A Virgin in Germany

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Bobby meets a virgin in Germany! GI meets youngest sister.

When Bobby graduated from high school, he had two choices. One, he could wait for the government to draft him into the army and make him an infantryman, a ground pounder, and send him to Vietnam. Or, two, he could enlist in the army and serve his country, but be guaranteed his choice of MOS (Military Occupational Skill), and be guaranteed he would be sent to Europe.

It seemed like a no-brainer to Bobby! He enlisted in the army, four days after he graduated. He did his basic training at Fort Ord, California, as well as truck drivers school. Driving seemed better to Bobby than walking. When Bobby completed his schooling, the army sent him to Germany for 2 years.

Exploring the history of Europe was lots nicer than exploring the jungles of Vietnam! Bobby managed to travel quite a bit while the opportunity was there. He loved all the history that he really hadn’t enjoyed in high school world history class. It was so much more interesting to see it in person.

Before Bobby had been sent to Germany, he had asked several guys who had just returned from there, what it was like. What were the girls like? The general answer was that there were no round doorknobs, everything was a handle to turn. And that the best way to compare American girls to German girls was this. If an American girl likes you, she will kiss you goodnight. If a German girl likes you she will fuck you goodnight!

Yes, Bobby enjoyed his share of European girls, and found the comparison of American girls to German girls to be pretty accurate. Not too long before Bobby was scheduled to return to the states, he met a lovely German girl. She was different!

Hilde had two older sisters, who had hung around the GI bars. The oldest, Marta, had married a GI and moved with him, when he rotated back to the states. The middle sister, Louise, had met a GI, was engaged to be married, but her guy was transferred back stateside before they could get married. She was waiting on her immigration visa, to move to New York. Even though she was engaged, she was still out in the bars having fun.

The three sisters had grown up in a small farm community. There wasn’t much in the way of job opportunities in the small town, so the two older sisters had moved to Munchen, where there were jobs, and GIs. A few months before Hilde would turn 20, she moved to Munchen to live with her sister, Louise. Marta had already gotten married and moved to the states.

One Friday evening, Hilde told Louise, “I want to have fun, too. Take me to the bar with you tonight.”

Louise answered, “No way, little sister! You don’t know how to deal with the GIs. Maybe when you are older, and wiser, then I might take you.”

Hilde replied, “If you wont take me with you, I will go by myself after you leave!”

Louise decided it was safer to take her little sister with her, so she could keep an eye on her, than to let her go to the GI bars by herself. They put on nice dresses and high heels, and caught the bus into downtown.

They went to a bar called The Samy. It was good sized, had a nice dance floor, and the usual good crowd. A nice mix of German guys and American servicemen, but of course almost all German girls. Once in a while an American wife would be there with her husband. There was also of course married German couples. The ages ranged from 18 to about 50.

Bobby just happened to be in The Samy Bar that night with his friend Jim. It always amazed Bobby, that you could go ask married German wives to dance, and the guys considered it a complement to their choice of women. The husbands were always willing to let their wife get up and dance. It made for a fun night out, even if it wasn’t going to lead to anything else.

Bobby saw Louise and Hilde come in. He nudged his friend, Jim, “I haven’t seen those two in here before. Let’s go ask them to dance.”

Jim said, “Okay, but I get the taller one!”

Bobby and Jim got up and walked to where the two sisters were just sitting down. Bobby asked, “Tanzen sie mit mir, bitte?”

Hilde answered him in English. “Yes, I’d like to.”

Jim asked Louise to dance, and all four headed for the dance floor. The song on the juke box was American. It was Sleep Walk, by Santo and Johnny. If the band was playing, you got German music. If the jukebox was playing it was about half German and half American.

After the song ended, Bobby suggested they find a table the four of them could sit at. They found an empty table and sat down. Bobby asked the girls, “Was wunschen sie?”

Both girls answered, ” Ein glas wein weissen, bitte.”

Bobby caught the waitress as she was going by, “Zwei Lowenbrau und zwei glas wein weissen, bitte.”

The girls were impressed that Bobby spoke German. He quickly explained to them, “I’ve learned just enough to get by. If you both speak English it will make it much easier. Jim sprechen Deutsch nicht!

The girls laughed. Louise said, “I think our English is better than your casino siteleri Deutsch!”

Bobby and Jim both laughed.

