A Summer’s Day

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Nothing better than a gorgeous summer day in The Cities. It was a Friday afternoon and I was having some beers with a couple of friends at a bar on the lake. We are all teachers at a local high school and taking full advantage of an afternoon without work. Joni teaches social studies right down the hall from me. Matt, who is also Joni’s husband, is an English teacher on another end of the building. Joni and Matt are a couple of years younger than my 31, and are good friends of my wife, Kate and me. Kate isn’t a teacher, so she gets a bit jealous of our seasonal freedom.

We had gone through a few pitchers of beer when Matt asked if Kate was joining us later.

“I think so. She’s done working at 4:00 today, so she’ll be down in about half an hour. Are we doing dinner later?”

“I think we probably should,” replied Joni, “This is the first time we’ve had a chance to hang out with you guys this summer. With all the time we’ve been spending at the cabin, we haven’t been social enough and we’d love to spend more time with you two.”

She winked as she said that, which I thought was a bit odd, but Joni has always been a bit odd. Both her and Matt started working at the same school as me two years ago. We had been friendly, but we didn’t start becoming close friends until this year. Joni was the teacher that the kids loved. She was a hip young role model for the girls, and a physical specimen for the hormone-fueled boys. I certainly didn’t mind having a petite, tight-bodied blond working 25 feet away from me. Helped keep my mind from wandering to the tits that the teenage girls in the school were so proud to have and show off.

Matt doesn’t mind Joni being the object of so many adolescent fantasies and in fact has a number of girls (and a few boys) with a heavy crush on him as well. His fit build, brown hair and eyes, and short beard look strong, but he carries a cool, literature buff attitude.

After some more talk about how our summer was going, and that talk of students we always seem to go back to, Kate showed up smiling. She was wearing a blue sun dress that showed off her long athletic legs. Joni got up to hug her hello and the contrast in their heights was drastic. Katie had to bend her 5 foot 11 inch frame down to meet Joni’s 5 foot 3 inches. It was a beautiful sight for Matt and I as Joni’s short white skirt blew in the wind and standing on her toes strained her slim legs and tight ass. My wife leaned over showing a bit more cleavage than she probably realized and Joni gave her a quick peck on the lips. If it caught my wife by surprise, she didn’t show it.

We sat and chatted for an hour or two, went to dinner, and had a really great afternoon with great friends. “Now what are you up for?” asked Matt. “I’d like to get home and let the dog out, but don’t want the evening to end. Would you guys like to join us at our place for some wine and keep this evening going?”

“That sounds great, but we live in the opposite direction, and if I have any more wine I may have to attack Dave here,” my wife replied while smiling and caressing my upper thigh.

“Joni gets the same way when drinking. I’m surprised she hasn’t fucked someone in the bathroom already today.”

“How do you know I haven’t?” she replied with a big grin. “Besides, we have that extra bedroom, for both of your issues. If it gets too late to go home, just stay with us for the night.”

Their talk of Joni fucking someone else was a surprise, even if it was in jest, but was also a bit of a turn on. We agreed to join them for drinks, and we all piled into a cab. I sat up front to accommodate my 6 foot 2 inch, wide shouldered frame and the other three piled into the back. I could see Joni leaning into my wife more than she should have had to. She was sitting in the middle as the smallest of the group, and was whispering something to Kate as Matt caressed his wife’s leg.

We got to their place and Matt immediately broke out a couple bottles of cabernet. Joni put on some music. While they were doing this, I took advantage of the privacy to tell my wife how sexy she looked today.

“Thank you. You’re looking pretty sexy yourself, and it seems that Joni would agree. On the way here she was telling me how she said she may attack you here as well and that she was jealous I’d be getting fucked by that.”

“She said that while sitting right next to Matt!?” I asked in disbelief.

“I think he heard, and seemed to be getting a bit turned on by it. Besides, she should be a bit jealous, you’re hot. Not that I’m not a bit jealous of her too, Matt is one sexy man.”

At this point Joni rejoined us dancing her way in as the jazzy beats she put on played in the background. Matt was right behind her with the wine staring at Joni’s swaying ass moving in front of him. Matt sat in the armchair and Joni quickly took the middle of the sofa leaving the ends for me and Kate. As we sat and joked and listened to the music, the conversation continued to carry its sexual theme.

“I thought you were going to attack Dave?” Joni canlı bahis reminded Kate.

“I have to admit I have been thinking about that big piece of meat all evening. I might just drag him into your spare room and fuck him twice!”

