A Personal Moment to Share with You Pt. 06

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Monica eyes slowly drifted open as she laid on her back, letting her mind drifted of in thought, Oh last night was wonderful for both of us. I did not cum as we played, but it felt wonderful to make Celeste cum so many times. I new she would be sore on her clit, because of the way I vacuum suck her luscious cunt’s clit, and I can still tastes her juice in my mouth.

Monica turned to her side and notice that Celeste was still sleeping deeply, thinking, I need to get up, seeing it almost dawn, and I need some coffee. I will slip out of bed, close the door to keep it quite, and get some coffee in the kitchen. She eased out, gripping her robe and placed on her body, and grid bedroom handle, and closed the door just before she looked at sleepy Celeste.

Monica took the coffee out side in the dawning morning, feeling the cool air as she breathed deeply several times. With her hand, she reached down and felt her wet pussy, noted that her juices got generated from last night. She kept sipping her coffee, touching herself down in her pussy, she never realized that Celeste had got up and wrapped her arms around Monica.

Monica felt Celeste hands reach around her, going deeper around her body, as Celeste touch Monica pussy with her hands, as Celeste said, “Good morning darling.”

Monica turned around after setting her coffee down, seeing Celeste was naked, saying, “Good morning too, sweetheart.” as she added, ” I can see you are naked, do you want a robe?

“I needed to get up because you where a sleep, and I needed coffee.” as she reach over for her coffee saying, “You want some to?

“Yes. That would be nice.

“I like being naked in the morning, and do it every morning in my back yard when I stay home. I feels invigorating to feel the coldness all over your naked body, and breath deeply into my lungs. It just makes me awake.” as she added, “I woke up and you where not there, so I got up and walked out here, and I saw you just standing there. That is why I eased myself next to you so I could feel you next to me.”

They both leaned into each other, kissed passionately, as Monica said, “You stay here, and I will get your coffee for you.”

Celeste smiled at Monica saying, “That would be great darling.”

In a few minutes Monica brought Celeste some coffee, just before she went to the bedroom to get a rope for Celeste, as she said, “Here is your coffee, and I brought your rope so you would not get cold from the air.”

“Thank you, I am glad you brought it, cause I was starting to get cold. “You know I am glad you take care of me. I never had that done for me before , even when I was married.” as Celeste said it, adding, “I brought some marijuana with me; sometimes when I am alone, I like to smoke just a little amount.Do you mine? Oh, do you want some to?”

“I love you Celeste, and I like taking care of you when you are with me.” as Monica warmly smiled at Celeste, adding, “No I do not mind if you want to smoke some for yourself.” looking at Celeste she added, ” If I smoke some, it would make me really super hornier, you and I would not get up from bed for the rest of the day after we made love all day. Besides I want to take you to breakfast. I can not drive if I am loaded.” Monica said that as she kissed Celeste.

As they parted, Celeste said smiling, “Well they are in my purse on your on your couch. Could you get it for me, and some more coffee too?”

Monica left Celeste there on he wooden deck, as she walked off to get Celeste purse and handed it to her, and then she walked off to get them both some more coffee. When she returned she saw that Celeste had taken three hits of marijuana, setting the pipe down she said, “Oh thank you for getting coffee. It tastes really good after getting several hits.”

“You only take couple of hits, and you do not get high?” as Monica commented.

“I only take about three hit, and make me relax and my life seems to smooth out for the rest of the day. If I was at home, I would take several hits, then I would take a shower, do my house work, go outside to straighten things around, or I would later on lay out nude on my deck after going into my hot-tub. You might say I am semi-high, but I just like it cause it relaxed me. What about you?”

Monica looked at Celeste smiling in lust saying, “For me I only use it when I am in the mood for sex, either with myself or with you, like last weekend. To take just a little is of no use to me.” as she added as they stood next to each other, “Do you feel sexy right now?”

“No, but you can make me sexy.” as Celeste looked at Monica warmly, sexual smile.

“Then put your coffee down, face out into my back yard, I want to lick your muscled butt cheeks, it looks so beautiful to look at, and I want tastes your butt cheeks. So take off your robe.” as Monica lusty smiled at Celeste, as she bent down to her butt cheeks.

