A Rare Night Out at the Club

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The club was busy this Saturday night. The lights were down, the DJ had club music fit for a strip club cranked. Two barely covered women did routines on the installed poles on either side of the floor. Couples moved and gyrated as one on the dance floor, some dressed in cocktail dresses and upscale shirts and slacks while others wore exotic lingerie that ensured Victoria had no secrets.

Eyes wide in excitement, she pulls his arm to signal she wants to say something. “I can’t believe we’re actually here! This is so crazy!” she exclaims.

He smiles and kisses her forehead, “Just wait until later, this is still tame. You look beautiful as always, it should be easy to pick up a second guy if you wanted to fulfill that fantasy of yours,” he winks at her admiring her cleavage framed nicely in the button up deep purple satin shirt. He noticed she left the top couple buttons undone to expose her pale breasts but not too far as to seem slutty but enough to drive him wild.

Her head on a swivel and eyes like saucers, she constantly looks from side to side looking at several couples barely dressed lounging on a sofa engaged in casual conversation about giving blow jobs. Another group sits by the bar picking their next conquest, not for the night, but merely for a few minutes of diversion. A third group seems engrossed in kissing and groping each other, first one couple then the partners switch then genders switch.

“Why don’t you find a comfortable seat for us and I’ll get us some drinks?” he says kissing her quickly again and squeezing her hand before turning to head to the bar.

She gives his ass a quick squeeze as he turns causing him to jump in surprise but still turns to grin at his beautiful love. Her brown curly locks broken by one patch of blonde. Her skirt slender coming to her knees with the legs bare showing the curve of her calves in her CFM heels she barely tolerated wearing for a special occasion.

Smiling at him as he goes she finds a comfortable seat in the corner. Normally she would look for a quiet corner but on a night such as this, comfort is the best she could manage. The seat was in a dark corner that allowed her to watch him return carrying the beer. He was dressed up, at least for a club though he still looked a fish out of water in this setting, wearing a black dress shirt and grey slacks. She knows he loves her, and she smiles to herself at how she is going to drive him crazy with lust tonight.

Music is playing loudly but neither particularly care, it’s just a setting for an intensely sex-charged atmosphere. They people watch, taking in the scene around them laughing and flirting with each other and drinking. Taking breaks to gaze in each other’s eyes and kissing, softly at first but as the alcohol flows, their kissing grows more passionate, the hands wander and begin exploring each other completely oblivious to anyone around them.

She sidles up closer to him, sliding her hand up his thigh. “Hmm, is that all for me?” she purrs stroking his hardness through his pants causing him to squirm.

“Do you really need to ask?” he whispers back in her ear, kissing her neck and cupping one of her breasts.

“No, casino siteleri but, I don’t think you’re ready just yet…” she breathes in his ear, nibbling his lobe.

“I love when you do that. You know it drives me crazy,” he says.

Her green eyes flash, “Why do you think I do it Sweetheart?”

He tries to slide his hand up her skirt but she giggles stops him. “Unh uh, not here naughty boy.”

“I want you,” he breathes. “I need you like air.”

“Do you now? Show me,” she says eyes full of lust.

He grabs her arm, pulls her out of the chair, forcefully but without intent to harm. Taking her hand in his, they cross the dance floor towards the rooms, his long strides leading her at a mismatched gait to keep up. The music quiets but is still present. The loud bass now replaced with the rhythmic thump of mattresses hitting the wall, pleasured moans and skin slapping against sweaty skin joining into a new cacophony of sound.

The first few rooms are occupied, some with the door closed, some with the couples openly and joyously engaging in various sex acts for all to see. He comes to an empty room. He briefly notes the black sheets are fresh and the room painted deep red. In one move he pulls her into the room, pinning her to the wall with one arm and shutting the door with the other.

Surprised and out of breath she flips her heels off. He kisses her deeply, grabbing her hips and squeezing her ass, hard. His hands run over her body, smelling her hair, feeling her curves and softness. His cock bulging through his pants straining to be free.

“I said I needed you and I will take you, here and now,” he growled grabbing a handful of hair to bend her neck so he could kiss her neck working his way down to her chest.

“Yes, now you want me. Fuck me. Now. Show me how hard you love me,” she pants back.

Spinning her around, her back pressing into him, he grabs her shirt and begins trying to unbutton it. Grunting in frustration he grabs her hip and pulls her into himself tighter, pressing into her, pinning her to the wall while still fumbling with her shirt as a button pops off. Her perfume filling his senses Forcing reason away and filling the void with uncontrolled lust, he kisses and nibbles the back of her neck. All sense of reason gone, he pulls her shirt off popping the rest of the buttons off her blouse.

Grabbing her breast, now only covered by a black bra, she leans her head back on his shoulder giving a small moan feeling the warmth of her hands cup the sensitive skin. His hands slide down to her waist and find the zipper of her skirt. He quickly unzips it allowing it to fall to the floor exposing more of her flesh. Her mound covered by a matching black g-string.

“Get on the bed,” he whispers, struggling to control his appetite for her.

She scrambles onto the bed giving her ass a little shake looking over her shoulder giggling at him. He walks up, forgetting the rules of the club, slaps her ass, hard enough to sting eliciting a short, sharp, surprised cry from her. He then rubs where he slapped easing the sting as he works his way inward to the dampness of her pussy.

