Adultery with the Sister-in-Law

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“Hi Sarah, how did the meeting go. He what? You have got to be joking. What about the rate? No! Oh my God! Forward me to his line, please.” Janet paced in fury as the phone connected. “Cliff! What happened in that meeting? Fine? You call those terms ‘fine?’ What did I tell you yesterday? No — what did I tell you yesterday? I spelled this all out for you, Cliff. I told you to accept nothing but the original agreement! Cliff, they always try this crap! They always have an emergency in shipping or a dead relative in Idaho or a flood or something! I told you not to take any of their bullshit! What? You want to make this my fault? What do I pay you for Cliff?”

As this tirade raged, I sat across the dining room table from Janet, quietly eating my oatmeal and flipping through the morning paper. I wondered if Cliff would feel any less fucked if he could see her at that point, wrapped in her thin silk robe with severe bed-hair and her giant yellow Tweety Bird slippers on her feet. My sister-in-law didn’t look especially intimidating to me but I knew this Cliff guy must have been shitting himself.

“This was idiot simple, Cliff! I told you exactly what to do and exactly what to look for and you failed. How can you not see this as a failure? They screwed us, Cliff! You signed off on a deal that lets them out of their contract! I don’t want to hear it! You folded at the first sign of pressure. You folded! Cliff? Cliff!” The phone fell from her ear and she fixed me with an incredulous look. “He hung up on me. That dumb fuck hung up on me!”

“Kinda fucked up, didn’t he?”

“You better believe it.” She punched a few numbers into the phone, still pacing. A few moments later she spoke. “Carl. I need termination paperwork on Cliff Harding. Hell yes I’ve got reason.”

As she paced and barked Cliff’s professional demise into the phone, her robe had begun to loosen a bit. Glimpses of her well tanned skin flashed every time she reached the right side of her pacing track, and on the last few passes I had been able to see a flash of her nipple in the shadow cast by the morning sun. This had been happening quite a bit recently; flashes of skin, robes hanging dangerously wide open, ‘accidental’ glimpses of her in a state of undress, bathroom doors left ajar. When she finished, she sat down across from me, dropping the phone on the table.

“That guy is a class ‘A’ fuck-up and I’m tired of it. He is outta there.” She picked up a spoonful of her thoroughly soggy corn flakes and let it fall back into the bowl with a distasteful look on her long features.

“You are so hot when you are angry. I bet Cliff fucked up just to fantasize about you.” We had been flirting long before I married her sister 3 years ago, but since I had taken up temporary residence in her place a new facet of the relationship seemed to be growing. “I bet he’s got a giant hard on right now, eyes mashed shut and whacking off like a hyperactive monkey, dreaming of you screaming at him, naked except for the Tweety slippers. Hot stuff…”

“You’re not right.” She pushed the bowl away and turned to her left, crossing her legs to the side of the table and ‘accidentally’ offering me the view into her gaping bathrobe. She picked up part of the paper and started acting like she was reading it, but I watched her eyes and I could tell. She was checking to see if I was looking at her intentional exposure. I was having a hard time not looking but I had to be sure of what I suspected. She made it obvious enough, though. I decided to let her catch me and I let my eyes linger on her left breast, my mind buzzing with excitement and fear. I finished my oatmeal and pushed away the bowl.

“I wanted to thank you again for putting me up while I look for a job in Atlanta. It’s been tough with Karen down there these last 3 months and it really helps to not have the expense of an apartment since we sold the house.”

“Don’t worry about it. You put me up between my apartment and my house, remember? I owed you.” I remembered, all right. I remembered watching the sisters sunbathing on my back deck in the summer, a buffet of inviting flesh before my hungry eyes. My wife apparently inherited her mother’s stature, short and curvy, while Janet more resembled her father’s physiology, tall and slender. Janet had always been fairly cavalier about her body. She didn’t mind who saw her half-naked and it was nothing to do yard work in shorts (and she liked SHORT shorts) and a bikini top. She was hot and she liked to prove it. Still, these slips were more than usual and they had been happening more and more over the last few weeks since I moved in.

“I didn’t realize you were taking the day off. Shame you don’t get to fire that jerk in person. He’d probably jizz his boxers right there in front of you.”

