A Show-off for a Wife

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A Show-off for a Wife
When I married Pauline my wife she always appeared to be a shy demur young girl, if you could call her a girl at twenty-two. She had a few boyfriends before me so she wasn’t a virgin, but then nether was I. It turns out we had both had a few sexual encounters, but nothing very deep or lasting. Pauline’s dress sense was always conservative, but she would buy some of the loudest colours that would make her standout in a crowd. When I asked why she bought dresses in such bright colours, her reply was she liked them that way. When I pointed out to her that she was always noticed when she wore them, she asked in what way she was noticed. This proved difficult to answer, as it wasn’t sexually people were looking at but she stood out. Many times over the next few weeks she would come back to me and ask again how she was standing out. This was almost impossible to answer her, as I couldn’t really tell her. Then one day she bought a dress that didn’t quite fit her pattern, as I said she dressed conservatively. This dress was bright red but very short, and when she wore it she spent most of the time pulling it down in an attempt to cover her legs. This is one of my pet hates, if a woman wears a short dress or skirt then expect to show your legs off, and don’t keep pulling the thing down. Pauline was getting up my nose by pulling on the dress all the time, and I finally snapped. Telling her she shouldn’t have worn the dress if she didn’t want people to see her legs, she snapped back did I want her dressed like a street whore. My answer back was she bought the dress not me, and she was the one that had put it on. With that she stomped off to carry on shopping with me following her, but I did note that she no longer pulled the dam thing down. The other thing that I noticed was the number of men taking a sly look at her, so I dropped back a little to watch what happened. She had a large number of admires as she flitted from shop to shop.

When we arrived home I told her what had happened when I had followed her, and this led to a blazing row ending in us fucking our brains out. Pauline told me later that she was turned on by the thought of all those men looking at her legs, and she hadn’t the bottle to walk around with such a short dress before. The fact I had told her to stop pulling it down had made her angry enough to strut around and show her legs off. We then started a game when we went out shopping, she would wear her short dress, and I would follow behind her to see who was looking. Always when we got home, we had a fantastic sex session. She only wore the dress at weekends for shopping, and this gave me an idea. I managed to persuade her to buy short skirt, and parade on a few shopping trips wearing this. Then I went for the piece de resistance, I suggested that she wear stockings and suspenders with her short skirt. To start with she was against it, but with a little persuasion I managed to get her to buy white stockings and a black suspender belt. On the day when she was to go out in the skirt I got out her highest heels all three inches of them, and she told me that she wouldn’t wear them. I told her she was going to wear them or there would be trouble, and she asked what trouble she would be in. Looking at her with all the authority I could muster I told her she didn’t want to find out or she would be sorry. Then she meekly said that she would do as she was told. This was the moment that I realised that I had an exhibitionist wife that was turned on by being told how to display herself. The shopping trip that day also included buying not only higher heels, but also some exotic lingerie to play with in the future. She came home in her new heels, and boy what a fuck we had that day.

Time progressed and as we became a little bolder, or should I say that I became bolder as I told her to wear tops that were a lot more translucent. She told me that she adored being told what to do on these trips out, and it got her all juiced up ready for our return home. Then I had an idea, I thought what if she was told in the middle of the week of something outlandish, she was going to have to do at the weekend. When I had finalised the idea in my mind one Wednesday, I told her that she was going to have to wear short skirt with black stockings and high heels. She was going to have to walk through the red-light district of the town nearby during the evening before it got dark. This was getting her going already as she knew I would be behind her so her safety was assured, but she had never been told this far in advance. She was told that she had to keep a steady pace that was not to fast or to slow, and she was only to look forward and ignore anyone who spoke to her. She was to wear her new white blouse and carry a small clutch bag. Her makeup was to be tarty as normal, and only cheap gaudy costume jewellery could be worn. Around her neck she was to wear her black lacy chocker with a teardrop pearl on the front. She was wriggling around on her seat at the thought of having to walking through the red-light district with all the hookers and their punters watching her dressed like this. I waited a few seconds before dropping the bombshell on her. You could see the anticipation building inside of her, with all the thoughts running through her mind. Then I told her she would have to go braless, and her tits would be on display for all to see. One other thing, she was going to have to wear her crotchless knickers, and have her cunt shaved bald as a baby’s bum. This nearly overloaded her as she gulped air and shook her head. Reminding her that she didn’t want to get me mad or she would be sorry, she just nodded her head in agreement. I thought she was going to cum in her knickers at one point as she made me go through it again several times.

