A Summer in the Lioness’ Den Ch. 02

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I woke up in the morning with another erection fit to burst. I’m not sure if I dreamt that night, but I would suspect I did and it was probably all about my sexy cousin, Ariel. It was morning and I didn’t need to head off to my internship until early in the afternoon. I let my morning wood subside and got dressed. As I headed upstairs for breakfast I actually felt a flutter of butterflies in my stomach. I was nervous and excited to see Ariel. However, as I entered the kitchen I found it empty. I knew Jenny, my aunt, had taken my uncle Scotty to the airport early that morning. I figured they probably weren’t back yet, but I didn’t know if Ariel was still sleeping or not.

I decided to get myself some cereal and orange juice. I sat at the kitchen table, it was an oval table with a long tablecloth draping to the floor. As I ate my breakfast, reading something on my phone, I heard a door open and footsteps coming my way. I looked up to see Ariel entering the room. Again she was clad in a long black t-shirt, Twisted Sister this time, and her smooth tanned legs were fully bare. She smiled broadly as she said “Good morning Cous’!” and she came over to me and hugged me from behind as I sat at the table. As she grabbed me I felt like I was going to melt. Warm fuzzy feelings covered me all over and, of course, my cock responded as well.

As Ariel milled about the kitchen grabbing items for her breakfast I was transfixed by her beautiful legs. Every time she reached for something I could catch just the bottom of her tight, round butt cheeks. I couldn’t peel my eyes away and I’m sure she noticed. Soon she sat down at the other end of the table and started eating her breakfast. When she wasn’t looking at her food she was staring right into my eyes, with a sly grin on her face. Her gaze became so intense that I started to get a little uncomfortable and when I started avoiding eye contact with her, she just giggled and said “What’s the matter? Can’t handle a woman staring you down?” She smiled, her face was so beautiful with her dark eyes and dark hair around it. I laughed and stood up to start putting away my breakfast items.

“When you’re finished putting that all away come stand next to me, please.” Ariel instructed with a friendly voice and a smile on her face. I followed her instructions and in just a minute I was standing next to her as she sat and finished her bite of food. I swear she took a very long time doing so just to make me stand and wonder what was going to happen. After what had happened last night, the sexual tension between us could have been cut with a butter knife; at least that’s how it felt to me. Then, she spoke again.

“By the front door you will see a basket, this basket is for your clothes. Please strip naked immediately and place your clothes in that basket. You may put them back on as you’re about to go out the door to work, but not before. Then come back here and stand beside me again.” Her voice was steady and measured, quite commanding. Yet still she had a smile on her face.

I have no doubt I looked very conflicted. I wasn’t sure if she was being serious. My heart raced and I looked at her in pleading confusion.

“Ahem!” she said, clearing her throat in an overly dramatic fashion. Her smile faded and she looked at me sternly. “I do NOT like having to ask twice.” With trepidation I started to remove my shirt. “Quickly please.” she said, curtly. With a burst of nervous energy I pulled off my shirt, kicked off my shoes, pulled off my socks, and dropped my pants and boxers to the ground. Immediately I felt the air on every part of me, tickling me to make me even more aware that I was now completely exposed. I picked up my clothes and walked out of the kitchen towards the front door. There were many large, unblocked windows, and I found myself stooping to hide my nakedness from them as I quickly crossed through the living room, placed my clothes in the basket, and hurried back to the kitchen where the windows had curtains.

I stood next to my cousin again and only now paid attention to my cock, which was slowly starting to swell. Ariel paid attention to it as well. For what seemed like at least a minute we both just stared at it as it grew to its full length. “Mmmmm, you do have a pretty cock” she said. Then she leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the head of my dick. She sucked and I felt her tongue flicking all over it. My knees almost gave out as I moaned in pure ecstasy. She did this for a few seconds before pulling back and creating an audible ‘pop’ as her sucking lips disengaged from my achingly hard canlı bahis erection.

“Did you enjoy your breakfast?” she asked.