“Shut up. I just decided last night. I’ve got a couple of meetings but I can handle that over the phone. What time is your phone interview?”

“2:00. Do we have a conflict on the phone?”

“Nope. I remembered casino oyna your interview correctly so there is no conflict.” She dropped the paper on the desk and rose, and then leaned over the table to pick up my empty bowl. The view thus offered was just short of scandalous. She made sure I saw, and for an instant our eyes met with the full knowledge of what had just transpired. Then she rose and went into the kitchen.

“Who gets the shower first?” I called after her. I was thinking that perhaps mine needed to be a cold one.

“I’ll take it. You always take too long.” True enough. I love a long, hot shower. Almost as much as I love a long, hot blonde. I tried to shake that thought from my head as I returned my attention to the sports section.

It didn’t work.

I knew she was turning up the heat to see what I would do, and I wasn’t sure what I would do. I love my wife but sometimes the baser urges can be awfully strong. I found myself headed for the guest room, knowing full well I was just giving her an excuse to have another “accident.” I could have resisted that urge. I think.

As I reached the hallway to the guest room I cast a quick glance down to Janet’s room, and sure enough she had planned something special for me. She was just taking off her bathrobe in her room with the door wide open. She had her back to me but I’m sure she could feel my eyes roaming her long back, slender legs and heart-shaped ass. As I forced myself to turn away and go into my room the image of that ass stayed with me, like the after-image burned on your eyes after seeing a bright light.

I propped myself up on the bed, thankfully with no view down the hall, and turned on the TV. The obnoxious morning news crew did their best to overwhelm my senses and I tried to pay attention, but as the water in the shower started all I could think about was Janet. I could almost see her long, naked body under the shower head, rivulets of hot water running down her flesh, dripping off her nipples, running down between her legs… Maybe I should skip the shower and just throw on some clothes. I could go to the store. We need milk, a case of beer, um…maybe something else.

Somewhere between the shopping list, Good Morning America and trying to ignore the twitch in my boxers, the shower ended. I found it a bit easier to concentrate on the TV then, and in a few minutes my personal crisis had passed. Or so I thought.

“Hey?” Janet’s voice came from the hall.


“Close your eyes.”

“Are you bringing me a surprise?”


“Should I hold out my hands or open my mouth?” I can claim little innocence.

“I need to get something from the closet and I’m not decent.” I could guarantee that. Her closet was here in the guest room due to the small closets in her house, and more often recently she seemed to “forget” to get her clothes out before her shower. This was the first time for the “close your eyes” line, though.

“No promises,” I called, but I closed my eyes anyway. A few moments later I heard her bare feet pad quietly across the hardwood floors and into the room. She opened the closet door on the other side of the room, and that’s when I looked.

Sure enough, she wasn’t decent. She wore a red thong but nothing else. The curve of her leg was accentuated as she reached up to the top shelf for something, but my eyes were on her body and not the object of her fishing expedition. I wondered briefly if she even needed whatever it was she was looking for. I could see her breast clearly beneath her outstretched arm, jiggling slightly as she moved boxes around.

She found what she wanted, took it down and then turned, holding the folded shirt over her front. Our eyes met across the room. Hers was a blank slate, a perfect poker face. I did the same for a moment, and then flicked a glance at the garment covering her riches. She hesitated, but only a little, before she dropped her hand and stood there almost naked before me. I let my eyes wander across her body. I lingered on her long legs, flat tummy and perky little tits until I had seen enough to haunt my dreams for weeks, then met her gaze again. She was blushing and I could see her pulse in her long neck.

“Got what you need?” I asked. The blush deepened and she finally lost her nerve. She retreated from the room quickly, leaving me with another view of her fabulous ass.

I took a deep breath and let it out. Damn! This game of guilt was tough on the nerves. I knew what she was doing. She was trying to put the decision in my hands, as if to lessen her own sense of guilt. Not that it would matter. It wouldn’t make a bit of difference. I shook the thought out of my head, or at least nearer the back, and went to take my shower. Definitely a cold shower.

