A Thanksgiving Surprise Ch. 02

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Thank you all for the positive comments! Chapter 2 was a lot of fun to write. And yes…Thanksgiving is celebrated in Canada in October J



The wind was whistling through the massive blue spruce trees outside my bedroom window. I could hear the rain cascading down the roof and into the gutters as it was pouring from the sky. The faint rumbling of thunder could be heard in the distance. The occasional lightning bolt illuminated my room. It was early October and the scene unfolding before my eyes outside made it seem like it was October 31. I was sitting up in my bed, propped against the headboard with a wide grin on my face.

I was reliving the last few hours in my head. Having come home for thanksgiving, seeing my beautiful sister Cassie, suffering through a horrendous dinner with Will and Sara, and it somehow ended up with me and Rachel releasing all of our built up sexual tension we have had for each other for several years. I still couldn’t believe it. I had just fucked my dream girl Rachel downstairs on my parents mahogany pool table. Well, in all fairness she did her share of fucking me too. I chuckled to myself.

“What a great night,” I said out loud to myself in my empty room. “Maybe this holiday won’t be so bad after all.”

***** CH. 02 – Forbidden Desires*****

I woke suddenly as my room went from pitch black to bright white as my darling sister threw open the curtains to allow the sunlight to fill the entire room and torch my retinas in the process.

“Can’t stay in bed all day sleepy head, ” Cassie chirped as she puttered over to the side of the bed and jumped directly on top of me.

“Oomph!” I somehow managed to let out a sound as she landed on my legs and partially on my crotch. Being my bigger sister (by age) she used to be able to win anytime we would wrestle. Whether it be in the car, on the floor, in the pool, she would always be the victor. Now that we are both adults, things were different. However, due to the fact that I was asleep and she was lying on top of me and my morning wood, I didn’t put up much of a fight.

I let out a long moan “uhhhh…what time is it anyway?” I managed to get out at the tail end of a yawn.

“It’s a quarter to 8,” Cassie replied. “Make yourself decent, grab some breakfast and get changed. Rach and I are going for a run, and you’re coming with us!”

I sat up in bed as Cassie was now sitting in my lap. “Might want to give yourself a few minutes to take care of …that before heading downstairs for breakfast,” she chuckled. I could have sworn that she wiggled her hips as she looked down at my crotch. I could feel my face start to turn red.

“Hurry up or you’ll miss out. We’re off in 15!” Cassie shouted as she was already halfway out the door and on her way downstairs.

I threw the covers off and sauntered over to my duffle bag to grab a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt. I needed to adjust the shorts so that there was nothing inappropriate showing below the belt. After getting dressed I headed downstairs, whipped up and downed a quick protein shake and then headed out back to join the girls.

When I opened the door I was amazed at what I saw…Rachel and Cassie were both wearing black tight yoga pants. Rachel was wearing a bright green tore up t-shirt over a hot pink sports bra while Cassie was wearing a hot pink tank-top…and they were stretching. Rachel was on her back with her left leg up in the air and her right leg bent at the knee. Cassie was using her shoulder to lean into Rachel’s leg and stretch it out.

From this position they were practically on top of each other with the crotches of their sexy black yoga pants rubbing slightly together. I shook my head to withdraw from my momentary stupor as the girls looked over at me while continuing their routine.

“Morning sleepyhead,” Rachel said in between moans of ‘oh yes’ and ‘right there’ as Cassie continued to stretch her out. “Hope you slept well,” Rachel winked at me.

“Slept great, thanks Rach!” I replied. “Hope you had a good sleep too,” I smiled wryly.

There was no doubt that we each had stupid grins on our faces when Cassie jumped up smiling and helped Rachel up from the ground.

“Ok you two, let’s get one thing straight. I don’t care if you fool around with each other as long as we can all still hang out together for the weekend without you two sneaking off to get some.”

Rachel and I laughed and both nodded our heads.

“Besides,” Cassie continued “I have a few things planned for the three of us that I don’t want you two messing around with…until the time is right of course.”

Rachel and I looked at each other with an inquisitive look.

“And break!” Cassie shouted as she took off down the trail behind the house and into the wooded lot which has been groomed for trail running in the summer and cross country skiing in the winter. Rachel and I took a little bit to catch up but before I knew it I was jogging right behind Cassie and Rachel as they chatted away about bahis firmaları school and other girl stuff. I didn’t mind as I was enjoying the view of those two sexy asses bouncing up and down in front of me.