I answered that I did.

“Good. Well it’s time for your second breakfast. Please crawl under the table. Remember, I don’t like having to ask twice.” She said the last sentence with the voice a kindergarten teacher may use with a student unable to grasp the concept of raising their hand to ask a question.

I did as I was told, getting onto my knees and crawling over the hardwood floor and under the table. It was dark, except for the light which was let in through the gaps in the long table cloth where Ariel’s legs created an opening. She spread her thighs apart and there I saw perhaps the most beautiful thing I ever had to that point in my life. Her bare pussy. Bare in that there were no panties covering it this morning, and bare in that it was perfectly clean shaven. “Crawl to me please Cousin.” she instructed. “Get your face right in here between my legs.” and she giggled.

I crawled the short distance towards her and slowly moved my face in between her thighs. I swear I was salivating as I inched closer to her sweetness, able to smell her scent now. My cock drooled too, leaking precum onto the hardwood floor like a melting icicle. Just as my lips were about to make contact with her beautiful pussy she clamped her thighs onto the sides of my head, stopping my approach. She grabbed my hair and forced me to look up.

“Have you ever used your mouth to pleasure a woman, Cous’?” she asked. Honestly, I answered that I hadn’t. “Ok” she said. “Here’s what you’ll do. Don’t just lap at it like you’re a dog. I want you to go from light to hard and back again. I want up and down. I want side to side. I want circles and figure eights and any other fun thing you can think of. Push your tongue into me from time to time and lick in there too. I want you to lick up and swallow all of my juices that you can get, remember this is your second breakfast. Most importantly, you do not stop until I say you can. Do you understand everything?” She said all this sternly and seriously.

“I understand. I’ll do everything I can to make you feel good.” I answered nervously.

“Awesome!” she said, the smiling teenager returning. “Have fun!” she added in a cheery voice as she relaxed her thighs and freed my head.

I leaned in and tentatively kissed her slit. I tasted just the hint of the moisture beginning to flow out of her. I kissed again and again, moving up and down her pussy. I was savoring how amazing the forbidden skin felt on my sensitive lips.

“Enough teasing now, get to it.” I heard Ariel say in a very breathy voice. I hadn’t heard that voice from her before and it sounded like she was very much enjoying herself. I smiled and plunged in with all the enthusiasm of a virgin eating his first pussy. And it was a beautiful one, at that.

For a while, my world was completely enveloped by my cousin’s cunt. I licked and probed and licked and probed until my tongue started to get tired. Then I’d try a different movement to make sure I didn’t break her most important instruction of not stopping. Sometimes she wriggled under my ministrations, sometimes I could feel her leg muscles go stiff. She breathed heavily and I only wished I could see the look of pleasure on her face that I was causing.

Then, I heard a sound that made my heart skip a beat. The front door opened and my aunt Jenny called “Hey kids, I’m home.”

“Hi mom!” Ariel called out. Then she quickly whispered down to me. “Do not stop!” Even though she whispered I could hear in her voice the sound of command. She scooted forward on her chair a little and pulled the tablecloth over my head.

Aunt Jenny had come in the front door. What if she’d seen my clothes in the basket!? I started to get very nervous. I heard Jenny’s footsteps approaching and there was ‘thunk’ as she set, what was probably, her purse onto the table.

“How was your morning sweetie?” my aunt asked her step-daughter.

“Goo-oohohood” she said with a little pause and a slight giggle on the second part of the word. I thought for sure we were going to be busted. I’d be kicked out of their house and disowned from my family. Out of fear, I stopped licking, waiting to hear Jenny’s reply.

Ariel reached her hand under the table, grabbed my hair, and pulled my face back against her pussy. As she did this she spoke again. “Did dad get off well?”

I resumed licking.

“Nah, you know how it is, there always has to be some pain in the ass to go with it…” bahis siteleri There was the slightest of pauses “…at the stupid airports.”

