A New Taste Part 29 (Reunited)

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A New Taste Part 29 (Reunited)
Harrison would be staying with his parents during the summer holidays but he wouldn’t be home just yet. A few precious days would be spent at my place first. Polly was staying at her parents but I told Harrison to tell her she was more than welcome to stay at mine. He said that was just because I wanted to fuck her. I told him that was completely true.

We both had confessions to make. Harrison had slept with another guy for the first time. A fellow student who lost his virginity in Harrison’s arse. Lucky boy. It was inevitable that this would happen and didn’t surprise me at all. He was young and exploring university life. We talked openly about his experience and then I told him about Gabriel. He assumed I was just sucking another cock at first but I told him it had developed and I was fucking him. Fucking a married man. I said I would stop if it upset him but he just said that it made him jealous and horny.

“I have bought you some presents.” I said.

“Oh? Sexy presents?”

“Oh yes. You are going to take this case and prepare yourself in the bathroom. When you come out we are going to make love.”

“Ok baby.” He gave me a quick kiss and took the case into the bathroom.

In the case was a new douche, a couple of hair trimmers and a wide cock ring but the main contents were a beautiful set of ladies underwear. Black suspender bahis siteleri belt and stockings. Unfussy black knickers and a kind of tight body teddy that looped around the neck. I had included heels and make up and gel to slick his short hair smooth to his head.

I logged online while I waited for him to emerge from the bathroom. Gabriel had left some messages, he wanted to see me again. He had sent me a picture of his trousers at work. Bulging with his unsatisfied erection. He had been leaving me lots of messages over the last week. He could barely think of anything other than getting in position and having me penetrate him. He was hungry for it. He wanted it bareback and I had studiously embraced my instructions on preparing himself. It suited his meticulous nature. I wondered if I could get my two bottom boys together?

I was casually stroking my cock when a vision of erotic loveliness filled the doorway. Harrison was more made up than I had seen him before. The shape of his skull clear with smooth slick gel. His penis just about contained by the silky panties. He turned to show off his pert little bottom. The lines of the suspenders highlighting his sweet curves and the heels lifting his buttocks a little. I got up to inspect him.

“Hands on your head.” I ordered.

I caressed his chest through the thin diaphanous material of the tipobet teddy top. My hands wandered down to cup his cock and balls and the perfect inner contours of his tight buttocks. My hand slipped under the material to delicately, tenderly explore his most sensitive areas. As I tenderly touched him his cock filled and pushed up above the elastic. I sniffed at his neck and inhaled the scent of the products he cleaned and covered himself with. My lips brushed his without kissing.

“I have missed your little bum.” I whispered as my fingers moved between his cheeks.

“My bum has missed your cock baby!” He replied and our tongues entwined. After a greedy snog he knelt and took me in his mouth. Stopping briefly to say “I love your cock Ben.”

I gently fucked his mouth for a while but then my own oral needs took over and had to taste him. I throated his tasty dick and tongued his balls as I held it there. Then I had to have my prize. I pulled the knickers down and over his heels. He turned and lent forward against the wall, pushing his bottom out. What a divine image. I kissed his buttocks. He bent further. I kissed his hole.

“I have longed for this.” He whispered.

I drifted off in a blissful dream as I lapped at his yummy bum. We moved to the bed and he arched himself to exhibit his pink ring for me. I smeared a little lube on my organ tipobet giriş and brushed it on his boy pussy.


“Please. Take me!”

I shoved it in with a loud exhalation from both of us. My arm wrapped around his waist and his hand grasped mine tightly. We were joined again and it was wonderful to feel his warm insides once more. His sphincter massaged my cock. I pounded that little bum as we inspired each other into some steamy dirty talk. He was submissive and wanted me to use him. I screwed him and turned him again and again. Often re-entering him for the exquisite pleasure of feeling his anus slide over my cock head.

I was fucking him with his legs held back, pointing my erection up inside his body, rubbing and pushing the head against his insides. He panted as I thrust into him until finally his rigid cock began to unload on his covered belly. His head rolled from side to side and he managed “Breed me baby!”

I did just that. Slamming deep I felt my orgasm rise from deep within my groin and flood out into his guts. It was profoundly satisfying for both of us. We held each other as my wet cock slipped out and smeared across his crotch leaving trails across his stockings and over his see through top.

“I hope I didn’t hurt you?” I said softly.

“I’m fine, it was beautiful. I needed that.” He replied.

“Because we have three days together..” I added.

“Ha, don’t worry you dirty fucker. Maybe let my bum recover tonight though!”

“Ok, But I’m gonna suck you tonight. I need your juice to keep me going!”

We cuddled up for a while. It was lovely to have him back in my bed.

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