A Wolf upon His Prey

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They’ve been looking at one another across the room all night. She can feel his presence from here, his heat. He can feel her quivering desire through the waves of people. Need. Rippling and pulsing between these two strangers, their gazes locked like a vice upon one another.

When she leaves, he follows her. Casual, collected, this predator stalks his eager prey, hands in his pockets taking easy steps towards her. She looks over her shoulder with a coy smile, cheeky and flirtatious even now, as he closes in. Their energy sparks in a way only they can see, tangible and palpable as they wander down the hall.

When she rounds the corner, he catches her. Reaching out for her wrist, he tugs at it and pulls her back, turning her against the wall. The cool shock of wallpaper against her shoulder blades sends a shiver through her as his hands set against the wall on either side of her head.

He looms. She feels small this close to him. She feels like prey. He looks over her with a plain gaze, as though that is where his eyes belonged. From head to toe, he assesses her. Her skin. Her hair. Her eyes. Her lips. Her neck, shoulders, breasts, tummy, hips, pelvis, legs, feet. When he meets her gaze again, her cheeks are crimson and she smiles shyly. He smiles back…but he is not shy.

“You look beautiful,” he tells her.

In a beat, before she can respond, his fingers snake around the side of her neck, thumb resting against her jaw. His body presses closer, effectively pinning her against the wall. She can feel his erection in his slacks as he presses it against her leg. He leans closer, brushing his nose against hers. She inhales sharply. She can taste his breath.

“What do you want?” he asks her, his tongue unfurling from his lips and sliding lazily along her bottom lip.

She licks her lips right after, wanting his flavor. Her fingertips tremble against the wall at her sides, anticipation pooling deep in her tummy.

“Kiss me,” she says, and her tone is not a request. It is a demand.

He obliges. There is no room for argument. His lips curl around hers as though they were created for that purpose. He kisses her deeply, owning her mouth with his lips, his tongue, his teeth. She meets him with an eagerness that embarrasses her. She salivates for his taste and now that she has his tongue in her mouth, she suckles on it and insists he give her more with her greedy, hungry whimpers.

Heat. Want. Yearning. Aching. It builds between the two of casino oyna them as they paw at one another, molesting hands gripping everywhere they can reach. When they part for a breath, they are gasping. So hungry. So hot for one another. So horny.

“Come to my room,” he tells her, brushing his thumb against her cheekbone.

Words escape her and she manages a feeble nod. He guides her, taking her by the hand and leading her to the elevator. They ride in silence, and he looks her over again from head to toe. A lazy smile comes to his lips and he licks them, meeting her gaze. Their eyes speak volumes to one another. He takes her hand again and leads her out of the elevator, down the hall, to his room. He unlocks it and ushers her in.

As the door closes, he sets upon her again. A wolf upon prey, his fingertips claw the door shut before he turns her and pins her against it, as he had before, but less gentle this time. Her whimpers and gasps spur him to show her the depth of his beast. His predator. He hooks a finger into her blouse and tugs the buttons to pop open, raking down her torso to free her breasts from the confining fabric. His grin turns lascivious at her lack of undergarments – she is bare beneath that shirt, and his palms close around her plump breasts, squeezing and massaging them.

She is impatient. Her hand wraps around the back of his neck and yanks him in for another kiss, ravenous for more of his flavor. She is emboldened by the tingle in her folds, the wetness she can feel on her panties. She wants to feel him. Inside. Around. Penetrating. Joining. Claiming. Surrounding.

Her boldness did not go unnoticed and he reaches up to wrap his meaty hand around her throat, pushing her back against the door as he devours her lips. He is starving, starving for her. He’d known it the moment he saw her. He would take her back to his room, his den, and show her the way a beast can fuck. The way a wolf takes a mate.

He pulls her into the room and ushers her to the bed, growling low in his throat. Her steps are hurried and staggered, nearly tripping over herself to get where he wants her. She sits on the edge of the bed and he pushes her to her back, ripping the skirt from her legs to reveal her sweet, pink panties…and the delicious wet spot she’s left on them. He bends and runs his nose up her inner thigh, his tongue sliding along the hem of her panties.

“You smell so good…” he snarls, feeling his mouth salivate at her musky aroma.

