A Weekend in Paradise

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I was not only feeling frustrated, I was getting quite desperate. I had just celebrated my 18th birthday, and yet I had never had sex. I had never even seen a woman naked. The college I went to was exclusively meant for boys. There was a college for girls across the street. However, despite spending a considerable amount of time trying to make friends with some of the girls who studied there, I had met with little success in getting what I wanted. Maybe, I tried too hard and came across too strongly. The outcome was that I was quite unable to get any girl interested in having sex with me.

I even tried to persuade the maidservant who worked at our house to have sex with me. She was dark and squat but she had pretty big tits and a hole into which one could put one’s rod. I reasoned that an offer of a hundred bucks should make her agree to let me fuck her.

One morning I decided to pop her the proposition. There was no one else at home. My father had left for his office and my mother had gone to the market. She did not say anything except that she would let me know later. She completed her work and left. I was frustrated, but I hoped she would decide favourably soon. A few days later I heard my mother say that the maidservant had left the job at our house. She did not say why the maidservant had left. I could guess why.

While we were having dinner one evening my mother said that she wished to spend a weekend at our country home. We had not been there for quite some time. It would be a good thing to check if everything was in order. Further, she was feeling quite stressed out with her daily chores and would love to have a break. My father said that he had some pressing work at the office and could not leave the town. He suggested that I accompany my mother. I was not too keen about being cooped up for a whole weekend in the countryside. However, my father insisted that I go. Then he made an offer that I found impossible to refuse. He suggested that since I had recently acquired my driving licence I could drive my mother down. The opportunity of having the car totally at my own disposal over such a long distance was simply too good to let go.

So the next weekend I drove my mother down to our country home. It was a two hour drive to our country home and the traffic was troublesome. On entering the village my mother insisted that first we stop at the market place and buy ourselves some provisions. Then we drove up to our country house.

The house had been locked for the past six months. My mother insisted that first we clean up the place and set it all in order. It was time for lunch by the time everything had been cleaned. My mother whipped up a light meal for the two of us. After lunch I helped my mother clean up the dishes. Then I went out onto the roof to have a smoke. When I got back into the house I found that all the doors and windows had been bolted and that the curtains had been pulled across them. I wondered if my mother was planning to go out somewhere.

I went to her room to ask her. She had not locked the door to her room. I pushed open the door and walked inside. I found her standing in the middle of the room completely naked. I was totally stunned. I kept staring at her in total amazement for a long, long time. I was simply mesmerised by the sight of her breasts. They were quite sensational. They jutted out of her chest in quite magnificently and there was hardly a hint of any sag.

My mother had to call my name at least four or five times before I was able to break out of my trance. I mumbled something incoherent and began to back out of the room.

“Don’t go.” My mother said. “There is something I need to discuss with you. Come and sit on my bed.”

I was still in a daze, but I did as she said. My mother came and stood in front of me.

“Have you ever seen a naked woman before?” She asked me.

I could only shake my head. At least I had never seen one in the flesh.

“If you want I can help you satisfy your curiousity and also teach you whatever you want to know about it.” She continued. “Your father and I decided this would be far better than your making a fool of yourself with the maidservants. We also don’t want you to waste money by going to some prostitute. It can be very dangerous. When we go home the day after tomorrow we will go back to normal. Nobody will know what we will have done and we will never talk about it again. But, for this weekend, I am all for you to enjoy. I have taken all the required precautions. Now you must decide if you want to do it with me or not.”

I could barely believe what I was hearing. This was something beyond my wildest dreams. It was not as though I had never thought of my mother sexually. I would often at nights jack off thinking about her. However, I had never imagined that I would ever be given a chance to actually enjoy her body. She was still a very handsome looking woman. She was about 42 years old at the time and was of medium height. She had a thick, straight crown of hair falling to her shoulders and a lovely casino siteleri smooth creamy yellow complexioned skin. Her breasts, as I have mentioned earlier, were simply gorgeous. Her nipples stood out over half an inch long out of large pinkish brown aureoles. She was plump but without being fat. Her body was full and soft and utterly desirable. Her buttocks were extremely wholesome and extremely sexy. In short, she had a wonderfully, wonderfully desirable and fuckable body.

