A Seduction Ch. 02

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*Thanks for all the feedback. Just to answer a few questions, I’m an 18-year-old senior in high school in central Iowa. This story is based on a thing I had for my friend’s dad. Let me know what you think of this installment.*


Keira turned to look over her shoulder as she climbed the stairs to Candice’s room. She knew full well that her skirt was riding up and thought she could see the beginning of a bulge in Chad’s shorts. Biting her lip, she asked him what he’d been doing all day by himself.

“Oh, the usual. There’s always work to be done on the Harley. How bout you? Why didn’t you go along with the girls?”

“Eh, it didn’t sound that exciting. I love my friends, but every now and then too much estrogen just gets annoying. I like to be surrounded by testosterone once in a while,” came Keira’s calculated reply.

Chad’s vision got a little blurry for a second as he pictured all the testosterone he’d like to surround her curvy body with. Even if nothing could ever happen, Lord knew he’d already fantasized about burying himself in her young cunt more than once. He’d often come close to screaming Keira’s name in orgasm when fucking his wife. He was just happy no one knew about his fascination. He knew all the stigma associated with cheating on your wife, especially with a younger girl, and he didn’t want any of that. But he would give just about anything to see all of Keira spread out before him like he was a man at a buffet. He could almost hear his stomach rumbling already. casino oyna

By the time Keira reached the top of the stairs, she had come up with a plan to get a rise out of Chad. Catching her foot on the top step, she launched herself forward, catching herself but still managing to make it look real. As she fell, her skirt lifted above her ass cheeks, exposing her thong-covered snatch. When she landed on the wood floor, she let out a yelp, and reached to hold her ankle. The motion caused her skirt to rise even more and opened up the angle of her legs, making the wet patch on her underwear obvious.

“Keira! You okay? Did you twist your ankle or something?” Chad was worried about her safety, but he also wasn’t wasting the prime opportunity to stock his fantasy material. Seeing the younger girl’s underwear and noticing the area where it looked as if her juices had been flowing, Chad’s thoughts took a sudden turn to the horny. Leaning over her, he had a view straight down the front of her tank top. It was then he realized that he was quickly letting his libido get the better of him.

Keira buried her head in her shoulder, trying not to let Chad see the smile that was forming as she was now face-level with his bulging crotch. “God, I’ve climbed these steps a million times, and this would be the one time I fall. Sorry I’m such a klutz,” Keira said as she looked up at him from under her eyelashes, biting her lip to keep her grin from showing.

“Here, let me give you a hand.” Chad slid his palm canlı casino over hers and pulled so that she was standing again. Since she was a step above him, his movement brought her flat against his chest and her mouth only inches from his own. He had to suppress a groan as he thought of everything that could happen if he just moved his head that little extra distance.

“You’re such a gentleman, Chad,” Keira said as she gave him a peck on the cheek and a hug around the waist. “Most guys my age would probably make fun of me if they saw that happen. Sometimes I think an older man is the only way to go if I want to have any type of relationship, do you know what I mean?”

“Um…” Chad practically panted.

“I mean, it’s just so annoying when these idiots try to get in my pants. They could at least know what they’re doing if they’re gonna try that shit. I’m sure someone your age is way past that point. At least then I’d be able to get some pleasure out of the whole situation. God, I just get so frustrated!”

Chad gaped after Keira as she walked into Candice’s room. Knowing he had to take a second to regroup before he pounced on her after that unknowingly seductive speech, he called after her, “Hey, I’m just gonna go get a drink in the bathroom quick. Feel free to let yourself out after you get the CD.”

Keira heard the catch in his breath and smiled victoriously. Now she just had to get the guts go through with the rest of the plan. Gritting her teeth as she picked up a piece of paper kaçak casino from Candice’s desk, she gave herself a paper cut on the palm of her hand. Now she’d have to go into that same bathroom—only to get a band-aid of course.

Walking quickly down the hall, she knocked on the door as she turned the handle, “Hey, Chad, I gave myself a paper cut… I’m just gonna get a band-aid quick, okay?” She walked in on him hastily closing his zipper, having difficulty due to the rather impressive length straining against it. Pretending not to notice, Keira grabbed the box down from the shelf, rinsing her hand off in the sink and cleaning herself up. “Paper cuts are the worst, aren’t they?” Keira asked, purposely ignoring Chad’s frenzied actions.

“Oh, yeah… they really do suck pretty bad, don’t they?” he asked in a strangled voice. Keira turned around and, not being very subtle anymore, said, “I always like someone to kiss it better… please?” Chad gulped and looked at her, then quickly dropped a kiss on her palm, hoping just to get out of the bathroom without attacking his daughter’s friend.

Keira smiled, said thanks, and turned away, putting a piece of gum in her mouth as she went. It served two purposes—one, it made her breath great, and two… “Ow!! God, today is not my day! I just bit my lip!” She turned back to Chad, giving up all pretences of being the innocent he thought she was. “Well, you did kiss my last one…”

Chad stopped in his tracks and stared at Keira. He couldn’t believe what he thought she was asking, and didn’t know how to react. He didn’t want her to think he was just some horny old man, but he also didn’t think he was interpreting her actions wrong. The little minx was coming on to him!

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