Wait, what was I saying? Cass has made another peculiar comment about something planned for the three of us and not messing around with something until the time is right? Now I found myself staring at my sister’s ass as we were running. Was she trying to get me to look and purposely playing mind games with me? Could she be interested in doing something with me and Rachel???

I was absolutely riddled with excitement as I picked up the pace and passed the two of them.

“Pick up the pace ladies,” I shouted as I flew by them. “Less chatting more running,” I trailed off as I was starting to pull away from them.

“You wish you were faster than us!” Rachel shouted which caused me to stop in my tracks and turn around to face them.

The girls slowed down to a walk and came up to me.

“You ladies care to make it interesting?” I asked. “You’ll be sorry, but I’ll make any bet you wish,” I finished.

“Tell you what,” interjected Cassie. “We’re almost done the trail and we’re less than 1 km from home. IF you can beat the BOTH of us home, then you’re in for a special treat. But if one of us beats you home then you will have to play me in a tennis match for the Smithson Cup when we get back to the house.”

The Smithson Cup was an imaginary trophy that we would play for when we were kids. Will and Sara were always pushing us to take part in ‘elitist’ activities such as tennis, golf, sailing, etc. I was never a huge fan of tennis but I did enjoy the time I spent with Cassie on the court.

“Sounds like a deal,” I said calmly “Didn’t bring my racquet home but we won’t be playing anyways.” I quipped as I began a little friendly competition banter.

“Don’t count your chickens Buster,” Rachel said in a serious tone then came over and put her lips to my ear. “Not sure what Cass is planning but if you beat me I will give you a VERY special treat,” she whispered as she playfully bit me on the ear and lightly blew soft air into in. The immediate chills that were sent down my spine were intense. Before I could realize what was happening, I noticed that Cassie and Rachel had already begun running and were a fair distance ahead of me.

I took off in a sprint and was slowly gaining on them. I was approaching Rachel as Cassie was still a fair bit ahead and approaching our house rather quickly. I kicked it into high gear and flew past Rachel while giving her a smack on the ass. A loud ‘thwap!” echoed through the trees as I looked back and saw her rubbing her ass with a sly grin on her face.

I was coming up quick to Cassie with the house in the distance. I flew past her and decided to look back at her.

“Looks like your defence of the Smithson Cup will need to w-” I began to yell as my foot caught a tree root and I fell pretty hard face first onto the trail.

Cassie slowed as she passed me. “Dust yourself off and I’ll see you on the court in 10,” Cassie laughed as she and Rachel skipped hand in hand up the house and claimed their victory.

I managed to dust myself off and with an angry look on my face, I walked up to the house.

“You got lucky,” I stated “I totally had that if I didn’t fall.” I kept wiping the dust off of my clothes.

“Too bad little bro,” Cassie quipped. “Looks like I’m going to have you on the court instead!”

I noticed Rachel and Cassie whispering and giggling to each other when they finally stopped and had a serious look on their face.

“Too bad about that treat you could have had if you had beaten us. Guess you’ll just have to settle with playing around with your big sister on the tennis court.” Rachel lectured. “I’m going to go hit the showers…alone apparently.” She finished and with a wink, she went into the house.

My head was swimming. What were they giggling about? What did she mean by ‘settling with playing around with your big sister’ I had apparently missed out on a shower with Rachel…that would have been my treat. I have no idea what Cassie’s ‘reward’ would have been but between the whispering and giggling and the comments I was hearing, I thought and hoped that it might be somewhere along the same lines. I shook my head and headed over to the tennis court.

Will and Sara had put a lot of money into this professional size tennis court so they could ‘keep their form up.’ They used it maybe twice a year and neglected it for the rest of the year. We had to clear off a few leaves so we could see the lines and then we started to play.

Cassie and I were both very competitive. We wold only play 1 set as a full match could take hours. It started off poorly for me as Cassie won the first 3 games of the set while I barely managed to get a shot across the net and in the lines. On my next service game, I had 2 aces and won the game no problem. I then managed to win the next two with the same amount of kaçak iddaa ease.

