Adam’s Little Sister Ch. 03

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Note: By popular request, (for which I am incredibly grateful) I am continuing this story from Adam’s point of view. I want to thank everyone who was nice enough to give me such positive feedback for parts one and two. I hope you like this installment, find it arousing and fun to read. Enjoy!

* * * * *

Sunday morning came, as all Sunday mornings must. I woke up with Susan in my arms, her head lying on my shoulder. I turned to look at the clock, and it was nearly noon. Boy, the alcohol and sex sure had wiped us out. I felt pretty good though. Not hunger over – much.

We didn’t know what time mom and dad would be back from the shore house. It was only an hour drive, but when they returned often depended on whether dad had any briefs to prepare for work the next day. In any case, we couldn’t roam around the house naked or anything.

I got up to use the bathroom and upon returning, just had to admire Susan’s body in my bed. Sister or no, she was quite the picture. She was on her side, her face hidden from my view and facing the other way. Her body twisted in a way that her ass was facing me, but I could still see her stomach and most of her breasts. Sis was wearing a short T-shirt and thin, white cotton briefs. The shirt just covered her mouth watering tits, and her nipples appeared to be a little stiff, sticking out noticeably through the fabric. Her uncovered stomach was not just flat, but defined in the way she was turned, with tight muscles – the result of sports and exercise. It was gorgeous.

My sister’s legs were long and feminine, though again in an athletic way. They looked both powerful and incredibly sexy. The back of her shapely calves was marvelous. Her ass was round and firm, a perfect bubble butt.

FLASHBACK My cock fully penetrating Susan’s gorgeous ass. My little sister sucking my fingers – in intense heat – impossibly horny. Begging me to fuck her harder, to fuck her ass. Her eyes opening wide and closing tightly as she reached new peaks of ecstasy.

Watching her on her side, cuddled up in my bed like a big child, I began to feel some pangs of regret, of guilt. No matter that the sex had been incredible and that Susan had begged me for it. She was still my little sister, and I didn’t want to take advantage of her.

But when she rolled over, all those thoughts disappeared. Now facing me with her eyes closed, one graceful breast peeked out of her top. It was tan around the rounded bottom, yet lighter where her bikini line made its erotic design. This made her nipple seem all the more brown and prominent.

She unconsciously had a finger in her mouth, sucking it lightly. As I approached the bed, her sultry blue eyes opened lazily, and a smile began to make its way across her mouth up when she realized where she way and with whom.

“Adam,” she whispered. “Come and sit next to me.”

I walked over to the bed sort of sideways, embarrassed by my hard-on and doing my best to conceal it. I sat down with my back to her legs, my hands in my lap to cover up. I turned my head to speak to her.

“Morning baby, ” I said warmly, playfully. “Sleep well?”

“Mmmm, yes,” she said, stretching out like a cat. Her entire torso exposed, and the T-shirt losing its connection and rising up to exposes her glorious breasts. Oh my aching cock. “It was a fantastic night, wasn’t it?”

“Fantastic,” I echoed.

Susan rose up on one elbow and looked me in the eyes, beginning to wake more. She smiled at me in a way that I can only describe as loving and cute at the same time. A wide, exaggerated smile that made crinkles around her eyes. As if to say, “Aren’t I cute?” Indeed she was.

She reached over and rubbed down my back, then rose up a little more to encircle my waist and rub my stomach. She rubbed up and down my stomach and chest this way, which was making me crazy. I pulled my arms from my lap and leaned back on my hands, my eyes closed. Then Susan must have seen my erection.

“Mmmm,” she purred. “My friend is back.”

She reached down and rubbed my cock over my underpants, starting at the head and down the shaft. When she got to my balls, she caressed them gently. I could hear from her breathing that my baby sister was starting to get hot again.

“Sue,” I protested mildly, “it’s after noon, and we don’t know when their coming home.”

“No, we don’t do we?” she answered rhetorically, putting her hand inside the waistband of my boxer briefs and rubbing my already swollen cock head with her thumb and index finger. “Isn’t that part of the fun?”

It was difficult to argue, with her hand rubbing down my shaft and cupping my balls. I reached over and gently held the bottom of her left breast. I extended my thumb up and ran it over her nipples, which responded immediately by stiffening and elongating. Sue moaned.

