Administrative Discipline

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Maria Sanchez sat in the guest chair, huddled in on herself defensively. Her normally stern face was drained of the strength and surety it normally wore and her body language spoke of a naughty child awaiting an audience with the principal. This was far more serious.

Across the ornate, oversized desk sat Mr. Harrison. His wire rimmed glasses did little to hide the anger and disappointment in his old, brown eyes. He was tall even in the deep leather chair and his authority filled the corner office. His long brown fingers had been tapping slowly on the desk for what seemed like hours as he regarded the woman across from him.

“Miss Sanchez,” he began in his strong, gravelly voice, “I find myself at a crossroad. You have put me there through your incompetence.” She shied away from him as if hit by the word. “How many times have I stood up for you? How many times have I swept a fiasco like this under the rug?” She dared not meet his gaze. She knew his eyes were boring in on her like weapons. She felt a deep shame at letting him down. Again.

He removed his glasses and rubbed his weary eyes.

“The damage was minimal this time. We reacted with enough alacrity to minimize the impact of your poor decisions, but this could have been disastrous. The only reason we were able to staunch the bleeding was because I have learned that you need to be watched. Miss Sanchez, the firm cannot continue to pay both your salary and that of a babysitter for you.”

Her head snapped up, her eyes wide with fright.

“No! I can’t lose this job, sir!” Her heart beat as if electrified, threatening to burst out of her chest. This couldn’t be happening!

“If you cannot fulfill the needs of this position then you certainly can lose it. I had faith in you and I went out on a limb for you too many times. Each time you failed. I took you under my wing and gave you the best assignments, and still you continued to fail!” Anger was rising in his voice and he let it cut through the young woman. She needed to understand. “I could delay the inevitable and hide another example of your incompetence, but to what end? We both know you will wind up here again in the same situation.”

A shred of hope seemed to fall from the old man’s lips and she grasped at it like a life preserver.

“If you could just give me one more chance…” His raised hand should have silenced her, but even his incredible weight of authority failed to dissuade her. “…I swear I can do better! Please, Mr. Harrison! I’m in debt; I’ll lose my condo, my car…” She finally did stop as his raised hand slammed down on the desk. He rose, fury burning in his eyes.

“Enough!” She cringed and folded back in on herself, once again cowed by his presence as he towered over her. “Miss Sanchez, I see no reason to prolong this charade. This pitiful little circus has gone on long enough.”

“Please, sir.” Her voice was barely audible. She turned her tear streaked face up to him in supplication. “Please! I’ll do anything to keep this job. Anything.” The last word trailed off, signaling complete defeat. Harrison considered the gently weeping woman in front of him for a moment, then lifted a manila folder from the desk.

“This contains your letter of resignation and your terms of release. I am willing to let you leave of your own accord instead of suffering canlı bahis the humiliation of being dismissed. You may sign these papers, or…” His eyes were old, but sharp. He had noticed the hard body beneath the business suits, the shapely legs snapping through the company’s halls on high heels. He knew he was in complete control now, and he knew she must obey his every word.

She looked up again, unsure of her place. He had offered and retracted the life preserver enough to completely confuse her. She knew she was beaten.


“Or, you may step out of that skirt and bend over the desk.” The outrageous demand struck her like a physical blow. How dare he? The fear and pity she felt vanished in a wave of anger and revulsion at this shocking statement.

“I certainly will not! You have no right…”

“You have no right to this job, Miss Sanchez!” he snapped. “Also in this folder are your termination papers, already signed and dated. Perhaps I should just call security and have you escorted from the building.” He lifted the receiver and began to type in the number.

Maria was near panic. He was serious! And no one would ever suspect this stern elder of such a horror. It would be her word against his. And she so desperately needed the job.

“Stop! Stop. I’ll…I’ll do it.” Her anger was quelled nearly as quickly as it flared, giving way to complete surrender. The phone returned to its cradle. Harrison crossed his arms across his chest.

Maria’s trembling hands went to the zipper at her side. The room seemed to spin as she gave in to his lecherous demands. The zipper fell, she undid the hook, and her grey skirt fell to the floor.

“Take off the blouse as well.” His voice was law. Fire burned through her veins as she undid the buttons on the cream colored silk, slowly baring herself in the cold room. Her delicate white bra and panties were now her only physical defense against his wandering eyes. She shook in fear, anger and guilt under that steady gaze.

“Bend over the desk.” He commanded. She stepped up to the large wooden table and bent over, noticing the oddest things– the grain on the wood, the smell of the polish, the uneven wear on the pen holder. She dared not think of what would come next. She heard him move around the desk, his footsteps on the heavy carpet. She heard his belt buckle clink, and then the rasp of leather on fabric as he whisked it through the belt loops. She tensed herself for his touch.


She nearly jumped out of her skin at the shock and pain of the belt across her buttocks. He was spanking her! Her mind reeled but she had little time to react.

Thwack! Another blow landed on her backside, then another, and another.

Tom Harrison stopped after 4 blows to watch her flesh redden in thin bands across her olive skin. He watched her tremble and flinch from the next expected assault, but he waited. He wanted her to look up first. It only took a few moments. As her face turned toward him he landed another savage blow, this one causing her to squeal in surprise and pain.

“I have tried to talk to you; I have tried to encourage you.” Another slap of leather on skin forced a gasp out of her red lips. “I have tried to cajole you, to entice you, even to scare you, and nothing seems to work.” Another blow; another muffled bahis siteleri cry. “If I am to give you one more chance, you must understand the depth!’ Another blow. ‘And severity!” Another. “Of my resolve to mold you into a good and obedient!” Another. “Employee.”

