A Night with Daddy

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Authors Note: All Characters are 18 and over. They just rp the daddy/daughter roles. This is my very first BDSM/Fetish story, so all comments and suggestions are welcome Thank You.


I was sitting on the sofa watching Wizards of Waverly Place, kind of messed up when you think about it since I was 18 and should not really be watching such things; waiting for you to get home from work. It was seven pm and I had straightened up the house and did laundry and settled down to watch TV. I couldn’t wait until you got home so I could cuddle you and watch Pretty Little Liars on ABC family. “Almost home” the text from you said, and I replied with an “ok Daddy, I love you.”

You walked through the door ten minutes later, looking like you had been through hell, which with your job is quite understandable. I ran up to you as you put your briefcase down and threw my arms around you as I stood on my tip toes and kissed you warmly saying “I missed you today Daddy.”

Your arms automatically went around me as you smiled tiredly and kissed my forehead. “I missed you too baby girl,” You replied, “Let’s sit on the couch and watch your show.”

“Did you eat yet Daddy? I made dinner if you are hungry.”

“I’m not hungry right now Princess. Maybe later after I relax some I’ll be able to eat.”

“Ok Daddy,” I said happily. This had been what I had been waiting for the whole day, to curl up in your arms on the couch and just hold you, to be able to help you work the stresses of the day off.

“Let me go change into something more comfortable baby girl and we’ll have our special daddy daughter time,” You said with a smile. I nodded my acquiescence and went into the kitchen and put up the food and placed the dishes in the dish washer planning on running it after you had eaten.

You came back in moments later wearing a pair of sweat pants and no shirt. I hungrily looked at your chest and traveling down lower taking notice that your cock was already twitching. I smiled to myself loving that I had that effect on you.

We settled on the couch and began flipping through the channels until you found my favorite TV show. I layed my head dreamily on your shoulder as my hand began playing with the hair on your chest. I softly kissed your shoulder as your arm tightened around me. I looked up at you and saw in your eyes the love for canlı bahis me that could not be described with words.

You pushed me back against the arm of the couch and captured my lips in a bruising kiss, your hand kneading my breast, pinching my nipple and rolling it around through my shirt. I opened my legs and you settled between them, your length pushing against me as you began kissing me. First my eye lids, then my lips, then moving down to my neck, gently nibbling on me. “Let’s take that shirt off baby girl,” You said huskily as you helped pull it off my body.

I sighed dreamily, feeling my Daddy’s hands and mouth on me. My nipples perked up, the rings in them glinting in the light of the lamp. You took a pebbled nipple in your mouth, sucking on it and biting down on it gently, smiling as I pushed myself into you, silently begging you to take me here on the couch. My eyes begging you, my body begging you, I felt the moistness of my arousal soak my panties as I saw you smile.

“Does Daddy’s girl need her Daddy?” You asked smiling.

“Yes Daddy,” I replied to you,” I need you inside me Daddy, Please. I need you to make the ache go away. It hurts Daddy.”

“What hurts baby? Tell Daddy.”

“My pussy hurts Daddy,” I whined, “and is so wet and empty. And I don’t know why Daddy. “

“It is because you are Daddy’s little girl honey,” You explained patiently, “You want Daddy to fill you up with his cock. Your little pussy is getting ready for me and that is why you are so wet.” You slid your hand down the front of my jeans, past my panties, into the waiting warmth. “Oh my yes, you are dripping aren’t you Princess?”

“Yes daddy,” I cried, “I want you so much Daddy.” Your fingers kept playing with me, your expert fingers finding my little bud and began flicking it back and forth, making me squirm, and grinding into your hand.

You pulled me up by the hand and we went in the bedroom. “Take the rest of your clothes off for me baby. Let Daddy see his little girl’s body.”

I quickly stepped out of my jeans and panties, standing before you gloriously naked, my gaze falling to your crotch and your covered cock. “Daddy, please,” I begged.

“Please what baby?” You asked smiling.

“Please, can I take your pants off of you?” I asked desperately, “I want to see you, to kiss you and taste you.”

“Yes bahis siteleri my darling, you can take them off. But you must only use your mouth, not your hands,” You replied.

