A View Like No Other

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I think it was the sound of her relief as he slid his cock inside of her. Hearing that sound, that pleasure, changed something deep inside of me. The raw primal honesty that escaped her lips as Dustin, my buddy, entered her.

I had been watching things build up for the past several minutes. I was passed out when they entered the room. It had been a long day at work. Then beers and bowls with Dustin on the front porch. At some point I went into the bedroom, sat down to take my boots off, and just dozed off.

When I woke my girl and Dustin were in the room whispering and giggling. They were trying not to wake me up, but in a typsy type of way. It was cute. She was topping off her jar glass from her secret stash of wine and hooking him up too. Her box was in the back corner of the room and she had to bend over and reach down under the headboard to get at it. It was a nice view.

Dustin was right up behind her as she turned around to hand him his glass. They made eye contact up close. Then she went down to fill her glass. This time she even looked sexier, aware that she was being enjoyed. When she came up, he leaned in, pausing. Their eyes were locked for a moment in silence. Then he kissed her. For a moment she kissed him back, her lips soft.

Then she giggled at him and patted him back, shooting a look at me. I feigned being totally blasted. I had already affected a light snore a few moments before sensing something was afoot.

She studied me for a long moment. His hand was on her hip as he edged closer. He whispered something soft in her ear. She giggled a bit as if he was being incredulous. He didn’t budge though. Looking him in the eyes, she melted. I saw her melt. They kissed again. It was soft and sweet. It continued like that for a long moment. I sat there listening to the noise of soft kisses and murmurings

“Let’s go to your car,” she said breathily, trying to get a look at him. His eyes seemed intent on her lips though. He kept kissing her, backing her against the wall there in the corner of the room. She shot me another glance. I could hear him whispering at her. She was whispering back. She seemed to be protesting, but losing. He gathered her tank top up into a curl above her breasts. And that is when he had her. Her nipples exposed and firmly erect. Her breasts ever the vision of ripe fruit. She stood there looking up at him. One of her melons already in his caressing hand, she wasn’t going to stop him. They each took a drink of wine. Then he leaned down and put the other nipple in his mouth. He sucked as she leaned against the wall trying to control her breath.

She was wearing her only pair of jean shorts. They were so sexy. Her shorts were slightly too big around her waist. The gap made them even more tantalizing as it seemed perfect for a hand to slide down into them. Mine had many times. Dustin put his fingers on her shorts and pulled the button through. As he unsnapped them he slipped his hand down inside. I could hear the wetness he found there. A light moan escaped her lips.

My cock was rock hard in my pants. I was watching my friend seduce my wife in my own bedroom. It was clear to me that this wasn’t the first time they had fooled around. A few years back I had been gone a lot. He had moved back home during that time. As our friendship began I was still traveling a bit. There was plenty of opportunity.

I could see his hand working around inside her shorts and hear her muffled moans as they stayed locked in kisses. Suddenly she stopped kissing him and looked my way. She studied me awhile. He turned and looked too, his hand moving in slower gyrations. Luckily my thick work pants held down my stiff shaft. I was so turned on watching them. I didn’t want them to stop.

At that point she seemed to relax, trusting I wouldn’t wake up. They each took a gulp of wine and then began kissing again. Her moans were less stifled now as he seemed to be working his fingers deeper into her wetness. I could hear the squishy sounds very clearly now.

I watched her unzip his pants. She handled him comfortably. It wasn’t the first time she had her casino siteleri hands around his cock. I got the impression it had been a while though. Probably they had an affair while I was gone a lot and then things had abated on my return. She held his dick like she was relishing handling it. He moaned leaning into her, pushing her into the wall.

That is when he turned her around. He placed her hands on the wall, and held them there, his hands over hers. She rubbed her ass into him, her shorts nearly fallen off. They kissed like that for a good while, her head turned over her shoulder. Then he brought her hands above her head and placed them, one atop the other, against the wall. He backed away taking in her sexy hungry form. She never took her eyes off of him and kept her hands on the wall.

“Good girl,” he whispered.

A quick tug on her shorts and they slid to the ground. Her hips looked so nice, almost shy at being revealed for how sexy they were. She arched her ass, stifling the noises of her urgent feelings. He stood there watching, holding his cock, letting her desire build.

“Come on,” she panted. Her thighs glistening. ‘I will be quiet,’ her eyes promising.

Dustin stepped up behind her. He was so hard. I could see his shaft now. He rested the head of it on her ass crack and slowly backed it down, until it was in position. He slid himself in without using his hands. A long sigh emitted from both of them. He held himself buried inside her, pressing her toward the wall. She grinded on his shaft slowly, both of them catching their breath, eyes locked. I could hear her juices working around his shaft.