The next few days I noticed that she was in a constant state of fervour, and was constantly slyly touching herself up when she thought I wasn’t looking. Therefore, I made sure that I constantly reminded her how long was left until her walk on the wild side, and how many people would see her tits swinging free. To add to her frustration, I wouldn’t fuck her on Friday night even though she tried everything in her power to get me to screw her. On Saturday I continued the onslaught, and at one stage I had to stop her rubbing herself off. Then in the early evening I told her to strip naked as I was going to shave her cunt, as she lay back on the bed and opened her legs, I could see speckles of juice around her cunt. Then when I had finished shaving her, I could see a trickle of juice out of her cunt and down between the cheeks of her ass. She was well worked-up so I should get a good fuck out of her when we returned. While she soaked in the bath, she gave herself a good rubbing, and I laid out the clothing she was to wear. When she came out of the bathroom, I told her to put on her stockings and suspenders with her high heels. When she had them on I told her to do her makeup, and then she could put on her jewellery. When she completed these tasks, I stood her in the middle of the bedroom with her arms at her sides, and told her not to move. I’m sure she thought I was going to change the parameters of the evening and make her go out in just what she was dressed in. I paced around her telling her that I wanted her to maintain a steady pace, as all eyes would be on her tits and legs that were on display. About halfway through the walk she was to stop, and if people where around she was to turn her back to them, and then bend over from the waist pretending to brush something off her shoe. This meant that she would be displaying her cunt in public to anyone who was around to see it, and they would all be looking at her. She looked as if she was going to pass out, but good girl she took it all.

Continuing to tell her of the display she would be making of herself in public, also I told her that if she attempted to hurry through the streets then she would be in trouble. Then walking behind her I slapped the cheeks of her ass hard, and reminded her that if she knew what was good for her she would do as she was told. Then admiring my handy work as the cheeks of her ass turned red, I told her to put her knickers on. She scampered across to the bed and pulled on her crotchless knickers. Telling her to bend over from the waist and touch her toes I was treated to the wonderful sight of my wife’s ass poking out through the black transparent material. Telling her to separate her legs a bit her bald cunt came into view, so I told her that was how she was to do it on her walk. She would be displaying herself to anyone who would be looking at her. Then I handed her blouse to her to put on, and she hesitated looking at her hand through the shear material as she could clearly see it. Then she slipped it over her shoulders and buttoned it up, and I noted that she didn’t do up the top buttons leaving a plunging neck on it. Then I handed her skirt to her, and she pulled it on. Before she could straighten it, I walked behind her and put my hand up her skirt to pull her blouse down inside of it. The blouse was not a long one so didn’t require a much to get it down, but I also used the opportunity to raise the waist band of her skirt up thus shortening it by more than an inch. Now you could clearly see the top material of her stockings, but not her suspenders. Also, it pulled the material taught on her body thus displaying her breasts for all to see with ease.

Pauline was shaking visibly with anticipation about what she was going to do, and I made sure that she continued to hear what a visual slut she was going to make of herself. Sitting her in the car I had to put the seatbelt oh her as she wasn’t capable of doing it. Then all the way into town the blitz continued with me telling her about people being able to see her cunt and legs, and tits. She was in a state by the time I parked the car, and when I opened the car door to let her out, I was treated to a prime view of her dripping cunt. Telling her to start walking I followed at a discreet distance behind, and as she rounded the first corner a group of men shouted at her. Good girl ignored them and continued to walk at a steady pace, but now with a bright red face. She continued down the street with a lot of shouting and whistling from men or groups of them. There where kaçak bahis far more people in the street than I expected, but we came to the part where she had to bend over to dust her something from her shoe. Close by was a group of men who where now passing all sorts of disgusting comments at her. She stopped partly turning her back to the men and bent over at the waist. A great cheer went up as her cunt came in to view, and some of the filthiest comments on what they would like to do with her cunt came out. She stood up and continued walking, and I detected a little wobble in her walk. By the time she had completed half of her walk I asked if she was ready to finish her walk, and she requested a few moments to get her breath. She was shaking like a leaf, and rubbing her knees together, I guess this was helping her pulsing cunt. She started back to the car, and this time stooped by another group of men with similar results. By the time she got in to the car she was almost hyperventilating. Once we were away from the red-light district on a straight road, I put my hand up her skirt, her legs parted and my fingers meet sea of mucus. No sooner had my hand touched her cunt than she had hold of my wrist and was jabbing my whole hand at her cunt screaming with an orgasm.

