A Winter’s Tale

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Part 1

I will start at the beginning before I was born. My dad was married before he met my mom. He had two kids with his ex-wife, but after years of fighting for visitations, child support, he signed over his parental rights, so that his ex-wife’s new husband could legally adopt his children. During this time, he worked for as a tech guy for a telephone company. One of his new duties was to work with the Mexican telephone company and help them create new services.

During his 6-month stay in Mexico City, he traveled to all the tourist attractions. His company & the Mexican company paid for his living expenses and apartment. Along with being able to travel, he was dating again. He began to learn Spanish and would often travel to towns and cities that were not usually filled with tourists. But every weekend he would have to come back to the city. It was during this time that he began to talk to the young woman that cleaned his apartment…it would turn out to be my mom. My mom spoke a few words in English, and dad’s Spanish still need improvement. One day he noticed a big bruise on my mom’s arm. He questioned her about it, and through some tears, managed to say that her dad (my grandfather) was going to take her to a ‘brothel’ in Tijuana, so that she could make more money for the family. She did not want to, she liked her job, but she wasn’t making money. She was responsible for her mom, dad, and brothers. The bruised arm was a result of my grandfather’s brutal beating and unsuccessful molestation. Although, she had managed to fight off my grandfather’s abuse, she knew it would only be a matter of time before he did succeed in raping her.

My dad, being the gentleman that he was, consoled my mom as best as he could and allowed her to stay with him. Although he now says, he was just trying to be nice he had already started falling in love with my mom. She continued to work for the housecleaning service, and continued to support her mom and brothers. Dad arranged for my grandmother to receive my mom’s paycheck and some extra money. During the two months that my parents lived together, he did not attempt to seduce her, fearing that it would only push her away and back with her abusive father. My mom, from what my she told me, thought that the American was only being nice to her because he wanted sex. She hinted to him that she would be his woman just as long as he allowed her to stay. My dad was afraid his company would find out about the living arrangement, since my mom 16 and he was 33. Just before, his work assignment was about to end, he proposed to my mom. They were married in a civil ceremony in Mexico City, and through some major haggling; mom was allowed to come to the U.S. with my dad with a Visa until she could apply for residency. My dad was very happy, he married a beautiful woman, that did not want to put a career before her husband, and of course wanted children. A year after they married, I was born.

Part 2

Now my story begins………Winter’s tale

My mom and I had a great relationship; people often confused us for sisters because we looked so much alike. Again, she was only 17 yrs old when she had me, so we practically grew up together. My mom didn’t talk much about her life back in Mexico, just that it was a hard life, and her father was a cruel man. I didn’t know or understand what she meant until a few years later.

Right casino siteleri before my 18th birthday, mom was talking me to the mall to buy me new school clothes. As we were driving to the mall, we were hit by a drunk driver head on. My mom was not wearing her seatbelt or at least that is what I remember. The impact of the crash sent our car into another lane of cars, my mom died in the hospital two days later. I was hurt bad enough to require a two-week stay in the hospital. My dad lost the love of his life, the woman that brought him back from depression, and I lost my mom. The aftermath of crash involved some lawsuits and settlements. But all of that did not replace the mom I lost. I began to suffer from depression and I began to have nightmares. My dad would often come to my room, to hold me, wipe my tears away. Of course, the counselor said that my nightmares would subside as I went through the grieving process.

The nightmares continued for about 8 months, during this time dad would often sleep in my room– either on my bed or on a cot next to my bed. As my nightmares began to fade, I would often wonder to his room to seek comfort in the middle of the night. On the anniversary of mom’s death, my dad stayed out later than usual. He had gone out to drink, and was a little tipsy when he got home. He went to his room and I went into mine, after a few hours of sleeping alone, I climbed into bed with him. Perhaps it was the alcohol or just the imagination of a grieving spouse, when I climbed into the bed, he turned around and began to kiss me. Not like a dad kisses his daughter, but the way I had seen him kiss mom. He called me by her name and began to slowly undress me. The whole time just kissing me, I didn’t now what to do or say. I had kissed a few boys in school, even let them fondle my boobs, but not the way daddy was kissing me or touching me. I began to feel a little tingly feeling all over my body, loving the sensations. The way he kissed me made me feel like a woman, his tongue touched mine sending electric shocks throughout my body, something that I had not experienced with the boys at school. But he stopped as soon as he realized that it was me that he was kissing, not mom. He apologized, and asked me to leave his room, but I refused to leave. I told him that it was okay, that I knew he missed mom as much as I did.

I cried and begged him to allow me to stay in bed with him, although he felt ashamed for what had happened, he allowed me to stay. After a few minutes had passed, I confessed to him that I enjoyed the way he kissed me, and asked him if mom enjoyed his kisses too. We did not sleep the rest of the night, as we lay there talking about mom, boys, and kissing. I reminded him so much of mom, he said that even without being drunk he would have thought I was her. After kissing daddy, I no longer had interest in the boys in school. I knew about sex from my friends. Although I was still a virgin I began to get curious. I would sneak a peek at dad when he was getting dressed. My body had already started to develop at a young age, by the time I was 17 years old, I was a nice 40D. So, genetically speaking, I knew that I would have big boobs. My mom was a 44DD. I had often heard dad telling mom that she shouldn’t let me wear such tight tops because of my boobs…so I knew he had noticed them. The all the boys in high school begged me to show them my tits, but only a rare few actually canlı casino touched them. I was a good girl or so I thought until my secret desire for daddy began to consume me.