“Dustin,” she whimpered in a sigh.

He started thrusting. A few moments later she was melting into an orgasm. Dustin took her lips and kissed them to muffle the sounds. It didn’t help much, but it looked hot.

That is when he put her on our bed. Pulling her off the wall, he finally peeled her tank top off, leaving her body totally bare. She followed his guidance, climbing on the bed. She got into position on her knees, her ass right at the edge. She dropped down on her elbows looking back toward him. He had hold her ass and pulled her back onto him. She groaned his name again as he slid into her depths.

They were only slightly to my right and facing toward me, except that she was turned to watch him. Her long thick hair was draped over her shoulder and gathered over her wrists. Her nipples low on the mattress, hanging down near her knees. Her hips jutting out in sweet curves. Just perfect for his hands to hold her with. And that is where he put them. I was not quite facing him as I watched him fuck my girl. I let my snoring get louder. They didn’t notice.

My girl turned toward me. Her mouth hanging open as she panted and groaned. The noise of her wetness was obvious, his thrusts splashing into her in measured rhythm. The clap of their bodies soft in the night. His solid pace was perfectly suited to melt her. Grabbing a pillow she tried to bury her orgasm into it. It was so sexy listening to her muffled exclamations of powerlessness.

My cock was so hard and as I listened to my girl cum. I felt a bit of juice shoot out the end. My whole body ached.

This went on for a while. She seemed to dip in and out of orgasmic states over the next several minutes. Dustin steadily lost awareness of the room pounding into her harder and faster. Her groans no longer stifled.

Suddenly, he pulled out, “come on.” he said. He quickly pulled her with him exiting the room. His hard cock flashing a few feet in front of me as they headed down the hall to the living room. I waited, listening. The TV got turned on or the volume turned up.

I waited a few minutes before standing up. I was wide awake now. My pants were wet. My cock still rock hard. I slipped down the hall, slowly, listening. It was quiet. I peeked around the corner.

Dustin was sitting on our couch, head back looking up, with a big smile on his face. My girl was down on the floor, head in his lap, performing ministrations. I could faintly hear slurping noises through the background slot oyna news of the tv. I watched her head move up and down over his lap. Her movements spoke volumes regarding the length of his cock.

I watched her ass too. It was right there, wet and hungry. I wanted it, but I didn’t want to break the spell they had on each other. It was too beautiful. Their satisfaction too real.

She worked his pants off as she sucked his cock, slipping them down his thighs. She managed to pull one of his boots through the pant leg, but left the other pant leg down around his right boot. His flannel shirt unbuttoned exposing a muscular physique. One that she had commented on before.

Dustin pulled on her, “Come here.” With a loud exit slurp his cock popped out of her mouth. She stroked it as she climbed up on his lap. She guided him back inside her and began riding him. It was surreal watching Dustin sitting on our couch underneath my girl’s naked body. His fingertips were indented on her sweet ass, holding her tightly, passionately. The tan lines from her garden shorts, which are just bikini bottoms in the high Summer, highlighting her curvy ass. She was working it up and down, her lips stretching juicy around his shaft. Her moaning lips kissing his face. He wrapped his arms around her hips, guiding her motions into a faster tempo.

I watched mesmerized over the next few minutes as Dustin got more vigorous controlling the tempo, lifting her up and down quicker and quicker. She moaned, her body slapping down on his lap, her nipple in his mouth. His shaft hard and swollen, diving up into her over and over. I listened to her cum again. Streaks of white were slicking down his shaft. Her ass popping up and down. She buried her face into his shoulder. Based on his loud grunt, I think she was biting him.

He quickly rolled her over onto her back, laying her down lengthwise on the couch. She pulled him down between her open legs. His cock going right back into her wetness. From that position on the couch, he pounded into her, grunting savagely until cumming. Her legs wrapped around him as she surrendered. No pretense of noise control left. He never broke a beat as he swelled up and then quite obviously exploded inside of her. I don’t know that she was coherent enough to realize it, but I also got the impression that this wasn’t the first time he had unloaded in her. He had mentioned to me in the past that he was fixed that way.

They laid there for a while catching their breath. He was collapsed across her naked body, engulfing her. They kissed some more and whispered. I watched him slide his cock out and stand up. He put it away and pulled her up. He held her kissing her. Her body looked so good, naked and orgasmed, standing in our living room, small in his arms. I watched for another moment, but could tell they were saying their goodbyes, so I slipped back into the bedroom.

