A Summer with Uncle Steve

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Adriana Chechik

It was one of those hot and humid July days. A rivulet of perspiration trickled down the valley between my breasts as black flies buzzed around my head. The thermometer had past eighty and it was only ten o’clock in the morning.

“What am I doing here?” I thought to myself.

Two months after my eighteenth birthday I was facing my last summer holidays before entering college in the Fall. My parents had arranged for me to work the summer at Uncle Steve’s in return for room and board and a three hundred dollar stake towards my school tuition.

Uncle Steve is a “gentleman farmer”. He has twenty-seven acres with his century old house, a cherry orchard and an old barn where he keeps a few chickens and a couple of pigs for butchering.

Uncle Steve works in the city as a lawyer and the farm is just a hobby, as is his young wife Julia. Steve is my mother’s older brother, well into his fifties but his wife is only seen years older than me.

Uncle Steve had agreed to keep me for the summer to be general dog’s body keeping his young bride company and helping out around the spread. I gathered the eggs, slopped the pigs and kept the place going while Julia played Betty Crocker baking pies and working on her crafts.

It wasn’t hard to see why Uncle Steve had married Julia. She was very attractive and had a rack on her that made me look like a boy. Every night I heard Uncle Steve’s bed squeaking in protest and Julia moaning as Uncle Steve pounded her into the mattress.

I wasn’t dressed to impress anyone, a pair of cut-off denim shorts and an old shirt knotted in the front with a pair of rubber boots. Cleaning out pigsties is hardly a formal affair.

The boom box was blaring out Meatloaf as I concentrated on moving the pig shit out to the manure spreader. Uncle Steve had a tractor with a bucket on the front but some stuff had to be done by hand.

I was startled when I looked up and saw him staring over the pen wall at me. He was a stranger I had never seen before.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“I am looking to do odd jobs in return for something to eat.” He explained.

He looked like he had been on the road for a while. Tattered blue jeans and unkempt hair that had not seen shampoo for a while. But beneath it all he had potential. The stranger was perhaps twenty, maybe twenty-one with sandy brown hair and aqua blue eyes. His body was trim from constant exercise.

The stranger told me his name was Tim and he was on his way across the state to his sister’s and her husband’s home where he was going to stay. He said he had been on the road almost a week and spent most nights in the cab of an eighteen-wheeler or with other “knights of the open road” in makeshift shelters.

Tim said he was dying for a good soak in the bath and a home cooked meal and maybe a night in a proper bed.

I told him to wait in the barn while I went to see Julia.

“You should see this guy Julia, he’s a real hunk.” Excitedly I told my aunt.

“Uncle Steve don’t get home until about eight so we can let him get a bath and feed him before then.” I urged.

“I don’t know, what if bahis firmaları Steve finds out?” Julia fretted.

“He doesn’t need to know.” I suggested.

It really didn’t take much to convince Julia to let me bring Tim into the house.

Julia was pleased to see I hadn’t exaggerated on what a hunk our new found guest was and she too saw the potential under his ragged appearance.

We hustled Tim upstairs to get him cleaned up. I helped him undress while Julia run his bath and got a supply of towels.

He was quite co-operative allowing his two young hostesses fuss over him and walked proudly into the bathroom naked wielding a beautiful nine-inch hard on.

Julia’s eyes light up when she saw his erection; it had been a while since she had such a young cock.

As Tim got into the tub I suggested we join him. Quickly Julia and I shed our clothes and joined him naked in the bath.

Fortunately it was one of the big old bathtubs and although crowded we all fit in. Julia was sitting in front of Tim and I was behind him.

Tim reached out and took one of Julia’s breasts into his hand while I reached around and found his erection under the water. It felt so big and hard as I started to stroke it.

Tim held Julia’s right nipple between his lips while his hand thrashed under the water between her legs. I continued pulling in his cock while rubbing my crotch on his buttocks.

I could tell by the look on my aunt’s face she was being finger fucked by Tim fuck and she was enjoying it.

“Stand up!” I ordered Tim.

Obediently he stood in the tub between Julia and me. As we remained seated his beautiful hard cock rose to the level of our faces.

It was only seconds before our mouths were competing for Tim’s cock.

First Julia had his helmet in her mouth while I nibbled on the shaft. Then Julia surrendered the head and filled her mouth with his balls while my lips replaced her sealed around his cockhead. Back and forth our mouths ravished is cock in a desperate effort to be fed his cream.

He came in powerful spurts of rich creamy cum splattering in our faces, some finding its way into our hungry mouths. Greedily we gulped down his jism like starved nymphomaniacs.

When Tim’s cock finished ejaculating Julia and I kissed, our cum coated tongues intertwining relishing the taste of sperm.

Wasting no time we lead Tim into Aunt Julia’s and Uncle Steve’s bedroom and we all gathered naked on the big comfortable bed that Julia had been fucked in the night before.

Tim lay on his back while I squatted on his face and Julia impaled herself on his hard cock.

Tim’s tongue began exploring my wet pussy while Julia rose and fell on his pole behind me.

“Oh yes!” Julia moaned as Tim’s lips locked on my swollen clitoris.

Tim’s hands firmly gripped my hips holding my wetness tight against the torture of his lashing tongue. My whole body quivered as Julia reached her orgasm with a cry of joy.

I could deny my orgasm no longer, suddenly my vagina walls contracted flushing my cunt juices into Tim’s mouth.

“Oh sweet Jesus!” I cried as Tim kaçak iddaa greedily slurped the nectar of my orgasm.