My nightly visits to dad’s bed only added to my curiosity and sexual desire. I would try snuggling close to him, almost to the point where I forced him to wrap his arms around me. I loved the feeling of security, but also the feeling of his groin so close to my butt. Finally, I had to ask daddy if he enjoyed kissing me. He said he did, but felt guilty that he enjoyed it. I told him how much I loved his kiss and if he hadn’t stopped, I would have let him do more. His eyes grew wide…trying to understand what I was saying or implying. I told him how much I missed mom too, and he was all I had left, it only felt natural to kiss him. We had been sleeping in the same bed for over a year, and it seemed only natural that we kiss, cuddle and touch. I believe I left him speechless. Here was his 18 yr old daughter, telling him that it was okay for him to touch her. Given the experience my mom had with her dad, my dad couldn’t imagine himself forcing me to have sex. With that said, I kissed him. It was a slow, soft kiss; I let my hands slowly slide his chest, down his belly to his cock. I could feel it grow as I touched it, but he stopped me….he was afraid — his heart was beating so loudly that I think our next-door neighbors heard it.

So, for the next few nights it was a constant struggle for the both of us. I would find ways to kiss him in the morning before I went to school, when he came home from work, and of course before I would go to my room. But like clockwork, I would sneak into his room and lay next to him. He would kiss me as he snuggled next to me, and of course, my I was happy to return his kisses. After a few nights of kissing, he slowly began to touch me, feel me through my pajamas. I had tried to go to his bed naked, but he would make me wear a t-shirt. I was dizzy every time he kissed me and touched my body, he would lightly fondle my breasts until my nipples were hard as rocks. He then began to suck on my tits like he was a baby, nursing them until I felt a big “tickle” come out of me through my pussy. That was the first of many orgasms he would give me. Slowly he introduced me to the joys of sex. Always asking me if I wanted to continue, of course I never said stop. The only thing he kept hidden from me was his cock, he said he wanted to teach me first about my body, he would have me masturbate for him, he would hold a mirror to my pussy so that I could see what it looks like as I fingered myself or later I would hold a mirror to watch him eat me.

He loved eating my pussy, again always taking his time, and making sure it is something I wanted to do…and how many women would turn that down!!! So, in the course of 5 weeks, he had kissed every inch of my body. I had yet to see his cock, after a while I was concerned that maybe it was broken (okay…I was naïve). Finally came the day that I had longed for, we watched a porn together, and asked me to pay close attention at how the girls in the movie sucked cocks. When he asked me if I was ready to do it, I dropped to my knees in an instant. I took his cock out, watching the movie at the same time, I did exactly as the woman did in the video…licked him from head to balls, twirling my tongue around the pee hole, pumping my hand around it. I tried to stick it kaçak casino all the way down my throat but I gagged. I think the sight of his daughter sucking his cock and the movie going at the same time was too much for dad, as he came. He gave me no warning, and felt warm liquid oozing out of his pee hole. I didn’t swallow all of it, because I wasn’t sure how it would taste and it was too much for me.

He apologized for having so much cum, apparently he had saved it for this moment. He told me that even though we had been fooling around for almost two month, he had not jerked off the last two weeks. He wanted to make sure there was a lot of cum for me to swallow (he seems never to run out…don’t know why he was saving it). Not soon after this, my dad’s company offered him a transfer to another city. He took it, seeing an opportunity to move away from the sad memories. We moved to a Midwestern state, where no one knew us, giving us the opportunity to be a little more daring. On the way to visit the new town where dad thought of buying a house, we stayed at a hotel. He asked for a single room with a cot, it wasn’t one of those really expensive hotels, but we were only going to stay the night, so we didn’t need two rooms.

This is the night that changed my life, because daddy took my virginity. We started our night like any other, except we took our first shower together; daddy lavishing tons of attention on my pussy, washing it, teasing it, making me cum a few times as we showered. He carried me to the bed, and we began to kiss, again lavishing my pussy with kisses, using his tongue to bring me to a few orgasms. He would work his way up to my mouth, kissing me, then using his tongue lick, suck, and bite my tits until I moaned like a wild woman. He cock was hard as a rock and as if it had a mind of its own began to enter me slowly. My pussy was tight [ still is 😉 ], he pushed his cock in a little bit at a time until I felt it go in and the burning sensation start. I was in pain, it hurt like hell, but begged him not to stop…he inched in a little slower, letting my pussy get used to his thickness, but the feeling like my pussy was burning did not stop, he had to pull out…it was just to painful. He mentioned that mom’s pussy was the same way when he fucked her the first time, so we decide to wait. In the meantime we talked about his sex life before he met mom and their sex life.

Sharing the intimate details of their sex life, got me aroused again and I began to suck his cock, it was even harder than before…it didn’t take him long to get me to lay back down, again he entered me…this time a little more forceful and with one big thrust he popped my cherry and I cried out as I felt him deep inside me. He began to pump faster and the burning sensation began to fade, he took his cock out and shoved it back in. I felt just like the women in the pornos, taking such a big juicy cock like his, begging him to fuck me harder. When I said “Daddy, please cum inside of me..” it was like I said the magic words and he came in me with all the force he had, faster and faster he pumped into me, and I could feel cum squishing in and out of me as he finished thrusting. He stayed inside of me, and laid for a bit on me kissing away my tears, apologizing for hurting me. Promising that the next time we made love, it would not hurt. He was right about that…a few days later, we fucked in a different hotel after bringing me to many orgasms with his tongue and fingers, and I came just as he filled my little pussy with his creamy load. I am now 24 yrs old, and we haven’t stopped fucking since that day.

Who needs a boyfriend when I have a sexy daddy like mine?

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