Susan was sitting up, and I swung my body around to face her. My legs were spread over her warm lap. I took both her breasts in my hands and caressed them, playing with the nipples. I quickly wet my fingers casino oyna in my mouth, then squeezed and circled her nipples.

Then – and this was hot – Sue just looked in my eyes, never taking them off of me, while she rubbed my cock and I rubbed her tits. We must have stayed that way for several minutes, I can’t tell. It felt too good. Susan began to sense the stirrings of orgasm from the nipple-vagina connection, because her voice was shaking a little as she opened her mouth to speak.

“Adam,” she breathed softly, “this feel so good. You’re gonna . . . gonna make me cum just from this . . .”

The hell I was. I moved my body back a little, exposing Sue’s crotch. Moving her panties aside with my four fingers, a quickly massaged her clit with my thumb. This broke the dam, and the floodwaters of my sister’s orgasm began to pour through.

Susan’s eyes opened as wide as saucers. She looked at me in disbelief, that I could make her cum so suddenly, so intensely, so easily.

I squeezed the nipple of her right breast firmly, while my left thumb encircled her engorged clit.

“Oh my God, Adam,” she roared. “Oh God in heaven . . . I’m cumming . . .” I thought that she would close her eyes and drop her head, but she didn’t. She just kept looking me in the eye as her body shook in climax.

“Look at me, big brother . . . . Look at me while I cum . . . while you make me cum . . .”

Her breathing was erratic and coming in rushes and the orgasm overtook her, but she kept looking into my eyes, which was so incredibly hot.

“I’m cumming now . . . cumming,” she continued, her hips bucking up and down on the bed. “I’m so . . . . I can’t . . . . I love you so much.”

She finally arched her back one last time and settled down. I removed my hands from her body and got off the bed.

“We don’t know when they’ll be home,” I said, “we’d better get ready.”

“Wait,” Sue said, her voice a low moan. She rolled over on her elbows on my bed, her head by the edge. “Come here, Adam.”

I walked over to her, and my crotch was at her face level. She looked up at me and stroked my cock, lowering my briefs and licking her lips when my bulging cock popped out like a jack in the box.

“Sue,” I repeated. “Little sister, they could be driving up the street right now.”

“We’d better hurry then,” she murmured. “Wouldn’t want mom and dad to get any ideas.”

With that, she drank my cock in, taking the shaft halfway in her mouth, licking all the way.”

“Oh God,” I managed to say, feeling my knees turn mushy. Susan licked up and down my shaft, stroking it at the same time. When she got to the top, she would swirl her tongue around my mushroom head, then lick down the side until she got to my balls. Gently holding my testicles, she licked and sucked one after the other, while using her free fingers to play with my cock head. The feeling was – exquisite. I began to breathe heavier as the warmth radiated outward through my body.

Suddenly, I heard to sounds of the garage door opening. But I was unable to move.

“Sue, they’re here!” I cried.

She smiled up, stroking my shaft. “I know.”

“But they’ll be up here in a minute or two, after they get their bags out of the car. They’re coming!”

“Not before you do,” she responded.

Sue took her left hand and stuck it in the crack of my ass, lightly massaging my anus. She had her other hand on my cock, stroking up and down while she literally sucked the cum from my body. Faster and faster she stroked my soaking wet cock.

“Oh God,” I moaned in desperation. “I’m cumming, I’m . . . cumming.”

She looked up and smiled, never taking her mouth off my cock. As I shot jets of cum into her warm mouth, she kept sucking and pumping, not losing a drop. When my supply finally ran out, I pulled away.

Sue wiped her lips with a grin and hopped out of bed. Just before she sprinted into the shower, she turned around and blew me a kiss – flashing her incredible tits to me.

*************** You could not imagine a more handsome couple than my parents.

My dad, Benjamin Foster, is 44 years old, a successful corporate attorney who looks the part. At six foot two, he is the same height as me. He’s got the same strong build as when he was a high school and college athlete, and can still drag guys half his age up and down the basketball court. Susan definitely got his coloring; his dark hair, just now starting to gray, and flawless olive skin.

Mom is 42, and could easily pass for 28. A nutritionist, she knows how to eat and exercise and stays looking great. She’s tall, about 5 foot eight, with medium breasts, b to c cups, I’d say. Her coloring, like mine, is fair, with strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. She’s got strong, shapely calves and thighs, honed at the gym and tennis courts. All in all, mom’s a definite M.I.L.F. (Mother’s I’d Love to Fuck), as my friends say.