Julia and I had to go to work on Tim’s cock to restore him. I could taste my aunt on his cock as my tongue urged life back into it.

Thanks to the miracle of youth Tim was soon standing again and Julia and I changed places, my aunt squatted on his face while I took his pole into me.

It was a magical fuck; I caressed Julia’s back as my pussy mauled Tim’s cock.

We all climaxed in rapid succession. Moans and groans as we exchanged bodily fluid once more. I felt Tim’s warm cum ebb into my most intimate space.

Julia and I had transformed into degenerate sluts in our need for this young cock. There was nothing ladylike or reserved in our conduct as we forced our bodies onto this young stallion.

We fucked away the afternoon in every combination imaginable. Julia even allowed Tim to fuck her in the ass and let me suck his dick clean when he pulled it out of her poop chute.

Tim’s hard young body was a catalyst that bonded my aunt and me together in a new way. We realized we were both young women desiring much more sexual satisfaction had we were receiving.

It happened unsurprisingly. Julia’s tongue was in my pussy touching my clitoris and I was moaning with enjoyment. Tim’s hard cock throbbed in my mouth as my aunt explored my squirming cunt with her unquenchable hunger for my sensitivity. My hips thrust upwards to meet her full lips in a womanly kiss.

Having exhausted our boy toy our activities turned to woman on woman. Kisses all over our naked bodies, Julia’s nipples between my lips and the heady tang of her pussy on my tongue.

Our hidden desire for each other’s body was unleashed that afternoon. Prior to that I had looked on Julia merely as my uncle’s young paramour, now she was a wild bundle of raw sex waiting to be explored.

Julia and my hungry bodies sent Tim on his way with his appetite satisfied, but that was not the end of our wickedness.

“Steve is always saying what a nice ass you have.” Julia said.

I had never thought of Uncle Steve in a sexual way before. While growing up he had always been the jovial uncle who always had a sweet in his pocket when he visited us.

Uncle Steve had been one of the family during his visits not requiring the false pride displayed for “company”.

Uncle Steve had come into my room on many occasions and seen me frolicking scantily attired in my underwear without undo modesty on my part.

Julia’s revelation caused me to think.

Obviously Julia and I had a thirst for each other’s body and if Uncle Steve were included in the mix it could turn out to be an interesting summer.

It was a simple plan and we were going to spring it on Uncle Steve unannounced.

Julia had lent me one of her negligees. She was smaller in the bust than me but I chose a billowy film of sheer gossamer that only accented my nudity.

Julia and Uncle Steve had gone to bed as usual. Soon the bed begins its squeaking protest announcing my cue to enter.

I float into the dimly light room like kaçak bahis some ghostly spirit. Uncle Steve does not notice my intrusion as he is occupied on top of Julia between her up stretched legs.

The bed continues squeaking as Julia softly moans accepting his plunging meat. Between the sounds I can hear the squishing noise of my uncle’s cock moving inside of Julia. I wonder how much of Tim’s sperm remains inside her vault.

“May I please join you?” I humbly ask.

Startled Uncle Steve looks in my direction. The flood of light through the window behind me outlines my nude body standing at the foot of his bed. Uncle Steve is too surprised to speak.

“Please do!” Julia answers peering out from under Steve’s hulk.

Steve dismounted Julia, pulling his still hard cock from her pussy. I slid into the bed in the space Julia had made beside her. Steve moved over to cover me.

I opened my legs and the cock that had just been in Julia slid into my waiting wetness.

“Fuck me Uncle Steve!” I pleaded.

Uncle Steve was well endowed, now I knew hat Julia had been moaning about. His thick hard cock stretched my fuck hole to new proportions previously unknown. I closed my eyes and adjusted to his size as he continued his journey into me.

Julia smiled as she watched me taking her husband’s enormous cock into my young pussy.

“Fuck her Steve, fuck the little bitch like you told me you wanted too!” Julia goaded him.

Steve plunged into me until I felt his balls kissing my pussy lips. It was not a loving gentle fuck but that of an uncle lusting for his niece.

I think Julia enjoyed the fuck as much as her husband did. She anticipated slurping her husband’s cum out of my pussy after he ejaculated into me.

“Fuck her Steve, you know how long you have waited to get your cock in your precious little niece.” Julia urged her husband.

Little had I thought for all these years that my Uncle Steve had wicked thoughts about my body. Now he was on top of me with his cock buried deep in my cunt preparing to ejaculate his seed into my waiting pussy.

Little did Steve know that his was the second cock that had been in me today. A mere few hours before a wandering stranger had filled my pussy with cum. Indeed, Tim’s cum was lubricating my uncle’s cock as it stretched me beyond belief.

“Cum in me Uncle Steve!” I begged thrashing my hips.

Cum he did! Spurt after spurt of thick creamy cum pumped into me bathing my womb in my uncle’s seed. My legs locked around Steve’s hips as I rode his climax gratefully receiving every drop of his jism to feed his wife.

Uncle Steve’s cock came right out of my pussy and into my mouth still dripping cum. My tongue licked our love juices from his noble pole.

“O.K. Julia. Your turn!” I said opening my legs.

Julia was on my cum filled pussy like a ravenous dog, her tongue greedily slurping her husband’s cum from my cunt.

Steve watched in awe as his wife ate his cum from between my legs.

Uncle Steve took his wife from behind as she fed on my pussy. Each time he slammed her he drove her face harder into my open wet crack.

From that night on we were three in the bed.

It was not long before Julia announced that she was pregnant. Uncle Steve believing the child was his was overjoyed. Julia was sure it was Tim’s?

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