She had two more orgasms on the way back, and as soon as we got inside the door of the house she had my fly’s open and my cock in her mouth. I would have shot a load in her mouth had she not stopped and dragged me off the bedroom in an attempt to wear my cock away for several hours. However, we didn’t get several hours as the doorbell rang. Cursing I went down and opened the door only to see my mate Graham, or should I say Graham who would fuck anything in a skirt from his younger days. He was now married and didn’t get his leg over as often as he would like. All he wanted was to borrow a hammer as he had fucked his, and all I wanted to do was fuck mine (the wife that was). I lent him a hammer and just as I was about to get rid of him when Pauline came into the kitchen. His eyes just about popped out of his head when he saw what she was wearing, and then a delicious thought popped into my head. I went around the back of Pauline and put my arm around her sliding my hand inside of her blouse then I started to play with her nipple. All the time I carried on a normal conversation with Graham as if nothing where wrong. Pauline was as tense as hell knowing that my mate could not only see her charms, but also see me playing with her tit. In for a penny, in for a pound! Pulling my hand out of her blouse I pushed it down the front of her skirt and dipped my fingers into her sopping cunt. When my finger hit her little button, her knees gave way and I had to support her with my other arm. All the time talking to Graham I diddled away at her cunt, and I thought she was going to pass out at any moment. This obviously proved too much for Graham, as he made his excuses and left. Just what I wanted, as I could now fuck Pauline for hours.

What a weekend we had, as Pauline just couldn’t get enough of my cock. In fact, I didn’t really want to go to work on Monday because she was still as horny as hell. The day dragged on with me watching the clock in a vain attempt to get it to five as quickly as possible. At about ten to five in the afternoon my phone rang, and I cursed it hoping that whoever it was would be as quick as possible. The voice on the other end was Pauline, and she sounded really upset. She kept babbling on about she didn’t think that would happen. Trying to make head or tail of what she was on about I told her to hang on as it would only take me a few minutes to get home. When I arrived home she was in floods of tears saying that she hadn’t expected it. It was difficult to understand her, so I calmed her down and got her to go through it. The reason she was so upset was that Graham had turned up at the door to return my hammer, and had stopped in for a while. What had happened was he had got his leg over before he left. Now I was so mad I just wanted to kill him, only Pauline thought I was mad at her. Maybe I was a bit mad at her, but it suddenly occurred to me this whole thing could be turned around to my advantage. I told Pauline she was in big trouble, but she might be able to mitigate some of the trouble she was in by telling me everything that went on. However, she would have a lot of work to do to put things right. Once she had finished telling me the story I paced up and down for a while thinking. This only upset Pauline more, and then I turned to her and told her she was going to have to work really hard to put this right just a little bit. She babbled on that she would do anything to put things right. I told her that she was spoiled goods, and would have to do as she was told.

