Abby’s desperate bus journey

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Abby’s desperate bus journey
It was going to be a close run thing, and she knew it. Abby had double booked herself. It was her best friend Mike’s 18th birthday, and they had been planning a night out for so long. It had been the topic of conversation since they were about 14, their first, legal night out. Problem was, she had also agreed to go on a team building session with work, and it had happened to fall on the same day.
The session was a boozy lunch, followed by the normal team building activities. The problem was it was in Warrington, which was a 90 minute coach journey away. The return coach was scheduled to leave at 5:30, arriving back at 7, and she’d arranged to meet in a local Wetherspoons at 7:30.

The team building had actually been a really good day. She worked as an accountants PA, so it was a very male orientated job. In fact there were only 3 women on the trip. Sue, who was the boss, and a very formidable woman. You would certainly not cross her, and Katerina, a Hungarian graduate, who’s English was tenuous at best. As an 18 year old trainee Abby had felt quite vulnerable on a coach with 19 men, but it had been fine, she’d received a lot of attention and been made to feel very welcome.

She’d had 2 glasses of wine at lunch, and she really wasn’t used to drinking. She felt OK though, as she’d drank about 2 pints of water in the afternoon whilst outside doing the physical tasks; she did, however, groaned a little at the suggestion to go to a local pub before the bus came. She really wasn’t used to drinking and with a night out tonight planned more alcohol was not what she needed. Nevertheless, Andy was buying a round so she joined in. As soon as they got into the pub Abby made her excuses and dashed to the little girls room, It was only when she sat and released her pent up urine she realised how badly she’d had to go, it felt glorious, and she peed and peed and peed for ages.
As she re-entered the bar she was greeted by Andy, who proudly handed her a pint of lager. “A pint” she gasped, “Of course” replied Andy, “You’re one of the boys now”. Abby groaned inwardly at this, a pint of lager was the last thing she would have chosen, but, she was happy to be included so she accepted and gulped it down. Just as she was finishing this one, the regional manager Steve approached with another.

“I’m really pleased you’ve settled in so well Abby” he said, “Its a pleasure to have some women on these trips, they’re always so testosterone fuelled. She settled back and had a bit of a chat, getting on the good side of the management was going to be a great move. With about half a pint left, the coach pulled up outside. Sue made a beeline for the ladies, and Abby made to follow her, but John grabbed her arm. “Come on Abs, coach is here” he said, “lets get to the back like the cool k**s”. Abby thought about protesting, but she didn’t really need to go, she’d only just been, it was only precautionary, and a 90 minute journey was absolutely nothing. She’d be fine she told herself, chugging down the end of her beer, and following on. ?

Half an hour later, and Abby was starting to worry that she’d made a mistake. Her bladder was making itself known BIG TIME. Had she still been in the pub she’d be heading for the ladies, but she wasn’t, and while she wasn’t bursting yet, she was really concerned with how quickly her need had developed over the past 30 minutes. None of the guys seemed to notice though, and she was still involved in the conversation, so it wasn’t an issue, she tried to tell herself.
Another half an hour passed, but, as she feared, her need was building with each passing minute, and she was now bursting to go. Really bursting. She’d gone really quiet, and was pressing her legs together tightly. Her mind was racing. She needed to go so badly, but there was nowhere she could go. A glance at her watch told her there was still half an hour to go, and that was going to be torture. She’d be fine if her need didn’t increase, but she knew it was going to. It was the lager, she thought, why had she downed 2 full pints, why didn’t she have her precautionary wee before she left. Oh god, this couldn’t be happening.

She was snapped out of her silent turmoil by John, “Are you OK Abby?” he asked “You’ve gone very quiet all of a sudden”. “Ooh, ah, erm, yeah” stammered Abby, “I’m just, erm, tired, that’s all” she added. “It has been a long day” said John, “Drink in the afternoon always does that to me, could be worse though, I’m busting for a piss” he added smiling, trying to make her feel better. It didn’t though, if anything she felt worse, she couldn’t admit her need to a group of male work colleagues, she just couldn’t, but now he was going to be open about his.