Running canlı casino his hand up her backside, he traces her spine lightly reaching the hooks of her bra. While he undoes her undergarment, she grabs and rubs his cock through his pants enjoying feeling him squirm in excitement.

“There’s something wrong! You’re all dressed and I’ve already been stripped, that’s hardly fair is it?” she playfully pouts.

Finally freeing her tits from their incarceration of the bra, he slides the thong down to where she can crawl out of them. She sheds the last remnants of cloth that covered her body and kneels on the edge of the bed sitting back on her heels. He bends down, cupping her chin, gently tilting her head to kiss her lips. The sensation as electric as their first kiss in college.

Her hands free, she begins unbuttoning his shirt, making a quick mental note to give him an earful about hers later, then grins devilishly and pulls the shirt open causing his buttons to fly off wincing as one bounces off her nipple. She deftly undoes his belt and pants in what seemed like one move allowing his slacks to fall on the floor. She smiles as she sees the black satin boxers he saves for “special occasions,” which was actually anytime he thought he might get laid only now with his very erect cock sticking out of the fly already moistened by the pre-cum he drips.

Still kneeling she reaches behind him, grabbing and squeezing his ass with both hands as she slowly pulls him forward, taking his cock in her mouth mere fractions of an inch at a time. She allows her soft lips to be parted by the swollen head as her tongue gently slides over it. He tries to push it in further in his excitement warranting him a smack on his ass.

She pulls away and says, “Patience bad boy. My toy now.”

Denied his thrusts, he pushes her backwards so she falls on her back, the mattress springing in surprise. He grabs her ankles and pulls her to the edge of the bed, splitting her legs at the same time. Legs resting on his shoulders, eyes surprised, he rams his throbbing cock in her wet slit.

He grabs her hips, leaning forward he begins not so much thrusting but pounding himself into her. Not getting the traction he wants, he moves both hands to grab her breasts and angling his thrusting to hit the base of her clit, the g-spot with every thrust.

She takes the opportunity to reach down begin to rub her clit. The hard pounding continues and quickens, his body now sweating, his grunts labored and breathing heavy. Then he stops. She has think about whether she feels his seed in her but is slightly confused.

Grabbing her ankles again he rolls her over so that her feet are on the ground and her torso laying across the bed. He takes over rubbing her clit and alternating finger fucking her pussy bringing her closer to the brink of rapture. With his other hand he gives her round ass swats, getting the skin pink approaching red, both cheeks. He again roughly thrusts his hardness into her, his thighs slapping her tender skin from the spanking. His hand releases the death grip on her hips and gently entwines in her gorgeous curls enough to move her head kaçak casino as he attempts to drive his lust into her the way a tattoo artist would ink skin, fast and leaving a permanency to his actions.

She moans and grins in pleasure. “Oh that feels so good! Fuck me like you mean it! Fill my pussy,” she cries out!

His energetic fucking is reaching a crescendo, moving both hands back to her hips he grips her, digging his fingers in her soft skin. With one hand she holds desperately to the sheets and bed hoping for a handhold to withstand his sexual fury. The other hand is rubbing her clit giving herself pleasure from the outside as he handles the inside.

She smiles as she hears him begin to groan. The groan turns to a growl and right as she feels the first jet of hot cum splash her pussy, the growl culminates in a yell like a feral wolf howling in victory over his prize. His thrusts slow as his legs grow shaky, his remaining strength helps her onto the bed making sure she’s not hurt.

They cuddle there listening to each other’s heart beat and breathing. Taking in the raw pheromones of their sex. The distant sounds of the dj and the closer sounds of people engaging in passionate, energetic sex all heard through the open ceiling of the individual rooms.

She rolls on her side, pressing her rear into his fading hardness. Having regained his senses he kisses her cheeks, neck and shoulders tenderly and lovingly.

“Are you OK? I wasn’t too rough that time?” he whispers.

“No Love, it was great! I never knew I was fucking a werewolf though! Where’d that come from??” she chided.

He gives her his shy sheepish grin and says, “You’ve been wanting me to let go and give in to the lust. I was finally able to do it. Was that OK?”

She rolls again this time facing him and running her fingers through his chest hair her sparkling green eyes gazing directly into his blue, “That makes me so happy! You’ve had that cooped up in you for so long. It must have felt amazing to let it out!”

“It does but I’m worried I was too rough on you,” he replied.

“Hmm, well I said it was fine but, I can think of a way to pay me back…” her eyes mischievous as she started to fondle his cock again. “This time you can just lay there like a good boy. I just need you hard and in me, I’ll do the rest.”

With that time passed as they engaged in various types of foreplay until he regained his hardness. She rolled over so that, while both of them laid down, he was able to gently insert himself back into the still wet slit. She began to pleasure herself, grinding into his pelvis feeling his smooth cock inside her brushing her internal pleasure center as she simultaneously played with her clit. Soft gasps and moans begin to escape her lips as the rapture begins to grow again. Her grinding gets harder, her breathing faster, she bites her lip and catches her breath then gives one final shudder as the release washes through her.

He feels the familiar tense as her walls contract and grip his cock then subtly pulse and quiver in the throws of post orgasm ecstasy. As her breathing returns to normal and she wiggles in closer to him, he gently pets her and kisses her holding her and loving her.

Some time passes, the evening grows into very late night. She turns to him and says, “So, we ripped our shirts off…how the hell are we getting out of here??”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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