a sensual experience…

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a sensual experience…
i would like to share with you an experience i found very sensual…hope you like.

It started, as it often does, with me naked and on my knees giving a blowjob. When it was time for him to cum , he shot his load (and it was a really, really – Really big one…) all over my tits.

He told me to wait for him in the shower. i stood up and feeling his cum all over my front, walked gingerly to the shower, started it and stood in the large stall. i knew i was not to rinse off yet without his permission so stood outside the water, hands at my side, fingertips lightly touching my outer thighs…waiting for Him.

i heard him get a phone call so it was going to be a while but i dared not move. As i stood there, waiting, i could feel his cum now beginning illegal bahis to run down my big boobs. Next thing i know, a big gob of cum dripped off one boob and landed with a plop on my foot. i continued to stand, feeling more cum run down and then finally dripping onto my bare feet. i must admit i found this very erotic as i never knew when the next drop would happen, or on to which foot. Also, my boobs are so big, i really cant see my feet if i just look down when standing so the waiting and final feeling of another gob of cum hitting my foot was a kind of sensual feeling . Imagine how i felt, being not allowed to move and feeling his cum running down my body, not knowing when it would drip or which foot it would land on. The sensation was quite sexy. illegal bahis siteleri i was very aroused, my nipples now rock hard and so wet between my legs.

When he finally joined me in the shower, he began to lightly touch my nipples as he knows how to do to really get me hot as he talked to me . His touch made me begin to breathe heavy causing my big tits to rise and fall and making even more cum roll off, dripping on my feet. i, of course stood there, covered tits to toes in cum , daring not to move. i could see him getting really hard again as He began to ask the questions he always asks to reinforce our relationship …

Tell me what you are?….. im just a bigtitted bimbo for Master’s pleasure
Say it again…..im just a bigtitted bimbo for canlı bahis siteleri Master’s pleasure
What is all over those big tits bimbo?….Master’s cum
Why is it there bimbo?…because Master wanted it there
Who owns you?…you own me Master
and what else?…..i love you Master

Next he turned me around and bent me over, my hands on the glass wall in front of me. i have to stand on my tip toes for his height and for the first time, looking down, i could see my cum covered feet, running down to my toes. Also more cum dripped off my now hanging tits onto the shower floor as he entered me from behind. As his thrusts became more powerful, my boobs began to swing with the force and now splashing drops of cum on the glass wall in front of me . i felt him grow and throb before shooting his load deep inside me .

After, i helped him wash. When he got out of the shower then i had a chance to rinse off. Soon after, he was dressed and had to go so i kissed him goodbye and then went back to get myself dressed.

Hope you liked…i did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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