Then Jenny sat down at the table in the same seat I had been sitting, across from Ariel. I saw her legs, clad in blue jeans, stick under the table and I pressed my body as close to Ariel as I could hoping not to be the resistance upon which Jenny’s high heeled feet might meet and give me away. I heard what sounded like the crunch of an apple coming from her location.

“Where’s your cousin?” she asked.

“He wanted to eat downstairs, so I let him.” was Ariel’s answer.

“Hmmmm” mused aunt Jenny. “Well, you’ll have to tell him that, typically, the men of this house eat breakfast at the table.”

“I…” Ariel breathed in sharply as I found a particularly sensitive spot and technique combination “I will. I’ll make a good boy out of hiiiiiiim.” she said, her pleasure causing her final word to be slightly elongated. My mind fought itself. I didn’t want to get caught but I was in love with the wonderful noises Ariel made and the pleasurable squirming I was causing. I couldn’t help myself but to continue to focus on the spot I’d found that made her react.

Jenny then stood up. “Well, I just stopped by to grab a quick bite and some papers. I’m off to work now. Have a good day, sweetie.”

Ariel breathed in a sharp gasp before she spoke and again I thought we were toast. “You too mom.” she said in a voice that trembled.

In just a few moments I heard the front door close again and as soon as it did Ariel exploded.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh OOOOH MY GOOOOOOOOD!” Her body started to convulse and she breathed very rapidly with unbelievably cute squeaky screams accompanying each exhale. “Don’t fucking stooooooooop!” she said as she grabbed my head and pressed it hard into her extremely wet pussy.

After a few minutes of this she relaxed back into her chair and let go of my head. “You can come out now.” she said, panting. I crawled out from under the table, my knees a little sore, and sat down in the chair next to my cousin.

“That was my clit you found.” she said. “You should try to remember where it was.” she added with a big smile.

“Did you enjoy your second breakfast?” she asked.

“Oh my god, yes.” I answered enthusiastically. “I thought we were so fucked when you’re mom came in. I can’t believe you had me keep going.” I said, my excitement level high.

“Mmmmm, glad you liked it. I like it when there’s a risk of getting caught. Makes it more exciting, don’t you think?” she said, still smiling her big, adorable smile.

“I guess it does.” I said, not really sure if I agreed or not. It was at this point I noticed just how horny I was myself. I looked down at my cock which seemed like it was so hard it could crush ice. Ariel looked down at it too.

“Are you horny, Cous’?” she asked.

“I think I’m more horny now than I have ever been. You’re so beautiful….” I looked down sheepishly.

“Awwwe, you’re so cute!” she said enthusiastically. “Ok. Here’s what you’re going to do. I’m too worn out to move right now so I want you to go into my room, open the top drawer of my dresser… my panty drawer” she giggled “and bring me the sexiest pair you find. No lacy ones though, not right now.”

I followed her instructions and with my eternally turgid member bouncing in front of me all the way I went to her room. In the drawer she specified was all manner of panties, most of which were extremely sexy with a few plain pair added in. She said no lace so I found an extremely cute little thong, white cotton with red hearts on it. I could only imagine how amazing her tight little 18 year old body would look in them. And the amazing thing was, in just a minute I wouldn’t even have to imagine! I was going to see it, first hand! My cock didn’t falter a single bit as I took the panties back to Ariel in the kitchen, too excited and happy to worry about covering myself as I passed by the living room windows this time.

When I got back to the kitchen, Ariel had taken off her shirt and scooted her chair out from the kitchen table. She was naked in her chair and my jaw hit the floor. Her pert breasts were so round and perfect, their voluminous shape causing her pink little nipples to point slightly up towards the ceiling. Above that were a slender neck and shoulders to die for. Bellow, her toned belly showed just the hint of muscular definition beneath the tanned skin. And then, of course, was her beautiful pussy, with which I’d spent the last thirty minutes becoming bahis şirketleri intimately acquainted. Or, at least my tongue had.

I stammered forward and handed her the panties.