I was speechless with joy and excitement. I nodded my willingness. I felt my cock grow harder than I had ever known it to in my life. I fidgeted as I felt it trying to burst out of my pants.

My mother sensed my discomfort. “Why don’t you also take off your clothes?” She suggested. “You will feel much more free and comfortable.”

I did as she said. I got up and quickly took off my clothes. My cock stuck out straight and hard as an iron pillar. I saw my mother look at it with appreciation.

I reached out to caress her lovely breasts. My hands were trembling with desire. Her breasts were warm and soft to touch, but firm and supple underneath. My fingers caressed her nipples. They became erect with desire. I placed my face against her belly. It was wonderful and soft and cool. I inhaled the scent of the light perfume she wore and the musky womanly smell of her body. It was a heady scent and soon I began to feel quite intoxicated.

I pulled my mother down onto the bed. I covered her face, eyes, nose and ears with hungry kisses. I kissed her throat and neck and shoulders. I nibbled and bit and licked them. I fell upon her breasts like a maddened beast. I kissed them and fondled them and squeezed them and bit them in a mad frenzy. My mother at times moaned with pain but she did not try to stop me. I kissed and fondled every inch of her body. I kissed her belly and navel. Then I moved down to her pussy. It was covered with a dense bush of dark, crinkly hair. I kissed and separated the strands of hair till I could see the baby pink coloured lips of her vulva. I inserted a finger into her vagina. I felt my mother shudder and stretch as waves of ecstacy surged through her body. I inserted my finger even deeper into her and felt the knob of her clitoris. The moment I stroked it my mother gave a little squeal of pleasure.

“Do you want to put that big rod of yours into my pussy?” My mother asked me. “I am all yours to enjoy, my son. Do whatever you wish to do with me.”

I needed no further encouragement. I climbed on top of her. My mother lay back and lifted her knees and held apart her legs to expose her pussy to me. At first, I was so excited that when I tried to insert my cock into her pussy, I could not find her hole. She had to help me insert it into her. I had finally got what I yearned for all these years. I had, at long last, become a man. It was quite incredible inside her. I had never imagined that there could be a place so warm, soft and comfortable.

I began to move against her. We soon fell into a rhythm as our bodies slapped against each other and the motion of my cock moving forwards and backwards in the sheath of her pussy made a soft squelching sound. Her lovely smooth skin was hot against my body but so cool to touch and caress with my fingers. I found myself being transported to new heights of joy and pleasure. The friction of my cock head with the velvet soft walls of my mother’s pussy released waves of sensations from deep inside me that I had never known nor had ever even thought could exist. I rammed my cock in a mad frenzy deeper and deeper into her.

My mother too was beginning to enjoy herself hugely. She squealed as she lay impaled under my rock hard rod as I pounded away into her. Very soon the bed sheets were sodden with our sweat and love juices that mingled and ran together freely as our frantic bodies heaved against each other. My mother had wrapped her legs around chest almost my armpits so her pussy walls could get a better purchase of my cock that now pumped her harder and harder still. She screamed as my cock entered deeper and deeper into her, but I was beyond caring. I had a fire raging in my loins that simply had to extinguished in the cool dark well of her body. I drove on harder and harder into her.

Finally, I felt my cock begin to swell up inside her. My mother must have felt it too for her screams became increasingly frantic and long drawn out. I felt my balls release the sperm inside them. They flooded into my cock and then gushed out in huge torrents into my mother’s womb. I kept pumping and pumping till I was sure that each and every drop had been squeezed out of my balls and deposited in my mother. The pace of my fucking decreased. We lay panting in each other’s arms for a long, long time as we kissed and caressed each other. I felt as if I was in some dream world. I could still not quite believe what had happened. Totally exhausted and quite overcome by it all, I fell asleep in my mother’s arms.

When I both woke up, dusk had fallen outside and it the canlı casino room was dark. My mother had obviously woken up earlier and she had tea ready. She was still naked.

