A Weekend Away….

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A Weekend Away….
It had seemed such a good idea when Margaret had booked this weekend away. A few days where the world couldn’t find her. No phone, no internet, probably no electricity she wouldn’t have been surprised. But importantly no work. The website described it as a quaint Civil War era mansion house with many original features. To be honest it was rather lovely. Set miles from the nearest town in it’s own extensive, slightly overgrown gardens. Long covered balconies on all four sides. A very restful place.

But on the first night she soon discovered the downsides of such old country houses. There were cold drafts from who knows where and the constant sounds of creaks and shrieks as the walls and windows shifted, haunting noises like never ending footfalls, almost as if the house were alive, or something living in the walls.

Margaret had spent the following day stretched out on the balcony beyond her room on a battered leather chaise longue sleeping between reading the odd page of some erotic fiction or other which she couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to. At least the bed itself made up a little for the old building. A victorian four poster that looked like it had been constructed in a railyard. The base seemed to be of railway sleepers as were the posts, between them top and bottom were ornate wrought iron head and foot boards. It was a wonder to behold and the mattress sank down like a nest around you. Curtains of peacock silk were bunched in the corners. At least she could enjoy that and perhaps with enough energy from rest she could venture out tomorrow.

The sun was close to setting as Margaret sat staring out blindly, a room service whisky sour seemed appropriate for the location so she gently sipped on it and hugged the one leg she had up on the seat. Her body was as rested as it had been in a long time. No aches, no pains to speak of. She needed this downtime from her usual busy life. Nothing to think about, no worries here. She felt the last of the orange-red rays of the sun touch her closed eyelids as darkness started to fall around her.

Suddenly, despite sleeping on and off all day, Margaret felt exhausted, she needed the bed more than she had needed anything in the world. The few steps there telescoped into what felt like miles but somehow she managed to make it and collapsed……..

…..Margarets eyes fluttered open, her head hurt, her eyes hurt, she couldn’t think at all. She could barely move. Something was wrong. Very very wrong. She wasn’t laid on the bed where she’d collapsed. She was knelt upon it, still dressed as she had been. A Pillow had been placed over the iron footboard which her upper body was rested on, but her arms were tied out like a cross across the wooden bar which topped internet casino it. The ties were made from strips of the silk curtains which were shredded about her. Her mouth had been stuffed with yet more silk and a gag of the same tied around her head to stop her spitting it out.

The room was in absolute darkness, the shadows were shifting as the breeze blew in through the open balcony door. All but one shadow which never moved, the shadow much darker than the others moved slightly and resolved into a hooded figure dressed in black, the hood shielded the face within from view. A hand reached out offering a piece of paper which was laid on the ottoman at the beds base. Looking down she saw words written in block capitals and struggled to make sense of them.


Another piece of paper was thrust into her eye line, this time with just three words
The figure lifted her head by her chin and she nodded weakly.

If not a robbery then what? The answer came quickly.

The figure moved their other hand from behind their back, within a gloved hand was a long narrow ugly looking knife, razor edged along the main edge and part way back from the point on the spine, then serrated like a saw. They reached to her shoulders and inserted the blade first on the right then the left, both times cutting down the top and sleeve seam of Margarets shirt. The knife was inserted at the back of the neck and cut through the fabric down her spine. The shirt slipped beneath her. Margarets bra, a birthday gift was next. The straps cut through. Both garments were then roughly pulled from beneath her. The intruder, the murderer? the hooded figure reached over Margaret and holding at each armpit pulled her forward slightly so she rested with the bar beneath her boobs making them hang down rather than being under her. This lifted her up from the bed slightly so less weight was on her knees. Before she noticed the knife blade had been inserted in her right trouser leg and they had been cut from bottom to top, The same with the right, they were then just pulled away leaving the only garment left the see through skin tight lace short panties. The person moved again in front of her and looked into her eyes. Margaret couldn’t hide the fear, she had no idea what was going to happen. She had no protection at all. She felt the knife touch her throat and swallowed hard. The figure wrenched the gag off and pulled the silk from her mouth. Another piece of paper appeared before her then one had seen before:

“SUCK canlı poker oyna ME SLUT BITCH WHORE”