That night I wouldn’t have anything to do with her in bed, and she eventually sobbed herself to sleep. The next day I started to gather my plan together, and to this end I contacted a few of my mates that I could trust. I meet them that night at a pub and went through my plans for Friday, and they all agree to help me. When I got home Pauline was still weepy, but I never let on to her what my real plans where. I told her that on Friday she would be dressed as the slut she was, and a number of my friends would come around to spend the evening with us. She was going to be the entertainment for the guys, at this she started to bulk and I reminded her she said she would do anything. She mumbled not that sort of thing, and I told her to take it or leave it. She begrudgingly agreed to do what she was told. I informed her that she would be wearing her black seamed stockings, and they would be held up with black lacy bisque that shrank her waist to twenty inches. Her heels would be the highest pair she owned with the ankle straps. The makeup she wore would be highly tarty, and she would be wearing her shear black lacy opera gloves. In place of a dress she would be wearing her shear black bed jacket with short puff sleeves, at this she gasped. I asked if there was a problem with this, and she bowed her head and said, “No.” She was told that she would be wearing her shear black micro knickers when the men arrived, but they would be removed shortly afterward. I told her that she would greet each man as they entered the room with a two-minute blow job. She was starting to cry again, and I asked if she wanted to pull out now, and with a little sob she said, “No.” I could see that she was turned on by the men being able to see her in her finery, but she wasn’t sure about any sexual acts. When all the men were present she was to choose a pecking order, and then she would be taken up to the bedroom to be fucked by the men in the order she chose. She was not a happy lady, but she was going to have to take her medicine.

With the week getting on and the closer we got to Friday Pauline got twitchier with every passing day. When I went off to work on Friday, I thought she was going to wet her knickers when I told her to have a bath in the late afternoon and to shave her cunt as the lads wanted it bald. When I got home, she was in a state of high dudgeon, but I stuck to my guns telling her that when she was performing with each man she would be watched by the other men. Also, she would be filmed, and photographs would be taken. This only added to her anxiety, as she was now going to the toilet every few minutes for a pee. Just before seven she was ready, and stood there in her ceremonial attire awaiting her fate. She looked a picture, as you could clearly see through the transparent material of her bed jacket that was only fastened at the neck. Her nipples were erect and rock hard, I’m sure if I put my hand between her legs the whole area would be sopping wet. To finish things off I told her to come to me and turn around to face the mirror. While she was looking at herself in the mirror, I slipped a leather dog collar around her neck. There now we can all see the slut you truly are, and I can lead you to each man by your collar, and then I clipped the lead on that came with the collar. I took her downstairs to the living room to wait for her suitors, and started to tell her all about the cocks that were going to fuck her cute cunt, and about the amount of spunk she would have pumped in to her. By the end of the night she would be full to overflowing with white goo. Then I asked her to tell me what was going to happen to her, and in a stuttering voice she replied. “Er, I’m going to have my knickers pulled down, and then I’m going to have to suck the men. Er, when I have sucked their cocks, I will have to choose the order they are going to fuck my cunt, and I have to take every one of them bareback. Then when they have all spunked deep into my sloppy cunt I have to invite any of them that would like to have seconds or thirds to fuck me again. Every time a new cock is pushed into my cunt for the first time, and I must tell you what the cock feels like as it slides in. When the men are fucking my cunt for the second time, I must offer any man who wants a blow job. This has to be done to show what a slut I am.”

Just as she finished telling me the front door bell rang, so I told Pauline to go and wait in the kitchen until I came and got her. Two of my mates where waiting at the front door I ushered them in. They looked very excited at the prospect of gangbanging Pauline, and being able to use her cunt as a cum dump. I started to have a word with them and the bell rang again, two more to join the party. They were told they were to fuck Pauline hard and fast, then when they came to pump as much cum deep in to her as possible. They were not to hurt her in anyway, but when they had all fucked her once then they could fuck any hole she had. When I first brought her in to the room and parade her around for all to see they must grope her when she is presented to each of them. They were told the video cameras they had brought with them was fine, but the media was to stay with me until it had been edited. Then they would all get a copy if they wanted one, and there would be pictures with the copies. Once everything had been agreed they were shown in to the living room, and I told them once we started we would move upstairs to the spare bedroom. When I went to get Pauline she had that wide-eyed look like a deer güvenilir bahis in the headlights of a car. Taking hold of the leash I guided her in to the living room, and stopped in front of the first guy. Even this episode was being filmed, as he pulled her transparent top aside so he could feel her tits. Then he ran his hand down the front of her and in to her knickers. With a strange hand in her knickers she gave a gasp as the fingers probed between her thighs. When I presented her to the next guy cameras exchanged hands in readiness for the operator to grope Pauline. Once all the guys had finished their touch-up we moved upstairs, and I requested the guys to get ready. They all stripped off quickly, and stood in a line with raging erections.