Crawling over to you, I kneeled at your feet, looking up at you. I took the waist band of your pants between my lips, slowly pulling down, my hands going to your hips and holding on lightly to keep my balance and I took your pants off you. Your cock sprang free of it’s confinement as I got your pants off and looked up at you with hope in my eyes. “May I Daddy?” I asked hopefully.

“May you what baby? You are not a baby anymore. You are a big girl and Daddy is going to teach you about pleasing him tonight,” You said.

“May I kiss it Daddy? And suck it? And if I not do it right, will you show me how to please you?”

“Yes Baby, I would like that,” You said, “But let’s get on the bed first.”

I scrambled up on the bed after you. You propped yourself up on the pillows, and I shyly kissed the head of your cock and slowly licked the length of you. I looked up at your face, and asked, “Is that right Daddy? Am I doing it right?”

“Yes baby, that is just right,” You replied through clenched teeth, “put it in your mouth baby girl. Pretend that it is a sucker that you love.”

Placing my hand around the base of your cock, I slowly lowered my mouth over it. Slowly, without knowing what I was doing, I started to gently suck on your massive cock. Your hands tangled in my hair, urging me down on your cock. I gagged just a bit as I felt you hit the back of my throat.

You gently petted my head softly as you pulled me up to straddle you and brought me to your lips to kiss you as you pushed me down on your cock. I moaned loudly as I felt your size stretch me… I settled on top of you, your cock filling me and began rocking on your cock. “Oh baby girl,” you moaned, “You are so tight, it is delicious. This is how it is supposed to be baby, you on Daddy’s cock.”

“Oh Daddy… It feels so good… It hurts a little though,” I said, “Are you sure it fits right?” I asked worriedly.

“Yes baby,” you said smiling, “You fit just fine around my cock.” You began pumping in me. I moaned again, my hands on your chest, playing with your chest hair. I leaned down, my breasts rubbing against your chest. You cradled my head close as you kissed me softly, your bahis şirketleri hips moving up into me, pushing your cock deeper and deeper. “That’s it baby,” You said, “Take all of me.”

“Oh God yes Daddy,” I cried out as you continued pounding into me. My small perky breasts bouncing with each thrust of your cock. Pressure began to build with each thrust to the point that I felt like I was going to explode into a million pieces. “Daddy, what is happening? Why is it feeling this way?” I asked.

“How is it feeling baby? Tell Daddy.”

“Feels so good,” I panted, “I don’t know why Daddy. But, I…” I suddenly came unglued. My pussy began contracting around your cock. I screamed your name over and over again. “Oh God Daddy!”

“That’s my good baby girl,” You said approvingly, “Cum for Daddy. Soak Daddy’s cock with your juices.” You flipped me over so that I was on my back, you between my legs and drove your cock home.

Pounding into my cunt, you looked in my eyes smiling. I dug my nails into your back, moaning loudly, my head whipping back and forth enjoying the feeling of having you inside me, yet not knowing why. I exploded again, my cries echoing in the bedroom, your mouth covering mine as you kiss away the screams. “Baby I am so close.” You said, “Will you swallow Daddy’s cum?”

“Yes Daddy,” I replied as you pulled out of me, your cock standing proudly out in front of you. Quickly switching positions, you layed back down with your head propped up on the headboard. I went down and sucked your rock hard cock into my mouth, tasting our combined essence. You fisted your hands in my hair, guiding my mouth on your cock. Faster and faster you pushed and pulled, and I felt your cock getting bigger in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head and was rewarded with a sharp indrawn breath from you. “Oh God baby girl,” You moaned, “Are you ready for it?”

“Yes Daddy,” I mumbled around your cock as you exploded in my hungry little mouth. I greedily swallowed every drop of cum that you gave me, and still wanted more. I lapped at your cock like a little kitten, loving your salty taste until you lay spent.

You pulled me up away from your cock, and I curled up at your side, my head automatically going to your shoulder and your arms going around me, holding me. “Did you enjoy yourself Princess?” You asked.

“Oh yes Daddy,” I replied dreamily, “Thank you so very much.”

“My pleasure baby.” You scooted down in the bed, and I followed suit, your arms still holding me, you covered us up with the blankets, and we drifted to sleep smiling.

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