It was now 3-3 and Cassie was serving. I managed to hit some strong returns and found myself winning the game too. I could tell from Cassie’s face that she was very frustrated about how the tables had turned but still looked like she was having a good time. It was 4-3 and I served and won my service game with a bit more difficulty.

5-3. Just one game to go. Cassie served 3 aces and took the next game with ease. She was fired up and playing like a pro.

5-4 and my serve. The first point was a 10-shot rally that saw some good shots and returns with the point going to Cassie. I won the next two with two aces. The 4th point was a quick serve and volley which worked out well for me. One point separated me from the Smithson Cup. Something Cassie has owned for our whole lives as I had never beaten her. This was my chance. I served and ran towards the net in anticipation of using a volley to win it. As Cassie returned with a massive forehand, I noticed that her shirt had ripped and her breast was exposed. I stood in awe at her as the ball travelled over the net and hit me directly in between the legs. Game over.

“Oh My God Matty I’m so sorry!” Cass shouted as she came running over to see if I was ok. I was doubled over and trying to catch my breath.

She slowly began to rub my back. “Did I get you in a sensitive area?” Cass asked as she couldn’t hold back the laughter.

“Yes,” was all I managed to get out as the feeling started returning below the waist.

“We better get you inside and take a look to make sure everything is ok. Rachel would NOT be happy if I broke you before she got to have her fun.” Cassie winked at me. I looked up inquisitively at my big sister.

“I don’t think you need to look” I stated. “That would be a little awkward.”

“Oh Matty, We are both adults and I have seen it before in the bath when we were kids. It’ll be fine.” Cassie replied as she helped me into the house and into the main floor bathroom. We could still hear the shower running upstairs.

I started thinking about Rachel up there…wanting me to join her…slippery…wet…

I snapped out of it when I heard my big sister’s voice clearly saying “Take off you shorts.”

My face went a bit red as I complied and dropped them. I was starting to get a bit hard while I was thinking about Rachel in the shower but was also getting a little excited that my sister Cassie was standing in front of me while I had nothing but my boxers on…She noticed a bit of a tent in my boxers.

“Things seem ok in that area,” Cassie chuckled. “I still think it would be good to look. I’m going to be a doctor Matty. This is purely clinical…I…I promise”

Sensing the hesitation in her voice but ignoring it, with an exacerbated sigh, I dropped my boxers. I could see Cassie’s eyes widen and her face lit up upon seeing my cock for the first time as an adult. I was trying my best to not get turned on as that could make things very awkward if she was strictly thinking of this from a clinical perspective. I had really hoped that she was getting turned on by looking at me.

“Hmmm,” Cassie declared as she looked me over. “No bruising, colour seems ok. Does it…does it hurt to touch?” Cassie asked with a look of desire in her eyes as I saw her swallow hard in her throat. She bit her lip. Seeing this was getting her hot, and wanting to have a little fun with her I simply said “Nope, I think it’s fine”

I could see a little bit of disappointment on her face. “Well you wouldn’t mind if I did a physical exam would you Matty?” Cassie asked as she batted her eyelashes the same way she did when I first came home and she asked to carry my bags.

“You’re going to be the doctor,” I responded. “If you think it would help.”

“Oh I really do,” Cassie responded before the words even came out of my mouth. With slight hesitation, she slowly brought her hand and lightly wrapped it around my cock. My cock started to grow ever so slightly. I knew that I could blame getting hard on thinking about Rachel in the shower, or explaining to Cass that it’s just a natural reaction. Two answers she would both assume plausible without any question. I couldn’t let her know (yet) that her hands on me were making me hard. I knew she liked that my cock was so close to her lips and I knew she wanted to taste it.

“Things…Things seem to be working very well,” She said breathlessly as her face began to flush and she started stroking my cock a little more. She was looking less at my cock and more into my eyes as she continued her ‘physical examination’. I wanted this so bad but having heard the shower turn off, and knowing Will and Sara were in the house…I knew this wasn’t the time.

“Cassie…I think we’re good then,” I stated as she smiled up at me.

“I think you’re right,” she agreed and stood up. Cassie and I looked deep into each other’s eyes. I placed my hands around her waist and she placed her hands around my neck.

“I kaçak bahis love you Cass,” I declared.

“I love you too Matty,” she responded.