Ten minutes later, and her need had risen to almost new heights, she was at the stage now where she’d be dropping whatever she was doing and running to the ladies room wherever she was, she was absolutely bursting, verging on desperate, and for the first time was seriously beginning to doubt whether she would be able to wait. as she tried to think this through, she noticed to her horror, the coach was slowing to a stop. The tannoy system crackled into life. “OK gents” started the driver, we’ve hit a bit of a delay, there’s been an accident, shouldn’t take too long to get through though, bear with me and I’ll have you home as quick as I can. An audible groan went up, as the coach ground to a halt.

The news was a disaster for Abby, who had been counting down the seconds towards their 7 o’clock arrival, that seemed nigh on impossible, but to add a delay to that was terrifying. They sat still for 5 minutes, before Andy stood up, “its no good” he declared, I absolutely have to piss, I literally can’t hold it, and he dashed off to the front. “Me too” chimed Colin, “oh fuck, I’m glad you said that” added Steve, “my eyes are floating”, in total 6 guys dashed to the front and started arguing with the driver. Abby’s mind was whirring, would he stop for them, there must be a services close by, oh god, a toilet would be luxury, thank kaçak iddaa god for John she thought, The driver will have to stop for us now. As she convinced herself that a toilet was imminent, she was absolutely horrified to see the doors open, and the 6 lads jump off. She watched in horror as they dashed to the hard shoulder. John was unzipping his fly as he ran, and one by one they pulled out their willies and let rip, 6 furious desperate gushers. Abby almost started to cry. How she longed to join them, but there was nowhere for a desperate girl to squat.

Without thinking she pressed a hand between her legs, something she’d only ever done when absolutley frantic. She was approaching crisis point, if all the boys were weeing here did that mean they wouldn’t stop at a toilet? The thought was almost too much to bear, Oh God she needed to go, she found herself actually contemplating popping a squat. There was no shame, all the boys had been, and she’d drunk just as much as them, could she ask them to stand guard. God the thought was horrifying, no, she couldn’t do it, she had to wait, she hoped the other girls would need to go too,
Suddenly, out of nowhere, Katerina stood up. “OH NO” she shouted “Me go too, me pee pee now, oh no, oh no”
Abby watched aghast, surely not, she couldn’t be, girls didn’t wee in public. Katerina dashed down the aisle though frantically unbuckling her belt. “I sorry, I sorry” she gasped. Sue stood up too. Katerina, get back in here at once” she commanded, but poor Katerina looked like she’d gone beyond the point of no return, she pulled down her jeans as she clambered off the bus, and immediately dropped to her haunches, letting out the most unbelievable blast of pee. Her legs were shaking as her eyes rolled back into her head. Abby looked out of the window, she could see everything. Katerina had literally no privacy, her most intimate parts on display to a busy motorway full of people. Horns started to blast, and Abby could clearly see the middle aged man in the old VW beetle next to her filming on his phone, the lads from the bus all headed back, and also started to jeer her, but her stream blasted on and on. The poor girl must’ve been beside herself. Abby had never peed in public before. Girls just didn’t do that, whatever happened she had to hold on until she was in a proper toilet. She was very very desperate now though, so there could be no pretence, she had to make the bus stop at the next available ladies room!

All the boys made their way back to their seats as Katrina sheepishly boarded the coach, there was a quite obvious wet patch between her legs where she had obviously started to wet herself. She was greeted at the door by Sue, with a face like thunder. “What the fuck was that” she boomed “You can’t just drop your knickers and piss in the street, you’re representing the company, its an absolute disgrace”.
“I sorry” gasped Katarina, tears flowing down her face “I needed peepee, I no wait”
“You’re a 32 year old women” scalded Sue, “not a 12 year old boy, women don’t just piss in public, they hold it until they reach a proper facility.”
“I know” said Katarina, “but I needed so bad, I no wait any more”.
“Its just not good enough Katarina, you will get an official warning for this” .
“But, boys they pee pee” said Katarina, trying to argue;
Sue shot her down “Don’t you dare take that tone with me, we all know its different men, women must hold. I didn’t need to drop my knickers on a crowded motorway, young Abby there has managed to sit quietly without flashing herself to the world, neither of us have started to piss in their knickers, just sit down and have a long hard think about what you’ve just done”.

