A Tale of Kink Ch. 2

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Harry leaned down and deeply kissed Nadine, tasting his own salty cum upon her pouty lips. He then stepped back slowly and nodded to those who waited behind her. Rough hands then came to loosen the binds, and massage the raw flesh beneath.

Nadine felt herself being lifted, jism dribbling from her ravaged ass and well-used pussy. Righted, she glanced about at the enormous men who started to crowd her once more. Thick, fat cocks in hand.

“Please.” Nadine whimpered, “Fuck me again.” She fell gracefully to the floor on her hands and knees, her beautifully rounded ass stuck high in the air once more for their use. “Please.” Nadine implored, “Ream my tight ass with those magnificent cocks, fuck me till I can’t walk” She waggled that delicious piece of flesh enticingly.

They fell upon her like dogs in heat. Two men knelt behind her, enormous cocks in hand, pulsing in hunger. Bulbous, apple-like heads smearing precum over Nadine’s tight corn hole.

Nadine moaned, “Yes! Fuck me! Fuck my ass hard! Oh please!”

The first brute thrust his cock forward, burying it deeply within Nadine’s brown tunnel amid the pain mingled cries of pleasure that fell from Nadine’s lips. The second man rammed his cock in as well, simultaneously. Two mammoth pricks plunging ruthlessly within Nadine’s tender back passage. Dilating her wrinkled little hole, distending it wider and wider as she wiggled and moaned.

Another man slipped beneath Nadine to probe her pussy, sinking his cock to the hilt within her sweet softness as he moaned. Jabbing his hips upward as he fucked her mercilessly, taking turns with the double cocks tearing up her ass.

Harry bent down and attached nipple clamps to Nadine’s oversized cinnamon nipples. So engorged with her lust, even as she bucked and writhed, impaled upon those three impressively sized cocks. At least 10″ long and a good 3″ around. Deliberately piercing Nadine’s ass and cunt.

Harry tightened the clamps till Nadine begged him for mercy. Her words clipped as she was jostled back and forth by the magnitude of those rutting bulls passion.

More men soon joined the fray, rubbing enormous cocks all over Nadine’s body, stuffing three impossibly into her mouth and down her throat. She could barely breath.

Fingers poking up her stretched ass, forcing her brown hole to widen even more as two cocks sawed into her.

The man beneath her produced a gigantic dildo and labored it up into her pussy where his cock was taking its pleasure. The dildo was ribbed and 12″ long, 4″ in girth. Nadine screamed in ecstasy as it penetrated her sopping wet pussy.

“You like this don’t you bitch!?” One man was stroking her clit like a tiny cock.

“Yes!” Nadine screamed.

“You like to have fat cock up your ass, admit it! You need it! You need to be used like the little fuck toy you are”

“Yes. Yes. Yes” Nadine could only whimper her words.

“Beg for more bitch!” The man pounding her ass demanded.

“Fuck me harder! Rape my ass deeper! Oh fuck me please!” Nadine complied.

“Such a hot bitch, begging for more cock. Mm yes, and more cock you shall have too” It was then another cock forced its way up Nadine’s ass, three now in total punching deeply into her bowels. Fucking Nadine like she had never been before.

A second joined the one in her cunt. Jabbing repeatedly into her wet puss, in unison with his pal. Grinding, circling in that dripping hole.

Three cocks pressed between Nadine’s breasts, titty fucking her as güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the cocks plunged down her throat once more making it impossible for her to speak as they fucked her mouth.

Cocks jabbing in her face, up her nose, in her ears, wrapping themselves in her hair. Spanking her ass with thick, titanic cocks. Nadine was blanketed, not an inch of her was left untouched as they prodded and probed.

Harry picked up the cattle prod and warmed it up. Nadine knew what that soft humming sound was and began to whimper. He then laid the tip of the prod to Nadine’s quivering clit, so swollen and needy. She screamed around the cocks ramming her hot mouth as her body convulsed.

Harry laughed gently. As the cocks pulled from her ass, Harry drove the prod deep, and fucked Nadine with it. Every time he pumped it into her, he released the electric current. This caused Nadine’s back to arch as she keened loudly, even as those three cocks ravaged the back of her throat. Again and again, Harry fucked her with the prod.

Another man held Nadine’s clit firmly between his two fingers as he began to thread a thin, flexible tube up Nadine’s little pee hole.

