A Mother’s Rival for Her Son Ch. 02

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I pulled up to Kelly’s boarding house, and went up and rang the bell. One of the girls living there answered it. I asked her if Kelly was in.

“Oh! You must be Alex. Ya, Kelly’s here. Come on in and get comfortable, she’s in her room. She’ll be down as soon as she gets done dressing.”

I followed her into the living room, again filled with lovely young females. They made room for me on the couch next to this nice looking blond. She slipped closer to me and slid her hand onto my upper thigh moving her finger nails up and down on the inside, while she talked to me. I was getting pretty worried because my cock was starting to respond to the stimulation. Luckily Kelly walked in and leaned down between the blond and I and said very casually,

“Vicky, I think the itch you’re trying to scratch is on a different leg and that one is off limits… Hi sweetie how is it going?”

She smiled at me and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“Well it was getting little close there for a minute.”

“So I see. Well lets see if we can’t get you away from all this temptation”

She was still chuckling as she walked out the door heading for the car. We drove into town to the book store to get my supplies.

By late afternoon we had finished getting everything I needed for the semester. I asked her if she would like to go out to dinner and dancing this evening.

“I’d love to. Why don’t you drop me off so I can clean up. Then you can pick me up around six. How’s that sound?”

I told her that sounded great, just be ready when I got there. I really did not want to get in the middle of that shark pool again.

“Give me your cell number and I will call you when I leave.”

For some reason she thought that was very funny. After her laughter finally subsided. She told me OK. I pulled up to her place, and took her into my arms. She pressed her body tight against me, and offered me that luscious mouth. My tongue eased in twinning around hers. She let out a soft moan and pressed her mouth tightly to mine like she wanted to devour it. I reached down to her butt and pulled her closer putting her leg over mine, pressing her crotch against my hard prick. I felt her nails start to bite into the back of my shoulders, while her hard nipples brushed my chest. Suddenly she pulled back panting. Her breasts and protruding nipples rapidly rising and falling.

“I think we’d better stop before we get arrested for lewd behavior, especially in a topless convertible. Plus just think of all those horny girls watching us and getting their panties all wet.”

She slid off me and looked down at my boner pushing my pants out and smiled.

“Besides, you get that to excited and you’ll never be able to explain the wet spot to your mom.”

I looked down and laughed at the tent it was making in my shorts. She looked at me strangely for a second and asked me what was so funny.

“I was just thinking how just a few days ago you were telling how your reputation was going to be ruined when everyone at school saw us kissing. I can just imagine what’s going on in the minds of the girls watching us now. You’re really going to have a lot of explaining to do. Why don’t we really ruin it and let me push you down across the seat out of sight, and really get their imaginations going.”

Her eyes got big and her mouth got this big “O” shape as she punched me in the chest.

“You’d really like that wouldn’t you, you sex fiend. You don’t even care about all the explaining I’d have to do, or that they’d never believe it anyway.”

I just sat there grinning, so she punched me in the chest again.


She smiled and kissed me lightly, and stuck out her tongue at me while she slid slowly out of the car letting her skirt slid up showing off a whole lot of gorgeous leg, and a brief look at her panties. Again I just sat there and watched that sexy walk she had, as she walked to the front door. I could just imagine all the commotion she was going to get once she got inside. I chuckled as I started the car and drove off.

When I pulled in at home I checked to make sure that there were no telltale signs of my recent activities. Seeing nothing wrong canlı bahis şirketleri I grabbed my supplies and headed for the house. Mom greeted me with a light kiss, and asked me how things went and if I got everything I needed. I told everything was great. I noticed again that slight tightening around her eyes and mouth.

” Did your friend, what was her name, Kelly! have a good time? You know what? You ought to invite her over for dinner tonight. I’d like to meet her. Especially sense you seem to be getting so interested in her.”

I told her we couldn’t make it tonight because I had already asked her to go out to dinner and dancing.

“I’ll see if she’s free tomorrow though if that’s OK.”

“I guess that would be all right sense you already have plans. I just thought that I should get to know the girl that’s gotten my son so smitten.”

She turned around then and went into the kitchen. I watched her leave wondering what seemed to be bothering her. I carried my stuff up to my room to put away and got ready for tonight. Mom stopped me as I was getting ready to leave.

“I want to apologize for the way I’ve been acting lately. I guess I was acting like a mother. We get kind of jealous when another woman moves in and gets the affection from our sons, that was always ours. I want you to give this to her. Your father gave it to me on our first date. Now I’m passing it on to you.”

She handed me the case. I opened it and saw a gold necklace, with a pair of hearts joined with small birth stones in each one. I told her they were beautiful but. She stopped me mid-sentence, and told me that she had made up her mind. I thanked her, kissed her, held her close for a moment, and told her how much I loved her.

