Ace of Clubs

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‘Ace of Clubs.’

A wry grin spread across his face as Chris held the card out to the circle. The young woman sat to his right groaned theatrically. According to rules, an Ace signified ‘waterfall’, a game in which all players must drink simultaneously, only permitted to stop once the person to their left had finished. Chris was to start, and he could drink like a fish.

‘Ready? Three, two, one…’

Chris raised the drink to his lips, grimacing inwardly as the sugary homemade punch coursed down his front. To his left, Charlie had her own cup to her lips, but from his vantage point Chris could see the angle of the glass was too shallow for her to be taking anything more than a sip. Charlie, noticing she’d been caught, tipped him a coquettish wink that caused a momentary flutter in his stomach. Chris lowered his glass, dismissing the look almost immediately. Charlie was a notorious flirt; it seemed almost all of Chris’ friends had been taken in by her at some point. With her elfin features and petite, curvaceous figure Charlie’s attentions were always welcome, but it was common knowledge that she had a long – term boyfriend. As far as Chris new, no-one else had stolen so much as a kiss; a cause of much frustration among his friends. Around him, people were lowering their drinks in the cascading pattern which had earned the game its name.

Chris’ own girlfriend was on a graduate programme in Berlin, an absence which had lasted for almost six months now. Their tentative efforts at phone sex had petered out almost immediately; Liz’s natural modesty and self respect, attributes which had so attracted Chris in the first place, were now obstacles to their intimacy. By now, Chris was beginning to feel the strains of his enforced celibacy. It wasn’t that he was looking to be unfaithful, but the advances of other women were becoming harder and harder to turn down. A handsome man, Chris’ tall, slim physique and easy smile had won him many admirers, but so far he’d held his nerve.

‘Fuck man, that was savage’ Across the room, Alex was beginning to look pale and unsteady. The beginnings of the familiar thousand-yard stare were creeping into his eyes. In fact, a lot of the players were looking the worse for wear; the scope for bravado and one-upmanship inherent in the game had allowed the drink to do its work. Chris grinned and boomed in a ludicrous Mockney accent:

‘C’mon then sweethearts lets get down the fackin’ pub, I’ll get a numb arse sat around here all night’ earning him a shrill laugh from Charlie. It seemed the punch was affecting him after all.

Out on the rain-slick street, Chris walked arm in arm with Ella, a vivacious black girl whose sunny outlook in the face of her mounting personal problems had seen the two become firm friends. maltepe escort As they made their way to the bar, chatting inconsequentially, Chris felt a small, warm hand creep its way into his. Looking around, he saw that it was Charlie. His stomach did that unsettling flutter again. So what if she does this with everyone? He thought. A little flirting can’t hurt. To his right, Ella gave him a knowing look.

Chris slid his way onto the curved leather sofa, bashing his knee painfully as he did so. Fucking punch had really got its claws in. The bar was both trendy and expensive, what Chris referred to as a ‘wanker’s bar’, the haunt of posh thugs and coke heads. The cocktails were good though, and the leather upholstered booths meant that a large group could sit and talk in relative privacy. He wasn’t entirely surprised to find that Charlie had slid in beside him, close enough so that their legs were touching. He could smell her hair, her perfume. All of a sudden he felt light headed and this time he wasn’t sure he could blame it on the punch.

‘I got the drinks.’

Charlie’s voice was sultry, yet buoyant. She was having fun. She passed Chris his cocktail, a Brazilian concoction called a ‘Caipirinha’ containing enough rum to pass as suitably masculine. Chris was aware that their difference in heights (standing over 6ft tall meant that he had almost six inches on Charlie) meant that he had an unobstructed view down her chiffon blouse; Charlie had selected a plunging neckline that truly accentuated her assets. True to form, she knew exactly what she was working with. Chris tried not to stare, but was drawn like a moth to a flame. She had fantastic tits, E-cups at least, and their presence on her small, slim body made them seem larger still.

Chris was dimly aware that the group had begun to filter off, some to bed, some to a nearby club for a suitable night-ender.

‘Are you guys coming to Eden?’ someone asked. Below the table Charlie’s hand had begin to caress his knee, so gently as to be almost imperceptible.

‘Umm, I think we’re going to stay here for a few.’

That left Chris, Charlie and Ella, who was with her boyfriend and subsequently a million miles away.

‘Fancy another one love?’ Chris asked. If the night was progressing the way he thought Chris was going to need some liquid courage. Charlie slipped her arm around his waist and rested her head against his shoulder as they approached the bar, her closeness coupled with the alcohol he’d consumed almost too much for Chris to take in. As they approached, a middle aged man, sat on his own and nursing a pint, looked up and grinned at them.

‘Are you too seeing each other then?’ The pair exchanged an awkward look.

‘Um, maslak escort it’s not like that.’

‘Why not?’

‘We’ve both already got partners.’

‘What difference does that make?’ Chris attempted to steer the conversation away from a potentially uncomfortable area.

