settled for giving her tits a fond last squeeze through her black tank top and then gripped his chair’s armrests for dear life as the foxy redhead brought him to the brink of orgasm.

“Look up at me, girl, I want to see those pretty eyes while you’re sucking me,” ordered Tony.

Crystal had her head down and her eyes half shut for most of the blowjob, working away tirelessly. Now, however, she tilted her head back enough to look straight up at Tony with those alluring clear grey eyes, her lips still clamped tight around the cock head in her mouth while one hand stroked the shaft and the other cradled the balls.

That did it.

Tony was sent rushing into climax as if tumbling down a waterfall. He cried out in ecstatic shock as he suddenly ejaculated into the redhead student’s industrious mouth. He closed his eyes and moaned in pleasure as he came. He couldn’t count how many pulses of hot cum he was releasing but he knew he was flooding the poor girl’s mouth by the feeling of his balls releasing all that pent up juice and the cute little moans of alarm she was making.

“Gyreeargh, fuck, fuck, fuck!” grunted Tony as he finished spurting.

Tony felt Crystal’s mouth slip off his sensitive dick and opened his eyes just in time to see her struggle to keep the load in her mouth. She looked panicked, her eyes darting about looking for somewhere to spit out the load of jizz in her mouth.

“You better swallow that cum, darling, or you can kiss this job goodbye,” Tony told her.

For a moment it looked as if Crystal was so overwhelmed by the massive deposit of semen filling up her mouth that she was about to spit it out all over the office floor.

Tony then watched with satisfaction as Crystal grimaced and then reluctantly swallowed. The poor teenager looked like she was going to be ill. She clearly wasn’t used to swallowing cum. That was going to have to change, thought Tony.

“Good job, sweetheart,” said Tony, patting Crystal on the head. “You did good, and you got me off in under five minutes. The job is çağlayan escort yours. Come follow me, it’s time to get to work. This ain’t the last dick you’re going to suck today.”


Tony led Crystal through to the back of the store. It was a fairly large room, the walls painted black, and dimly lit with a row of what looked like toilet stalls on one side. That left what was really only a narrow corridor to access the booths. More vivid light could be seen emanating from within the booths. Tony told Crystal these were for watching porn. Most customers would grab a booth, pay for an allotment of time to select a porn video to watch, and wank off.

When a girl was working the booths however, it became a whole new ball game, explained Tony cheerfully.

People would still go to free booths to watch porn and jerk off, but now most of them would be waiting and queuing for a turn in one of the two designated booths on either side of a special central booth that had been marked out for the gloryhole girl to use.

This booth was right in the centre of the row and taped to the door was a sleazy poster of a pornstar on her knees in slutty clothes, eyes wide and a cock in her mouth pushing out one of her cheeks from the inside. The poster read “Cumslut at Work!”

“When you’re on shift, there’ll be a little sign I put up at my front counter.” Tony explained. “My regulars will know that means I have a girl on a shift in the back in this here booth. They’ll pay me and take a number, that will determine their queue order for the booths next to yours.”

Tony pushed the door open to the Cumslut Booth and showed Crystal in. It looked like a little bit of effort had been made to tidy it up, but not much. The walls were still black, but both they and the floor bore the tell tale marks of cum stains and splatters all over the place. There was a small wooden stool in one corner and a couple of cushions on the floor, also covered in semen stains. Both walls to the adjacent booths had large rectangular cut out holes in them and they had been smoothed off and painted. They were not the ordinary round gloryholes Crystal had been expecting and that she had seen in more than a few men’s and women’s bathrooms. These were specially fitted and tall enough to cater to a variety of men’s heights and with more than enough room to spare for their balls to hang through as well.

Crystal wasn’t sure what to think about all of the effort that had gone into the gloryhole booths. She wasn’t sure if she was impressed or grossed out. Before she had time to dwell on it further, Tony was looking at his watch.

“Time to open up the store again,” said Tony. “You can hang out at the front desk until some customers show up.”

“But, won’t people see me?” asked Crystal. She was hoping not to be recognised while doing this kind of work.

“I’ll say you’re my new employee, which is true, and that you’re helping me with shelf stacking, inventory, that sort of thing,” said Tony casually. “In fact, let’s have you do some of that work every day when you get here after school before your shift in the booth starts. That will be a good cover for you in case any cops come sniffing around.”

“Um, ok I guess…” Crystal wasn’t too thrilled or convinced by this but she didn’t have much choice in the matter. She needed this job.

Tony meanwhile was just making up these reasons as an excuse to advertise his new employee to prospective clients. Having a girl as young and gorgeous as Crystal out front each night would get major interest for then selling her mouth in the gloryhole. Plus it wouldn’t hurt to treat the more average non-gloryhole customers to some eye candy for their shopping experience. And having Crystal do some actual boring stock work would be a bonus.

“Alright, let’s head out front!” exclaimed Tony, rubbing his sweaty hands in glee.

Crystal loitered around the front desk as Tony opened up the store. She gazed at the shelves of porn, toys and adult products around the store, privately shocked but trying hard not to show it. She had seen porn, of course, but wasn’t really an avid consumer of it the way the guys at her school were. There seemed to be movies for every variety of kink and perversion – petite cumsluts, stocking clad footjobs, yoga pants fucking, deep throating secretaries. Some of the titles and pictures were a little intimidating, particularly the gangbang movies. She realised she herself was about to give head to a number of men in a row, but somehow being screened through a gloryhole didn’t seem as scary to Crystal as being surrounded by huge, naked guys about to ravage you with their giant cocks. In the gloryhole booth, she still had control, or at least that was what she was telling herself.

She could still taste Tony’s salty cum in her mouth as he strolled back to the counter. He was frantically typing on his phone and paid no attention to Crystal for a few minutes before grinning wildly as little alert noises popped up and he read through what must have been messages.

“Alright, it should be getting busy real soon,” said Tony as he grabbed a heavy box from behind the counter full of movies and handed it to Crystal. “Go and start stacking these on the shelves over by the front door, this is the new stock. Try and put them in some sort of matching categories if you can.”

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