He stood back, breathing hard now. Her white cotton panties were askew now and her skin glowed red from his belt. She sobbed quietly on his desk as he watched, allowing his climbing heart rate to subside a bit. He dropped his belt to the floor and moved toward her, a gentle tone replacing the anger of a moment before.

“You must understand, Maria.” His hand touched her ass gently, yet she jumped as if struck again. “You must understand that I can no longer afford to indulge you.” He tugged at her panties, pulling them down off her abused ass. She offered no resistance as he eased them down to her knees, leaving her tattered ass completely bare. He brushed his fingers across her smooth, painful skin, gently caressing the red lines he had just created. “You are too wild, too undisciplined. You must learn to obey me, Maria. Can you do that?”

“Yes,” she replied meekly, then yelped as his strong hand landed a swift smack to her ass.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, sir. I will obey you.” She tensed for another blow, but his hand retuned to its soft caress, across her buttocks, down her thighs, and finally toward her exposed pussy. He probed her briefly, slipping his fingers amongst her moist, tender folds. He played her like an instrument, wiggling a finger against her clit while pushing two others into her body. She shuddered now for a different reason, pleasure slowly replacing pain.

“Very good. You’ve learned to relax and obey.” He pulled his fingers away from her and stepped back, placing is hands on his hips. “Now get on your knees, girl.” She pushed herself up from the desk, moving slowly and trying to keep from aggravating her pain. His purpose was clear, as was her response. She had to. No matter what he said, she had to do it. She fell to her knees, wincing slightly as the battered skin pulled tight, and lifted her hands to his fly.

She could feel his cock beneath the fabric, already swollen and eager. She pulled down the zipper and reached inside, quickly pulling out the long black prick. She let it swing there in front of her face for a moment, hesitating just long enough for him to raise his hand. She wanted no more of that, and quickly she took his growing member into her mouth.

Tom replaced his hand on his hip and watched the pretty young Latina face split around his growing erection. Her lipstick smeared on his dark flesh and on her lips, ruining her perfectly made up doll face. She was a pretty one, he thought. Her mouth worked slowly and well on his flesh and he reveled in the glow of her attentions. He couldn’t decide which he preferred, the view or the feel. As he reached full erection he took control. He ran his fingers through her dark hair, gaining a confident grip on her skull.

“You must learn to accept what I give you,” he said as he pushed his cock into her lovely face. She gagged as he pushed her tonsils aside but he finished his advance anyway, pressing her nose against his pubic bone before backing off. She coughed and gasped for breath, just enough for him to repeat his invasion of her throat. bahis şirketleri Again she gagged on him, and again he backed off to let her recover briefly. He continued to fuck her face until her chin was covered in spit. He pulled all the way out, his slimy cock wagging in front of her ruined face.

“Get up. Get back on the desk.” She reacted more quickly now, rising to her feet and wiping her mouth on her arm. She bent over the desk and spread her legs, awaiting his next move. He spared no speed in mounting her from behind, thrusting his prick into her fiery depths.

Lust now ran through Maria’s veins, lust and the feeling of complete submission to this powerful man’s will. She was his toy, his property, his dirty slut, and she would do anything he demanded. His word was her command. Released of her responsibility, with no choice but to submit, she let herself go to the filthy lust as his cock plunged into her again and again.

A fistful of her hair pulled her head back so he could see her face as he fucked her.

“Good girl!” He said through clenched teeth. “Good, dirty girl!” Again and again the older man threw himself into her, sweat rolling off his brow. He started grunting as his orgasm approached, and in moments he was wildly humping the girl, dumping his cum in her depths, thrusting his cock ever deeper into her little body. His cock spat and jerked in her pussy as he held on with all his might, groaning in pleasure at the feeling of her slick, willing depths filling with his seed.

As the spasms passed, he stumbled back. He saw his ejaculate drip from her livid red pussy and he collapsed in the chair, his lungs heaving like bellows. He was exhausted, but so very content. As the room grew cloudy and indistinct, all he could think about was how he would never have been so tired after so short a session in his youth. His eyelids fluttered once, twice, then fell.

He awoke a short time later, feeling discomfort as he sat awkwardly in the hard chair. He had to get up or his back would hurt for days. As he shifted, he found Maria’s face in his lap, resting on his thigh. She smiled at him.

“Tom, what am I going to do with you?”

“What do you mean, ma’am?” He sat up, regretting that the motion forced the junior partner of the law firm to raise her pretty face from his leg. She sat back on the floor, still naked except for her bra. She smiled sweetly as she spoke.

“I can’t have you killing yourself in my office, Tom.” The old janitor returned the smile, his white dentures gleaming.

“I can’t imagine a finer way to go, ma’am. You just tell them my heart gave out.”

Maria rose and started pulling her clothes back on. Tom watched, the smile still etched on his face. When she was finished she sat behind her desk and brought out a mirror and some makeup. Back in her seat of power, she seemed to visibly rise above him, back into her ivory tower of money and power. Tom sighed and pushed himself out of the chair, then put himself back together. He stretched, picked up the envelope she always had for him on the edge of the desk, and headed for the door. It felt a little thicker this time, he thought.

He glanced back at her as he left the office, but she had turned away from him and was busy with something he was sure he wouldn’t understand. He closed the door and flipped through the envelope, filled with cash. Sure enough, there was a little bonus on top of his bonus tonight. He whistled a happy tune as he headed for the utility closet, preparing to wax the floors for the next few hours.

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