At that moment, we both knew we wanted this to happen. We each leaned in and slowly titled our heads to allow easy access for our lips to meet for the first time as more than brother and sister. Cassie closed her eyes as we got close and I followed suit. Our lips pressed together as Cassie moaned and held her arms around my neck tight. It was electric. The intensity was ten times more than the kiss I shared with Rachel on the stairs. I pulled her waist close to me as my tongue probed into her mouth to dance with hers. She allowed it in without hesitation and before I knew it we were full on making out in our parent’s bathroom while they were in the house. We had crossed the line between brother and sister. We were now much much more than that. We were lovers.

Footsteps on the stairwell brought us out of our moment as we heard Rachel’s voice calling out for us.

“Guess we will have to continue this examination another time,” Cassie said with a wry grin. “I’m going to take a shower…I’ll see ya later little bro.”

I pulled up my boxers and shorts and with that, Cassie pushed me out of the bathroom and closed the door giggling.

My head was swimming. Last night I had fucked Rachel on my parent’s pool table and now I had just passionately kissed by big sister Cassie after she was stroking my cock. I couldn’t believe what was happening. My cock was now hard as a rod as Rachel came around the corner.

“Hey there ya are!” she exclaimed as she threw her arms around me in a hug. “Where’s Cass?” She inquired.

“We just finished our match and she’s having a shower now,” I stated rather quickly.

Rachel raised an eyebrow and me and smiled. “And what’s going on down there then?” as she looked down at my crotch and nodded her head. I couldn’t tell if she thought something was up between me and Cassie or if she was interested in my cock.

“Sports related injury,” I stated. “I’m going to grab a shower myself. See ya in a few.”

“An injury?” Rachel asked worriedly. “Maybe I should keep you company so it doesn’t get blown out of proportion”.

I am not sure if I imagined her emphasis on the word ‘blown’ or if she was hinting at something. I smiled and took her hand.

“Probably good to play it safe,” I stated as I led her up the stairs and into the washroom.

As soon as we entered the room, Rachel locked the door and turned to me. Her hair was wet from just finishing her own shower and she was wearing a white tank top with a black and white polka dot bra underneath. The tank top was a bit wet from her hair and the bra was easily visible through the tank top. She was wearing short denim shorts and I was seriously hoping that I could check if she was wearing a black and white polka dot thong too.

Rachel took off her tank top and unbuttoned her shorts. She was biting her lip as her eyes never left mine. She slowly unzipped her shorts and let them drop to the floor. She stepped out of them and slowly walked over to me.

“Let’s see if we can fix this little injury,” she said with a wry grin as she pushed me against the vanity.

Rachel pressed her lips against mine as she began to lift my shirt above my head. I could tell she was hot and I think the sweat from my tennis match with Cassie was really getting her going. After she removed the shirt she began to bite and kiss my neck, my chest and before I knew it, she was kneeling down and starting to tug at my shorts.

She hesitated and then gave me a mischievous smile as she yanked my shorts and boxers down in one quick motion. My rock hard cock sprang from its cotton cage and was directly in front of Rachel’s mouth. Her eyes lit up, she licked her lips and smiled with her perfect pearly whites.

“I hope this doesn’t aggravate the injury,” she said in a sexy tone.

I just smiled at her and looked deep into her eyes. “If it does, it will be well worth it,” I responded.

Within a second, Rachel had the head of my cock in her mouth as her right hand was pumping with ferocity while she sucked me off. Her left hand began to cradle my balls. Between Cassie’s kiss and stroking my cock and now Rachel’s vigorous attempts, I knew I wouldn’t last long like this. After a few minutes I was approaching my climax. I grabbed Rachel under her arms and lifted her straight up and kissed her passionately on the lips. I could taste my essence on her lips which only spurred me on more.

“Turn on the fucking shower and get in,” I growled as I stepped out of my boxers. Rachel stepped back, and very sexually unclasped her bra at the front. She shimmied out of her black and white polka dot thong and walked towards the glass door shower without even looking back to me.

I hurriedly walked up behind her and grabbed both of her breasts in my hands as I nibbled and kissed her ear.

“mmmmm Matty,” Rachel purred as I opened the door and let her in. The shower was big enough for more than two people. It featured full-body jets and a seat in one corner. The complete glass enclosure added a flair of exhibitionism as anyone walking in would be able to see anything.

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