I wouldn’t want to venture into the nature of their relationship too far. They get along well and are excellent canlı casino parents, but I would not call their relationship passionate. Susan and I sometimes wonder if mom could have something on the side when dad traveled. Dad made an exceptional living, which he really didn’t let her forget, and mom was content to work part time, being somewhat of a kept woman. Again, I wouldn’t want to comment too much, I’m not privy to their private thoughts, and I love them.

When Susan ran for the shower, I threw on a pair of shorts and began making my bed. When they got to the top of the stairs, dad popped his head in my room.

“Hey buddy, good to see you,” he said, “did you have a nice weekend?”

“Not bad, dad,” I replied. “Just took it easy with Sue for the most part. We had a pizza one night and barbecued last night.”

“Excellent,” he responded in his best attorney voice, “nice to see you two getting along so well. You’re a good brother too, making sure she ate.”

Good brother? You don’t know the half of it, dad, I thought. She ate all right.

Dad turned and brought his bag to his room. Mom walked up after him and came into my room. Being a mom, she walked up and hugged me, planting a kiss on my cheek.

“My boy is getting so big and strong,” she said, smiling, “I’m going to have to interview the girls to weed out all the undesirables.”

“Yeah, mom, they’re just lining up outside for a nerdy journalist,” I replied.

“Don’t sell yourself short, handsome, you just wait and see. Thanks for making your bed.” What a mom thing to say.

“No sweat,” I replied, “I’m just going to jump in the shower when Sue’s done.”

Turning to leave, mom reminded me, “Dad’s going to Cincinnati for 11 days in the morning, Adam. You’ll have to be the man of the house, OK?”

“OK, mom, have no fear, Adam is here! I’ll protect us all from the villains of suburbia.” She smiled, but still, she seemed a little sad. As she left, she turned one more time to look at me. I thought she was going to say something, but she just sort of looked at me with a faraway look in her eyes. Probably tired.

We all did our separate things that day, dad was busy preparing for his trip, and left the next morning before any of us were awake.

I saw my sister in the hallway that night before dinner.

“Adam, when do you think we’ll be able to, you know, be together again?”

Looking around, I gave her a quick kiss and squeezed her fantastic tush.

“Don’t worry,” I whispered. After this weekend they’ll be back to their normal schedule, and be away or our to dinner every weekend. So we’ll have time.”

“I can’t wait!” she whispered back, sticking her tongue in my ear.

“Hey, stop that you!” I laughed, pushing her back.

Mom smiled, surprising us by appearing in the stairway. She was happy to see us getting along after the fights we’d had as kids. If she only knew just how well we got along.

The week was uneventful, and Saturday night found the three of us sharing London broil and some fine Chardonnay, enjoying the nice weather. Sue was adorable and edible in cut off shorts and tank top. Mom, I have to say, was equally fetching in her matching shorts, which highlighted her still fine legs, and tennis shirt.

With nothing really to do, we resorted to a rented video; one of the romantic comedies mom and Sue like, and some microwave popcorn. As we prepared the popcorn, one of Sue’s friends called with a last minute invitation to sleep over.

Since their seemed to be zero chance of sex, Sue accepted the invitation.

“Sorry for leaving you alone with mom and the movie,” she commented. I”ll make it up to you.”

“You’d better,” I smirked. But in truth I didn’t really mind, I rarely spent much time with mom, and we’d always had a wonderful relationship, from the time she pushed me in the carriage. I loved my mom, and I could sense that she was feeling lonely without dad and was grateful for my company.

We enjoyed the movie, and finished off the entire second bottle of wine, with mom drinking more than I thought she could and getting sleepy as a result.

Right after the movie, we said goodnight and went to bed, though I wasn’t all that tired. I sat in bed and read for a while.

About an hour later, mom knocked at my door.

“Yes?” I called. “Mom?”

“Adam,” she said, opening the door, “there’s a strange noise in my room, can you come and listen?”

It was cute. I was the man of the house, and mom needed me. She was wearing, I happened to notice, a short silk nightshirt, and her nipples were erect underneath, creating little tents atop her breasts. I followed her into her room and listened. There was a knocking sound coming from outside the window. I opened the curtains to look outside. A small branch had broken off from the top of the tree outside, fallen, and gotten caught in the other branches close to the window. A slight breeze was knocking it into the glass, making a tapping sound. I opened the window and pulled the branch, kaçak casino dislodging it, and dropped it to the ground.

