A Wicked Evening

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The dinner was superb, barbecued pork chops slathered in rich sauce, wild rice prepared with sliced mushrooms, fresh asparagus tips garnished with dollops of butter. He had really outdone himself tonight, even the wine had been wonderful, the last two glasses now sitting on the coffee table in front of them. A single candle, the only light in the room, enhancing the magnificent view of the night lit city extending beyond the picture window.

Sitting close together on the couch the couple enjoyed the quiet blues music coming from the stereo. Their hands entwined between them gently caressing one another’s fingers and palms. Cupping her chin in his hand he turned her face towards him placing his soft, supple lips to hers. “I’ll be right back, why don’t you just get comfortable, I’ll only be a minute.”

She stretched out on the huge couch on her side, her long legs barely reaching the opposite end, a pillow tucked under her head. Carefully adjusting her long skirt so the slit was open up her thigh showing off the tops of her black stockings and garters, she tried to look sultry as he returned from his trip to the kitchen. Patting the coffee table she said “Come here Hon, I haven’t thanked you properly for that great dinner.”

He sat down facing her, moving the wine glasses out of his way and placing a small plate of chocolate morsels beside them. Reaching for him she massaged his thighs and stomach letting her hand drift across the bulging dress pants as she did. The fleeting touch of her hand was awakening his cock, hardness becoming evident casino siteleri beneath the expensive material. “Would you mind if I undress you?” Taking the belt buckle between her fingers she expertly undid the clasp not really waiting for an answer. Now sitting across from him, she slid the zipper down and peeled back his pants. His black turtleneck soon was pulled over his head. “Stand up, let me take these off too.” Tugging at his pants she pulled them down around his ankles. A single feminine finger traced the outline of his shaft as it pulsed beneath the strained Calvin Klein underwear. “Mmmmm, baby that looks so good, maybe I should just leave it there a while, what do you think I should do?” An impish grin spread across her face as she slipped her hands over his butt and then into the band of the shorts. Pulling his hips towards her she ran her bared teeth along the hardness.

“Suck on me, suck my cock, let me feel that tongue,” His words accompanied a wide smile as he took her head in his hands, fingers tangling in her curly locks. Sitting in front of him she was at the perfect level, his cock freed from the shorts was soon running in and out of her mouth. Saliva, shining in the dim light, flowed over his balls as she sucked him deep into her. Deft fingers circled his hardness and gently rubbed his balls. “God that’s so good, suck me deep, yeh like that baby, yeh!”

Pulling back from him as she felt his balls start to tighten, she ran her tongue along his length. “Can I show you what I bought today, I know you’ll like it? canlı casino Why don’t you sit here and let me show you?” As he returned to the couch she moved to the other side of the table and began swaying to the music. As the mellow sounds surrounded her buttons were unfastened and her skirt and blouse fell to the floor revealing a bustier, thong panties and garter all in black lace. The black silk stockings and high heels completed the outfit. “So what do you think? I’ve been trying all evening to keep from telling you about this, I’ve been getting wet just thinking about it all!”

“You look wonderful, come here and let me show you just how great you look.” His hand had been wrapped around his cock as he watched, the tip now wet with his precum. “See what you’ve done to me?” Bending over to lick the nectar from his cock she gave him a view across her back to the bare ass cheeks surrounding the thong. “Turn around, let me look at you!”

As she turned he rose from the couch and stood behind her, his arms encircling her waist, his hands resting on the lace panties. A finger of each hand slid beneath the lace and into the folds of her pussy, immediately wet as they touched her there. “You have been looking forward to this haven’t you? Nice and wet just the way I like it. How about letting me have some dessert?” Bending at the waist she placed her hands on the low table presenting him with her bare cheeks. Quickly removing the black panties, his tongue dove deeply into her wetness. Spreading her cheeks and lips with his hands he lathered her kaçak casino with his tongue, long licks from clit to the nether regions of her womanhood and on to her sweet ass. Fingering her clit he nibbled at her lips and thighs driving her wild with desire. With weakening knees she sunk slowly onto the table, he knelt between her thighs all the while fingering her pussy. His cock was jerking in spasms of lust as he took it in hand and guided it home. As the tip entered her wonderland of wetness he slowly ran a juicy finger along her ass, teasing the tight hole to open its tightness to him.

The short strokes of his cock and his finger at her ass were making her crazy, she pushed back towards him to take his whole length deep within her. An orgasm shook her body as she rammed back against him repeatedly, the hard shaft rubbing her thighs and lips to a rosy glow; the slap of his stomach against her ass making the cheeks pink. Her juices overflowed and dripped down their thighs as he encouraged her with his thrusting hips and probing finger. The sweet sounds of their lovemaking music to their ears.

Not wanting to finish too quickly he pulled out of her wetness and turned her over placing her legs over his shoulders, pulling her pussy tight against his mouth. His tongue dipping deep within her he drank her juices relishing the sweet tanginess of her until she was writhing against him once more. “Fuck me, I want you inside me!” This time he would not hold back, he shoved deep into her, her legs wrapped around his back, the silk stockings rubbing against his skin. As he moved harder and faster into her, her legs pulled him tight with each thrust bringing them both closer to orgasm. A final lunge and they both collapsed as ecstasy overtook them; his seed meeting her explosion deep within.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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