“You are really quite incredible you know. ” She told me as she handed me my cup of our tea. “It has been a long time since I have been fucked so thoroughly. I get the feeling that you don’t find me too old and unattractive. I think I am going to enjoy this stay very much.”

“You are an awfully gorgeous and sexy woman, mother.” I replied. “And you are simply fantastic to fuck, you know. I just can’t believe you are allowing me to do this. I want to spend each second we have here fucking you. “

When we had both finished our tea I reached out for her once again. My hands caressed her breasts and squeezed them gently. I took her cute nipples and twirled them between my fingers. My mother let out little mewls of pleasure. I held her closer to me. My mother kissed me on my eyes and nose. Then she fastened her lips over mine. Her tongue darted into my mouth and began to play with my tongue. I found this intensely erotic. Her sweet warm breath flooded into my nostrils.

My mother began to teach me everything about a woman’s body and her sexual desires. She explained to me that having great sex was not simply about cocks and pussies and titties. They were important, in fact they were the most important things in having sex, but they were not everything. She gave me tips on how to best go about making love to a woman. She showed me how to I could drive a woman to new heights of delight and satisfaction by using my fingers and hands together with my cock. She pointed out to me the various pleasure points in a woman’s body and how I could drive a woman crazy by exploiting them properly. I listened avidly to everything she said. It was wonderfully erotic. We did not have any sex that evening. This was the time, she said, for the theory classes. The practical classes would begin after dinner. I would have to be patient a little while longer.

We had our dinner out of a single plate. We were both naked. My mother sat on my lap straddling me and facing me. She fed me and I fed her. At times we would kiss each other even as we were masticating and we would exchange our half masticated morsels for the other to swallow. I was getting some idea about the range and variety of my mother’s appetite for sex. There was nothing she was not willing to do to give and get a little more sexual pleasure. My cock grew hard and she guided it into her pussy. Now we rocked and fucked as we ate. I do not remember what my mother had prepared for dinner that night, but it was certainly the most memorable dinner of my life.

“I suggest we have a bath together.” My mother said after dinner. “Would you like to carry your mother to the bath?”

I was quite sure that I would be able to pick her up and carry her to the bathroom quite easily. She turned out to much heavier than I had thought. I almost let her fall but she clung on to my neck and I somehow managed to stagger on with her in my arms till we reached the shower. I was gasping as I let her down on her feet.

My mother was laughing as I put her down. “Do you find me to big and heavy to carry, my little boy?” She asked me.

“Well, you are much heavier than I had imagined.” I told her in my defence. “Your breasts and buttocks are so huge. They must each be weighing a lot.”

“You are a very naughty boy.” My mother said laughing at my remark. “I get an idea that you like them very much nevertheless. I find that you can scarcely keep your hands off them.”

“Like them! I adore them and I worship them.” I told her. “They are the most beautiful and perfect creations on earth. The very sight of them is enough to drive me mad.”

I turned on the shower. A spray of ice cold water hit us making us both gasp in shock. We held each other close as we let the water run over us. Her nipples puckered and became erect as the cold water caused goose pimples to rise on my mother’s skin. I kissed them tenderly, then the rest of her breast. My mother clung on to me as I kissed each inch of her magnificent, luscious body. I took the soap and began soaping my mother’s body. I started with her breasts, then her nipples and then her belly. I soaped her armpits and neck and throat. Then I soaped her back, down to her buttocks and then her pussy. I knelt down to soap her lovely thighs and knees and calves and finally her feet.

“I want to see what your pussy actually looks like.” I told my mother.” I want to shave your pussy. Will you please allow me. It must be the most beautiful sight in the world.”

My mother thought for a while. Then she said “Well your father prefers it this way. He likes it hairy there. However, I am sure he will understand. Okay, shave me if you want, but please be careful.”

My mother stood with her legs spread apart as I lathered her pussy using my shaving cream. Then very, very carefully I shaved the hair off her pussy. I had to be particularly careful kaçak casino when shaving the soft lips of her labia. My mother held me firmly by the hair on my head as I shaved her pussy and pleaded with me to be careful. Finally, it was done. Her freshly shaven pussy glistened moistly under the glare of the electric bulb. I put my lips to her pussy and tenderly kissed it. It felt as soft and tender as the skin of a new born baby.