Bobby asked, “Wo arbeiten sie?

Hilde answered, speaking quickly in Deutsch, and lost Bobby. Hilde answered in English this time, “We both work in a factory.”

Bobby wanted to impress the younger sister by speaking a little more German, but gave up and went to English.

The four of them danced and drank the night away. When it got late, Bobby asked the girls, “Would you like to go on a picnic to the lake tomorrow? If you let me drive you home, then I will know where to pick you up tomorrow.”

The sisters had a quick discussion between them in quickly spoken Deutsch. Bobby only caught part of what they said.

Louise answered, “That sounds like fun. You both seem so nice.”

Hilde added, “I like dancing with you. I like talking to you, too.”

They walked out to where Bobby’s car was parked. It was about ten years old, but it was a Mercedes convertible! It was dark green with a black top. Unusual in that it was a four door convertible, with suicide doors in front. That meant all four doors hung off the center posts which were connected by a steel tube about an inch and a quarter in diameter, running across the car behind the front seats, to make the posts strong enough to hold all four doors open at one time. Nice car!

They all talked as Bobby drove to where the girls lived. They rented a cottage behind a nice big house. It was out of the city a ways, in a little town named Ottobrunn. Bobby has a good memory. If he has ever driven somewhere, he can always find it again.

Bobby told his friend Jim, “Let’s go easy and not push our luck. We have all weekend. I kind of like this girl. She is shy, but very nice.”

Jim said, “You’re driving. It’s your call.”

The guys walked the girls to their door, and it took several minutes to say goodnight. Somehow it’s hard to talk with someone else’s tongue in your mouth! But it was a nice way to say goodnight.

As Bobby and Jim started back to the car, Bobby said, “Wir vormittag sehen sie.”

Hilde answered, “Wieviel uhr?”

Bobby answered, “Zehn.”

They talked on the drive back to the barracks. Bobby telling Jim that he liked Hilde. She was different than the other girls he had met. Jim complained that Louise was engaged, so he probably wasn’t going to have much fun.

Saturday morning came and Bobby and Jim went to breakfast at the mess hall in fatigues. But since they had weekend passes, they changed to civies, hopped in the Mercedes, and headed for Ottobrunn.

Hilde and Louise were all ready. They knew Bobby and Jim would show up. There were hello kisses all around. They got in the car and took off. Jim asked where there was a deli. Louise gave Bobby directions to a nice one, and when they got there, everyone got out and went in. It was easier for the girls to order things for a picnic lunch than it would have been for the guys. They wound up with sandwiches, German potato salad and some apples, plus some cold drinks.

Jim said, “Bobby, since we are using your car and your gas, I’ll buy the lunch stuff.”

Everyone got back in the car, Bobby and Hilde in front, and Jim and Louise in the back seat. It was only a few miles out to the lake, and everyone was just enjoying the scenery. When they got to the lake, Bobby got a blanket out of the trunk, and Jim had brought his battery powered record player and a stack of 45’s.

The weather was perfect, warm and sunny. They enjoyed their lunch, and then the four of them spent the whole afternoon, laying around on the blanket, snuggling up in couples, playing records, and getting acquainted. If anyone was watching, they would never have guessed that Louise was engaged to someone else. Jim needn’t have worried about not having any fun! Just no sex.

Bobby and Hilde were getting along very nicely. It turned out that the night before, when they had all met, was the first time Hilde had ever been out in the city. Her two older sisters had always tried to protect her, because they knew how most guys were. GI’s in particular!

It started to cool off as the sun went down. Since they only had one blanket, it was time to pack things up and head back to town. They stopped by the girls cottage.

Hilde invited Bobby and Jim in. It was almost what would be called a studio apartment today. Just one big room, plus a bathroom. There was a table with two chairs, a couple of lamps, a stove, a sink, a refrigerator, some cupboards, a closet, and one double bed. Cozy, but nice.

The girls grabbed some clothes out of the closet and went into the bathroom to change. Bobby and Jim just looked around at the little place and agreed that it was pretty nice, but only one double bed.

The girls came out dressed in nice dresses. They put on some high heel shoes for dancing, and all four headed for the car. Louise knew of a nice little restaurant on the way into Munchen.

Dinner was scrumptious. It canlı casino was some sort of beef and noodles with a cream sauce. Some fresh hot bread, and a hot drink.