Taking Pauline to the centre of the group I asked her to choose a man to pull her knickers down. She gulped and tapped one of them on the shoulder, as she closed her eyes, she had her knickers slowly pulled down her stocking clad legs. What little she had covering her modesty was now removed and all could see her bald cunt. Now she had to choose a pecking order, or should I say a fucking order. However, first she had to kneel in front of each man and give each a two-minute blow job. Her head was pulled down forcing her to kneel, and the first cock was offered to her. Good girl she was as her head bobbed up and down giving the guy a good blow job. When the two minutes were up another cock was presented to her, and she proceeded with another. When they had all been blown I stood her up, and asked, “A slut like you must know after sucking those cocks what order you would like them to fuck your cunt?” She tapped each guy on the shoulder giving them a number between one and four. Then she was led to the bed, and the first guy leaped on top of her resting her legs on his shoulders. This pushed her cunt right up in the air ready for his cock, and would to allow deep penetration as he thrust in to her. Holding his cock at the entrance to her cunt he rubbed it the full length of her slit, and then pushed the head just inside. This caused Pauline to take a sharp breath, and then in one push he slid the full length in to her. “Oh, I’m having a big cock pushed, ooh, in to me. What a lovely feeling it is as it slides in. What a dirty slut I am,” Pauline said as he started to pound away.

We managed to get three camera shots as his cock entered her cunt. One close-up of it being pushed deep in to her cunt. One of the expressions on her face, and what she said. The last one was a side angel showing his hips thrusting forward as his cock slid in. Good man then started to pound away with all his might, and using such force that Pauline let out a squeak with every thrust. He must have pumped away for about fifteen minutes before he exploded deep inside of her, with every final thrust he showered her insides with his white goo. Eventually he stopped and was helped off Pauline by the others. The second guy didn’t waste anytime with any niceties or foreplay. He flipped her legs on to his shoulders and plunged his cock deep in to her sloppy cunt. “Oooo, another big one,” was all that Pauline could come out with. He pumped away for all he was worth until he shot his load deep in to her cunt. This continued until they had all spunked her cunt with abundant loads of white-hot larva. By this time Pauline was starting to become phased out, and not really noticing what was going on, as she was getting butt fucked by one guy and cunt fucked by another. Her face was shear bliss, and apart from never having been double penetrated before, she had never been butt fucked. The guys had a great time with twos, threes at a time, whatever Pauline could take. An excellent time was had by all, and the best thing of all Pauline didn’t even know who had been shagging her. Because what she hadn’t realised was Graham had been one of the guys, as he had arrived late.

I knew he was going to arrive late as one of my mates had told him about the evening, but had told him the start time was much later. He arrived and hadn’t even realised I was there, as he was so busy trying to get his leg over, and to cap it all when he had finished he got out as fast as he could because the guys told him I was on the way. He was under the impression that he had another free fuck, only I knew this was not to be. One other thing that I knew was that Graham’s wife was bisexual, as Graham didn’t like that in her he made sure she never got close to other women. The same could not be said about him as he was always trying to get his end away, and every time Tina confronted him with any indiscretion, he always denied it. He would always get away with it, as his mate Sam would back him up saying he was around his place. The thing was Sam was nasty and he would get his wife to corroborate the story, or she would get a beating. Now all I had to do was to stitch him up so he had no way out. The following Tuesday I dropped around to see Tina, and let her know what Graham had been up to, but omitted to say I had evidence to prove things. I knew what Graham would do with it, as he would call Sam and give him the story that he was being confronted with. Then Sam would talk to Tina and assure her that Graham was around his place all evening, and she could talk to his wife to verify everything. Graham then made out that Pauline was just trying to implicate him because she thought he was easy to blame. Well that is what he thought, as I had told Tina to come and see me when he had finished dismissing the story.