Letting her robe drop, facing out into Monica yard, as she felt Monica reach down as she stroked Celeste muscled butt cheeks several times. Celeste canlı bahis felt Monica leaned down, and suddenly felt Monica sloppy, wet tongue, racing down between muscled butt cheeks. Celeste felt Monica roam around her butt cheeks, kissing them everywhere, and feeling her tongue going deeper between butt cheeks. She could feel Monica tongue stroking inside her, let it get really wet from her lashing tongue, and Celeste could feel her tongue press deeper till it hit her rosebud, making Celeste moaned out, “Oh Monica, that feel really good. Keep doing it baby.”

As she massaged Celeste butt cheeks, Monica pulled her lightly so she could taste Celeste rosebud with her tongue. Thinking as she did this, she is going to like me running my tongue all over her now wet rosebud opening, and I am going to like tasting it as I run all around just her rosebud orifice. I know she likes it, and she is going to want to have sex, but not with me right now. I want to just tease her.

Celeste keep feeling her rosebud being caressed with Monica tongue, and could not stop her feeling of sexual desire building up in her as she said, “I want to make love with you, right now.”

Monica suddenly stop tonguing Celeste, stood up behind her, holding her tightly against her body saying, “Oh, not right now. I just wanted to taste your rosebud. I wanted you to be hornier throughout the day.” and smiled at Celeste adding, “Now I want you to take a shower now, I will clean up the kitchen, and then we will go have breakfast.” as she swatted Celeste on her butt cheeks.

“Oh, you are such a tease. You made me really wet. You are a smart ass after teasing me!” as Celeste commented.

“I know, I am tease queen aren’t I, and a smart ass too. Now go off and take a shower in my bedroom bathroom.” as Monica mentioned she spanked Celeste on her butt cheeks again.

Smiling in despair as Celeste said, “When I am done taking a shower will there more coffee?”

“Yes. Now go.” as Monica smiled at Celeste.

They got into the car and head off to Old City after both took showers separately, with Celeste doing her hair and face, and got dressed, as Monica got into the shower. When Monica finished taking a shower; drying off she notice Celeste was not there, got her hair and face done, and got dressed. When Monica went into the kitchen area to get a cup of coffee, she looked into her back yard and saw Celeste light up for a couple puffs on marijuana as she sipped on her coffee. Monica did not move, and wanted to watch Celeste enjoy herself outside. She finished her coffee, walking outside, saying as Monica smiled at Celeste, “You ready to go?”

Celeste turned around, smiling at Monica, “Yes. I just finished my coffee. I am ready if you are.”

Monica and Celeste where walking around there in Old City, they saw a small park were sometime people would marry. It was surrounded on all four side with various shop some shops which had picture painter art, camera studio, a candle shop that smelled good, and coffee shop that sold different kinds of coffee; that you could not find elsewhere, and you either took your material with you, or get them mailed to you, because there was post office down here too. Monica and Celeste walked around, holding hands, nuzzled up to each other as look threw the windows. It was still early, and none of the stores where open when Monica said, “Right on the corner is our morning restaurant to go to.”

They both got in, were seated, when Celeste asked, “What do they serve here?”

“There will bring us a list. Me, I know what I like in the morning; after what we did last night, and I like Mexican burrito with eggs, re-fried beans, that they encase it with bacon, or ham, and cover it with green chile, and finish it off with hash brown. Yummy.” as Monica smiled with delight as she looked at Celeste.

“Well you order the same thing for me too.” as Celeste commented.

“OK if that what you me want too, but you might like the soupaipilla, which are mixed with eggs, bacon, and re-fried beans, and surrounded it with green chile along, and adding hash brown potatoes. I think you would really like it.”

Reaching out with her right hand, and holding Monica left hand as Celeste caressed, saying, “OK, that must the thing for me, today.”

They ordered it, sipping their coffee as they talked about several things. Celeste mentioned last night, how much she enjoyed being eaten, and how she had stop because of the intense pleasure she felt. Monica just smiled at Celeste, thinking, she does not know how much pleasure/pain/bondage thing she is going to enjoy later, after dinner tonight. As she listen to Celeste talk she finally asked, “I was wondering, you mentioned your parents, and how much they did not hold you. Did they spank you much too?”