I suppose I should have changed in the bathroom, but for some reason I found myself walking down the hallway completely nude, save for my bathroom kit in one hand and a pair of clean boxers in the other. canlı casino Not that it would matter. Janet, sitting on the edge of her bed and still topless, looked at me as I took the few steps down the hall to the bathroom between us. I resisted the urge to keep moving forward. Barely.

I forged through my morning routine as quickly as possible, and then hopped in the shower. The shock of the cold water made me wince but didn’t wash her out of my head. If anything it made it worse as the cold water seemed to have awakened my twitching member. He was talking more loudly now that he had been released, and he spoke with great eloquence and passion. I considered rubbing one out to release the tension, but before I could decide on a course of action the door opened.

Through the plastic shower curtain I could see her form as she approached the shower. She stood on the other side of the flimsy barrier and waited, perhaps in as much turmoil as me. Or perhaps a bit less, based on her repeated forwardness. Regardless, she jumped out of her skin when I whipped the curtain aside and faced her from 2 feet away.

“Forget something?” She was visibly shaking. Her eyes flickered between my face and my cock which was slightly swollen in anticipation. Water spattered out of the shower and onto her legs but she didn’t move.

“I, uh…can you hand me the lotion?” Honey, I thought, that’s not what you want in your hand right now. I lifted the large bottle from the hanger and held it out to her, but barely away from my body. She would have to make a decision. Her hand made an initial move for the lotion, but as she saw me hold it just inches from my dick she paused. Two can play that game, sister. Her poker face was in ruins and I watched the emotions play across her pretty features. She raised her hand and reached out.

It closed around the bottle. She ripped it out of my hand and raced out of the room. I released a breath I didn’t realize I was holding. Wow. That had been close. I finished up my shower, all pretenses at thinking of something else put aside. My mind replayed every moment of the encounter over and over, paying special attention to her lovely nude body, displayed just for me. I hoped she would realize how dangerous this game was and would let it drop. I had been strong and not made the move she was trying to force, but she had also been strong enough to resist an obvious invitation. Oh, but how I wanted to be wrong.

I should have pulled on my boxers, but I left them off and left the bathroom. I knew I shouldn’t even look to my left, but of course that’s the first thing I did. She hadn’t learned her lesson any better than I. She sat on the edge of the bed, facing me. The thong was gone and I could see her trim little patch at the base of her flat belly. She still wanted to play chicken.

I turned to face her. She stood and faced me. We stood like naked gunfighters, daring the other to make a move, searching each other’s eyes for a sign. Her signs were easy enough to read, and through my shame and excitement I knew mine were as well.

“Do you really think it makes a difference which one of us moves first? Will your guilt be any less if I walk over there, or any more if you walk over here?” Her shoulders slumped a bit and a look of shame crept across her pretty face. Her shoulders rose and fell very slightly in a helpless shrug. And there she stood; vulnerable, beautiful, naked, and mine for the taking, with only the invisible barriers of decency and fidelity to stop me. My wedding band had never felt so heavy on my finger, but she wanted to be taken, and I so badly wanted to take her.

I’d like to say that I turned away and walked back to the guest room. I’d like to say I got dressed and left the house. I’d like to say I was faithful to my wife. But I can’t say those things.

In 5 quick steps I was inches away from her. She recoiled from my advance, catching her ragged breath as the adrenaline and lust flowed through her. I pushed her down on the bed behind her and fell immediately on top of her, our mouths finding each other in the melee. It was like a fight, out tongues racing each other across our lips and teeth, pushing deeply into our mouths and dueling back and forth. My cock quickly found its target and I entered her roughly, drawing a gasp from her thin lips.

“Is that what you want?” I threw a dozen hard thrusts into her depths, each drawing a grunt from deep within her. “Is this the cock you need so bad?” Another series of deep thrusts followed and her grunts started to turn into a long, rolling moan.

I pushed myself up and grabbed her ankles, spreading her legs wide as I got into position for more vigorous action. I held her legs up a bit, lifting her ass just enough to meet my cock at the right angle, and started fucking her hard. My balls slapped against her ass with each thrust and her arms went to the headboard to keep me from driving her into the next room. Her tits bounced wildly as I fucked her, my kaçak casino own lust and adrenaline flowing freely through my body.

