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This is a story is about meeting my wife who turns out was a virgin. I was in college and had a habit of dancing with trashy women at bars and one night ran into my future wife Carrie. I asked her dance, we had both been drinking and it turned into almost instant spontaneous combustion. Both of use were on the dance floor making out and having a great time. I took a short break to retreat back to the bar to have another drink and catch up with my friends. A random guy standing there in a black leather jacket in his late 30’s wanted his turn with her and said she was hot, if I was done with her he wanted to take his turn with the hot college coed. I claimed her as mine and grabbed her hand to take back to the dance floor. Carrie and I continued where we left off, I did not think she was a nice girl at this point. I convinced her to take me home just a short drive since she had only one drink. So we left the bar, she dropped her friend off first and then it was a quick trip to my place.

We pulled in the driveway of my place and the steamy make out session picked up where we left off from the bar, this time it was getting hot and heavy. Her bra slipped off with quick flick of the fingers, her breasts jumped out and were firm and a nice b cup with nice puffy pink nipples I began sucking on them as the windows were steaming up in the car. I then came up for air and asked if she wanted to come in for some orange juice. I didn’t want to be so obvious so I used a pickup line that would work since it was unassuming. She said yes to my surprise. We went in and I did not have any orange juice in the house like I usually have on hand. I don’t think she wanted orange juice anyway because we immediately went back to my room and clothes began flying across the room before I knew it, illegal bahis Carrie was completely naked sprawled out on my bed. Lights on of course I didn’t want to miss a thing. She had beautiful alabaster skin and her nipples were the puffiest I had ever seen and a pretty little strawberry blond patch between her legs. I continued kissing every inch. I began my way working down to the mound and was met with a nice furry patch of strawberry blond pussy. Her pussy had the sweet tangy smell of fresh young pussy.

After I spread the strawberry colored patch between her legs I dove straight to her pearl it was glistening and bouncing from side to side completely engorged and erect as I touched it. I feverishly licked side to side and up and down the outside of her inner lips with my tongue. Her inner lips were large and meaty the kind that fill your mouth and you can suck on for hours. I could not get enough and dove deeper between her legs to extract the sweet tangy pussy juice.

I was so surprised as I started to peel back her inner lips to get deeper into that golden red strawberry patch I found her untouched fully intact hymen. It was a pretty sight. I didn’t want this girl to get away and wanted to treasure her for as long as I could. It was the perfect little skin flap across the top of her opening glistening brightly like a twinkling star. As I was cherishing the moment I wondered how such a cute strawberry blond girl could go through three years of college and frat parties and still have such a perfect hymen.

I asked her if she wanted continue and she want just the oral sex so I honored her request and continued to eat that fresh pussy for hours. It seemed like the time flew by as I was soaking up every ounce of juice from her untouched virgin pussy.

We illegal bahis siteleri continued to go out on dates for a couple weeks later on Valentine’s day I was hoping to get my lucky break and have sex with her for her first time.

I wanted more than anything to be the proud cock to break her hymen, it was a Valentine’s day and perfect timing. She was so innocent that she had never seen porn or even made out with just a couple guys. My task list was long to make the situation right. So I did all the right things nice date, cooked dinner and of course red roses. The night progressed and she made it clear that she wanted to lose her virginity. I began with what I became accustomed to over the last couple weeks, starting out slowly and working my way into eating that fresh wet tangy pussy.

I was so nervous since it was her first time I had stage fright, a guy’s worst nightmare. I could tell she had never sucked cock so I pulled it out of my boxers pushed up towards her mouth and she began to suck slowly letting it get larger and larger in her mouth until the point I was so hard it was ready. My cock was still limp after a couple attempts as I tried to put on a condom trying to push it into her tight virgin pussy, I was back at the starting point again. She was patient and began to caress my cock with her mouth and red lips and this time a slight amount of teeth to get it hard again. It became hard and I pulled back with no condom and lined it up with her pussy and stuck the tip in slightly just to get the feel of it breaking the hymen.

I could sense she felt a little pain and eased it in slowly as I could feel her pussy stretch over my cock. I could tell by the look in her eyes she was surprised and relishing the new experience getting a hard cock in canlı bahis siteleri her virgin pussy for the first time. As she began to settle into the experience I could feel her tension release and accept the first man in her tight hole. I pulled back and raised up so I could see my cock entering her virgin pussy I could see a little red blood on my shaft as I was moving it gently in and out her tight pussy. I thrust in her pussy for what seemed longer but was about ten minutes as she felt my cock fill her virgin pussy. Every time I thrust in her tight pussy she moaned and I kept it slow and steady as long as I could I could feel my cock getting harder and harder and getting ready to cum. I pulled out a couple times just to sustain the experience and see my hard wet cock come out of her soaking wet pussy.

Carrie began to moan louder and louder not knowing what was happening to her, unprotected from a condom I wanted to pull out and cum on her mound, so tried to time my load for a pull out load on her mound. It was so hard and ready to cum it was impossible hold it I could feel my load running up my cock as I was about to pull out. My cock exploded half way in her pussy as I pulled out. After I pulled out I could see the thick white cream running down her freshly fucked pussy along with the hint of pink from her freshly broken hymen. As I was watching cum run out of her pussy I could see the remains of the broken hymen attached to the sides of her pussy with a pink stain to mark the occasion.

Sex was better than I had expected for the first time she had been waiting years to get penetrated. I was glad to be a part of that experience and glad I did it with my bare cock and made a cream pie I will never forget. We laid there in awe of what had just happened and talked about making a regular activity in our growing relationship. Over the next month I could see the remains of what was left of the hymen each time I blew my load in her hairy strawberry blond pussy as we had bareback unprotected sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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