Nadine gurgled and mewled. Wiggling and undulating, as she sucked cock and was fucked up the ass and pussy, feeling that tube infiltrating her most sensitive area.

Once the tube was inserted it was pulled out, leaving a thin copper wire within Nadine.

“Be a good girl now Nadine. The fun is about to begin.” He hit a switch which controlled an electric current which ran right up Nadine. She screamed around the cocks in her mouth. Bucking and whining.

The prod was removed as the nozzle of the douche was inserted, ice cold water began to fill Nadine’s ass even as the light electrical current danced up her clit.

Nadine began to cramp immediately, crying around the cock in her mouth. Nadine loved pain, it excited her, made her crave more.

The cocks soon squirted down her throat. Filling her mouth with hot cum even as the chilly water filled her bowels.

As soon as her mouth was free, Nadine began to beg. “Please! Please fuck my ass again! I want more cock!”

They then began to beat her with their oversized cocks, batting at her back. Slapping her face. Harry himself produced a cock the size of which Nadine had never seen. It was gigantic. 14″ long and at least 5″ around, black as night and ribbed. The dildo was impressive, and Nadine hungered for it.

“Harry! Ram that cock up my ass! Please baby! Fuck me hard with it!” Nadine begged.

“Yes whore, oh yes. I’m going to fuck you deep you bitch.” Harry rubbed the huge head of the dildo over Nadine’s already open ass, cum still dribbling from it, lubricating the way.

Without preamble, Harry drove that hunk of plastic hard, right up Nadine’s sweet, tender ass. Once it was buried up to its plastic balls, Harry ground it inside her. Then produced a second of even bigger proportions.

“Harry! Yes, fuck me!” Nadine squealed as that massive cock plowed repeatedly inside of her.

“Nadine, take this cock. Take all of it you cunt. Suck every inch inside your hot tight ass now Nadine! Or I will fuck your ass with a broken bottle!” Harry growled as he strong armed that second dildo up Nadine’s ravaged ass amid her moaning cries.

“HARRY!” Nadine gasped and panted hard as Harry worked that second dildo into her. Reaming her stretched ass, watching as it contracted and pinched, how it opened and trembled güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri around those cocks.

“Good girl Nadine, such a good girl. Now fuck those cocks, ram your sweet ass back against them you whore. Take them all the way up your ass now!” Harry ordered as hands began to pinch Nadine’s nipples.

Nadine bucked her lovely ass back against the plunging cocks, riding them hard. More dildos were brought forth. This time to fill her pussy. First one, then two, then three, till her cunt was dilated with five in all. Punching up deeply within her wet pussy.

One man began to bite Nadine’s nipples, nipping at the tips that protruded from the clamps. Another began to cane her back as she was impaled upon now 7 cocks.

Men stepped forward to make Nadine lick their asses while they squeezed several chocolate logs, and then to lick them clean. They urinated in her face, while she tunneled with her tongue, licking all she could reach clean. Her face dripping with their golden offering, running in a stream down over her swollen nipples.

Nadine loved every second of it, being used, being fucked so completely. No hole left unbaptised, no inch of her untouched.

“Time for some more fun bitch” They hoisted her up in a sling, suspended by the ceiling. Arms and legs hanging down, her ass exposed, her tits peeking through the straps. The two massive dildos protruding from her ass, and the five from her cunt still.

A wrestler of a man closed in upon Nadine, a willow branch in hand, probably cut from their very own tree out back.

A ball gag was stuffed into Nadine’s mouth to keep her from screaming too loudly and the whipping commenced. The whip-like tail of the branch sailed through the air to bit into Nadine’s flesh, marring the satiny surface with large, angry looking welts.

Nadine writhed and jerked in the sling, even as Harry continued to ravage her sweet pucker with those HUGE black dildos, ramming them forcefully in every time the willow branch hit home.

They then began to whip her pussy as Nadine danced in pain. Her poor clit the target as the tip of that branch kissed her little pearl with the gift of pain. Each lash of the whip coaxed shrieks of pain and pleasure from Nadine.