“Big piece of meat, huh?” and Joni leaned over and grabbed my crotch! I was definitely semi-erect with all the sexual innuendo, not to mention the two sexy women sharing a couch with me. I tensed up, but Matt and Kate just laughed. “This does feel impressive! I would love to see it. Kate, do you mind if I pull it out and have a look?”

I don’t know if I was more shocked by Joni’s brashness, Matt and Kate’s laughter or just the fact that my opinion didn’t seem to be of any importance. As Joni started unbuttoning my pants, I looked over at Kate and just saw a sexy smile, so I let it go.

“I’d like to see just what kind of ‘meat’ you’re packing,” Joni said as she pulled my dick out of my pants. She began to stroke it a bit to help it grow. “You’re right, this is a beautiful cock!”

Joni stroked me to a full seven inches trying to get her fingers around my thick shaft. As she did this, I could see Matt’s cock stirring in his pants and my wife biting her lip with lust in her eyes, both watching Joni slowly handle my cock to a full erection.

Joni broke the silence. “I know you’re looking for some yourself,” staring at Kate while continuing to stroke my full length. “Since I’m enjoying your husband’s, you could probably find something to enjoy on your other side.”

I looked across the room and Matt had pulled his own hard-on out of his shorts and was slowly stroking it while watching his wife handle mine. His cock was impressive looking at over six inches, and almost as thick as mine. It had a head that looked bigger, and the veins bulged thick. He looked at Kate and gestured to her. She went over to and knelt down where she could inspect Matt’s cock and take it in her hand. With the boundaries already crossed, Kate leaned down and put it in her mouth. I felt a twinge of jealousy as I saw my wife sucking another man, but quickly got over it as Joni dropped down and kissed the head of my dick. Her blue eyes looked up at me as she dropped her mouth down and swallowed a good four inches. I put my hand through her curly blond hair and pushed her down further. She gagged a bit while slobbering all over my dick and it felt amazing. She tugged my balls and put it farther down her throat than Kate had ever managed. She bobbed up and down while stroking my shaft hard. Joni sucked a cock with enthusiasm and it felt amazing.

Looking over at my wife, I saw Matt looking at me smiling as I saw Kate using her best tricks I knew so well. Kate sucked a mean cock and was really going after Matt’s thick rod. I had trouble pulling Joni off my dick, but I didn’t want to blow my wad too fast.

Joni’s responded to that. “We’ve got all night. It would probably be a good thing if you got one down my throat. That way you’ll last longer when you start fucking me.”

“Can’t argue with that logic,” and I pushed Joni’s head back on my dick. I still didn’t feel any need to rush, so I pulled her around. I brought one leg over my ear and grabbed a hold of her smooth thighs. I always manage to delay orgasm if I’m keeping myself occupied by eating pussy.

I don’t know if she removed her panties when she went to turn on music, or if she had been without all evening, but she was completely open under that flowing white skirt. No underwear. No hair. Just smooth, slick, glistening wet pussy. While Joni put the head of my cock back in her mouth, I stuck my tongue out to taste her juicy snatch. I licked up and down her slit a few times, but her small frame made it difficult to reach. I stabbed my tongue into her pussy a few times and tried to suck on her clit, but our contrasting heights made it uncomfortable. So I went for what I could reach. I started to rim her asshole. She did a quick intake and tensed up, but quickly relaxed. Joni seemed to take my licking of her back hole quite enthusiastically as she shifted her ass back to my face. I licked around and darted my tongue into her tight ring as she moaned around my cock. Kate isn’t into ass play as much as I am, so I took advantage of someone enjoying it so much. I then knew my goal for the evening. Get my dick into this fantastically tight ass.

“MMmmmmmm!!” I was so engrossed in the blow job I was receiving, and the ass I was eating, that I had forgotten about my wife until I heard her moan. I looked over and she was straddling Matt dropping herself onto his dick. I felt a pang of jealousy. We had been doing some fooling around, but now there was another man fucking my wife.

Joni may have sensed it as she shifted around and stroked my cock. “God, they look so sexy. See how much pleasure they’re experiencing? I can’t wait to feel your cock deep inside of me.” Joni swung a leg over my lap and looked into my eyes. She lowered her pussy down to meet the head of my cock. The crown of my rock hard shaft slowly worked in. Her pussy was wet bahis siteleri with her juices and my saliva, but she was just smaller than what my dick is used to. We had to pull out and reinsert a few times to stretch her tight pussy. Eventually we worked it in enough where Joni’s eyes closed and she just sank down my shaft.