I gave Kelly a call as I was leaving. I pulled up at her place at six on the dot. Went up to the door, took a deep breath and knocked. The door was opened by another lovely creature.

“Hi Alex, come on in Kelly”s almost ready.”

I walked into the living room with a certain amount of trepidation. I was still thinking of all the things they must have seen through the window earlier. Shortly after I got there, Kelly walked in looking gorgeous. She was wearing a blouse that molded her high firm breasts. It had a high open collar that showed a lot of cleavage. A skirt that came to mid thigh, showing off those long legs. I walked over to her, took her into my arms and kissed her telling her softly.

“Hon, you look beautiful. Mom gave me something. She said that my dad gave it to her on their first date, and that she’s passing it on me to give to you.”

I gave her the box and watched her expression as she opened it. Her eyes got big, and she gave a soft sound of surprise. She then threw her arms around my neck.

“Oh thank you Hon, it’s so pretty, I just love it.”

I lifted it out of the box and fastened it around her neck, letting the hearts drop down and nestle in the cleft of her breasts. After all the girls came over to admire it, we headed for the front door.

It was a good night for driving in a convertible, so we took our time. Kelly moved over snuggled next to me and put her head on my shoulder. When we got to the restaurant we found that it was not crowded and the lighting was dimmed. It had a very romantic atmosphere. We found a secluded table not far from the dance floor. We were seated and I ordered a bottle of red wine with our meal. I asked Kelly if she would like to dance while we waited for our dinner. She said she would love to. When we reached the dance floor they had just started a nice slow song. I took Kelly in my arms and pulled her close. She put both arms around my neck, and snuggled her head in close on my shoulder. I dropped my hands down to her lower waist so that my fingers were splayed out on her butt pulling her hips tighter to me. The slow movement of our hips to the music was definitely having an affect on me. I started to harden, reaching inch by inch up her stomach. She must have felt it as she slid her hips back and forth over it and gave a little moan of approval, clamping lightly on my neck with her teeth. We continued like that through another slow dance. I had slid my canlı kaçak iddaa hands down and was now caressing both of her firm rounded ass cheeks, while I nibbled her ear. I could hear this soft growl deep in her throat as she pressed her hips tighter to me.

The song ended and we decided that we had better take a break. We walked arm in arm back to the table. I was thankful for the dim lighting, Especially after we reached our table. Our meal was being set out as we arrived. We took our places as the waiter poured the wine. After he left Kelly moved her chair closer to mine. She then surprised me by reaching over and wrapping her hand around my still hard cock. I almost choked on the wine I had started to drink. Kelly just looked at me all innocent like.

“Is there something I can do for you?” she asked.

“No,no I’m fine. Thank you though.”

I croaked out. She just smiled at me and whispered


Throughout dinner while we talked and ate, Kelly kept her hand on my inner thigh. The edge of her hand caressing the head of my now constant hard on.When dinner was over I asked her if she wanted to stay and dance some more. She told me.

” No thank you. I’d really like to just take a nice long drive in the cool air.”

As soon as we got in the car I pulled her over to me and kissed her passionately. My tongue slipping into her open mouth as my hand cupped her firm breast. Her hardened nipple pressing into the palm of my hand. Her hand dropped to my stiff member and squeezed it, as her body shivered. She broke the kiss and breathlessly suggested.

” I think that we’d better get driving before I end up spread out naked on your front seat. With you doing all kinds of unmentionable things to me.”

Chuckling, I faced forward and started the car. I knew just the place to go. A half-hour northwest toward South Dakota into the low mountains we came to a quiet tree lined lake. You could see the moon’s reflection off the lake as we pulled up. I shut off the engine and popped the trunk. I got out a blanket and helped Kelly out of the car. She was looking out over the water as I spread out the blanket. I walked up behind her and slid my arms around her waist. I asked her if she liked it.

“Oh Al I think its just beautiful. How did you find this place? It’s so quiet and peaceful.”

I told her my friend and his dad invited me with them when they came up here to go fishing. I fell in love with it the first time I was here.

“I decided that if you and I ever got the chance I’d bring you up, and we could go skinny dipping.”

She punched me in the stomach with her elbow.

“Well I love it anyway, even if you are a perverted sex fiend. I’d like to build a little cabin up here and live.”