“There you go, mom, problem solved,” I beamed.

“What would I do without you, Adam?” she said, sounding mournful I thought.

I looked over at mom. She was lying propped up on her pillows, her marvelous legs crossed, and moonlight bathing her body in shadows. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

“Adam?” she asked. “Will you just lay here beside me for a few minutes? That noise had my heart thumping, and I’d rather not be alone for a little while. Could you do that?”

“Sure, mom,” I replied, sitting next to her on the bed. We sat there in silence, mom leaning her head against my shoulder, her arm on mine. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t help looking at her long legs and superb calves, crossed at her feet. She had a gold angle bracelet with little hearts. It was so sexy . . . . . Perhaps I was more tired than I thought, because before long I fell asleep.


I woke up to the feeling of someone kissing my neck. Susan? Was she home – was I dreaming? I opened my eyes to find – it was mom!

“Mom? I said, trying to shake the sleep off.

“Adam,” she whispered, never stopping, ” I know what you must think and I want you to . . . stop thinking for a little while . . . for tonight.”

She looked me in the eyes in a way that she never had in our lives. I’ll never forget that look.

“I know we’re mother and son. You know how much I love you. But right here – right now – I’m a woman. A woman who hasn’t been made love to for far too long. And right here and now I need you more than I’ve ever needed you in my life. I only hope you’ll understand – and be the man I desperately need you to be right now.”

My mind was reeling. What was going on? First, my little sister Susan and now – mom? Why me? What did she mean by far too long – how could dad neglect her this way? And more important than anything – what was I going to do?

I didn’t have much time to decide, with mom nuzzling my neck, her legs rubbing together, obviously trying to put out the fire starting between them. I could shut her down, tell her this was not the time or the person for her to take out her sexual frustration. Or I could be what she wanted – the man she needed her son to be at this moment – and take care of the people who love me. I decided.

I turned to her and took her face in my hands. I kissed her – hard. I put everything I had into that kiss, exploring her lips, her mouth and tongue. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and licked all around it. I showed her I meant business.

Mom returned my kiss with fervor. She moaned into my mouth, rubbing my chest. She knew I would do what it took to please her.

I began to kiss down her neck, rubbing her breasts tenderly with both hands. I used my thumbs to encircle her aureoles, while my index fingers joined them to squeeze her nipples through the satin of her nightshirt. Mom was moaning softly and breathing hard. She was now rubbing her legs together like they were two sticks she was trying to light on fire with friction.

Mom slid the spaghetti straps off her shoulders, her nightshirt sinking down to reveal her breasts. I regarded them lustfully. They were firm and round on the bottom, if not overly large like Susan’s. I took them in my hands and licked her nipples, lightly at first, then more insistently. Mom was moaning louder now and, I noticed a dark, wet spot was growing on her nightshirt at the crotch.

Mom was holding my head tenderly as I sucked her breasts, rubbing my hair. She pulled my head up so that our lips met again, and she kissed me with fire and passion, putting all of her emotion into that kiss. She was trembling slightly. I thought it was from nervousness or pent up emotion. It wasn’t.

She moved her lips from my lips to my neck, and down my chest. When she got to my nipples, mom sucked them briefly, then continued to kiss her way down my stomach until she got to the tip of my fully erect cock.

A sound came from her mouth as she held my cock and looked at it. It’s hard to describe that sound. Not a moan, not a sigh, more of . . . like the sound a child makes when they take the first lick of their favorite flavor ice cream. That “mmmm” sound when the senses realize what’s hit them. She cherished the cock she was about to suck.

She held my cock in her hand, leaving only the tip exposed. Then she licked and sucked that tip until it felt ready to burst, it was so sensitive. As she moved her hand down my cock, her tongue followed, until she – my God – she had my entire cock in her mouth. It was unbelievable.

Mom licked and slurped my cock with what can only be described as glee. She took my balls, one at a time, into her wet, velvety mouth and soaked them with saliva, then moved up and down my cock again, and again, and again. She rubbed my cock against her face, getting all wet as she continued to stroke and kiss it, then put it back in her mouth to suck more. She must have given me extraordinary head for ten minutes this way.

“God, Adam,” she finally marveled, breathing hard, “you’ve got such staying power. Your fath . . . uh . . . most men would have cum already.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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