Slowly Joni rocked her body back and forth. I grabbed her hips and slid her body up and down. Her petite frame made it much different than Kate’s tall, slender body. We slowly fucked until I accepted that it was okay for me to be fucking my friend. And for her husband to be fucking my wife. I think Joni sensed my ease as she began to really speed up, fucking herself on my stiff dick. As my confidence in the situation improved, I began to take more control. I flipped her over and put Joni onto her hands and knees. As I shoved my cock back into her hot cunt, she sunk down to her elbows and moaned.

“Fuck me! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me with that big dick!”

I pounded into her pussy fast and hard. Something about her still wearing a skirt and top made her sexier, but I needed to get rid of the restriction of the pants that were around my knees. I pulled out to get my inhibiting clothes off, and Joni took the opportunity to do the same. Her petite frame had perfect handful tits and a gorgeously curved ass. I groped her tits and licked her nipples, but needed to get back in her hot cunt fast. I turned her back over into doggy style and as I plowed a steel dick back in to her, she let out a low moan. “I”m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum. Keep doing that.” I obliged and grabbed her hips slamming her hard. I was at that beautiful level of alcohol where I was hard as a rock, but fucked forever. After a few more minutes of hard slamming into Joni’s slick pussy and fingering her clit, she started to shake and let out a yell.

“Fuuuuckkkk!! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

I took advantage of her orgasm distracting her to further my goal of getting into her ass. I took my pussy juice-wet finger and pressed it into her back door as she came. I got it in up to the second knuckle when her asshole clenched up around it. As she came down from her orgasm, she slowly continued to bounce back and forth on my cock. She also let her asshole relax a bit and allow me to finger her tight ass as I kept fucking slowly.

I looked over at Kate and Matt and saw my wife coming down from her own orgasm. I know her sex, and that was a big one for her. I expected her to turn over asleep at that moment, but other people had different plans. Matt lifted her off his cock, but guided her back to her knees and grabbed her head. He was trying to get her to suck his dick right after fucking her! Kate had denied me that pleasure in the past, so I started to feel bad for Matt for not getting his nut, but she opened her mouth and went down! My anger that Kate would do that for him and not me was short lived as I had two realizations. For one thing, Kate is opening up and I’m going to be able to push some more boundaries. Two, I’m gonna stick my dick in Joni’s ass.

I watched Kate eagerly swallow as much of Matt’s cock as she could bobbing her head up and down fast and hard. Matt gently grabbed her hair and helped pace her post-fuck blow job. He was in heaven as Kate gobbled up and down his cock. I could see he was about to blow, but I had more pressing and selfish concerns. I was still slowly rocking back and forth in Joni’s tight pussy. I was still fingering her asshole. I watched Joni’s eyes fixed on her husband’s cock as it disappeared in and out of my wife’s eager mouth. She was definitely getting off on watching the two of them while still bouncing back and forth on my rigid dick. As Matt started to buck his hips more enthusiastically into Kate’s mouth, Joni started to shake again. Matt let out a low “Fuuucckkkk…” as he blew into my wife’s waiting mouth, and Joni came again on my dick while watching with intense eyes. When Matt finished and my wife dropped his cock from her mouth, Joni spoke up.

“Matt, honey. Why don’t you run and grab the bottle out of the nightstand? Everyone has come but Dave. I think this big dick deserves real treat after all the work it’s done.” Matt walked off dick-swinging and Kate grabbed a sheet to keep warm and curled up at the edge of the sofa. I knew what was coming and pulled out to turn Joni around to kiss her deep.

“Here you go buddy! Don’t use it all!” Matt said as he walked back in handing me the bottle of lube. I wondered how he felt so natural walking to another naked dude and being so casual. I thanked him a bit too enthusiastically and opened the top.

I squeezed a big dollop and started to rub it into her asshole. I used my finger to push it into her ass a bit as she moaned. I squirted some and rubbed it on to my dick while continuing to work my other lubed up finger in and out of her ass. Joni sat on her knees giving soft moans, while Kate stared wide-eyed. She seemed in awe of, and scared for, Joni as I prepped us both.