‘So are you having a good night then mate?’

‘Not really.’

‘Aww why’s that?’ Charlie asked playfully.

‘I miss my bird.’ With that he produced a smartphone from his jeans pocket and began to deftly navigate the menu.

‘Here she is.’ The phone displayed a picture of an impossibly young, attractive Thai girl modelling lacy red lingerie in a lavish hotel suite.

‘I can’t afford to get out there to see her, and the people from immigration are being right dicks.’ Next to him, Chris could see Charlie biting down on her fist to suppress a giggling fit. Fighting back his own laughter, Chris managed to say:

‘She’s lovely man, a real catch. You hold on to her.’ This seemed to satisfy him, so Chris and Charlie returned to their tables, drinks in hand and cackling like maniacs.

‘So what are we going to do then?’

‘I’m sorry?’ Back at the table, the couple had their arms around one another, Charlie sitting so close she was practically perched on his lap. Chris was uncomfortably aware of the sideswell of her breast against his chest, accompanied by a stirring in his groin.

‘What are we going to do? We’re attracted to each other, that’s pretty obvious.’

‘Yeah, you could say that. What about your bloke?’

‘He’s away for the weekend…’ Here the conversation paused for a moment while the couple stared into each others’ eyes. Chris could see the telltale glint of lust in her sapphire irises and wondered if she was noticing the same in his.

‘Do you want to kiss me?’ He asked. For the first time, Charlie’s façade dropped. She was nervous, he saw. Shy almost. He began to realise that Charlie was as much out of her depth as he was. It only lasted a second. Her smile returned, and she leaned in towards him, her neck craned upwards expectantly. Chris’ nostrils were once again filled with her scent. Their mouths met in a velvet caress; Chris could feel her hard little teeth clash against his, her tongue exploring. He responded in kind. All of a sudden the room felt too hot. He had to leave. Ushering Charlie before him, they grabbed their coats, their drinks left forgotten and untouched.

All allusions to modesty and decency were forgotten. Charlie was sprawled on Chris’ as yet unshared double bed, her shoes kicked decadently to one side. He kissed her hungrily; his hands searching for the clasps at her back. Charlie flung her bra aside, revealing twin alabaster mounds peaked öecidiyeköy escort with perfect, rose-pink nipples. He took one in his mouth and sucked, drawing a gasp from Charlie. Acting on instinct, he bit down, hard. She cried out, a mingled sound of pain, surprise and intense pleasure. Chris shucked out of his Jeans, his cock rigid with anticipation. He ran his hands over her body, taking one flawless breast in each hand. Charlie moaned in response. Leaning forward, she took him in her mouth. The pleasure was huge and immediate as Charlie sucked him with practiced skill. Chris felt his cock stiffen familiarly and pushed her away.

‘Touch yourself for me.’ He breathed. Without a word, she delicately unbuttoned her slacks and slid out of her pale blue thong. Chris’ eyes drank her up hungrily as she slowly revealed her bare, pink pussy, already glistening with moisture and lazily spread her legs. A hand meandered down her body and began to gently strum her clit. Through the fog of his lust Charlie’s moans and gasps filtered into his consciousness as if from very far away. He was lost in her body. Charlie bucked her hips as she slid first one, then two fingers into her waiting pussy. Chris could wait no longer, reaching out to replace her fingers with his own. Charlie’s fingers continued to fly over her clit as he began to finger-fuck her, at first gently, then more vigorously. The tightness of her sex was evident even against his fingers and he groaned to himself as he imagined how it would feel to be inside her. As Charlie’s pleasure intensified, Chris reached a free hand under her back and gently lifted her hips. Charlie was now bucking enthusiastically against his fingers. Chris began to push his middle finger against her most intimate of areas, eventually breaching the point of resistance. As he pushed through her virgin rosebud, Charlie cried his name and jerked ferociously.

‘Fuck me oh fuck me I need your cock inside me’ Charlie blurted in an instinctive stream of consciousness. Chris was only too happy to oblige, placing her body back onto the bed and hoisting her legs over his broad shoulders. Chris placed his tip against her entrance and pushed. The air escaped his lungs in a guttural sigh as he felt her tightness engulf him. Charlie had her eyes screwed shut and was gasping in metronomic fashion as he began to thrust inside her, her hands caressing and pinching her heaving breasts. Chris simultaneously brought his finger to bear on her ass again and kissed her, hard. He could feel her body trying to buck against his as he held her with his weight. He withdrew almost fully, lingering against her lips, before plunging his full length inside her. She grunted and cried his name again. The administrations of his fingers and cock took their toll and orgasm rushed through her body. Her hands grasped the bedsheets ferociously as her legs thrashed about in involuntary spasm. At the sight of Charlie’s climax Chris came too, grunting aloud as he bucked against her with the last of his energy.

They lay that way until sleep took them, all thoughts of infidelity abandoned until the morning.

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