Sure enough on Wednesday afternoon Tina came bowling around to my place, and boy was she mad. She screamed and yelled at me for ten minutes, telling I was trying to wreck her marriage by telling tales. When she had calmed down a bit, I asked her that if I was telling tales why was she around here now? She said to give me a piece of her mind. That might be so, but she could have done that on the phone. Then I asked her didn’t she have the slightest niggle in her mind that things might not be the way Graham was telling them. She then told me what had happened when she confronted Graham with the story, and I told her I had figured that is pretty much what I thought he would tell her. She then gave me what I wanted, as she told me that if she could get just one bit of evidence of infidelity, then she would kick him out for good. I showed her a picture taken of Graham during the evening, and told her that he would say it was doctored. Then I sat down to let her know how Graham was going to be undone, and that his mate Sam would help her. What she didn’t know was that Sam had stitched up a very bad man in the smoke, and if he were to find where Sam was then he would be trying to swim with concrete boots. However, I knew and I was going to have a word with Sam before she spoke with Graham that evening, and Sam would now not back this story, but all the others as well. Graham wasn’t ever allowed back to his house again, and had to sign everything over to Tina. The last time I saw him was in a bar staring in to the remnants of some stale beer, and of course I let him know that I was the author of his downfall. He was never seen again in our neighbourhood.

To go back to what Pauline was doing. I asked her on the Monday following the weekend of her first gangbang what she was going to be doing on Tuesday evening. She looked at me blankly, and said she didn’t know. When I told her that she was going to be entertaining some more of my mates her eyes lit up, and she asked what she would be wearing for the evening. Thinking about it for a while I asked if she had any ideas, and she replied it had better be revealing as she didn’t want to disappoint my mates. We made sure that she was extremely scantily clad again, and I started to set the scène for my next part of the plan. When the guys had finished fucking the shit out of Pauline and had left, I found that she wasn’t as spaced out this time. Talking with her while diddling her very sloppy swollen cunt I let her know that I had taken care of Graham, and poor Tina was now with out a dick. Then Pauline’s face beamed as she asked, “Do you think she would come around here for an evening with your mates.” Playing along I said it might work if she feels that she is going to get back at Graham by doing it. She then sheepishly asked, “Do you think she might stay the night and you would have two sluts to fuck. You have been so kind over my indiscretion, and you have arranged for your friends to teach me a lesson. The thing is I’m sorry to say and don’t take me wrong, but I love being gangbanged by your mates.” Just what I wanted to hear, and over the course of the next few weeks Pauline was royally gangbanged just about every other day. In fact, if she got to more than five days without being well fucked by a couple of my mates she would be asking, “When can I be fucked again, as a slut like me needs to be regularly fucked.” All this made me extremely popular with my mates, also a few that I didn’t know I had.

One evening a few weeks after Graham had departed, I dropped around to see Tina, as I told her I had come around to see if she was alright. She was down in the dumps, feeling sorry for herself. Talking with her for a while she started to cheer up, so I thought that now was the time work on her. Suggesting that she might like to have a girl’s night out with Pauline on Friday, but she declined saying that in her present mood she would put a damper on the evening. Playing an ace card, I told her that I understood that Pauline wouldn’t be the best person in the world to go out with, as she had caused the demised between her and Graham. She started to stammer it wasn’t that at all, as she would love to go out for the evening with Pauline. Then realising what she had just said, “Well we are out on Friday then,” I asked. I told her that we would be around on Friday to pick her up, and Pauline would call her to finalise any arrangements. Telling Pauline what had I had arranged for Friday, and she would need to carry out the plan. She asked what plan and I explained that she had to arrange with Tina on the time we would pick her up at. The rest of the plan Tina wouldn’t know about. I would take them to the local disco, and get them in but would pretend to leave. Then I would watch them from a corner in the disco, türkçe bahis and she could update Tina on her gangbang activity. Once she had Tina hooked, they could find a couple of likely candidates, and go back with them to their place. Telling Pauline that as long as she had my permission that she could pickup men and fuck them, but she had to return before morning. This is why I would be watching, as I would follow them at a distance back to the guys place and wait. Then she would call me and pretend to be calling a taxi, and I would come and pick them up to bring them back to our place. Pauline loved the plan, and told me she would discuss with Tina what they would be wearing for man bait.