As Katarina sat down, Abby felt she was reaching the end of her tether. She was absolutely desperate to make the coach stop, and almost didn’t care where, she was at the point where a ladies room would be a luxury, anywhere but in her pants would do. She longed to run down the coach tell Sue of her need, but she had been horrified by the way she’d reacted to poor Katerina. She had been screeched at and was facing a disciplinary, but oh god, what Abby would do to swap places with her now and have an empty bladder. Instead it felt like there was an entire reservoir between her hips, and it was all pressing against her tiny little wee hole, screaming to get out.

It was only 5 minutes until the bus was on its way again, but it could have been 5 hours. Her whole world was centered between her legs, and the incredible fight her tortured young vagina was fighting. The tannoy system crackled into life again. “Traffic has cleared folks, we’ll be back home in about 15 minutes” said the driver cheerily.
“Christ Abs” said John, breaking her out of her internal turmoil for a second, “I’ll tell you what I was desperate back there, I don’t know what I’d have done if the driver didn’t let us off, there’s no way I’d have been able to hold on another 15 minutes, I’d have had to have let go on the coach. I swear to god, I’d have pissed my pants for sure. Do you not
need to go too? you drank the same as us, you were guzzling down that water earlier.”

Abby’s mind was racing. He’d caught her on the hop, she couldn’t just come out with it and tell him, however much her body was screaming at her to admit her need, to tell everyone she was more desperate than she’d been in her entire life, to make the bus stop, and to wee and wee and wee, but she had to stay professional.
“erm, well, yes actually” she replied, blushing beet red, “I’m afraid I’ll have to make a dash for the little girls room when we get back, I’ll be OK though” her body was sending out urgent distress signals like it couldn’t believe what she had said. She wouldn’t be alright, hell she wasn’t alright now, she was absolutely desperate. Easily as desperate as she’d ever been in her entire life, with no way of finding relief for 15 minutes, and putting on a pretence that she didn’t need to go badly at all.

John, now freshly relieved, wouldn’t leave her alone though, “wow, you’re a better kaçak bahis person than me then, they say you girls are made of strong stuff, honestly, I thought I was going to wet myself. Oh the relief when I could let it out, God it felt amazing.”

Abby’s bottom lip started to tremble as she fought back tears, how she longed for that feeling. “I tell you what though, what about Katerina, can you believe that, I’ve never seen anything like it, just knickers down, arse out, pissing away in public, the dirty bitch.”

“Nice bush though” chirped Colin, who’d also found relief, “I got a sneaky pic, I’ll be sticking that online later on, If she’s gonna get her gash out in public, shes gonna get it shown off.” “she must’ve have been bursting” added Steve, did you see the size of the wet patch, she’d actually started to piss herself.”

“She probably got off on it, the dirty cow, “I’ve heard those foreigners are into that sort of thing”, added another man.
Abby could barely believe what she was hearing. What she thought were a lovely group of lads were disgusting, middle aged perverts. If they talked like that about a middle aged woman with a hairy bush, how would they react to her tender, perfectly shaved slit. There was absolutely no way she could allow them that satisfaction, she had to hold on, she just HAD to.

Another 5 minutes passed by agonisingly slowly, and poor Abby was frantic now, absolutely beside herself, she was now not only as desperate as she had ever been, but also, more desperate than she had ever imagined possible, She’d been trying to press between her legs for the past few minutes, but John kept looking over. Each wave seemed to be more intense than the last and her vision was starting to blur. She had to do something to help her tiring muscles, so she tried to bring up her foot onto the chair, as she lifted her bum off the seat all of the urine seemed to pour to her entrance, a strong burning sensation spread through her abdomen, and hssssssssss, she couldn’t stop it, just for a split second, a tiny spurt had escaped, she was powerless to resist, she’d actually started to wet herself. “MMMMMPPPPPPPPHHHHHH” she grunted, “OH NO”, as she slammed her foot beneath her, and dropped her tender, fleshy labia down hard onto the heel. “AAAAHHHHHHH” she gasped, as her tortured private parts finally had some help, and it brought her back from the brink.