Several minutes later she entered quietly. She was still naked. So was I. And rock hard, laying on my back, in our bed. She knew right away that I was waiting for her. A lot of looks crossed her face in a moment. I settled all of them when I said, “Come here.”

She came to me, climbing on top of me. It was like a relieving salve feeling her pussy lips wrap around my shaft. She sank down on me, her pussy full of spunk. I liked it. I didn’t say anything. She rode me slowly, looking at me. She was still aroused. Awkward maybe, but she was hungry for more cock.

“Spin around,” I said. “I want to see your ass as you ride me.”

As soon as I told her what to do she relaxed. She spun around, getting up on her haunches, and squatted her wet pussy onto my cock. “Like that baby?” she asked.

“Mmm-hmmm,” I said. “Just like that.” All that wetness felt so nice. Her sweet ass bobbing on my cock. I was so hard, but kinda relaxed. I had never fucked such a wet pussy. Nor had my girl ever been quite this hungry. It was a new feeling, watching her pounce down, listening to her build, closer and closer. I just layed there and watched my hard cock stab into her wet pussy over and over. She started into her orgasm and I just canlı casino siteleri enjoyed the show. Maybe for a minute she climaxed there, fresh juices streaking down my cock. I just watched the show until she had to come down to her knees, thighs burning.

I was so stiff inside her, that she just ground on me for a good while catching her breath and moaning. She turned over her shoulder looking at me. I was tracing my finger over her ass. I didn’t look up. I relished in her attention though, feeling my calmly swollen goodness up inside her. Her lips felt all swollen around me.

“You’re so big,” she said. She started hopping again, grinding on me as she rose and fell. She was good. We didn’t sex like this often.

“You look good baby. You are so sexy. You have the nicest little ass. I just love watching you up there.” I looked at her now. We held eye contact, she continued to ride me. I slipped my hands around her hips. I pressed her down onto me. I could feel my tip banged against something. She twitched there, grinding on me, moaning.


She opened her eyes looking at me. “Yeah baby.”

“I think you have been practicing. You have a secret training partner I don’t know about?” I teased her.

The orgasm just spilled over inside her. She sucked in great breaths, repeating, ‘oh God, oh God.’ She sounded scared or like her mind was blown open. Almost somewhere else, but I had her anchored to my cock, bouncing her just a smidge, and she never quit gyrating. Her hips looked so sexy, her ass working in circles. Her gaze fallen to the side a bit, eyelids slitted, mouth agape. I felt a spurt of precum shoot up into her, and she immediately exhaled in a deep guttural moan and curled up, sucking her tummy up, which tightened her thighs and pussy around me and my cock. The suction force though pinched and pulled my cock deeper into her. It hurt as it stretched up into her, yoni muscles coiled tight around my shaft. Another spurt shot out. It stung, but she went crazy.

She was no longer fucking me, but just hunched over, legs and ass clenched up, trying to get breaths, and trying to get out her groans.

I rolled her to the side and onto her tummy. My cock was so hard. I needed it back inside her. I needed her to be a trooper. I grabbed her hair and turned her into a kiss. I breathed into her mouth filling her lungs. That got her breath reset. She got a deep intake of breath. Then she let it out in a big groan. And another deep breath, followed by another groan.

I swatted her ass. She arched it up. I guided myself into her. It felt so good. Her pussy was like being home. When I was inside her, all my pain was gone. All my aches alleviated. Except the ache to take her to new heights.

I worked slowly though, our tongues flicking into each other, panting heavy on each other. My cock stiff inside her, reaching right back into the deep places. I needed her. I surfed that balance between pushing her too hard and backing off, letting her catch her breath and moan her praises.

Somehow it felt like my cum was half way down my shaft, but really slowly, like every thrust was just a little pump, squeezing my load a smidge toward the finish line. It felt great. I was punching her g-spot, listening to her build to an orgasm. Then I would slow down working myself in and out, until just my tip was breached. With a slight pause there before descending all the way back in, real slow like.

When it seemed like she might be getting coherent I would ramp it up again banging her good. After several of those she melted into the deepest orgasm I have ever witnessed. I met her there, shooting my load deep into her yoni. It was the most extended orgasm I have ever had. It hurt almost, my cock so swollen, the cum shooting out, but still slowly working through my head, like it was all backed up.

I thanked the gods for the deeply fulfilling experience. For the strength and fortune to finish the night with her under me, next to me. She squirmed under me getting nestled. It was a breakthrough. She could no longer hide and she realized she didn’t need to. She felt the strength of my love. She fell asleep under me purring, warm and safe and totally satisfied.

In the morning I woke up rock hard and wanting more. She wanted more too. It was the best morning of sex that we have ever had.

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