Two men stepped forward with a bowl of ice and a lit candle, rubbing her ass, once Harry removed the dildos with ice, while the douche’s water dribbled out slowly. They then stuck several large cubes inside Nadine’s stretched hole and then inserted the end of the lit candle to use as a plug to stem the waters flow. As the ice melted, Nadine’s ass contracted, sucking the candle deeper as she gasped. Soon the flame was licking at Nadine’s tight ass, even as the water continued to dribble out. She screamed and flailed, till the water eventually extinguished the flame, but not until it had scalded her sweet back passage. The melted wax having formed a nice mold of her entrance.

“You love this, don’t you, you cunt?” Harry pulled the wax free and allowed the water to flow down Nadine’s legs as her ass twitched and convulsed. The water soothing the burned flesh as Nadine cried out her pleasure.

“Yes! Fuck me more!”

Harry complied, ordering the men to line up and by sixes, fuck his wife. Two to a hole. Two fat cocks raping her ravished ass, two enormous cocks fucking her sodden pussy, two meaty cocks plunging down her throat. Each man once he had filled Nadine with hot, sticky cum, got back in line to have a go at another hole. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Nadine was subjected for literally hours of cock sucking and fucking. Being taken two cocks at a time in every orifice she possessed.

Nadine writhed and bucked, fucking the cocks in her ass and mouth as she rocked the sling. Her body gliding forward and back in time to the lusty thrusts of the men before and behind her. Cocks filling her deeply, lining her belly and folds with cum. Warm and thick. Over and over again.

Men beneath her, tickling her clit with their tongues. Fingers pinching and fondling. Exploring her body completely. Forcing her to beg endlessly for more.

“Yes! More! Fuck me deeper! Harder! Fill me with your cum! More!! More!” Nadine was a wanton creature, driven by her lust, her need for cock. She basked in each cocks girth, its length. These men were so well endowed. Cocks the like of which she had never seen before. Black cocks, brown ones, all fat and meaty, long with swollen heads.

Harry sat on the floor, once every man had fucked Nadine three times. Once in her mouth, up her ass and in her pussy. His cock was rigid, needy. He sat cross legged, his pole at attention, pointed skyward.

Nadine was righted in her sling, her legs drawn up to her chest. Her ass pointed downward, aimed over Harry’s throbbing cock.

Men grabbed the sling and lowered it, till Nadine’s cunt swallowed Harry’s cock whole. Then bounced the sling so Nadine would slither her sweet pussy up and down Harry’s trembling cock. Another man sat facing Harry, his cock too was hard as steel, pointed up as his hands joined Harry’s at Nadine’s hips. Pistoning her sweet flesh up and down their massive shafts. Fucking her mercilessly to the tune of their grunting moans.

Nadine relished every downward swing of that sling, for it brought penetration, driving those cocks deep inside her. Filling her deeply.

Harry then lit another candle and positioned it in front of his cock. So every time Nadine swung down the flame licked at her clit.

Nadine cooed and creamed around those massive cocks, thrusting up into her tender folds, reaming her sweet tight ass. The flame scorching her little clitty.

The willow branch returned to whip across her ample breasts, tickling her nipples with every stroke, causing them to harden to attention as Nadine cried.

Every nerve in her body was awake and dancing in sensual pleasure, she had been taken to the brink so many times and refused the reward of release. But now it seemed eminent.

Nadine thrashed as her orgasm fast approached, the men now all lined up in a circle around her and began to beat their cocks. Fingers frantically pumping thick fat cocks, all aimed at Nadine’s bouncing form. The slick sound of palms gliding up and down, of Nadine’s pussy sucking cock deeper, her cum soaked ass being ravished by yet another cock.

Cocks in the circle began to tremble, even as Harry’s grunts became louder. More fierce his thrusts became, more animalistic. Pounding his cock deep into Nadine, even as the man opposite him did the same. The stroking ring increased the pace, pulling more insistently upon their meaty cocks. Precum bubbling wetly upon the heads in time to the sighing moans of pleasure.

A crescendo of cum began shooting from quivering cocks, trembling in hand. Long wails of release as each shot a thick coating of cum all over Nadine. At the same time Harry and the other came inside her, filling her hot tunnels with even more cum.

Nadine screamed as she too began to shoot. Squirting her cum over the men below her.

Cum in her hair, dribbling down her face, dripping from her breasts. Oozing from her pussy and ass. She sighed deeply sated and whispered to Harry.

“Are we done now?”

Harry whispered back, “Not even.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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