Only at that point did she notice John staring. “Are you OK Abby?” he asked, “what’s up?”,
“Oh, err, well, nothing really” she stammered as another urged pulsed over her, and she ground her frantic pussy into her heel,
“Its OK” said John, perfectly aware what the issue was, “you’ll make it, just hang on.”
At that point, her phone started to ring, she looked down to see ‘Mike Calling’. It was 7:20, she was supposed to be meeting them in ten minutes, she’d completely forgotten. She was barely capable of logical thought any more. All she could think about was keeping her knickers dry. She answered the phone.
“ABBY BABES, HIYA” beamed Mike, obviously delighted to talk to his friend, “WHERE ARE YOU?”
“Erm, still on the bus” stammered Abby, trying to sound normal.
“Still?” enquired Mike, well I hope you’e coming straight here, it ain’t my birthday without you here.”
YES, that was it, thought Abby, Wetherspoons was this side of town, she was only 2 minutes away, if she could get dropped off there she’d be in the toilet within 3 minutes, Oh my god, she was going to make it. “yes Mike” she shouted a little too loudly, “I’ll get dropped there”
“OH YAY” shouted Mike, as he started to ramble,
“Mike” gasped Abby, “Mike please” trying to calm him down, “there isn’t a queue is there?”
“What?” replied Mike,
“A queue to get in” she replied, she knew it got busy on a Friday night, “Mike, theres no way I can stand in a queue” The thought of it sent a shiver through her, she’d pee her pants for sure. “Mike please, its really important, did you queue to get in.”
“No babe, No queue, why?” doesn’t matter” she replied “see you soon”.

She hung up the phone with a new optimism, and scanned out of the window, they were nearly there, but she was at the back of the bus, she had to make the driver stop, it’d all happened so soon. she whipped her foot from underneath her and stood up. Her bladder protested as it was shaken and pressed, another desperate, burning urge overtook her, and she pressed her hand hard into her crotch, she started down the aisle, but after about 5 steps, she had to stop and break into a full pee dance. “OH NO, OH No” she moaned as she pressed both hands into her crotch and bent double “oh god oh god oh god,” she staggered down the coach, ignoring the jeers of the other passengers.
“WHAT ON EARTH” shouted Sue, but as she approached the driver, literally she didn’t have a second to spare.
“Please stop the bus” she gasped.
“Not yet love” replied the driver, “it’ll only be 5 minutes.”
“PLEASE” she shouted, “I need to get off here” Her body was shaking as the thought of denial tormented her, “I’m meeting friends in Wetherspoons”,
“I can’t I’m af…..” the driver started to talk, as Abby’s bladder pulsed again, another split second burst blasted into her knickers.
“PLEASE” she sobbed, talking over him, barely stopping for air, “PLEASE STOP, I mean pleasee, erm, please” It was no good she was going to have to beg. A single tear rolled down her cheek, “Please, if you don’t stop now I am going to wee myself, its coming out, please, please have mercy, i have about 30 seconds and its over, I need a wee, I need a wee, oh god please, please, just let me go to the toilet, please just stop the bus, don’t make me wet myself, Arrgh, it hurts, I’m absolutely desperate, you don’t understand, you have to stop the bus now”
“OK, OK, for fuck’s sake, girls on these trips are a fucking nightmare, just hold it for 30 seconds while I park up. “Ohmygodyes” she blurted out, “Thankyou thankyou thankyou.” she was almost climbing the walls clawing at the door when he finally pulled over, with her right hand actually inside her knickers pressing güvenilir bahis as hard as she could directly onto her bursting peehole. She staggered off the coach barely aware if she was weeing or not. She was in a blind panic, her bladder screamed at her, it NEEDED to be emptied, her pussy burned and throbbed and pulsed, her legs were shaking as she tried frantically to keep control. Desperately she turned and headed towards Wetherspoons. She could barely walk, it was more of a desperate waddle, keeping her thighs pressed firmly together. She wanted so badly just to drop everything and run, but there was no way her bladder could take it. “Come on, come on,” she whimpered to herself, willing herself on, she had to hold on, she had to, girls always found that bit of extra strength. “just a few more seconds, hold it, you can do it.” she was willing herself on, silently praying to God, Allah, Buddah, anyone or anything, just to keep her peehole squeezed shut for just a few more seconds.