I started once more to soap her pussy. I inserted one soapy finger inside her pussy and then another and cleaned her inside. She moaned with pleasure as my fingers rubbed against her clitoris. When I was sure that she was well and truly clean there, I turned my attention to her arse hole. I inserted a soapy finger into it and instantly felt my mother stiffen and let out a gasp. I decided there and then that I had to get her to allow me to fuck her there at least once.

Finally, it was my mother’s turn to soap me. The mere touch of my mother’s soft hands as she soaped my torso sent waves of electric shocks coursing through my body. My cock grew harder and harder with each touch. My mother pretended not to notice. She applied soap over my face making me shut my eyes. Now it was time for her she said, to attend to my balls. I sensed that she had knelt down before me. Then I felt her take my cock in her hands. She rolled back the foreskin and began to lick my cock head. Then I could sense her take it into her mouth and begin to suck while her fingers played with and scratched and tickled my balls. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through my body. I held my mother tightly by her hair as she took more and more of my cock into her mouth. I could feel the muscles at the back of her throat caress my cock head deep inside her mouth. Finally I could take it no longer and felt the dam gates burst. I felt my cock head grow larger as my sperms surged into my cock. I was yelling with the unbearable pleasure as I finally let go and let my sperms spurt in huge streams into my mother’s mouth.

My mother did not stop for a moment. As a stream after stream of sperm burst forth from my cock, my mother held my cock inside her mouth and greedily swallowed. She kept on sucking until she had milked every last drop out of my balls and out of my cock. When she was sure that it was empty she began to wash it. I almost died of the unbearable sensations that were produced when she touched the now tender skin of my cock head with her fingers.

We stood together under the shower for a long, long time and let it wash away the dirt and soap from our bodies.

“Now carry me back to bed.” My mother said. “Of course, if you find it too much for you, let it be.”

I was better prepared this time. It was not easy, but this time I managed to carry her wet and dripping body to bed without any incident and let her down gently on to it.

She was so achingly lovely. I decided to be patient and try to put my mother’s evening lessons to use. I started by kissing her toes, all ten of them, before moving up. I kissed and licked the soles of her feet lovingly and worshipfully. I kissed and nibbled at each square inch of her lovely calves and luscious thighs. I could sense her breathing grow shorter in anticipation as I approached her pussy. She was already writhing and moaning with passion. I turned her over and began kissing her buttocks. I prised apart her arse hole and inserted my tongue into it. It had an acrid, salty taste. My mother wriggled and moaned again and her arse hole contracted as I tasted it. I moved up kissing her back and neck. Then I turned her back on her back and began to kiss her face and eyes. I kissed her eyes, nose and lips. I kissed her throat and moved down to her breasts. The scent of her freshly washed body was like an aphrodisiac. She had only just milked me, but I was already growing hard again. I kissed her breasts and nipples passionately but reverentially. Her nipples stood out hard as nails as I lovingly sucked them. My mother moaned in the throes of an uncontrollable passion, but I was in no hurry. I was not going to leave any part of her body unkissed. Finally, I moved down to her freshly shaven pussy. I pushed apart her legs to get better access to it. My mother let out a long low moan as my lips finally touched her love hole. She was gushing wet. I prised apart her pussy lips. Her pussy walls pulsated with anticipation and desire. I inserted my tongue into her. My mother orgasmed almost immediately. Her juices flooded into my mouth. By now I had learned to love the tangy, sour taste.

Very soon I had my mother screaming as waves of passion surged through her. She had orgasm after orgasm as I gave her, as she later was to admit to me, the most thorough sucking and loving of her pussy that she had ever experienced. She begged me to stop but I went on and on. Her moans turned to yelps. Her yelps turned to screams and her screams turned to sobs but I kept on and on. Finally, I heard her sobs turn to silent groans. I looked up and saw that she was simply staring wildly at the ceiling screaming soundlessly. I took pity on her. I moved my head away from her pussy. I lay down beside her and gathered her into my arms. I cuddled her and kissed her tenderly and we lay together silently, fully sated. Soon we both fell asleep.

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