Then it was back to The Samy to dance. Everyone had a great evening. When they got to Ottobrunn, and parked in front of the girls place, Jim remembered that there were only two kitchen type chairs, or the one bed in the girls little place.

Jim spoke up, “Watch this.”

He picked up the blanket from the picnic, which was still in the back seat, tucked one end of it up into the top bows on the convertible top, and let it hang down between the front seats and the bar that connected the two door posts, effectively dividing the car into two areas.

“This makes for a little more privacy,” he said.

Then the only sounds from the back seat were little sounds of pleasure.

Bobby and Hilde were snuggled up in the front seat. Doing more talking than kissing, like was going on in the back seat. Hilde had been so protected by her parents and her two sisters, that she was still a virgin. Yes, as free as everyone seemed to be in Germany back in those days, Hilde was an almost 20 year old virgin! Almost unheard of, and Bobby was glad he had met Hilde on her first night out in the city.

After a while, everyone said goodnight, with goodnight kisses all around at the girls’ front door. The girls went in and Bobby and Jim walked back to the car.

Jim started the conversation. “Just my luck. I meet a nice German girl, and she is engaged to some GI back in New York. It’s been a fun weekend, but she is leaving in a couple of months.”

Bobby replied, “Well, not to rub it in, but I’ve met a NICE German girl. She is not attached, and you will never guess what else.”

Jim asked, “What’s that?”

Bobby replied with a lilt in his voice, “She really likes me.” He paused before continuing, “And she is still a virgin!”

Jim blurted out, “No shit? I didn’t think there were any girls in Germany that were old enough to be out on their own and still be a virgin. Are you sure?”

Bobby replied, “Yes, I’m sure. But I don’t know how long she is going to stay one!”

The foursome went out a couple more times, but Jim wasn’t going to get any, so he decided to try his luck going out on the town with some other guys from their outfit, looking for girls.

Bobby and Hilde were getting along really well. Bobby helping Hilde with her English, and she helping him with his Deutsch. They liked a lot of the same things. Things were going very well indeed.

One thing that always bugged Bobby. It turned out that Hilde’s birthday was the day before Bobby’s.

She was always teasing him, “Remember, you have to respect your elders.”

Bobby would counter, “Elder? Big deal. One whole day!

She would taunt him back, “I’m still older!”

It had been about three months since Bobby and Hilde had met. They were really enjoying each others company.

Bobby kept teasing Hilde, “One of these nights I’m going to send Louise to town and we are staying in. You know what is going to happen. I’m going to make love to you!”

Hilde would answer, “I really like you, and I want you to be my first. But, I’m still nervous.”

Finally, one Saturday when Bobby got out to Hilde and Louise’s place, he whispered something in Louise’s ear. Hilde gave them a puzzled look. Then nothing else seemed to happen so she forgot about it. Maybe it had something to do with today being her birthday.

A little later, Bobby asked Louise to go in the bathroom with him. Hilde was really puzzled now. But they came back out in just a couple of minutes.

What Bobby had done in the bathroom was tell Louise, “Here is a hundred Deutsch Marks. That is enough cash for you to go to Munchen on the bus, have a nice night out, and get yourself a room. I don’t want to see you before noon tomorrow!”

Louise smiled a knowing smile and said, “You be gentle with my baby sister, you know she has never done this before.”

Bobby assured her, “We both want it to happen. I know she is nervous, and I promise to go slow and be gentle.”

Louise came out of the bathroom, got some clothes out of the closet, and went back in the bathroom.

Hilde asked, “What is going on?”

Bobby answered her, “Today is your birthday and tomorrow is mine. Tonight is the night we are staying in. This will be a night we will always remember. Making love from your birthday into mine. Louise is staying in the city tonight. She will be home about noon tomorrow.”

Hilde blushed, “You know I want this, but I’m nervous, too.”

Bobby said, “We’ll just go slow and easy.”

Louise came out of the bathroom, all dressed for her night out. She said, “You two enjoy yourselves, and I’ll see you tomorrow.” Then she picked up her purse and walked out, closing the door behind her.

Bobby had planned for this night for some time. It was going to be Hilde’s first time. He wanted it to be very enjoyable for her, so she would kaçak casino like sex, and want to do it again and again. He liked sex, and he sure wanted her to like it, too.