When I arrived home on Friday Pauline was just putting the finishing touches to her attire. She had her black six-inch heels with a pair of shear black stocking that were held up with her white four clasp suspender belt. A black miniskirt and white blouse that in the right light you could just see her tits through. She did a little twirl and asked what I thought. Telling her she looked an absolute knockout, and she would be getting the men crawling all over her. She looked at me and grinded, and asked what I thought of this. She the grabbed the hem of her skirt and wiggled her hips pulling the skirt up. When the tops of her stockings came in to view, I also noticed that she wasn’t wearing any knickers, and I was greeted with the view of her wonderful bald cunt. Standing there with her legs slightly apart I walked over to her and kissed her sliding my hand up between her legs. My fingers probing the folds between her thighs, and I was rewarded with a sloppy fuck hole. She looked up at me and said, “Your naughty little wife is going to get some strange cock fucking her cunt hard later on tonight, and it will have spunk squirted deep inside more than once. Her mouth will be sucking cock, and may be if she is lucky, she will be fucked in the asshole. Her tits will be squeezed and played with until they are red and raw. The worst part about this is she will love every minute of it thinking about her husband, and how she is going to have to tell him every detail. Then he will fuck her hard to teach her a lesson she won’t forget until the next time.” Slut training part one is now complete.

We left the house and went to pickup Tina. She was wearing almost the identical attire as Pauline, as I found out later they had arranged to wear the same and have the same missing bits. When we arrived at the local disco the girls jumped out, and I went to park the car. By the time I got inside and had located the girls they where on the dance floor. They went back and forth between the dance floor and bar dance with several different men. Time passed and two men danced with them most of the time. Suddenly they started to walk toward the exit of club, and I had to move quickly to keep up. They went toward the same car park where I had parked, as this was lucky so that I didn’t have to do a lot chasing after cars. They had almost parked right on top of where I had parked, so I breezed passed them to the car. The position where I had parked, I could see what was going on in their car. Pauline was sat in the front with the driver kissing and fondling, while Tina was in the back with the other guy. After a heated few minutes the engine started, and off they drove. When they disappeared down the ramp, I followed at a discreet distance so as not to be noticed. They drove out of town in the opposite direction to our house, and after some ten miles pulled in to the drive of a house. There were some woods opposite the house, and this allowed me to park and wait. Shortly after I had parked I noticed two of the upstairs lights came on, so I sat there and waited. After four hours or so a light came on downstairs, and shortly after that my phone rang. Pauline requested a taxi and gave the address, so I replied to her telling her I would be there in twenty minutes. After twenty or so minutes I drove the car across the road and parked across the drive, I then walked down the drive and knocked on the front door, and a voice inside said they would be out in a minute. Returning to the car I waited for the girls to come out, and they did shortly afterward, and got in to the back of the car.

On the way home there was a lot of giggling coming from the back of the car, amidst a lot of graphic details of what had gone on in the four hours they were in the house. When we got home Pauline requested that I go up to the bedroom and get in to bed, and then she would be up in a minute. Therefore, I went up stairs and stripped off and got in to bed to wait for my surprise. Pauline put her head around the door to ask if I was ready, and I told her I was. She and Tina came in to the room and stood at the bottom of the bed. Then Tina stood behind Pauline and reached around her and undid her blouse then slipped it of her shoulders. I was greeted with the wonderful view of my wife’s tits, a little red but with her perky nipples rock hard and erect. Tina then unzipped her skirt letting it slip to the ground, and even now I could see the red swollen lips of her well fucked cunt. They then swapped positions, and I was given my first view of Tina’s tits. Again, another set of small perky tits that looked as if they had been well mauled. Pauline then released Tina’s skirt, and I could see a very red used cunt. They then stood side by side, and I lay there in bed soaking up the view in front of me. Pauline then said, “We would like to make you an offer. We will be your perfect sluts to do with as you wish, as we will fuck, suck or lick who ever you want us too. We will dress in whatever or not wear whatever you demand. If you demand it, we will fuck you until your balls are dry. If you agree to this all you have to do is fuck me and then Tina tonight.” Then Tina said, “If you fuck me tonight then I will remain here with your other slut to do your bidding.” What an offer, how could I refuse? I told them to get their cunts on to the bed ready to be fucked. They scooted across the bed and I flipped Pauline on to her back and lifted her legs up in the air. Taking hold of my raging erection I placed it at the entrance to her fuck hole, and then slowly slid it in savouring sloppy feel of her cunt. Before pounding home as hard as I could I asked Tina if she would hold Pauline’s ankles. Tina flipped her leg over Pauline and grabbed her ankles.