Celeste looked at Monica with a certain saddens as said in despair, saying, “Yeah you are right about them, and not being really in love with me, their only daughter. They spanked me a lot too.”

“Did they do it often even when you bahis siteleri where a child?” as Monica look at Celeste with interest.

“Oh, Monica, I do not know if I can tell you or not. It is sort of my pleasure thing I liked, but it was also painful to share it with anyone else.” as Celeste looked down with a little sadness in her face.

“Please Celeste, please tell me. I am your friend, as well as your lover. Please tell me.” as Monica reached with her left hand, and held onto Celeste.

Celeste look down onto her food with a sad face, ate a little, and with a long silence between them finally said, “I hope you will understand want I am going to tell you, as you are the only person I ever told this to.

“When I was a child, Oh, about five years old my father caught me doing things, and he took down my panties, and spanked me really hard with his bare hands. I was in pain, it hurt a lot, and then he told me to put on my panties and go to my room. As I got older to probably ten or so, I would get spanked by him or my mother too. My mother would really wack into me with bare hands or she would spank me with wooden paddle till I screamed out in pain, and tears were flowing. She told me that I need to behave or she would discipline me again, and she told me to go to my bedroom.”

Holding onto Celeste hand Monica said, “Oh that must have been painful.”

“It was painful when they spanked me, but when I got into my preteenager and later my teenage, I started to enjoy being spanked, and I like it too. One time, I did not do the window properly, and my mother spanked me for a long time, as I screaming out as I cried, but on my inside, I was saying, yes do it more and do it harder. When she was done my butt cheeks; they were really red, I could feel the pain when I went off to my bedroom, and masturbating myself off into pure pain/pleasure. Then later that day, I was in the garage, drop a classes of ice tea for my father, and he spanked me the same way with his large bare hand till I was really red on my butt cheeks, and again I got off in my bedroom. I knew as I went to bed trying to sleep that night, that I like being spanked really hard till my butt cheek would get red with pain. When I turned sixteen they stopped spanking me, and did not say anything.”

“Your parents did not say anything about stopping to spank you? What did you feel about it?” as Monica, with wonderment look of despair, and feeling the pain that Celeste felt.

“No, they did not mentioned it again. I figured they like spanking me; it turned them on as they spanked too, but I also felt my age of being sixteen that they need to stop. Probably because they might get into trouble from spanking me. At sixteen; going on with the rest of my life, I never mentioned it to my husband, even though he like spanking me. I just knew inside that I had to get spanked, and he was the only one who could do it probably till I met you.” with a sad facial expression as Celeste said that, adding, “I want to tell you; you are the only person I come to love you, as I never told anyone about being spanked by my parents, and I never told my therapy Doctor. It is something personal with me, and you are only person I told too about being spanked. So please do not mention it again please?”

“I wont even ask you about again. I so sorry for asking you this.” as Monica said it, and she warmly kissed Celeste hand as she held on too.

Both of them left the restaurant after paying. Monica took hold of Celeste hand as they got outside, saying, “I love you very much, and I am sorry for asking that. I will tell you about my story later on, if you want to know it.” and still holding her hand added, “Let cross the street cause I want to take you to a really nice shop here. The man who owns this shop, does sculpture statues of nude woman. You can put the statues in your yard, or smaller ones you put on night stand, or all over your house like I do. I am sure you will like it.”, adding after smiling, “You have seen those smaller ones that I have, well I got them here at this shop.”

Celeste looked at Monica with a tear in her eyes she said, “Thank you for understanding, and thanks for tell me you love me.” and still squeezing Monica hands, “I love you very much, and you do not know how much I really love you.

Monica reach out, stroking tear from Celeste eye, said, “Well I am sure you will like it, and you have great taste with erotic art.” as Celeste said and smiling again.

They crossed the street and enter into the shop, looking around the whole shop as the stood there, a fifty year old woman with Grey/blonde hair, blue eyes, and with nice smile said, “Hello, please come in and look around. If you need any help please just ask me. I will be glad to help you.”

“Thank you, we are going to look around. I have been here before, and I always like how he has display these nude woman. They look really beautiful.” as Monica said it.