Margaret sagged down and shook her head. Her head was lifted by her hair and she was firmly slapped. The paper reappeared: “DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” She nodded weakly. A cock appeared in her eyeline and the tip placed to her dry lips, she meekly opened her mouth and her assailant slid his shift in until his hot balls touched her chin. Her head still held by its hair she had no choice but to open her throat and let him force himself into her. She gagged slightly on each hard thrust, his balls slapping against her face, each slide into her the full length of him. Her saliva gathered in her mouth and ran down her chin, lubricating his hard face fuck as she tried not to cry out for fear of the knife just out of sight. She sucked him hard to try and finish him and make him stop but he wouldn’t cum in her mouth. She was sure that her chin would be bruised from the impact of ball sack on each thrust. She let her teeth touch his cock to make him cum faster. Finally at full thrust she felt him jerk hard and a red hot jet of man juice shot down her throat which she gagged on immediately and it coughed out of her mouth around his still forced in cock, running down her chin and dripping onto the ottoman top below her.

The cock was removed and he stood back to look at her. She knew she had cried so tear tracks ran down her face to match the cum and spit that must already be drying around her mouth. He moved around the left of the bed and she wondered in horror what was coming next. Then the cold knife blade touched her butt and thetip was drawn across to rest between her ass cheeks. It was pused in through the lace of her panties to make hole, then fingers tore the panties along the seam through the crotch, leaving her cheeks covered but her sex naked. She braced expecting the still rampant cock to be rammed straight unto her pussy,but instead she felt her ass being opened.he slid a finger in, then replaced it with a thumb, which he worked inside her she couldn’t help it as her pussy gave her away and filled with her own juices. He felt her wetten and she found her whole body being lifted off the bed as he thrust his cock hard into her..Her head was pulled back by her hair as he set to work punishing her pussy with all his strength. Finally he spoke.

“Nasty little whore you fucking love it don’t you. I can feel your slutty pussy wanting this. Tell me what you are bitch!” “Repeat after me, I am a nasty slut whore, fuck me hard! I am a nasty slut whore, fuck me hard! I am a nasty slut whore, fuck me hard!”

Margaret did what she was told as he tore harder and harder inside her. Her body betrayed her canlı bahis again as she exploded with cum around him. But he didn’t even slow down. He had used himself up in her mouth and now wasn’t stopping. She came again and again. He took his thumb from her butt, which eased the feelings a little, but there was no respite as she heard the distinctive buzz of her own travel vibe which was pushed into her ass. Margaret was cumming in waves now she couldn’t help herself. Then without warning she suddenly pissed herself all around him.

“Oh you dirty fucking slut, well two can play at that game” He said and withdrew his cock from her. The travel vibe giving her no respite as it continued its buzzing deep between her ass cheeks. He walked around so she could see him and released a jet of pee onto her face,washing some of the cum from her chin. She was dripping with urine from both ends.Her cum dribbled from her pussy onto the bed now he wasn’t ramming inside her.

There was a flash and she realised photos were being taken from every angle, a record of her humiliation was being made. This could be the end. He had finished with her. The vicious knife came back into view and Margaret understood she might not live through the night. It came towards her face, she couldn’t take her eyes off the blade. But it went past and first her left, then her right arms were cut free. In exhaustion she slumped forward over the footboard trying to move her arms which were numb from there imprisonment.

“Here drink this” he said and held a bottle of water to her lips. She drank down the cold liquid as if she had not drunk for months.

The still hooded figure quietly walked out on to the balcony and out of sight. She reached for her bag, now she was alone, and pulled her phone out to call for help. But the phone was pinging to mark the receipt of messages being received through Bluetooth.

She clicked on the first notification and it was a photo of her asleep on the bed, then every subsequent message was another photo of her being prepared, then the last few were her post attack, with glistening fluids running out of her and covering her face. The senders phone name and number was in her address book. The address book entry had a name. Her husbands name. She had left him at home as he said he was working all weekend and she should go as she clearly needed the break.

Carefully Margaret staggered to the balcony door where her assailant had vanished. Upon the chaise longue on which she had spent the day were her attackers clothes and a face mask. Against the rail stood the very man she had married and who loved her. She was both shocked and ecstatic.

“What are you doing here?” She demanded of him.

“I saw your diary, your list of fantasies, this was on it. I wanted to have you tick it off your bucket list. I followed you.” He calmly replied. “How was it?”

“It’s your turn next and I won’t take prisoners now” Margaret purred in response.

Life could still bring surprises it seemed.

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