I was damned, guilty and evil. I was fucking my wife’s little sister and there was no taking it back. I was angry and I let that anger fuel my hips as I drove into her like a machine. I was angry at her for enticing me over and over, parading her naked body in front of me and daring me to this adultery, but mostly I was angry at myself for being so weak that I couldn’t resister her feminine wiles. It was all my fault, all her fault, God Damn it this was wrong!

I bared my teeth and fucked her even harder but I couldn’t get as deep as I wanted, as hard as I wanted. I needed to punish that slut, that incestuous bitch who had made me such a bastard and a failure.

I pulled out and let her drop on the bed, vaguely noticing that she could barely breathe. I pushed her legs over to the side and picked her up by the hips, flipping her over so I could come at her from behind. I jammed my cock back inside her before she was steady and she fell forward with me on her back. As I pressed her into the bed, my cock buried in her wet pussy, I worked a hand underneath her to rub at her clit. My face was at her ear and I let her know how I felt.

“You just had to push me, didn’t you? You just had to shake your tits in my face one more time! Here’s what you get for all your trouble.” I started to grind into her from behind while my fingers worked her clit. Most of my weight must have been on her G-spot at that point and she was writhing in ecstasy underneath me, screaming her lust into the muffling bedcovers.

“Take that cock, bitch! Take it deep and you fucking love it!” I shouted, letting my anger flow over me. Still, I couldn’t get at her the way I wanted, couldn’t fulfill the need to really nail this bitch the way she deserved. I pulled my hand out from under her and pushed up, holding her at the waist. I threw my weight down on her over and over, trying to punish her the way I couldn’t punish myself.

That’s when she came. She pushed her face up from the covers and shouted this high pitched barking moan, some primal noise she’d never be able to repeat without a cock buried inside her. Spit flew from her mouth as she tried to form words around all that explosive exhalation.

“Fuh…Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me! Ungh! Uh…Uh…Uh… Oh, fuuuuck!” Half shriek, half growl, she wailed out the end of her shattering orgasm while I continued to pound away. She descended back into noises and grunts, maybe thinking it was over. I had no such intention.

I got off her ass, my wet cock slithering out of her belly. I moved back and got her up on her knees like I had planned earlier. She was weak and disoriented but I put her where I wanted her, ass in the air and squarely on her knees. I worked my snake back into its den and finally I had the control I wanted.

I was brutal, slamming my cock into that girl like an animal. My fingers dug trenches in her soft hips, my teeth clenched and gnashed, my balls slapped into her clit, and my prick went as far as it ever could into her body. I might have said something, I might have sounded just like she did a few moments before, but I’ll never know for sure. If I was going to be an animal, a villain, a cheater, then I might as well get it all out at once.

I don’t know how long that went on. It was probably only a few minutes until I felt the first stirrings of my orgasm start to burn through my wild lust. I had just enough sense to remember that she was on the pill so I knew I could dump this load as deep as I liked. I’m not sure I had the capacity to pull out then anyway.

“Here you fucking go!” I shouted, semen blasting out the end of my cock and into her deep, dark pussy. Again and again my seed flowed into her, basting her insides and mingling with her dripping wetness, making her pussy sloppy and slick. My body tensed as the last few contractions held me, each one longer than the last and each one leeching me of more energy. I held the final thrust deep inside her, twitching and rigid, until at last it let go of me and I crumpled to the bed beside her, my lungs working overtime to haul in oxygen.

We lay there exhausted, guilty and sated, gasping. After a while she rolled over and snuggled up next to me. A wave of self-revulsion flowed over me, as now I was sharing a tender moment with her in addition to the wild, violent adultery from a few minutes earlier. But that revulsion was unfair. We were both to blame and we had no excuses anymore. I held her tight and tried to relax. In a few minutes we were both asleep.

Over the next few hours she missed two of her phone conferences due to my cock being inside her in one way or another. I did make my interview call but a lack of preparation and a bit of distraction as Janet swallowed my cock all the way down her throat conspired to make it a disaster. Just as well, it was obvious from the start that it wasn’t the job for me. She even made me come, a deep, shuddering orgasm that sprayed my spunk all down her throat, while I was on that call. I barely hid the fact and I’m sure they thought something was very wrong with me. I didn’t care.

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