Turning towards Celeste as Monica started to show her all the different displays in bahis şirketleri the store. Each of them look and gazed at nude women who partially closed, or just got out of the shower to dry off, or laid in bed partially cover with a sheet, and also a lot of pictured nude woman were hanging on the wall. It was then that they each went around the different statues on display; on different counter, and notice they too were totally nude. As they continue to look around, it was Celeste that saw a nude woman bodybuilder statue in the corner. She saw immediately that woman bodybuilder look like a woman was reaching into heaven, with her arm spread wide, showing every muscle in her arms, upper body, showing her big, firm breast that hung just above her flat, muscled stomach, her legs where well positioned to show every muscles. They both looked at it, Celeste said finally with delight as she gazed at the statue, “That is beautiful. I am going to purchase it, and put in my backyard. I can see her praying to heaven in the morning, just like I do in the morning. Where is that woman who can help me.”

“I like it to. It would look great in you backyard. It is perfect for you. Oh, there she is, and she is coming over.”

“Can I help you? I notice you like this statue.”

“Can I ask your name?” Celeste questioned her.

“It is Jean. How can I help you?” Jean replied.

“Jean, I like this statue; you can see I am woman bodybuilder, who want to purchase this statue of woman bodybuilder.” as Celeste look with anxious look.

“It is $3,000 dollars.” Jeans said in determent voice, added, “If you buy it we will deliver it free, and put it where ever you want it to go.”

“I am glad you deliver it free, cause I want to purchase now, and you can deliver it today. Do you take check or credit cards?” Celeste said it desire.

Jean look at Celeste smiling, saying, “We take both a check or credit cards too, and cash too. You mentioned you want it deliver it to day, at what time do you want us to deliver to you house?

Celeste look at Monica holding her hand warmly, and replied to Jean, “I will pay you with my credit card, and I would like it today maybe around 1 or 2 pm?”

“I will be back in a few minutes to make sure they can deliver it around 1 pm, and then you can pay.” and she left them a lone.

“Oh Monica this is really beautiful to get. I am glad you brought me here, as I never would have come here, or even seen or bought this statue. This will not mess thing up will it?”

“No it does not mess us up. I am glad you like it here, and I glad you bought something for yourself. Do you buy things for yourself?” as Monica replied.

“On rare occasion I do, and this is one of those rare occasion. Can we wait at my house till it comes?” Celeste said with a big grinning smile.

“Sure we can do that, but I want to take you to a place across the park to the lingerie shop there too, as I think you will like it too?” Monica said it as she held onto Celeste warm muscle shoulder, as she smiled.

They each smiled again at each other, as they nuzzled up, as Celeste paid for the statue, and Jean told her it would be at her address at 1pm. They each thank her, left, and walk across the the park to the lingerie store that Monica mentioned.

Nuzzled up to Celeste saying, “I hope you like what they have here. It has the normal type of lingerie, but they have another section in the back that you will like too.” as Monica said it a deep feelings as she held onto Celeste hand.

“Well show me. I like underwear only when I need to ware it.”

They both went in to lingerie shop, looking around on the model statue that were wearing all kinds of underwear from bras, to panties or corsets etc, and they enjoy feeling them as they walked around. Monica looked over at check-out counter, she walk to it and asked, “Is Steffianie here today? I have a friend with me, and we would like see some special corsets.”

“She is in the back. I will get her for you.” as she walked away toward the backroom.

Monica leaned over toward Celeste, saying, “I have some special things to show you here.” as Monica said it, and Steffianie walked up.

“Monica it is good to see you again. Did the other item work for you?” as Steffianie said it, looking over at Celeste, she added, “Who is your special girlfriend you brought in?”

Monica was about to respond to Steffianie when Celeste said, “My name is Celeste, and it is good to meet you.” as Celeste said it she held out hand to shake Steffianie hand.

Steffianie shook Celeste hand, turned around to hear Monica say in warmly voice, “Well I glad you were working to day. Yes those item you sold me the last time will work out perfectly. Also I want something for Celeste, in the special room have here?”

“Well it right this way. What where you specifically looking for, Monica?”Steffianie replied.

Monica and Celeste were both holding hands as they entered the special room, they both look out in disbelief, and Monica turned around saying, “This room is my kind of room. You have of corsets, lingerie, and I can see you have various kinds of things for spanking, and inserting in different place. You know what I mean.” as she smiled at Steffianie.

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