“I can’t believe you’re going to let him bahis şirketleri fuck your ass! I’ve let him try, but I can’t relax. Are you sure it’s going to fit? You’ve got such a small butt, and he’s…”

“Sooo… big?” Joni filled in as Kate paused to think of how to properly describe the situation. “And hard? And ready to fill up my little ass?” Joni really knew how to build up the anticipation. “I’m sure it’ll fit. Matt’s cock hits my g-spot from this side whenever we do this. Not often, but a real treat when we do. I think Dave’s gonna hit it without too much difficulty, and hit it hard. I can’t wait to cum while he’s fucking my ass. He’s just gotta take it slow to start. You hear that, Dave? I’ve got a small ass and my tight little asshole needs you to ease that fat dick in verrryyy slowly.”

“Of course.” I replied as I started to push my cockhead against that sexy little hole. “I wouldn’t dream of just shoving it in.” I said, despite wanting to do just that. “I’m just gonna ease the tip in a little bit.”

My wife slowly lowered herself down to her knees so she could get a closer look. I still don’t think she had blinked since she realized what was about to happen. Matt in the meantime sat back down in his chair and started rubbing his re-growing cock again. Joni had her eyes closed was taking deep breaths. She made some noises that were half grunts, like she was working at it, and half moans, like she was getting off on it. I played my part in this show by working my shaft in bit by bit. I dropped a little more lube where my cock and her ass were joined. Then I grabbed her left hip with one hand, while I used the right to help guide my center appendage. I pulled back out a bit, more lube, then eased back in a bit. Kate still sat mesmerized and started shifting more and more. Clearly she was starting to feel the excitement in her own loins. After a more agonizing slow repetitions of this cycle, I was finally about five inches into Joni’s ass and Joni’s grunts had turned into all moans. So I started to take deeper strokes. Pulling out almost all the way, then pumping back in. Still slow, but nearly full strokes of my cock. I was definitely hitting that g-spot from behind every time I went deep.

Joni was clearly getting off and it was spreading. Usually too tender for a second round, Kate had started rubbing her recently fucked pussy as she watched her husband drill her best friend’s ass. Matt was fully erect again and had dropped to the floor behind Kate. She had been kneeling to get a good show, and her legs were spread a bit. Matt reached under her ass and started to help her work her pussy and her clit. She was nearly hypnotized by the show as she let Matt readjust her position like she were a doll, so long as she could still watch close. He pulled her up onto her knees and and spread her legs, putting her in a similar position to what Joni was currently in. Once he had her in this position, he got down and replaced his fingers with his tongue. The room was now being filled with two sets of moans, Joni’s increasingly loud and low groan, and Kate’s near whispers.

“God that feels so good… keep fucking. You feel so good in my ass! Keep fucking me and I’m going to cum.”

I didn’t need the encouragement, but took the direction anyway.

“Your ass is so tight! I fucking love it. I’m gonna cum soon.”

“Not until I do! It won’t be long!”

“I can hold out a few minutes, but pretty soon I’m gonna explode! Where do you want me to cum?”

“I’d love for you to cum on my face, but after all the hard work you’ve been putting into my ass, I don’t think it would be fair to make you pull out, so I think you should just shoot it in my butt.”

“Fuck yes. I’m gonna fill up your ass with so much cum!”

While I continued to fuck Joni at this now frentic pace, I could barely hear Matt ask Kate if she wanted him to fuck her again. She nodded slow and just let out her loudest moan yet as Matt re-entered her from behind.

“Could you… maybe.. touch my butt?”

I heard in a whisper. I damn near pulled out due to my confusion when I heard Kate. Asking for her butt to be touched? Joni’s thrill was definitely getting Kate to question her prior convictions.

“Sure thing, babe,” Matt replied. “I’m just gonna use some oil to make it a nice massage.”

Matt grabbed the oil and put some on Kate’s ass. I could see him use the pad of his thumb to slowly rub around Kate’s asshole. Suddenly I was torn on what to watch, my cock impaling the sexy ass right in front of me, or my wife getting fucked from behind while getting her asshole massaged by very attractive man.

“How’s that? Does that feel okay?” Matt was clearly considerate and didn’t want to scare off Kate.

“It’s good. Really good. Please. Please keep doing that.”

“Oh, god!! Fuck! Keep doing that! Fuck me!”

I wasn’t sure who said it. Both Joni and Kate seemed to be cumming at the same time. I was in a daze of my own, feeling so good with my dick deep in a tight, beautiful ass. Suddenly Joni’s asshole started to spasm on my cock. Her cumming made her body shake. The pulse was in perfect timing with my thrusts. The grip of her asshole pulled the cum right out of me and I sent multiple ropes deep in her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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