She staggered round the corner and there it was, Wetherspoons, and Mike was right, there was no queue. “Oh thank fuck” she gasped, “Come on Abby” Her bladder thrashed and screamed, almost as if it knew relief was close, “please, please, please”, she took her hand away from her vagina as she approached the pub, in an attempt to look normal. The loos were just inside the door, she was going to be OK she thought as she waddled through the doors, when a bouncer stepped infront of her, blocking her path.
“ID please love”.
“WHAT! NO!” She gasped, this couldn’t be happening, she was literally seconds away from pissing herself, “Oh god, no” she gasped again.
“Excuse me?” asked the bouncer.
“Oh shit, please” there was no pretece any more, “Please, please, please, just let me in, I have ID but I’m literally desperate for the toilet, I’ve been on a coach for so long and it was stuck in traffic and loads of people got to wee, but I didn’t, and I’m bursting, Plleeeeeease”
“That’s very interesting, Love.” he said very condescendingly, “But I have to insist on your ID, just doing my job, its i*****l to let you in if you look under 25 and I haven’t checked”
Her mind raced, and her bladder screamed. “Please” she said as she pressed her hand back into her crotch, “Please” she couldn’t even think straight, her legs were shaking, her need seemed to be rising as her bladder fought to void itself, her tight little vagina was clenched, but it was hurting so badly.

“Look, you’re not getting in without ID, so if you have ID you need to get it now, and if you don’t then you need to move on. I’ve seen it a thousand times before love, I’m not falling for your pathetic fake pee dance”

The telling off was like a punch in the gut. there was no way she could take her hands away now, her legs were shaking, her whole body was convulsing, her pussy throbbed and burned. She opened her mouth to try and talk, but instead just burst into tears. She was hysterical.”pleaseI’mnotlyingpleasehelpweeIneedohgodpleasenopee” her words garbled into one, tears rolled down her cheeks, her body became more and more frantic, then, without warning, pssssssssssss, she lost it, her little peehole gave up, just for a few seconds as her pee blasted into her knickers, her eyes shot wide open as she froze in place “no no no no no no no NO!” “Oh fuck no, oh god, its coming out!”, Her eyes bulged wide, staring at the man, silently begging him for mercy, tears flowed down her cheeks, she was shaking as she pressed her hand harder into her pussy. her jeans felt really wet, and her whole abdomen now ached, she couldn’t take it, pssssssss, another furious blast escaped her, this time worse than before, it was a full 7 seconds of hissing, thrashing red hot girl pee flooding her knickers. the wet spot spread now, and started to run down her legs. “I can’t help it she cried, please, oh fuck no, please I’m peeing myself”
“Christ Dan, she’s pissing her pants” said the other bouncer, he looked down and saw the wet patch spreading and spreading,
“Shit, you really do need to go don’t you?” asked the bouncer, “Go on love, you better run in before you make a mess”
“I-I can’t” she stammered, It was too late, she was frozen to the spot, the pain too intense to move, it was over, the worst pang of pain she’d ever felt shot through her most intimate parts and then she closed her eyes, it wasn’t worth fighting it any more, a warmth spread across her abdomen as piss furiously gushed into her knickers, it was forcing its way out, thrashing down her legs pouring into her shoes, she was completely out of control. The pain slowly started to subside, as what felt like litre after litre of furious, gushing, hissing, red hot pee thrashed into her knickers. She felt herself going weak at the knees as her head spun, she was mortified, absolutely devastated, she couldn’t believe what had happened, but at the same time, it felt so, so good for the pain to be over, her whole body awash with sensations of pleasure, as the seering hot liquid massaged her now super horny, and very relieved girlhood. On and on the flood went as she stopped fighting and just let it happen. After about a minute her stream dwindled, and she clenched herself shut again, becoming painfully aware of her surroundings. Her cheeks blushed cherry red, in a mixture of embarrassment, humiliation and arousal.

“Oh my god, that dirty bitch just, like, totally pissed herself” said a voice behind her,
“Can you believe it, she must’ve been bursting” added another,
“Bursting?” questioned a third voice, “a grown woman just pissed herself, you can’t be that bursting, you can always hold on if you try, she must’ve got off on it, what a vile creature”
Tears flowed down her face, as she ran back home, humiliated beyond belief. When she got home she thought about what had happened, and although she was devastated, she was pleased she’d avoided wetting herself on the bus, as she got in the shower, she fingered herself to one of the biggest orgasms of her life.. She felt so dirty, and it felt wrong, but at the same time the relief and the warmth had felt so so good.
As she calmed down, she saw a text from Mike. “Where are you babe? Are you coming?” she giggled to herself, “like you wouldn’t believe, Mike, but I’ll never be going to
Wetherspoons again!” 

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