“No, you hold onto them for now.” she said. “Ok, big boy” she said, nodding to my engorged cock. “Jack yourself off for me.” At hearing this, I know my eyes betrayed me and gave her a pleading look. I was hoping she was going to grace me with her touch like she had the night before.

She read my mind and said in a matter of fact voice “Not right now, I’m still recovering. Plus, you stopped when mom came in. I told you not to stop. You’ll be punished for that later, but for right now I want a show.” She laughed and her smile reappeared. “Give me a show, Cous’.”

“Ok.” was all I could say. My apprehension and embarrassment quickly started to take over. I wrapped my hand around my cock and it jumped in my fingers, thanking me for the attention. I slowly started to pump my hand back and forth, painfully aware that my cousin was sitting there staring at me, at my cock, while I did it. I was so horny and I wanted to cum so badly, but my embarrassment was starting to win out. I felt silly. I felt like I was revealing something about myself I should be ashamed of.

“Actually, maybe I’ll just wait ’till later.” I said quietly, with my eyes downcast.

“Nope!” Ariel said with cheer. “You’ll jack off now, and you’ll let me watch you cum all over my panties. Make sure you get it all right in between the legs, ok? Right where it would press up against my pussy.” As she said ‘pussy’ she gave her pussy a little slap, and a jolt of fire passed behind her wide, dark eyes. She then enunciated the next sentence sharply. “Don’t. Make me. Ask. Twice.” She did her best to glare at me but her smirk was a stubborn thing and wouldn’t be fully removed from her gorgeous countenance.

With apprehension, I grabbed myself again. I decided to just relinquish my inhibitions and go for it.

I started masturbating myself furiously. I was so horny and I wanted to cum so badly. I knew it was only going to be a matter of moments from the instant I started going at it full speed, with my cousin’s panties in my hand and her naked body in front me, before I was going to be filling the crotch of her thong with my seed, just as she had asked.

I started to approach my orgasm and I couldn’t help the sounds and words which escaped my mouth. “Fuuuuck. You’re so fucking beautiful. I want you so bad.” I said, almost pleadingly.

“Yes!” Ariel said forcefully. “Cum into my panties you dirty boy! Cum!”

And I did. I came hard, grunting and panting as I did. I made my best effort to spray my cum into the thong and I only missed with a little bit of it.

Slowly I rode the tidal wave of pleasure as it leveled out and the muscles in my body relaxed. Ariel was beaming with joy. I smiled myself and handed the cum covered panties towards her.

“Put them on.” she said calmly.

I hesitated. She raised her eyebrows at me and I remembered her words; ‘don’t make me ask twice.’

It seemed like a gross thing to do. Especially now that I’d just cum, my appetite for kinky things had almost completely evaporated, replaced with the desire to lie down and fall asleep. Still, not wanting to disobey her, I bent over, and slowly stepped into the leg holes.

I started to pull the thong up my legs and, again, paused as the cum filled crotch was about to press up against my deflating dick.

“Ahem” Ariel said, with an annoyance who’s believability was still slightly tarnished by a smear of smirking enjoyment.

And so I did it. I pulled the thong up against my cock and between my ass cheeks. I felt the warm cum slide into the crevices of my genitals and I grimaced a little as I could smell it even from there. The underwear barely fit over my cock. My balls were spilling out the sides.

Ariel stood up and walked the couple steps over to me. She hugged me with her naked body and ground her hips into my groin, spreading the cum around inside the panties even more.

“That’s to remind you that you’re a dirty boy. All day you’ll remember what a dirty thing is under your pants.” she laughed. “Alright, let’s go watch a movie or play some games or something before you have to leave.”

For the rest of the morning I wore nothing but the cum filled thong. I felt my ejaculate cool and harden against my skin and I knew it was going to be an absolute mess when I had to go use the bathroom. Before I left, Ariel made sure I knew that, when I got home, I was not allowed to undress without being in her presence; that night, she had even more games prepared for me. And it wasn’t long after that the cubs weren’t the only ones playing, and the lioness joined in the fun.

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