Now I could pump away in Pauline’s cunt, and had the perfect view of Tina’s cunt hovering just above Pauline’s face. Leaning forward I French kissed Tina, and whispered in her ear, “Why don’t you get that cunt tongued a bit before it gets fucked.” She beamed a grin at me, then closing her eyes and slowly lowered her cunt on to Pauline’s lips. Her eyes immediately opened wide and she let out long, “Oooo.” From the look on her face I would say that her cunt was getting a licking out that only a woman can give another woman, as her hips thrust back and forth on Pauline’s face. Then I was surprised to feel Pauline bucking as she reached an orgasm with me pumping her cunt. She must have been extremely aroused, as she came again after thirty seconds. She was screaming in to Tina’s cunt, and now just having a continuous orgasm. Tina just had a faraway look on her face that just said it all, and it wasn’t long before she was bucking away with her orgasm. This continued for a few minutes and I thought that I had better stop or the women were going to have seizures or something. Tina fell forward on to me and I rolled down on to her side, and looked down on Pauline. She was lying there with a glazed look panting, and occasionally licking her lips. It took about ten minutes for the girls to get their breath back, and Pauline said, “Wow that was crazy. I can’t wait until I have to hold Tina’s ankles and she licks me out.” With this Tina’s eyes lit up and she sat up lent forward and French kissed Pauline, it took a while for them to break their embrace. When they did Pauline said, “Time to fuck Tina now.” Tina lay on her back and lifted up her legs, and Pauline grabbed hold of her ankles pulling them back toward her. Then settling her fucked cunt on Tina’s face a big grin spread across her face as Tina started to probe Pauline’s fucked cunt. Not wishing to waste the opportunity I slowly slid my cock in to a beautifully sloppy cunt, and pumpeaway until I let rip with a full load of white lava. The girls dutifully cleaned me up, and managing frig one another at the same time. Time was getting on so we all settled down for the night, and I left the girls cuddling each other.

The next morning, I was treated to a repeat performance of the night before, and the girls also doing a sixty-nine. All through the day they couldn’t keep their hands off one another, and the next night they spent most of the time in each other’s cunt in one form or another. This didn’t worry me as I was treated to the most erotic scenes that I could imagine, and I was going to have fun in the times to come with more imagination. Tina moved in with us, and the girls just couldn’t keep out of one another’s knickers, and that is assuming they were wearing them. The girls hated having to go to work and they made up for it when they got home. After a few weeks they told me they had found new jobs working together. They had always enjoyed telling one another what they got up to during the day, maybe they had managed to get a guy to give them a quickie in a store cupboard or toilet. Now things could change with the new job, no more quickies. Their new job was working in a lingerie shop, and the lady who ran the shop was a lesbian. The girls could take male customers to the special show area to view items they might want to purchase for their wives or girlfriends. Then any fucking that went on could be caught on the hidden cameras, and recorded for me. When the men had left the owner of the shop would have her wicked way with the girl that had just been fucked, and this would be caught on camera for me. To start with custom was slow, but as word got around service picked up and the girls were able to put on a show several times a day. This pleased the woman, who ran the shop, as she increased her sales, also she was able to have freshly fuck cunt to lick out several times a day. The girls got a bonus as they brought home lingerie everyday usually purchased by the men who viewed their shows. It is fantastic for me as I have two cunts to fuck any time I want, and from time to time they bring home a fresh fucked cunt from work for me to service.

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