Bobby had brought a small bag. In it was a small bottle of cognac, some flowers for Hilde, and a package of rubbers. He took the flowers out and handed them to Hilde.

She was surprised but happy. She walked over to Bobby and gave him a long, sensual kiss. “Ich liebe dich!” She told Bobby.

“I love you, too.” He told her right back.

They just stood there for a few minutes, holding each other. Then they moved over to the bed, and took off their shoes. Hilde lay down on the bed, and Bobby laid down beside her. They cuddled and kissed for a while.

Then Bobby got up, opened the cognac, and poured her a double shot. He poured himself a single. As he handed her the double shot he said, “Here’s to us.”

She nodded yes, as they toasted glasses and each drank their glass empty. Hilde got up, and started to undress.

Bobby said, “Let me help you.”

Bobby slowly undressed Hilde, enjoying the view of her naked young body. They had both seen the other undressed before, but this was different. They weren’t just changing clothes. Nor were they undressing to cuddle up and go to sleep, which they had done a couple of times. Bobby knew where this night was going.

Hilde helped Bobby get his shirt and pants off. Bobby’s cock was understandably hard as a rock! They had talked about all of this, and Hilde had discussed sex with her sister, Louise.

Bobby wasn’t going to take any chances, of laying down and getting things started, and not taking the time to put a rubber on. Or of touching his cock, getting precum on his finger, and then playing with Hilde’s pussy, with her possibly getting pregnant. No, Sir! That rubber was going on right now, before they even got started!

He opened the package, and carefully rolled it down his cock. Now they were ready to start. Bobby laid down beside Hilde and they started exploring each other’s body.

They took their time, and as Bobby gently probed her pussy with his finger, he felt her hymen give way to his finger.

Hilde jumped and let out a little moan.

Bobby asked her, “Are you okay? I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

She answered, “It hurt just a little, but only for a few seconds. I feel okay now. Lets go ahead.”

Bobby noticed that there was just a tiny bit of blood on his finger. He grabbed some tissues and wiped his finger. He wiped her pussy, but found no blood.

He continued to play with her pussy using two fingers now. She was moaning and starting to breathe harder now. He kept talking to her and massaging her breasts, kissing them between talking to her.

She was mumbling sweet things back to him. Bobby checked his fingers again. No blood, so everything seemed to be okay. He moved over on top of her, holding himself up on his arms.

He asked, “Are you sure?”

She answered, “Yes, I want you to be my first.”

Bobby reached down and put his raging hard-on against her pussy. She was dripping wet from Bobby’s playing with her. He slowly started to push. He was going to go as slow and easy as he knew how.

Hilde surprised him by pushing up hard into him, forcing his cock all the way to the depths of her waiting pussy.

He almost came right then! “God, she’s tight!” His nerves told him. He slowly withdrew about half way.

Hilde said, “No, don’t take it out! It feels wonderful!”

Bobby started slowly stroking in and out, while leaning down to kiss her. It didn’t take long before Hilde experienced her first ever orgasm.

She cried softly, “Now I understand what Louise was trying to explain to me. She told me to just try to relax and enjoy the sensations of you being inside me. She told me I might have intense feelings in my pussy. God, she was right!”

Bobby lasted long enough for Hilde to have one more strong orgasm before he filled the rubber with his cum. He was thinking, “I hope the rubber can hold it all without breaking!”

He just held her for a few minutes. She holding him tightly to her breasts. No words were necessary. Both were very happy and satisfied.

Bobby finally carefully withdrew his cock while making sure the rubber stayed on.

He got up and went into the bathroom. He took the rubber off and carefully wrapped it in toilet paper before putting it in the trash. He washed himself and his hands, trying to be extra careful. He took Hilde a warm, wet wash cloth. She was laying on the bed with a wonderful, peaceful expression on her face. He just stood there for a couple of minutes looking at her before handing her the wash cloth.

Bobby asked, “How do you feel?”

She answered, “I feel wonderful! Now I know why my sisters kept going out to the bars. But I’m glad I waited and met you!”

They snuggled up in each other’s arms and drifted off to sleep. Bobby woke up in the morning, with Hilde still sleeping with her head on his shoulder. Bobby was one happy GI. Maybe getting sent to Germany wasn’t so bad after all.

Hilde stirred, “Good morning, Bobby. I’m glad we stayed in last night. Do we have time to do it again before Louise comes home?”

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