With canlı casino his teeth, he takes the waistband of her panties and peels them down slowly, so slowly that she wiggles in protest. Her legs manuever them free and he releases them into his hand, where he lifts them to his nose to smell her again. Her eyes are wide with wild lust at the sight of him.

Every one of her nerves feels alight with sensation. It’s a primal burning deep, deep in her core. The need to fuck. The need to be filled and taken without mercy or concern. She needs it. She knows that he can see it, and that’s why he’s taking his time. It drives her crazy and she scrambles to her hands and knees to try and meet him.

He does not allow it. He is in control, not her. He takes hold of her shoulders and throws her back, climbing atop her and settling his weight down over her body, pinning her beneath him.


The word sends shivers down her spine, all the way to her toes. In this moment, no statement is truer.

He releases that hold on her and undresses quickly, feeling a gnawing need in his groin to bury himself inside of her. To sheathe himself all the way to his balls in her sweet, wet folds and make her scream. Once bared, he takes hold of her hips and flips her onto her stomach, lying flat upon the heavy duvet beneath them. His fingers probe and plunge between her lips to infer her readiness and when he pulls them from her, a line of her nectar connects his fingertip to her pussy.

She is beyond ready. She is ripe and demanding.

His fingertips’ entry was wicked and needed, yet so mocking in their assault. She writhes beneath him, begging ‘more, more…please, more’ and when she feels him spread her ass with his hands and line himself up at her entrance, her fingertips tense over the blanket beneath her, her breath catching in her throat.

He plunges into her in one, merciless thrust.

There is silence. Stillness. As one, they groan their pleasure at the feeling of one another, the rightness of his insertion. His cock buries itself into her needy pussy, piercing her so deeply, so tight. Her walls stretch around his length, bathing him in heat and sending a shiver up her spine. So…Perfect.

He begins fucking her. Reaching forward to tuck her arms beneath her chest, he plants his hands on her ass, her legs between his, mounting her and sliding in and out of her slowly. The friction of her wetness against his rigid, aching cock makes kaçak casino his breath come quickly. So tight. So fucking tight around his cock. He bucks his hips forward into her, hips bouncing off of her fleshy cheeks and making them jiggle with each thrust.

He…Feels…So…Good. The words ring out in her head with each delicious thrust. His weight over her, pinning her down into the bed and surrounding her heightens every sense, every sensation. She can feel him everywhere. Her pussy is aching already, demanding more, craving it harder. Deeper. Faster.

“More…Please, more.” Her voice is strangled in her throat, followed by a lustful moan.

He grins. Leaning down over her, he wraps his arms around her torso, his lips at her ear and pounds his hips into her, his cock slamming into her tight little cunt over…and over…and over again. He nibbles on her ear, breathing hot into it and clinging to her, crushing her down into the matress. The scent of their sex fills the room. The lewd slapping of skin sings off the walls in a raunchy display of their need. Their breaths and moans rise above it all, filling the space with sex and lust.

It is not long before their orgasms come. Hers builds quicker than she ever expected, pressed forward by each harsh thrust into her quivering pussy. Like fire, it spreads to every nerve in her body, to her fingers and toes, to her skin and everything inbetween. The ache pierces her deeply, winding itself tight and begging, begging for release.

His cock swells inside her. His balls tighten, drawing up as he fucks her ruthlessly, staking his claim. Everything feels hot, like his temperature skyrocketed within the last few minutes of their joining and he threatened to ignite at any moment.

All at once…they reach their peak, and barrel over it at the same time.

That piercing ache deep in her pussy explodes, the walls of her cunt spasming and clamping down around his dick like a vice. Her orgasm nearly rips her in two, travelling up her spine, to every corner of her flesh, and her cry is loud and true. It brings tears to her eyes.

He fills her. Gripping handfuls of her ass, he pumps wildly into her, savagely claiming her before his seed spills from the end of his cock, spurting out into her in two, three, four jets of hot, creamy cum. His groan is deep, resonant in his chest, and mixes with her cries in a delicious harmony that fills the room.

He collapses on top of her. Compressing her down into the comforter, surrounding her. She feels safe. Wanted. Sated, for the moment. Their breaths come evenly, their chests rising and falling in tandem with one another. They are connected. United.

They are one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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