We set down on the blanket and for awhile just watched the stars and listened to the fish jump in the lake. Kelly laid her head on my shoulder. I pulled her across my lap and kissed her. I slipped my tongue into her open mouth. My hand slid down to her breast, cupping it, caressing it and bringing her nipple to a point. I gently placed her on her back and laid down next to her. Our kisses grew more passionate as I unbuttoned her blouse and unclasped her bra, in moments time removing both. I kissed down her neck to her nipple, and sucked it into my mouth. Kelly was moaning, arching her back pushing her breast further into my mouth. All the while taking my shirt off me. I slid my hand down over her hip, down her leg to the hem of her skirt. As I started up her inner thigh, she spread her legs giving me easier access to her treasure. I cupped her mound. Her silk painties, the only barrier to her soft pussy was wet with her arousal. Kelly cried out and raised her hips, pushing against my hand.

I pulled my hand back, got on my knees as I reached down and unhooked her skirt. She lifted her hips as I removed her skirt and panties, putting them in a pile along with her blouse and bra. I started to undo my pants, but stopped to admire the goddess-like being lying there naked under me in the moon light. Her long hair fanned around her face looking at me with eyes full of desire. I sat there stunned, gazing at this body that looked canlı kaçak bahis like a work of art.

“You are so beautiful and I love you so very much.”

“I love you too and I’ve been waiting to hear you say that to me. I want to be with you forever. I want to build us a home right here by the lake to raise our children. I want you to be my first, to make me a woman, to make me your woman.”

I leaned down and kissed her, it was not a passionate kiss, but one of a love shared between two people that found their life partner. Setting back on my knees, I started to unbutton my pants. Kelly reached up and unfastened them and guided the zipper down. My hard cock sprung out almost hitting her face. Her head jumped back and her eyes got big with surprise.

“Oh my god! It’s so long and fat. It’ll never fit. The times I put my finger in there I was tight. You’ll never get that thing in there.”

I smiled at her while taking her hand in mine and wrapped it around my dick. She was hesitant at first, then relaxed to move her hand up and down my shaft. She rubbed her thumb over the pearl of pre-cum seeping from the head of my cock and grazed her tongue against it. I leaned over and ran my tongue around her hard nipple then took it into my mouth and began to suck and nibble. I heard her sudden intake of breath and ran my tongue down her tummy to be rewarded with a shiver. I circled my tongue in her navel, then continued to her wet sex. I brushed lightly over her pussy, and kissed down her inner thigh teasingly. She opened her legs wider, moaning loudly while pulling my head to her aching sex. I nibbled my way up toward her pussy smelling her arousal. She let out a yell and grabbed my ears as I tongued deep into her wet slit. Finding her hardened bud, I wrapped my lips around it, pulled it up and hammered away with my stiff tongue. Kelly clawed at my shoulders now as her hips came off the ground to meet my face.

“Aggg I need you now. I can’t take anymore. I need you in me, but please go easy.”

I eased up her body until the head of my cock was touching her lips. I pushed forward gently. The head finally pushed through and entered her. She let out a gasp, and I told her to relax. I pulled back out a little, then pushed it back in a little further. I continued this going deeper each time till I finally touched her barrier. I pulled back again, then pushed forward. When I hit her hymen again I continued to push finally breaking through. Kelly dug her nails into my shoulders as cried out in pain. I held still until she became used to the intrusion and the pain. After a while I could feel her body relax, and her breathing return to normal. Her grip relaxed and she started to move her hips slowly up and down. Soon she was moving her hips with deep long strokes. Her breathing becoming more rapid. I was matching her rhythm now. She started moaning deep in her throat her nails raking my back. I started hammering into her hard, she was meeting me with every stroke. I could feel my cock starting to burn as my sperm started up my shaft. Her groan turned into a keening sound rising in pitch the closer she got. I could not hold it any longer as I emptied my balls. Rope after rope shot deep into her. Her nails raking my back as she screamed out. Laughing we climbed out of the car and headed for the house. “Oh god I feel it inside of me. Don’t stop, aggggg I’m cumming.”

We laid there catching our breaths. My cock still deep inside her, slowly softening till I slipped out, our combined fluids flowing out soaking the blanket. I rolled off her and pulled her to me kissing her, telling her how much I loved her. She looked up at me and whispered.

“That was so wonderful. I thought I was dying. I’ve never felt anything that great before in my life. I love you so much.”

We laid there snuggling just enjoying the scenery and one another. Finally Kelly suggested that we’d better head for home. We dressed and got everything back in the car and headed for home. When I pulled up in front of her place she turned to me kissed me deeply and asked me .

” Would you like to spend the night with me? You’ve spoiled me. I’d like a replay of that feeling you gave me.”

I looked at her for a moment then chuckled and told her well that will sure be the finish of you reputation. She laughed and said.

“Oh well it’ll be worth it. I’m game if you are.”

Laughing we climbed out of the car and headed for the house.

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